(Any corrections/additions to dates or designations would be appreciated)
HHC, VI Corps HHT, Constabulary     11-24-1950  
HHC, 4th Armd Div HHT, 1st Con Bde     8-15-1951  
HHC, CCA, 4th Armd Div  HHT, 2nd Con Bde     12-15-1952  
HHC, CCB, 4th Armd Div HHT, 3rd Con Bde     7-1-1947  
HHC, 11th Armd Gp HHT, 1st Con Regt     9-20-1947  
HHT, 2nd Cav Gp HHT, 2nd Con Regt 11-16-1948 HHT, 2nd Armd Cav Regt   remained in Germany until Aug 1955 (Operation GYROSCOPE) 
HHC, CCA, 1st Armd Div HHT, 3rd Con Regt     9-20-1947  
HHT, 4th Cav Gp HHT, 4th Con Regt     5-1-1949 inactivated in Austria
HHC, 6th TD Gp HHT, 5th Con Regt     9-20-1947  
HHT, 6th Cav Gp HHT, 6th Con Regt 12-20-1948 HHT, 6th Armd Cav Regt   remained in Germany until March 1957 (Operation GYROSCOPE)
HHC, 10th Armd Gp HHT, 10th Con Regt     9-20-1947  
HHT, 11th Cav Gp HHT, 11th Con Regt     11-30-1948  
HHT, 14th Cav Gp HHT, 14th Con Regt 12-20-1948 HHT, 14th Armd Cav Regt 5-17-1972 inactivated in Germany 
HHT, 15th Cav Gp HHT, 15th Con Regt     12-20-1948 react as 15th Con Sqdn in May 1949 
1st Tank Bn 1st Con Sqdn 12-20-1948 2nd Bn, 6th ACR    
2nd Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 2nd Con Sqdn 11-16-1948 1st Bn, 2nd ACR    
4th Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 4th Con Sqdn 4-1-1949 4th Recon Bn 7-1-1955  
6th Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 6th Con Sqdn 12-20-1948 3rd Bn, 14th ACR    
8th Tank Bn 8th Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
10th Armd Inf Bn 10th Con Sqdn 12-20-1948 1st Bn, 14th ACR    
11th Armd Inf Bn 11th Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
6th Armd Inf Bn 12th Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
13th Tank Bn 13th Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
14th Armd Inf Bn 14th Con Sqdn     12-20-1948  
15th Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 15th Con Sqdn 12-20-1948 70th FA Bn    
HHT, 16th Cav Gp 16th Con Sqdn     11-27-1950 Reassigned to HQ USCON on 2-1-1949
22nd Armd FA Bn 22nd Con Sqdn     5-1-1949  
24th Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 24th Con Sqdn     12-15-1952 Reassigned to HQ USCON on 5-1-1949
25th Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 25th Con Sqdn 12-20-1948 1st Bn, 6th ACR    
27th Armd FA Bn 27th Con Sqdn 12-15-1948 74th FA Bn    
28th Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 28th Con Sqdn     12-20-1948  
35th Tank Bn 35th Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
37th Tank Bn 37th Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
42nd Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 42nd Con Sqdn 11-16-1948 2nd Bn, 2nd ACR    
51st Armd Inf Bn 51st Con Sqdn 12-20-1948 2nd Bn, 6th ACR    
53rd Armd Inf Bn 53rd Con Sqdn     5-1-1949 Reassigned  to HQ USCON on 11-15-1948
66th Armd FA Bn 66th Con Sqdn 12-20-1948? 3rd Bn, 6th ACR    
68th Armd FA Bn 68th Con Sqdn 11-16-1948? 3rd Bn, 2nd ACR    
771st Tank Bn 71st Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
4th Tank Bn 72nd Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
474th AAA AW Bn (SP) 74th Con Sqdn        
81st Cav Recon Sqdn (M) 81st Con Sqdn     9-20-1947  
91st Armd FA Bn 91st Con Sqdn        
94th Armd FA Bn 94th Con Sqdn        
97th Sig Bn 97th Con Sig Sqdn        
465th AAA AW Bn (SP) Con School Sqdn 7-20-1948 HHB, 7732nd FA Gp 4-1-1951 Reorganized as 35th and 36th FA Groups

LEGEND:          AAA AW    Antiaircraft Artillery All-Weather

                       ACR           Armored Cavalry Regiment

                       Armd          Armored

                       Bn              Battalion

                       Cav            Cavalry

                       CCA           Combat Command "A"

                       CCB           Combat Command "B"

                       Con            Constabulary

                       FA              Field Artillery

                       Gp              Group

                       HHB            Headquarters & Headquarters Battery

                       HHC            Headquarters & Headquarters Company

                       HHT            Headquarters & Headquarters Troop

                       Inf               Infantry

                       Recon        Reconnaissance

                       Regt           Regiment

                       Sig             Signal

                       SP              Self-Propelled

                       Sqdn          Squadron

We would like to thank Walter F. Elkins for contributing his research to this web site.