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Fulda, Germany
81st Sqdn.
U. S. Constabulary
"There Is A Way"

Coburg (6 Sqdn)
U. S. Constabulary
"Dueit Amor Patriae"
"No greater love than Country"


81st Squadron
Fulda at the time of
'46 to 47
C Troop 81st
Constabulary Squadron 3rd Regiment APO 65 US Army  Fulda
 Letters from 
Toni Schindler

1947 -
Article written by
Robert Allen
 Base Ball article
from the "Trooper" - 1946
 Memories - photos
Marvin E. Martin
Tony Schindler remembers their days......
 Coburg (6 Sqdn)
Celebration in honor of the US Constabulary
 Troop List of the
6th Sqdn. Coburg
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81st Squadron  in  Fulda  at  the time  of  1946  to  1947 

Squadron Commander                                                Lt. Col. Rooney
Headquarters Troop CO                                             Capt. Daugherty
Headquarters Troop CO (successor)                     Capt. Alfred C. Jaime Jr.
Provost Marshal HQ Troop                                        Capt. Dixon
1st Sergeant HQ Troop                                                Master Sergeant Shaffers
Squadron Sergeant Major Curtis
MP Section                                                                     S/Sgt. Casale
MP Section                                                                     Sergeant Frank Stephenson
Mess Sergeant                                                              Sgt. Snider
HQ Troop                                                                        Sergeant Pestrano (Chief)
HQ Troop Motor Pool                                                  Sergeant Charles Shoemaker
S3                                                                                     Sergeant Warren (Editor of weekly news)
HQ Troop Orderly Room                                            Cpl. Raymond Billhorn
HQ Troop                                                                        Cpl. John Bamford
HQ Troop                                                                        Pfc Kenneth Kressler
HQ Troop                                                                        Pfc Hakkarainen (Driver)
HQ Troop                                                                        Cpl. Nieswonger
HQ Troop                                                                        Cpl. Richard T. Conley (Switchboard)
A Troop                                                                            Pvt. Abernethy
HQ Troop                                                                        Domenick Dimarcantonio
HQ Troop                                                                        Sergeant Oliphant (Airstrip ?)
HQ Troop                                                                        Tex (Nickname, red hair) Driver
HQ Troop Interpreter/Secretary                                 Helga Flachshaar (the later Mrs. Stephenson)
E Troop - specialized in small arms                  T-5 Phil Consalvo from Follansbee, WV

Time period 'till Oct. 1946

The names below was sent in by Delmar Hayden

C Troop 81st Constabulary Squadron 3rd Regiment APO 65 US Army  Fulda

Alberty                               Oklahoma
Zilo                                      Verdigra Nebraska
Sgt. Rheams                      Des Moines, Iowa
Anderson                           Washington State
Ecklund                              New York
Capt. Martin
Arementrout                      Ohio

  Marvin Martin 
recall his day's in Fulda!
Time period  1946-47 
81st Sqdn at Fulda

Marvin E. Martin ..............Ormond Beach, Florida
     We came into Fulda from Bad Mergentheim, which is approximately 100 miles
south, during the winter and spring of 45' 46'. At first we lived in tents around the outer perimeter of what was called Ludendorf Kaserne, later called Crossman Barracks. It was a former German Panzer or a tank outfit and the Bldgs were occupied by D.P's from all over. Some were from Poland, Czechoslovakia etc.. After they were resettled elsewhere we moved out of the tents and occupied the buildings. At that time I was assigned to Service Troop of Hq. and Hq. troop.  In the winter of 46' and spring of 47' I transferred to E troop and then to the aviation section until I rotated back to the states in September 47'.
Click here for Photos

Some buddies I would like to find are:

William I. Goins - Kansas
Sgt. Pruitt --------- Tennessee
Bill Smith --------- Tennessee
Jack King --------- Louisiana

                                                 by Marvin E. Martin

Toni remembered his days in Fulda!

From Toni Schindler

Hi Marvin

I must congratulate you, Marvin for your excellent memory about your posting in Fulda. Due to the long time between, it is of course possible that details fade away or get mixed up. At the moment I make the same experience writing on a book concerning my youth and the decades later on. Short time ago I exchanged my memories with an old friend of grammar-school-times and I could not help it. He correctified me in a couple of details, when I was mixing up. So please don't you mind if I try to recall some details of Fulda. The former name of the barracks where the Constabulary had their headquarters was the "LUDENDORFF-Kaserne". It was supposed to have been SS-quarters during the Nazi-time. It was named by the Americans "The Crossman-Barracks". The Bleidorn Kaserne  was the home of a German tank-unit, as far as I remember. But right here the trouble begins. I'm not sure about this Bleidorn-Kaserne. All I remember was that already in 1947 the US Troops had taken quarters there and it was a unit of the Field-artillery. That's all I can remember. After the Constabulary left Fulda, the 14th Armored Cav. took over at the Crossman Barracks and renamed it the "DOWNS-Barracks" I know this for sure because I still hold a passport
to enter the FULDA-RANGE issued by Capt. Black S3  14th A/C. in June 1956. At that time I was a member of a German Gun-club and did some training at the Fulda Range. I can't recall the time Marvin tells about because it was the part right after the war in 1945. In June 1946 the 81st Constabulary Squadron was established in the LUDENDORF-Kaserne and for many more years the German population still used to call it the Ludendorf-Kaserne. There had been many Displaced Persons from Poland, Lithuania, Hungary and Bielo-Rusky (White-Ruthenia) who had been freed from Nazi-Camps
and now lived in several KASERNEs. I believe they ware concentrated up in the RHOEHN-mountains about 30 miles away from Fulda in a Kaserne in Wildflecken, a well famed and feared Army Training Area. Maybe some of the people reading this will remember Wildflecken because the US Troops and later on the NATO troops went up there to do combat-training with with their platoons. The two big training areas taken over from the Nazis were Wildflecken and Grafenwoehr in Bavaria. Many of you may remember it as Strafenwoehr, a play on words about "Punish-Woehr" because the
German word for punishment is the manipulated word of "G-rafen-Woehr" into "S-trafen-Woehr)

Well this is my explanation today. On my latest visit to Fulda I brought along about 200 copies of the FULDA-Newspaper from 1946 and 1947. If I dig out any news concerning the Constabulary I will let you know.

In the 60ies and 70ies the Americans developed big construction activities and soon they had practically built a new City up the hill with military facilities and many huge house for the families of the US Soldiers.
The units changed a couple of times but finally the 7 Division took over, it was the "Black-Horse-Regiment" After the breakdown of the IRON Curtain the "AMIS", as the Germans used to call them, left for home.- Now more than 50 years of good friendships do not cease and I'm glad to have contact with some of the old friends in the "New World".
Thank you.

Take care

From Bill Tevington,
Toni is correct, Ludendorf Kaserne later on became Downs Barracks.  All the time I was with the 14th we always refereed to it as the Ludendorf Kaserne.  The Bleidorn Kaserne was on Leipzigerstarsse across the street from the Adler Hotel.  Do they remember the "SandHolle"?  I have been back a number of times and the "SandHolle" is no longer there.  I still have friends in Fulda and in Lehnerz that we are still in touch with.  With the dependent housing area and the additional motor pools, etc. it has grown.  Great additions were the Commissary, PX and Class VI.  Am sorry to see the Army out of Fulda.  I had great times with the people because they put me on the Lehnerz soccer team and I sang in a German choir.  I always tried to act like an  ambassador and not the "Ugly American".  At the time I left Fulda in Sept. 1952 I had more time continuous with the Regiment.  Captain Red Hill in the Air Section had two weeks less.

Bill Tevington

A note of information from Toni.
I was a young German man of 17 years when I met up with the United States Constabulary in 1946.   I could speak English and German.  Because of this, I  had a job working in the 81st located in Fulda, as a translator until 1948.

I just read that the 14th A/C Regt. was in Coburg . In 1956, I acquired and
got a permit to use the FULDA firing range operated by the 14th ACR in
Fulda, which means that they had moved from Coburg to Fulda sometime between
1950 and 1956.

If you would like to check out other names, sqdn., etc.., in other areas, just click on the man.

Anyone knowing names, please do not hesitate to send them to me at:

Sent in by Toni Schindler
(1946/47 81st Sqdn Fulda employed) 
Nettetal / Germany

      Just returned from a very impressing celebration in honor of the US Constabulary which was held in Neustadt near Coburg (6 Sqdn)  unveiling a 2tons foundling with the Insignia of the Constabulary and a plate telling about the merits of the Constabulary during the Cold War along the border to the Russian Zone. Click here to view  photos.  Two Trooper also attended and held a speech and handed over to the City of Neustadt a Constabulary Plate and an original Constabulary helmet. The names of participants are Trooper Peter Ferdenzi and Peter Carroll of New Jersey who came across the big lake to see their well remembered town of Coburg.  I took some pictures that will be handed to our Editor of the Constabulary Lightning Bolt. Its been great reading your home page, but I feel sad that you have no entries about the 81st Sqdn.Fulda as if they never existed.  The only ones I ever got contact again are: Sgt. Frank Stephenson and his wife Helga (Flachshaar) of Portland Oregon, Cpl. Ray Billhorn of Cincinnati/Ohio and Chuck Shoemaker in Carolina. Does anyone have more news about the rest ?

Hi Irene and Gilbert,

     I was employed by Capt. Jaime (Helga Flachshaar} was his
secretary) but only one year later they discharged me under some order by HQ
Heidelberg, because they had to cut their costs on one hand and because I was
under the necessary age of 18.  During my last days (July 47) they had started to
move the Troopers to other units and shortly after that the 14 Armd.Div. took
over and I believe the whole 81st was deactivated itself.  Looking for historic
details in the City of Fulda was without any success.  When you ask anybody about
US occupation-troops, the start telling you stories about the "Black Horse
Regiment".  At the concerned time the Constabulary was more as a police force than
it was a military unit and as a matter of fact the importance of the
Constabulary really began, when the Russians turned on their Cold War.  But this
was out of my life because in the meantime I moved to Duisburg in the Rheinland
where a was trained to become a merchant in the Radio-and TV-business.  I stayed
in the Rheinland until I retired in 1997.  An old friend of mine Cpl. Johnny
Bamford whose address I still had, gave me the address of Ed Yetsko and
introduced me to the Association in 1993.  I attended the national reunion in
Louisville /KY in 1994 and the reunion in San Diego.  I own a copy of the
TROOPER, the periodical of the 81st dated about August 1946 in quite a good
condition.  George had one of the articles in the last "Lightning Bolt" telling
about the Speed traps they held in former days.
Now I must close for today.  Next time you talk to Helga, give her my regards.

Greetings from Germany
Toni Schindler


Baseball-Scene of Fulda of 1946
as written in the

"Officers Nose Out Charlie in Extra Inning"

Sent in by Toni Schindler

Fulda, August 17 (Saturday) - The Officer and Charlie Teams battled to one
of the closest nip and tuck contests of the season. The game had everybody on
their feet by the last innings but the Officers went on to win 10-6.
The Officers took the lead with an unearned run but were soon to give it up when
Charlie nine came back in the top of the second inning to score three runs on
timely hitting.
The second inning yielded nothing for the Officers as they were downed in order.
The next inning however they scored four runs on a pair of base hits by Col.
Rooney (Sqdn CO) and Lt. Mahorney. This made the score 5-4 with Charlie's single
run in the third.
The seventh up and Charlie had to have a run to even tie the game. Everhearts
single did just that and now things were really getting exiting.
The Officers put the first three men on base with walks. The bases were now
loaded and nobody out. Things really looked tough for Charlie, but somehow by
skillful teamwork the next three men went out or hit into a force play. The
ninth inning produced nothing for Charlie as three men  were downed in order.
The Officers returned to the plate and again filled the bases only this time
it was a different  story as Col. Rooney slammed out a long drive into center
field to end the game.

Box Score                      Runs
Officers   10400104             10
Charlie    03101010              6
Batteries : Col. Rooney, Capt. Daugherty (Officers)
            Bennett, Schoeberl           (Charlie)
Umpire      Bisallion
Playing Time    1 hr. 20 minutes

"Cpl. Billhorn Now Headquarters Troop Clerk"  (look for picture)
Fulda, August 19 (Monday) --  Cpl. Raymond C. Billhorn of Headquarters Troop and
Ridgewood Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio is the new troop clerk in Hqs. Orderly Room.
Cpl. Billhorn had been assistant Message Center Chief for the past four months.
Raymond graduated from the Western Hills High School, Cincinnati, Ohio. He
majored in Science, and English. Cpl. Billhorn was introduced  into the Army
on July 31, 1945. He took seventeen weeks of Message Center training in the
Infantry at Camp Blanding, Florida. Cpl. Billhorn left the States on March 23,
1946 and joined the 81st on April 17 .
Raymond is nineteen years old and the son of Mrs. Eleanor Billhorn of
Cincinnati, Ohio


"Hqs Commander Promoted to Captain"
Fulda, August 22 (Thursday) ------  Lt. Jaime, Commanding Officer of
Headquarters troop, has been honored with a promotion to the rank of Captain.
Captain Jaime is a regular Army man, having enlisted in the service back in
October 1933. - Upon entering the service, he was assigned to the 12th Cavalry
Regt. and Fort Rengold, Texas, where he served for seven years. Still an
enlisted man , he was made a platoon sergeant to form the 9th Division in 1940.
After training with the 9th Division , he was sent to Fort Riley, Kansas and
went to school for three months with the Cavalry. When war broke out Captain
Jaime was assigned to the 9th Division  and left for Overseas in September ,
1942. He landed with the 9th Division in North Africa below Algiers fighting his
way into the Tunisian Campaign, as a platoon sergeant. Then on October 28th,
1943 Captain Jaime was commissioned a 2nd Lieutenant. The order had come from
General Eisenhower's Headquarters. Upon being made a commissioned officer, Capt.
Jaime was assigned to the 91st Recon Sqdn in Italy. He remained in that outfit
from March till September  of '44 when he was detailed to the 88th Infantry
Division. He was promoted  to 1st Lieutenant January 1945 and was awarded the
Bronze Star. He also holds the Croix de Service 3rd Class, for work with the
French. After two and a half years overseas he was sent back to the U.S. on
February 9, 1945. He served in the States from March till January this
year (1946). Captain Jaime came back overseas in January and was assigned to the
Squadron in February. When he joined the 81st he was made Executive Officer of
Easy Troop. Then on March 14th he became Commanding Officer of Headquarters




Sgt. Frank Stephenson [left] 
Raymond Billhorn [rt.]

Passport for Toni Schindler
                                    to enter the camp 
                                             issued by Capt. Daugherty S2

Helga Flachshaar and Sergeant Frank Stephenson
Helga was the secretary of Capt. Jaime.

Coburg (6 Sqdn.)
Celebration in honor of the US Constabulary
Neustadt near Coburg (6 Sqdn)
unveiling a 2 tons foundling with the Insignia of the Constabulary and a plate telling about the merits of the Constabulary during the Cold War.

If you wish to see the photo made larger, click on the photo then click on view image.
The names of participants are Trooper Peter Ferdenzi and Peter Carroll of New Jersey who came across the big lake to see their well remembered town of Coburg along with Toni Schindler of Germany.
Photos taken by Toni Schindler

 Did you ever hear of the book Oblivion?
It is about one of my good buddies who was picked for West Point from our 6th. sqd. In l950 he came up missing from the point, vanished from the face of the earth. Now there is a book out Oblivion through Barnes & Noble, much about the Constabulary. The Author is Harry Maihafer whom is a former West Pointer. I have a brief blip in it on page 29. Bud Groner one of your founders, has a large part in it.
                                                                              Marvin Farnsel


Here are the names of some of the troopers of the 6th Sqdn., Coburg.
If you have names to add to the list, do not hesitate to get in touch with me at:

 Coburg Roster:
Ralph Stovall photos
COL. Benjamin L. Landis and his summary of the 6th  Coburg Squadron
Ralph Judd Jr. [pictures]

William A. White - <>C & E Troops  6th Squadron  (S-2)  1946-48
Gene E. Snowden - Instructor - A Troop 6th Squadron 1946-1948 [

Below was sent in by Marvin Farnsel
Richard Cox ---Missing West Point Cadet  and roommate
Sgt/Major Dennis O`Brien---whom I worked for
Walter B. McKinzie---Lt. Col.  Commanding Officer
Capt. Montague
Major George Lucey---Provost Marshall
Capt. .Taylor
Capt. Hungerford
Herbert Milikien---roommate and later became Capt. in Korea
Richard Neidermeyer---roommate
Yoshio Koshia---deceased
James Duffy
Merrit Dale
Richard Kelley
Walter Geake
Peter Carroll
Bud Groner--- deceased
Peter Ferdenzi
Marvin Farnsel

Sent in by Bob Allen
Floyd Seitz---- CARVER, MA 6TH SQ.---48-54
Leo Callahan--- BROCKTON, MA.---1946
Robert Monasmith
Robert Allen

Sent in by Pete Carroll and Peter Ferdenzi

Robert H. Makri               Hq. & Hq. Co.             3rd Bn. 14th Armd.
Cav.     PA

Salvatore Boccacio          Hq. & Hq. Co.             3rd Bn. 14th Armd. Cav.

Sam Mansour                 Hq. & Hq. Co.             3rd Bn. 14th Armd.
Cav.     IL

Bert Gardner                    I Co.                          3rd Bn. 14th
Armd. Cav.     ME

John Urban                      Hq. & Hq. Co.             3rd Bn. 14th Armd.
Cav.     NJ

Sent in by Toni Schindler

Cpl. Richard T. Conley         (Early 1947) Fritzlar                 Radio / Commo ?

Sent in by  ENRIQUESAENZ --{Chico}
 l947 in Coburg------- I.-Company  l4A/C
These troopers remained together in Coburg and moved together to
Friedberg Germany and than on to Bad Hersfeld.  Left there in Oct. l952.
Now are members of Out Post 3.

Tom McClanahan,  Virginia Beach, VA, E-Mail:

 Cullen B. Smith,  Wichester, Ky 40391, E-Mail:

 William D. Fletcher,  Newcastle, Pa,

 J.R. Sylvestre,  E-Mail Jnsylvestre@

 John Hollern,  Vine Grove, Ky

 Andy King,  Monroe, NY

 Henry Kecki,  Ludlow, Ma


Article written by Robert Allen

It seemed kind of funny that I was traveling back to
Germany in early 1947 when a few months earlier I had made a trip in the
Merchant Marines on a Victory Ship, taking food over and bringing troops

When I arrived at Bremerhaven and started traveling south I couldn't believe
the destruction that I was seeing.  For a 17 year old it was quite an
experience.  we boarded a train and headed South, we didn't know where we
were going exactly, but we were told that we were going to the Constabulary.
I didn't even know what that was at the time.  After about three or four days
I ended up in South Bavaria in a small Constabulary Troop and assigned to an
M-8 Armored Car with a three man crew.  We didn't have any real training, I
guess there wasn't  much time for that.  Most of our duty was patrol and
checking papers.  There was still a lot of displaced persons around and the
authorities wanted to know who they were and where they were.  That went on
for a couple of months, then a Corporal and I were sent to border duty on the
outskirts of the town of Hof.  We had a German  interpreter with us.  Most of
the time there wasn't much to do up there, we lived in a Quonset hut and
someone would bring us food every couple of days.  About once a week one of
us would take our dirty clothes into town and there was a women that would
wash them for us.  That duty lasted for another couple of months and I think
they started to down size and that was when I was transferred to C Company,
3rd Platoon, 26th R.C.T. When i joined the 26th we were not up to full
strength, but we went through some pretty extensive training.  I remember
Col. Bigelow was Regimental C.O. and Capt. Pankosski was Company C.O.  They
were both tough as nails, they knew we had to be prepared for anything that
might happen over there, especially during the Berlin Airlift.

A few months out of a year in Grafenwohr did not bother me because I always
like the outdoors anyway.  I was R.A. for 3 years.  So I came home July 1949.
After you have been away from home for quite sometime, it was sure nice to
sail into New York and see the Statue of Liberty.  I imagine thousands of
other fellows had that same feeling.

Robert Allen, 3203 Lafayette Rd. #26, Portsmouth, N.H. 03801 E-Mail

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 Irene Moore  [Web Editor]

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