D Troop 10th Constabulary

Alfred J. Thumsuden

    Originally I am from Valley Stream, LI, NY now living in Spring Hill, Florida.  My Army service started as a young kid who's friends were older than I was and they were all going into the service.  I was just sixteen so I went to the local draft board and registered at the local draft board and  they didn't even ask me for proof of my age.  I was inducted into the Army and went to Fort Hancock, NJ in 1945.   From there I went to Fort McClellan, Alabama for infantry basic training.  When they found out I was under age, I had just turned seventeen so a Capt. Casey asked me if I would like to join the regular Army.  It was only for an 18 month hitch so I signed up.  I was sent back to Camp Kilmer NJ and from there I left NY.  We hit some terrible weather going overseas.  We put in at LaHarve, France.  We stayed in a tent city called Camp Lucky Strike.  It seems like all it ever did was rain. I don't remember the dates that well. We left there in railroad box cars for Germany.  I ended up with the 3rd Div., 15th Infantry Co. "L".  We pulled border guard on the Russian American border in Konigshofen, Germany.  Then in 1946 the 3rd Div. colors were sent back to the states.  I was then transferred to Kitzagen and D Troop 10th Constabulary.  We then moved to Lohr and patrolled in that area for a while.  In 1947 I was shipped out from Bremerhaven on the U.S.S. General Harry Taylor back to the states.

I know my service experience helped me in straightening out my life.  I was just a wild kid with no family.

Al Thumsuden
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