United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation
Germany and Austria

PFC. George Stathakes
[on left]

PFC. George Stathakes was in U. S. Constabulary, 74th Squadron, C Company, stationed in Gablingen, Germany, 1945-46. This squadron was the 1st in the Constabulary in Germany, patrolling Augsburg, Sontoven, Gablingen, & other cities in Germany in 1945-46.
He was one of the first to be a part of the forming and organizing of what became the United States Constabulary, which became operational in July of 1946. George Stathakes would like to get in touch with anyone, formerly of this Squadron if possible.
     In the picture, George is the tall one and the other soldier is his cousin. (His cousin was in the Air Force).

You can e-mail George Stathakes at:

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