Independence Day

On this day in 1776, the Declaration of Independence
was signed, America was born, a free nation. The first
Independence Day was celebrated in 1777. It has been
celebrated ever since.
Families and friends gather together to have cookouts,
visit, and enjoy their freedoms.
For me, Independence Day is - a day of PATRIOTISM.
I love my country and what it stands for. I am loyal
to my country and will stay loyal until my last days
on this great earth for I love America.
Patriotism is something we, all, have in us. Some of
us get all excited with the 4th of July parades. We
see the red, white and blue banners, and hear the
patriotic music and our heart speeds up with the
beat of the tune being played.
We dress up in our stars and stripes- all the colors
of red, white and blue. We feast on snowcones, water-
melon, cotton candy and hotdogs. We take pictures of
politicians who make speeches each year. We hear the
songs like God Bless America, Star Spangled Banner,
and other patriotic songs and each time we hear it
sung, again, we lift our eyes to the flag. We think
of men and women who have shed their blood for thee,
oh, there's nothing like America...Sweet Land of
We gather around when darkness falls and cast our
eyes above. We wait for the first of many big booms
and we see the sparkles and glitter in the sky.
We watch with oooohhs and aaahhs as we see the colors
change. We suddenly remember OLD GLORY and we remember
our good men. The ones responsible for us having the
freedom to gather on the 4th of July once more.
My country, oh how I do love thee, I stand so proud
and say out loud, I'm so glad to be free. For what is
in my heart right now, is not just for the day. I live
my life in AMERICA and it's here I'll always stay. OH
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL, indeed she is just this, so
enjoy your INDEPENDENCE DAY, and to this nation LET
JULY 2001

Associate member of the 24th Constabulary Squadron.
Father - Elmer M. Bailey