George B. Thompson

A member of  the U.S. Constabulary Association
is doing his part in keeping the military history alive.

George B. Thompson of Churchville, PA.
plans to visit and donate his military collection
to the:
U.S. Army Military History Institute [Museum]
Department of the Army
U.S. Army Wa College Barracks
Carlisle, Penna. 17013-5008
 Dennis J. Vetock
Assistant Director
Collection Management

In his collection, George will donate a photocopy of "Always Ready of the 2nd Armored Cavalry," and his memoirs, "My Father's Eyewitness to History."  Also George will donate books, photographs and other material pertaining to his military service. These items represent vital sources of information for researchers.  In conjunction with the museum's continuous efforts to expand the holdings of primary source materials, the collection management encourages these donations to the Institute.  They will become an integral part of the World War II holdings.

New York Herald European Edition of Sept. 6 1952 ["Circle C" to vanish from Germany"