ED Bowley
describes the memories of his days with
Walter Sanders, a staff member of Life Magazine.
This has been written by Ed Bowley on Jan., 31, 2000

Photo taken by Sanders.
Location: Headquarters Building
Bamberg, Germany

Ed Bowley hanging  posters.

I don't have any documentation on Walter Sanders arrival, but it was sometime after Gen. Harmon relocated in our Headquarters building...Major Hay was our PRO at the time...and he introduced me to Sanders....I didn't have a clue who he was, except he took photos for Life and they were going to do a spread for the magazine back home...I later found out that he was a photographer
extroadinaire in the ETO..during the war..

The session took less than two days and he was gone...the man worked very
fast...I don't recall how I got the four prints he made of me in the
office..with the poster..but they are from his negatives, I'm sure..This
session is the one they want to charge me lOO bucks a print from the

I did not contribute any input except to answer questions and show him around
where ever he wanted to go.  You must remember it has been 55 years..and some of this is a little foggy..If only I could see a contact sheet of his
prints..it would bring back many memories..but they would want an arm and a
leg for this I'm sure...

Sanders has passed away ...He must have been in his
80's as I am...since I recall him as a young man...

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Motorcycle Inspection

To the best of my knowledge, they were American cycles ..
Gen. Harmon made the inspection...
The photo of this motorcycle inspection is my work...out of the top floor of the
building...I used an Argus 35 mm, a Kodak Speed Graphic 3.5 with film packs.

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