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Army of Occupation
Germany and Austria
60th Anniversary

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     Following the end of W.W.II., the people of Germany had no leadership, no law or order, and there were many displaced persons.   The country was in desperate need of help. The United States Constabulary was formed.

     In 1946, the men who patrolled the borders of the American sectors in Germany, Austria and Berlin, particularly those contiguous with the Soviet zones, were part of the U.S. Constabulary, one of the more unique forces ever assembled by the U.S. Army.   Named for a similar force that brought order to the Philippines after the insurrection of the early 1900's, the Constabulary in occupied Europe became officially operational in July 1946.   It was designed both for border patrol and internal police duties in the U.S. zone of Germany, an administrative area of some 43,000 square miles, rough the size of Pennsylvania.   Its jurisdiction also included the U.S. zones in Austria and Berlin, as well as the Bremen enclave.   Leading the Constabulary in 1946 was the blunt and growling
Major General  Ernest Harmon, the W.W.II.  armored commander who whipped the Constabulary into shape from a smattering of disbanding and generally undisciplined units.

     The United States Constabulary along with the 1st Infantry Division formed the deterrent to Communism in Germany and Austria immediately after World War II.   Members of these fine organizations were the first "Cold War Warriors".   In addition, the United States Constabulary performed many of the functions that the German and Austrian governments could not perform.

 The Constabulary provided general military and civil security, patrolled the borders, seized contraband and controlled displaced persons, among their other duties.   The United States Constabulary was phased out December 1952 having accomplished its mission.   It had been truly one of the elite forces of the U. S. Army and lived up to its motto,
 "Mobility, Vigilance, Justice".

Quoting Brig. Gen. Albin F. Irzyk, U.S. Army, Retired, "Today as you look at Europe and see the Germany of today, YOU should take tremendous pride, for it was YOU by your actions that helped jumps start that Country to what it is today. It was a country on its knees. It was the initial care and feeding that YOU gave it that provided the boost it needed. YOU helped pick it up off its knees. Germany owes each of YOU a profound thank you."

Honor goes to all the troopers who served in the United States Constabulary
Remember those gone before us.

Darrell Jenicek, Occupation Germany, Sontoffen and Babinhausen  - 1948 1952

Ed Yetsko, Tank Co, 3rd Bn, 6th ACR, 1950-1953

John Capone, US Constabulary School 1946-1947

Neil Aikin, Hq Troop 14th Constab Rgt 1947-1950 Fritzlar

Robert Truax-Augsburg,Germany--1948--1952

Gilbert Matherne [deceased] - Fritzlar, Germany 1947-1949 by Irene Moore

Charlie Joe Elsea - Augsburg, Germany 1948-1952 by Betty Elsea

Jim Deming - Kitzigen,Schwabach,Weiden, Fussen 1946 - 1949

Bill Ostrowski - Heidelberg, Stuttgart 1947-1948

Robert Plath - Hersfeld, Germany 1951- 1952

Stanley Leonard (Stan)- Eschwege, Donaworth, Augsburg, Germany 1946-1947

John M. Galante, Coburg, Friedberg, Hersfeld, I company 3rd Bn 14th A.C.R., 1950-1953

Robert Stuart Greenway - Freising, Pfaffenhofen, Aichach, Wasserburg, Germany. March 1946 - January 1947

Louis A Lynn - Berlin, Germany 1948-1952

Dale(Rocky)Rockford, Berlin 1947-1952

John A. Bandy Sergeant Major, US Army (Ret) 1949 - 1951 "D" Company 2nd Bn, 14 ACR (Schweinfurt)
1951 - 1952 "Hq" Company, 2nd Bn, 14 ACR (Bad Kissingen)

Glenn Donald Smith - Marburg, Bad Hersfield, Schweinfurt, Bad Kissingen, Coburg - 1948 - 1953. Was with one of the last unit's (24th Sqdn) when Constab was Finished.

James W. Tiencken- Hessental, Augsburg - 1946-1948


Donald Votaw 3rd. Bn. 6th A/c Degerndorf-Regensburg 1949-1952

Albert (Al) Sallustio - Fussen, Augsburg - 35th / 42nd Sqdns. - 1946 - 1948

Edwin (Eddie) Cordeiro - Gablingen, Augsburg - 74th Sqdn. - 1946 - 1948 Richard MacKinder 3rd Bn 6th AC Degerndorf-Regensburg 1949-1952

Wilfred L. Collins - Bad Cannstadt-Stuttgart 1946 - 1947 - Bindlach-Bayreuth - 1952

Jack W. Mundy - Schwaback &Wieden - 1946-1948

Bob Jenkins  -  Schwaback and Wieben, Germany - 1947 - 1949

James W. Sellstrom - Freising, Germany 1945-1946

Robert C. Tompkins - Freising, Germany 1946 -1947

Sam Zafran 1946 -1951 e trp 13th squadron,A Troop 12th Squardron, A Troop,10th Squardron,Hq. 14th Constab Regt, Hq Ist Constab Brigade

Robert Campitell(OP 2) proudly served as a USCon. Trooper in the years 1946 and 1947.

Robert Monasmith - Coburg, Germany 1946-1948

Theodore J. Blaszak- 6TH AC. Degerndof-Regensburg 1949-1952


Albert N. Levison - Troop D, 68th Constabulary Squadron, AUUGSBURG

Retired S/Sgt. Bobby E. Jenkins 1946-1949.  53rd, company A troop constabulary s
tation in Schwabach, Germany in April 1946, which was the 53rd armored inf. battalion at that time until it was inactivated to 53rd constabulary 1st  of June 1946. Also Radio operator and in the 14th armored 2nd battalion station in Bad Kissinger,  Germany.

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