14th A/C
U. S.  Constabulary

When the war ended, the United States Constabulary became part of Occupation in
Europe.  The name of the 1st Constabulary Regiment was later changed
 to the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment [U. S . Constabulary] in 1947.

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Joseph G. Rogers

The 14th Con Reg. on 18 Dec 1946 joined forces with other of the 1st and 3rd Con Brigade to conduct operation "DUCK" at Wildflecken IP Camp [ Sam Zafran]

14th A/C US Constabulary  [Gilbert Matherne Home Page]

 14th A/C Roster [Fritzlar --1948]

 Photos-Headquarters Troop 14th A/C US Constabulary [Gilbert Matherne]

 Photos of Fritzlar Kaserne 14th A/C Reg. [Gil Matherne]

 14th A/C to be re-activated [news bulletin]

 Friedberg, Tank Co. 3rd Battalion 14th A/C  {Raymond Urbanski}

 Coburg, I Co., 3rd Battalion 14th A/C [Henry Chico Saenz]

 B Co. 1st Bn. 14th ACR [Asa Reid]

 14th A/C took over at Crossman Barracks, renamed it DOWNS Barracks

 Constabulary zones, sqds. and U S Constabulary units 46-47

 A Troop, 14th Constabulary Squadron in Darmstadt  [Neil Aikin]

 14th Constabulary Regiments began to reorganized as Armored Cav. Reg.

 U S Constabulary Horse Cav.  Armored Cavalry Journal, May-June 1948

 Regimental Radio and Signal School 14th A/C Fritzlar

14th A/C Regiment US Constabulary [Bill Tevington]

14th A/C Reg. Fritzlar, Germany and Roster of the 14th Thanksgiving 1949   [John Comley III]     *New*

14th A/C Homepage
U S Constabulary Official Home Page