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Looking for family
or anyone knowing of them.

Aug., 27, 2008

Chester Bevis
Historian looking for T/5 Trooper Bevis 1946

Robert Stewart
Son looking for info. and pics of his deceased father.

William H Rendell
Sister looking for Constabulary info on her brother

Bob   G.
The "G" could be for Gregg

Germany, Heidelberg during WWII till 1946 


and  his friend SGT.MITCHELL

Robert Paulson   [Grand Father]


I am Claudia Koch and I am trying to locate my grandfather, an Army officer that was stationed in Germany, Heidelberg during W.W.II till 1946. I got a couple of old photos and I asked a military historian if he recognized the unit from those photos. He said that the airplanes could belong to the Constabulary The insignia on the nose of the airplane seems to be that of the Constabulary -- although that is less certain. (When zoomed it's rather fuzzy) The Constabulary was a subordinate element of Third Army that was activated on 15 February 1946. The Constabulary headquarters was initially at Bamberg, but on 15 February 1947 it relocated to Campbell Barracks (Grossdeutschland Kaserne) in Heidelberg, where it stayed until June 1948. I was wondering if you could help me to find more information. I now that his first name is Bob and that he was originally from Massachusetts. The baby in the photo was born in August 1946, so that is the time frame frame he must have been in Heidelberg. If you could be any assistance in how to track him down I would be very grateful!

The USAREUR military historian came up with this from the photos:
The man was at the time a first lieutenant later an captain, and he was a pilot. The insignia on his right shoulder is Third Army, and the insignia on the nose of the airplane is the Constabulary. The Constabulary insignia was a yellow background with a large letter C in blue, and a red lightening bolt.
We have several typescripts on the establishment and organization of the Constabulary and one published book on that subject. The book has organization charts (unfortunately with no dates on them). They show that the Constabulary Headquarters and Headquarters Troop included an Air Liaison Squadron with 13 officers and 146 enlisted men. A Constabulary brigade had an Air Liaison Section with 5 officers and 11 enlisted men, and a regiment had an Air Liaison Section with 9 officers and 17 enlisted men. So far as I have seen, the Constabulary headquarters was at Heidelberg, but there were no brigade or regimental headquarters here.

 We have no personnel rosters, but I think that if the man was stationed in Heidelberg, he probably was assigned to the Constabulary Headquarters Air Liaison Squadron.

As you can see there are not so many officer pilots around. That could make it easier. I also know that his first name was Bob and that his last name started with G and was something like Gregg. He was originally from Massachusetts. My grandmothers name was Ilse Eckard.
 He was stationed in Germany from around 1945-1947. My mother, Eva, was born in August 1946. I saw that you have a section with grandfather/father. Is it possible to post those photos in the Internet and see if anybody knows about those airplanes or that Unit or about him. That would be great!
 Thank you so much for your help!
Claudia Editorial Assistant,
U.S. Army Europe
DSN: 370-6110
Civ: 06221-57-6110
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Subject: Robert Paulson
   Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2000

My name is Silvia. I want to ask you for a favor.  A fellow student of mine is looking for his grandfather whom he has never seen before. Therefore, he does not have much information about him.  The name of his grandfather is Robert Paulson. He originally came from Jacksonville, Morgan County, Illinois. We don't know where he lives today. Robert Paulson was stationed at Rothwesten Air Base (Fliegerhorst) in ~ 1949 - 1951 (we are not 100% sure about the time). He is American.  Maybe you can help us to find out something about him.
Thank you ever so much.  Greetings.

Written by Eleonore Crespo
My father, JULIUS TAFT MASSEY was in the 42nd Constabulary Squadron
in Freising,Germany from July 1946-Jan.1947.
Julius was a cook in the 42nd Constabulary, Troop "D".
He was befriended by a SGT.
MITCHELL and I would like to find him(if he is still alive),so he can tell
me about my father and his time there in Freising.
My father died in 1960 before I had a chance to get to know him, so knowing
him through others, is all I have.Thank you for your help,Eleono

Here are two pictures of my father, JULIUS TAFT MASSEY. The one on
the left, he is the one in the tank-top undershirt, would like to know who
the two men are. Was told they were twins, but the man who told me, could
not recall their names.
The picture with the Jeep, my father is sitting on it, and standing is SGT.
MITCHELL; would like to make contact with him, if he is still alive.
These pictures were taken in Freising, Germany between July 1946 and
Thanks for your help in this, Eleonore

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