Sam (aka) Jordan Kalinoff
 Age 14 just before Sam went to Europe & the

 I was with the 53rd constab.c troop at Schawbach 1946 & with
 the 15th at Widen, we took over the Russian
 border from Hof, Colburg, to Passau. Passau was a 5 day patrol,
my last patrol was to Passau, and we got into a fire fight with
 the Russians, I was glad I was going home. the morning we took
over the border we lost 5 patrols to the Russians, the map's we
 had were very poor, tourist maps I think.I served with Lt.Ralph M
 Heath, who retired as a Col.& now lives in Texas, we stay in
 touch now that I found him after 50Yrs.

A letter from Sam
to Irene and Gilbert,

   You sure did a nice job on the constab. and I am sure all the troopers thank you, as you can tell
I am not very good on the comput. even though I am one of the young guys ha.  I serve on the honor guard for the vet.of foreign wars & the American legion. Tomorrow we have 2 funerals, we are loosing 1000 a mo. in Calif. alone.
I am now glad I was young so I can do right by my buddies.  I also belong to the
vet.of underage military service,  V.U.M.S.  You would be surprised how many
ladies belong also. Tom Brokw the eve. news had a deal on us a couple of mo.
ago. not all were orphans, but a lot turned out be be very good citizens &
credit their military service.  I better hush for now, hope all is well with you and yours.
Trooper Sam
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