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When did the United States Constabulary Association start up?  By Ed Yetsko

A letter written by a member by: Philip Wexler

When did the United States Constabulary Association start up?
Written by Ed Yetsko
Published onto the US Constabulary Web Site

Beginning of The U.S. Constabulary Association

     I have been getting inquiries as to how our association started as well as seeing different accounts as to how it started and who were the original "Dirty Dozen”.
This is my accounting, written shortly after our first reunion at Helen, Georgia. Many of our newest members have no idea how we started, and this would be a help to them.

Thank you.
Ed Yetsko

Prior to the beginning of our association, Charles Peillet and Neil Knopp discussed how they could get together old "I" Company troopers, who were members of the 3rd Bn., 6th ACR, U.S. Constabulary. They, as well as Don Brett, had ads in the VFW and Legion magazines. Don Brett was not a Constabulary trooper, but was doing a history on the unit, as well as having a Constabulary collection. He was interested in any contacts to help further his pursuit. Don later was to become the first Constabulary Group Historian. After seeing these ads, twelve troopers responded to Charles Peillet. They were: Ed Yetsko, Bill Richer, Peter Arbo, Pat Desantis, Jim Humbert, Neil Knopp, Ray Lowell, Ted Olejniczak, Bob Parks, John Rizzo, Bob Spofford, Cliff Steckel, John VanHaneghan, Charles Wallace, and Don Wilkie. We were all members of the 6th ACR, most of us from the 3rd Bn. Even though there are fifteen names mentioned, the first twelve to respond were dubbed the "Dirty Dozen" by Charles Peillet. On November 4, 1989 Bud Groner who also saw the ad in the VFW magazine, got in touch with Charles and told him of the 6th U.S. Cavalry Association reunion in Chattanooga, TN. They had very little to show of the Constabulary. We then held our own small meeting to discuss future plans to have our own association, or stay with the 6th Cavalry Association. Hence the following: June 14-17, 1990 saw a group of former US Constabulary Troopers, mainly 6th Cavalry Regiment Troopers, meet at the Quality Inn South, Chattanooga, Tn, to attend the 90th annual 6th Cavalry Association Reunion. Immediately following the 10:00 AM business meeting, June 16, 1990, former members of the Constabulary met in another room of the motel. Many of the troopers displayed Constabulary items they had brought to show. One of the members brought and played on a VCR a U.S. Constabulary tape which had been filmed during the tenure of Major General I. D. White, who was then our Commanding General. It was here that we were establishing our identity as former Constabulary Troopers. Those of us in attendance shall always remember the forerunners of our present association. They were: Bud Groner, Charles Peillet, Ed Yetsko, Bill Richer, Ray Lowell, George Fitz, Fr. Joseph Maloney, Joe Kolniak, Ted Olejniczak, Robert Parks, James Duffy, Fred Von Son, Gifford Benedict, Donald Miller, Dave Casarez, Bill Wooten, Winfred Bess, John Hebda, and Roy Mogged. I recall that there were 21 of us present, but do not recall all the names. We left the 6th Cavalry Association Reunion with great enthusiasm. Several key troopers in attendance were responsible for establishing our present Association following our get-together, particularly, Bud Groner, Charles Peillet, Ed Yetsko, and Joe Maloney. Names of former Constabulary members were submitted by different troopers along with the roster of the 6th Cavalry Association to Bud Groner and Ed Yetsko, after which Bud would send out an application to theses troopers to join our new group along with the roster of the sent out an application to these troopers to join our new group. We had approximately 90 names to start with, and many responded positively. Through advertising and newsletters and word of mouth we were beginning to grow. Bud Groner was already working on our first Constabulary get-together at Helen, Ga. It was in May 12-15, 1991 that 151+ former troopers, spouses, and friends, met in Helen, GA. A decision was made to form our own group which was to be named the "U.S. Constabulary Veterans' Group". We chose our first officers, and many of us had dual roles as National Officers as well as outpost officers. These officers were: Bud Groner, National Commander, Ed Yetsko, National Vice Commander, Don Purrington, National Adjutant, Gene Snowden, National Sgt-At-Arms, and Fr. Joseph Maloney, National Chaplain. There were three advisors also chosen, and they were: Charles Peillet, James Duffy, and George Fitz. After the officers were chosen, we then held our first business meeting where we formed the name "outpost", which was to coincide with the border outposts we were familiar with. Later the United States and its possessions would be divided into eight (8) outposts as we have them today. At this time the outpost commanders were chosen. They were: Ray Lowell, OP#1, Ed Yetsko, OP#2, Jim Loving, OP#3, Bob Parks, OP#4, Roy Mogged, OP#5, Ray Rempe, OP#6, Bob Smith, OP#7, Gene Snowden, OP#8. At the conclusion of the reunion all who were charged with their new assignments left for home to start building their individual outposts. The name was changed to United States Constabulary Association, and through the efforts of Don Purrington, we were incorporated in the State of Washington, and also chartered through Congress. Each outpost began to hold their own reunions. The first formal national reunion for our new association was held at Ft. Mitchell, KY. At this time National Commander Bud Groner, and Vice Commander Ed Yetsko stepped down from their positions after a two year term. Nominations were then submitted and our new Commander Bill Tevington was elected as National Commander. Two vice commanders were elected, Bob Jarrett who would serve the East coast, and Ray Guillaume, who would serve the West coast. Since then the association had 1,610 members including associates, and also approximately 165 "inactive" members. We also have a "Taps" roster of troopers who were members of our association, and also other Constabulary troopers who have passed away reported to us by our member troopers. The above is an accounting of the origination of our present association. (The above was written in the time frame of 1989/1991 only, and does not reflect any of the changes in command and operations aftewards.) 

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A letter written to the web editor
 by a member of the
U.S. Constabulary Association.

 Philip Wexler
Dated 2000
We started to advertise that we were forming an association in 1990. We had our first reunion on May 2 to May 5 in Helen, Ga. This was a small town that looked just like Germany, the cobblestone streets and the swiss chalet.. It was quite a experience. I went, not really knowing anyone there. Were a few from my outfit but I didn't remember them. I have been one who after 10 years have not found any close friends. I did find out a few of them went to Korea and didn't come back along with our CO. But we have made many friendship with guys I never serve with. My wife has met many other frauliens who she enjoyed. The only sad thing is in the 10 years many of these people have passed on. That is the hard part, finding out they gone home. I believe I was in the first 30 to join. Boy, was I surprise to see Sam Kalinoff photo. Sam was one of the Dirty Dozen. I also served with Sam and Bud Groaner who was the first National Commander along with George Fritz who also was a member of the dirty dozen. I still have the first News letter that was put out. I also was one of first to help build Op2. A lot of good troopers worked hard and gave time and money to bring this Assoc. to where it is now and there no longer with us. How many of those troopers who I met in Helen Ga., when we met for the first time, who have gone home to serve in the Lords army. I also am one of those underage kids who join the service in 1945.
 Philip Wexler

PS The first reunion was in 1991
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Web Editor
 Irene Moore

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