Fritzlar, Germany 1946-49
***************Roster List ***************
  14th Armored Cavalry {US Constabulary}
US Army

First it was the 14th Constabulary Regiment and
then in 1948 it became the 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment (US Constabulary).

Commo Section.   14th Regiment Communications Personnel.

Sent in by: William Tevington
M/Sgt George Cassadona
T/Sgt Gerry Sylvester
Corporals B.J. May
Holland Neal
Earl Daniels
Gerald Gist
Captain Joseph M. Gaffney,
Lt Nara
Cpl Tevington

Frank N. Ritter was Headquarters Company C.O. and also Headquarters Commandant
1st Lt Astarita was Headquarters Executive Officer
Boswell White was First Sergeant Headquarters Company
M/Sgt Shawhan was Regimental Sergeant Major
M/Sgt Anderson was the S-4 Sgt. or the Regimental Supply Sergeant
Neal, May and Gist were Corporals.
Gist lives in Oklahoma.
All of us made Sgt. and I, Tevington ended up in '52 as the Regimental Communications Chief.

 M/St Billy Deal was the Operations Sgt. (S-3)
 Cpl. Henry Petersen was in S-3 and lives in North Carolina.
 S/Sgt Chester French was in the Intelligence Section (S-2) and lives in Kansas City.

Sgt. Maleski, Crypto; Cpl. Stevens, Msg Ctr; Harry Feury, Wire Sec (From West By God Virginia).
Mike Baldasarrie, former Marine in Wire Sec. T/Sgt Joseph Babineau, Radio Repair.  All of the above were in the Platoon same time as Gilbert Matherne.  By the way Bob Bauer's ASN was 6900532.

Sent in by Gilbert Matherne
Wallace Smith - Radio and Signal Instructor
Gilbert J. Matherne -Radio and Signal Instructor
Denny Barela - Radio School Instuctor
George Maxlow - 1st Constabulary Regiment

Sam Zafran - First Constabulary Brigade


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