14th Armored Cavalry Regiment
U.S. Constabulary
       This page is a Tribute 
Enrique Henry [Chico] Saenz
by his wife Lelo

Chico Saenz on Rt. [photo taken 1949]
Chico's wife on the left, Lilo Saenz [photo taken is Switzerland 1950]

Short Summary
Chico's Days in Germany

Chico was in Coburg, at first it was C-Troop, 6th Cav, later it became the l4thA/C, he was than in I Co, 3rd BN
l4thA/C. He thinks it was l949 when it was changed to the l4th., the whole unit moved from Coburg to Friedberg
and than on to Bad Hersfeld. We left Bad Hersfeld in l952 and came right back to the same l4thA/C in November
of l956 after spending a few years in Alaska.
His CO,s name in Coburg was  first Lt J.G. Smith, he retired as a Major General. They also had a Lt Oscar
Paget, Lt. Campbell, Lt. Wright, Lt. Green.
We had been told that Gen. Smith will be at the I.Co reunion in Williamsburg, Va, May 4-7.2000. Henry says, if he
feels well enough he would like to meet with all his old friends one more time. Last year we had 26 of the guys
that had been together since Coburg, it will be more this year.
Lilo and Henry

Ed and Chico
 Garmisch, Germany
28th Oct. 1949

 Allied Occupation Zone of Germany

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