United States Constabulary

Chapter Two

Hunting for Boars
Written by Eight Ball

     Back to the past.  When patrol duty came up, the unit would split up and move from Base area, to small towns within our assigned area of patrol.  We moved into this town waving one of the eminent domain things to take over a building to be used as patrol HQ's.  Instead, we made a deal with the owner of a small pension and gasthaus to utilize the rooms for the troopers and the courtyard for a parking area.  After getting set up we set out on our first scheduled patrol. Coming back to the Gasthaus, hungry, tried to see what to eat.  Lots of C Rations K rations ( nearly lost some of my teeth over them) got something down my throat.  The troop mess hall sent up dried milk, dried eggs, canned items and the famous sandwich item (Horse****).  Oh, my favorite snack to this day is a Garlic Bolonga and Onion Sandwich.
     Me, I am no finicky eater but this was getting to be a joke.  Then coming back one day from patrol, we spotted some wild boar in the field.   I remembered the local farmers were complaining that the wild boar and deer where eating up there crops and they had no way to get rid of them.  AHA!!! my mind flashed.  Seated in the gunners seat I traversed the turret in the direction of the Boars and let loose a short burst.  Got me one of the biggest ones.  Stopped and threw him on the hatch cover and took off for town.
     We made a deal with the town butcher.  He would supply us with some of the meat and he could divide up the rest for the townspeople.  Word got around and in the process we ended up supplying the meat from the deer and the boar we shot on the way back and they supplied us with vegetables, eggs and bread. The owners wife cooked our meals, (My other favorite meal, Schnitzel and pomme fritzs) the kids washed our vehicles for the candy, cookies, gum from the C rations, talk about living and dining in style.  Sure felt sorry for the other units and that we soon would have to go back to base.  Oh by the way, the kids loved the you know what.
Eight Ball
Posted 6/20/08

Continued from Chapter Two

More Base Camp and Boars!

      Harking back to the old days, I remembered an incident that occurred in conjunction with my last story.  Back at the Base Camp, we were in a stand down mode (another story about this later).  The top kick came into the barracks and told us that a Forest ranger from the area was having trouble controlling the Deer and Pig problem. Since the beginning of the occupation, no germans other than shooting clubs were allowed to have weapons.  He asked if it was possible that some of the troopers would assist him in trying to eliminate some of the wild animal population. (there's that word again Volunteer).  Gee here I am, this born and bred city boy (Brooklyn N.Y.), is going to have a chance to go hunting.  So I go down to the Arms Room and draw me out one each Rifle grand M1 (love those Army backward nomenclatures.), and some ammo clips Proceeding out to the designated area, I'm standing there with one of the Rangers, when out of the brush comes this huge Boar.  Raising my trusty rifle I aim at the boar and fire off a round. I hear this grunt and the boar looks over at me.  Hey I fired this 30 cal round into this guy, why ain't he falling like they do in the movies.  With a grunt he lowers his head and charges toward us.  The ranger heads for parts unknown, me I pump seven more rounds at him and he's still coming. Luckily, there is a tree nearby and up I Go.  Getting back to camp I tell the top kick my story, and he started laughing.  What's so funny I asked him? He said you dummy, you fired 30 Cal Armor Piercing Rounds at the boar, they were traveling so fast that they went right through him, the only bad part is that in your haste you didn't hit any vital organs if you hit him at all, that's why he kept charging you.  If you had asked me first he said, you should have filed down the bullets and made them a dum dum round.

Eight Ball
Posted 9/20/08

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