This information below was sent to the Web Editor of the US Constabulary several months ago.

To the members of the United States Constabulary Association.
Written by:
Georg Haberl
Hilzstr. 23
D-94469 Deggendorf


I'm born 1934 in the town Deggendorf/Danube. This town is about in the middle between the greater towns
Regensburg/Danube and Passsau/Danube(near the Austrian border).
I research since some years the time to the end of W.W.II april/may 1945 in my home-area with the fights by the US-Army and the bombs by the USAF. But also about the occupation time 1945 until about 1952.
Therefor I've much contacts the Assoc. of the 26th YD, the 13th , 65th and 71th Div. which conquered our vicinity.

I have visited the internet and  I am interested in the US Constabulary Squadrons.
I viewed the US Constabulary Official Home page and found a list with the following units, which were in Deggendorf (not Degerndorf):
8th Con.Sqdn, old Des.:-8th Tank Bn (4th AD) attached to the 11th Con.Rgmt-
1947: HHT, 11th Con Rgmt. and 25th Con Straubing.
Straubing is also at the Danube and from Deggendorf about 22 miles.
So I also believe, that the task of these units are also incl. Deggendorf-area.
And on the internet-site of the 2nd Armored Cav.Rgmt. I found this information:
The B-42nd Sqn. fulfilled an additional task by guarding the German Prisoner Brigade Viechech (right Viechtach).
Time: May 1945 - Dec.1945.
I'm very interest for more information about this task.and hope to get in contact with former members of this unit.

I am interested in getting as much information from documents or unit histories as possible.
I would also like to get in contact with former members of those units which were in my home area Deggendorf/Danube with the nearer towns Plattling/Isarriver and Osterhofen/Danube, and also Regen and Viechtach.
With my experience, I know that these personal impressions, histories and maybe photos are very important for our history. In  the archive, the documents are only plain facts. I know both parts complement one another.
If you can send me your mail address, I can send to you some maps about my home area.
Perhaps you still know of other units which were at the Deggendorf-vicinity?

Kind regards from Bavaria
Georg Haberl

Sept. 9 2003
Dear Mrs. Irene Moore,
To the supplementing of my last email:
I'm in contact with Don Birkholz. He wrote also to me in Jan. that you are the web master of the Const.Sqns.and you could more help with my history researches.
My congratulation, it is a very informative and interesting web site.
In our newspaper issue of Nov. 12.1946,  I read: Lt. Nelson, 8th Con.Sq. established youth center at the brewery "Aschenbrenner" in Deggendorf.
 I'm  interested in getting more information about this special officer.

Best regards
Georg Haberl

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