Constabulary Lightning Bolt September 5’ 1947

Colonel lrzyk Heads for Home

September 5, 1947
Bids Farewell

1st Brigade - Lt. Col. Albin F. Irzyk left the 1st Brigade on August 28. He is returning to the United States and after a Short leave he  will report to The Armored School at Fort Knox, Ky., for duty.

Colonel Irzyk completed an over-seas tour which brought him to Eng-land In January, 1944 with the 4th Armored Division. He remained with his Division through out combat, finishing  the war as commanding officer of the 8th Tank Battalion. During this service he received numerous decorations and ribbons, among which are the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star with Oak leaf Cluster, Legion of Merit, Bronze Star Medal with three Oak leaf clusters, Commendation ribbon, purple Heart
with one Oak leaf cluster, the French Croix de Guerre with Etoile, and the Czechoslovakian War Cross.

Helped Plan Brigade

When in early 1946 the Headquar-ters, 4th Armored Division, was or-ganized into Headquarters 1st Constabulary Brigade, Colonel Irzyk was given the post of S-3 Through  his tireless efforts and his creative imagination he established an enviable record of achievement during his tour as S-3. In July, 1947 he assumed the duties of executive officer which he held until be began preparations for his return home.

Colonel Irzzyk played shortstop on the 1st Brigade Headquarters “Brig-adeers” this season in baseball. He finished the season with a batting average of better than .350 and was second In runs batted in. Popular with his fellow players he helped the Brigadeers to gain a spot in the elim-ination tourney for the Constab championship. He was selected for the Constab all-star team.

Colonel Irzyk Is a graduate  of Massachusetts  State College class of 1940. He was appointed to the regular army in 1941. His  home is Salem. Ma.

A review  was  held on the eve of his departure in honor of Colonel Irzyk. All officers of first brigade participated. Headquarters troop first brigade,  Captain Carl W. Gindele, commanding, past in review after having been inspected by Colonel Irzyk. Brig. Gen. Fay B. Prickett, Brigade Commander, joined the ranks of his staff during the review, leaving the departing Colonel to take the review as the reviewing officer.

The information on this page has been sent in by Ernest Cologne.

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Many thanks goes to Ernest Cologne, the National Recruiter of the Constabulary Association, for the following photos.

      Constabulary Cycles
L/R Sgt. John J. Rohzen Sabruton, WV.
T/Sgt. Clarence Call Saltville, VA.
Motorcyclist attached to the 
37th Constabulary sqdn. Bad
Schwalbach, Germany prepare to set
off on patrol duty.
Everett E. Wright - GunnerCyrus 
J. Signore - Radio operator,
on the right sideJack L. Sofie - Driver 
The M-8 is from "A" Troop 24th Constabulary Squardron, Stationed in Bad
Hersfeld,  McPheeters Barracks Motor pool.                                                                      Photo is Ernest Cologne


     Our monument at Ft. Knox, KY

             Ernie n Carol Ft. Riley, KS 11/6/'98                                      Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A Cologne

Bad Hersfeld

The 24th Constabulary Squardron



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