United States Constabulary 

6th Squadron

Coburg, Germany


William Ralph Stovall

      I enlisted in the Merchant Marine just after my 17th birthday.  Took my training on Catalina Island in California, sailed out of Seattle Washington in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Mediterranean in a few short months.  I came home in the middle of December and decided to join the army in January 1946.  I took my basic training at Fort Knox, KY;  went to Germany in June 1946;  assigned to 6th Constabulary Squadron D Troop;  reassigned to Hq. Troop communications section about a month later.  I worked in communications office and served as code clerk.  Later, I served as Message Center Chief.  I remained in the 6th Sqdn until November 1, 1948 [except for the time Col. Landis mentions in his article].  I was discharged as Sgt. Gr. 3 (Staff Sergeant).  Enlisted in reserves, inactive from Nov. 19th - June 1951.  In active reserve 1st Battalion, 345th Infantry, 87th Division from June 1951 until August 1952.  Discharged as Sergeant First Class.

 Photos and Articles
An interesting scrapbook collection by William Stovall

"THE 6th SQUADRON - From Gettysburg to Coburg"
Pg. 1
To the best of my memory, this clipping came from the Constabulary Lightning Bolt in 1946.

Redesigned the 6th Constabulary Squadron May 20, 1946.
Pg. 2

The Fighting Sixth 1945
Pg. 3

Historical Coburg
Castle and Entrance of the Kaserne Coburg.
Pg. 4

Constabulary Check Point Operation takes place.
Pg. 5

Home of the 6th
Constabulary Squadron and 1946 Baseball NINE "The Coburg Dukes".
Pg. 6

Letter to all
Constabulary Officers and Noncommissioned Officers June 10, 1946.
Character in the Constabulary
Pg. 7

Thanksgiving Day Menu
6th Constabulary Squadron Coburg, Germany 1946.
Pg. 8

Pg. 9

Christmas Day Menu
1947 Headquarters Troop
Pg. 10


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