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April 22, 2002  to  Aug. 18, 2002
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Coburg, Germany

I left Bavaria Germany 10 Nov. 1945. I was in the US CONSTABULARY in Coburg when the Constabulary first started. I can't remember the town we were in before moving to Coburg but it was there that we scraped paint off the vehicles and repainted with the Circle  C ect.  At the time I was with A troop,  6th CONSTABULARY. I was there in 1946 & 1947. The first Sgt was Sgt. Cassarborn. I think it is spelled wrong. Captain Jack was the troop commander. Sgt.John Winaskie, Sgt.Pain was there and Thomas Kelley. We had lots of beer at the Big Brown Derby & the Little Brown Derby. I was very proud of being in the US CONSTABULARY and patrolling the border. The Russians at times like to see how much they could get away with but we kept them where they belonged.
My discharge from the ARMY was May 1947 with the rank of T/5.
I live in Maine.  You can check out me today at  --http://www.RALPHJUDDJR.com -- and
you can see me with my dog Buffy at the beach.
Have a good day TROOPERS and will catch you later.

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Ralph Judd Jr.


E mail :
ralphearline @yahoo.com


             Date: 2002-08-15
             Charles Shoemaker (jcshoe1@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

             My wife and I are deeply saddened to learn of Toni Schindler's
             death. She had been a regular emailer of Toni's. We knew he
             was ill but not this ill. What actually happened to him? He
             had been going to a health place for relaxation as late as
             last summer. Was it his heart? I wish I had the opportunity to
             let his son know of our sorrow to learn of his death and will
             keep him in our prayers.

             Charles and Janice Shoemaker
             Georgetown, SC


             Date: 2002-08-13 15:54:17   - IP:
             lauri (thderhrt3@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

             I have been looking for anyone who might know a young polish
             boy who served with the Constabularies after he was released
             from Buchenwald...Jerzy Budzynski. I recently received papers
             from Buchenwald...the papers were his release papers and were
             signed by the following [March 6, 1945]:
             Col. Allen B. Michell-GSC
             Capt.T.A. Taracouzio-AUS
             Capt. Leonard M. Bessman-Inf.[CIC]
             1st Lt. Cyrus C. Sturgis, Jr.-A.C.
             If anyone knows of these individuals I would greatly
             appreciate your assistance.
             Many thanks.


             Date: 2002-08-12 23:02:04   - IP: forwarded for
             Charles (Chuck)Jamison (chjmar@webtv.net / no homepage ) wrote:

             I arrived in le Harve France March 1946 aboard the Pitston
             Victory. Departed Camp Philip Morris via 40 & 8 to Marburg
             Germany. Was assigned to the 11th ARC Weiden, Germany We
             became the 11th Const.Regt. and was formed March 1946. I as an
             Inf. Scout at the time, but joined the Medical Detachment. I
             had two good buddies who went into the Medics with me. I would
             like to know if they are members. There names are Charle
             Edward Knowles, Oaklnd CA. and Robert Melton. St.Louis,MO. At
             the start of O Const. Col. William F. Biddle was our Regt. CO.
             When the 11th deactvated I was assigned to the 6th
             Const.Returned to the ZI 1950, Later in Korea I ran into
             couple of troopers.


              Date: 2002-08-09 20:36:00   - IP:
              NICHOLAS J. HLAWATI (LUSIPHUR1331@YAHOO.COM / no homepage ) wrote:


              Date: 2002-08-08 18:49:06   - IP:
              harvet bowles (chaz66@alltel.net / no homepage ) wrote:

              I was in the 28th.const.recon squadron cav
              in schweinfurt germany 1945 to 1948 came from the 3rd.inf
              div.we lived in squad tents on the american russian border
              .until we joined the constabulary then we got to sleep in
              beds in a building big time for us.We did the usal border
              patrol on foot and also motorized patrols.plus got our delay
              in action training every third month.in the field .i was a
              radio operator morse code and the rest layed telephone lines
              etc.plus was a rifleman first .attended .three radio schools
              bad kithhen and sonhoffen also demolition school even tried
              to learn to play the bugle once couldnt do it.no sound
              We went on a 100 mile force march in 1947 when cav .took us
              over didnt fall out but came close a couple of times ha.
              trooper harvey n bowles out post 2 life time member . would
              be pleased to get messages on my e mail chaz66@alltel.net

              Date: 2002-08-08 05:59:59   - IP:
              Jim Tolbert (jimtolbert@earthlink.net / no homepage ) wrote:

              In remembering the 22d and 24th Constabulary (1948-1952),
              some good memories of outstanding border patrol troops still
              run thru my mind. The names have long since faded and the
              faces are becoming harder to focus on, Never the less, it
              was a fine tour. I thought even the bad times were good.
              From Hershfield to Kissengen, to the stockade in Frankfurt,
              I enjoyed every day. After leaving Germany, I continued with
              the Army and retired the last time in 1990 at Fort Lee,
              Virginia. Now, as I get older, I spend more and more time
              thinking about the Constabulary and the places where I spent
              my 15th, 16th, and 17th Christmas'. To all those who helped
              me grow up while there, thanks.

              Date: 2002-08-08 01:56:20   - IP:
              John R. Holcomb (jholcomb@ocsonline.com / no homepage ) wrote:

              I served with 1st Armoured Division from March 1946 until
              the 14th Constabulary Regiment was activated. Served until
              March 1947 and selected to go with 1st Recon Co, 1st
              Infantry Division along with selected Officers and NCO's.
              Served until August 1948. Had many border assignments with
              14th Constabulary and with Guard Troop and Demonstration
              Troop at US Constabulary School, Sonthofen, Germany. We were
              strictly elite.

              Date: 2002-08-06 02:29:50   - IP:
              James W Jim Lynn (jimwlynn@yahoo.com /
              http://www.geocities.com/jimwlynn/WebSiteTableOfContents.html ) wrote:

              Terrific site - I was part of the US Army of Occupation,
              Germany 10-48/6-50, Assigned to USASAEurope, 114th Sig Co
              Herzo Base (48/49), Det A 114th, Rothwesten 49-50. See my
             story on ALPINERS, re war 1949 games when I was assigned to
              support "The Circle Cowboys" as a Radio Intercept Operator -
              man, we nailed a Tank Company of the Big Red One during the
              "Gasthasus" stop in Earlangen!!!

              Date: 2002-08-03 03:09:44   - IP:
              Joseph J. Addison (jaddison1@cfl.rr.com / no homepage ) wrote:

              Fantastic review of history. I graduated from West Point on
              3 June 1947 and was assigned to US Army Europe. I joined the
              6th Constab Sqdn in August 1948 in Coburg. We were converted
              to the 3d Bn, 14th ACR in the fall of 1949. The 1st Sgt of G
              Troop almost cried when he found out that he had to change
              insignia. He had enlisted in the 6th Cav in 1936 at Ft.
              Oglethorpe, GA and had fought through WW II with the same
              regiment and then joined it in the Constabulary. He loved
              the unicorn rampant in the regimental insignia.

              I was transferred to Constabulary Hq in April 1950, which in
              turn became Hq 7th Army later that year. I sailed for the US
              with my wife and daughter in January, 1952. I stayed in the
              US Army as an officer until 1 December, 1959, when I
              resigned for my wife's health and joined the Arizona Army
              National Guard in March 1960. I remained with the Guard
              until March 1963, when I joined the USAR. While in the USAR
              I attended C&GS and the Army War College. I retired as a
              Colonel on 31 December 1983.

              Date: 2002-07-31 03:38:20   - IP:
              Remo P Sabetti (SabettiS@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

              Was in C Troop 72nd Sqd 10th Regt 46 at Boblingen & Ulm,
              Later in the 1st Recon Co 1st Inf Div, like to hear from
              anyone from these units.

              Date: 2002-07-30 04:19:45   - IP:
              C.Max Shuey (patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage ) wrote:

              Just to touch base with you all. Please note new
              e-mail address


               Date: 2002-07-29 07:33:58   - IP:
               Curtis B. Hoyle (choyle@teleport.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               I was a service record and payroll clerk for
               Headquarters and Headquarters Troop 1st Constabulary
               Brigade at Wiesbaden, Germany in 1947 to early 1948. I
               worked both at the champagne factory office and up on the
               hill at Dotzheim after the move.

               Date: 2002-07-28 15:53:08   - IP:
               A.A.THOMAS (tomsal@naturecoast.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               Update new addy Hi To all AA Thomas re new addy 1st one
               had mistake sorry BYE BYE

               Date: 2002-07-25 04:14:15   - IP:
               jim miller (junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               around the corner I have a friend, in this great city that
               has no end. yet days go by and weeks rush on, and before I
               know it, a year has gone. and I never see my old friends
               face, for life is a swift and terrible race. he knows I like
               him just as well and in the days when I rang his bell, and
               he rang mine. we were younger then and now we are busy, tired
               men. tired with playing a foolish game, tired with trying to
               make a name."tomorrow" I say,: I will call on him, just to
               show that i'm thinking of him.. But tomorrow comes and goes
               and goes; and the distance between us grows and
               grows....around the corner! yet miles away : here's a
               telegram,sir. :tim died today" and that's what we get and
               deserve in the end - AROUND THE CORNER <A VANISHED FRIEND>

               Date: 2002-07-24 18:56:15   - IP:
               joseph { Bob } Markward (rmarkward@stny.rr.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Was with the 3rd Division and the 9th Division in Germany
               in 1946

               Date: 2002-07-22 01:19:33   - IP:
               michael mckenzie (hotshue2@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               My father Oscar N Mckenzie seved in the 16th constab
               (separate) from 1948 thru the reformation to 6th inf reg
               have troop B's guidon and various pictures of the horse
               mounted troop. He took the guidon when all horse equipment
               was turned in

               Date: 2002-07-18 21:33:07   - IP:
               john f. anderson (johnandmarie911@msn.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Iserved in troop c 42nd con sq, 1947 and part of 1948
               .every time i click this site i seem to read something
               new. It makes me prouder each time. I sure would like to
               hesr from anyone who may have been in Augsburg at that
               time. god bless you all,

               Date: 2002-07-14 21:49:01   - IP:
               Lew Dallolio (lewdall@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Would like information on Robert L Bradley of the 6th
               armored cavalry division stationed in Regensburg in 1953
               as aCaptain in the 3rd battalion G company

               Date: 2002-07-14 06:00:46   - IP:
               John 'Jack' Ferrick (Ferrick801@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               My father, Captain John V. Ferrick, 01003920, was assigned
               to a constabulary outfit in Kaufbeuren, Germany during
               1951- 1952. We lived in Kempten at the time and I attended
               Munich American High School, staying in the dormitory and
               coming home on weekends. I don't remember the unit he was
               assigned to in that I was 15 years old at the time and
               didn't pay much attention to those things. I do, however
               remember that he transferred to the 555th Engineering
               Battalion in Ettlingen, after that tour. My father passed
               away during 1984.

               Date: 2002-07-11 06:51:21   - IP:
               Lauri (thderhrt3@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               I am still looking for anyone who might remeber serving
               with my friend, Jerzy Budzynski, a very young Polish
               political prisoner from Buchenwald. He was recruited to
               service with the first division of the Constabulary,
               they travelled from Buchenwald to the French border
               searching for Nazis hiding out on local farms. He served
               as a translator and automobile mechanic...but was mostly
               chosen to 'identify' Nazis. He spoke several languages. He
               remembers riding in a US Jeep across country with two or
               three other soliders...one known as Jack. He later became
               a certified US military motor pool mechanic and abulance
               driver for the US government. Anyone knowing anything that
               might help me locate more information on his unit and
               those he served with it would be greatly appreciated if
               you would share it with me.


               Date: 2002-07-08 17:41:25   - IP:
               Edwin R. Ward (ed16202@charter.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               I was with the 10th A.I.B, CCA, 4th Armd Div. in the Flak
               Kaserne at Kitzingen, when Col Hayes, our Bn C.O. informed
               us about becoming the 10th Constabulary Sqdrn. The C.O. of
               Hq&Hq Co., at that time was a Capt. Brashears. I was only
               15 yrs of age, and the Army caught up with me in 1947,
               sent me home & discharged me. I came back in as soon as I
               became 17, went to the 7th Inf Regt at Ft Benning, and
               from there to Ft Devens, MA.

               Date: 2002-07-07 15:16:03   - IP:
               George I. Pope (axepop@cox.net / http://www.cox.net ) wrote:

               When our base air depot #2 in england closed after the war
               I was transfered to germany to help build the
               U.S.CONSTABULARY.I was station at at a german base near
               Ausburg.I drew prisoners from a POW camp for my work
               force.I drew vehicles from a large vehicle collection
               depot which we repaired and modified to suit our
               mission.We always returned the prisoners to their camp at
               the end of each day.I think we became operational in
               Ausburg in april 1947 relieving the U.S.Army MPs of their
               duties.I returned to the states afterwards,rejoined the
               U.S.AIR FORCE and retired in october 1973 as a chief
               master sargeant after 31 years of service. Please forgive
               me for not remembering names or dates.Does 2nd
               bat.1oth.reg.ring a bell? Thank you. G.I.POPE.CMS.U.S.AIR
               FORCE (Ret).

               Date: 2002-07-05 11:46:22   - IP:
               Harvey Michael (HarveMacie@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               I am still hoping to hear from someone who served in First
               Brigade Hq., Weisbaden, '47-'48. (Anyone remember
               Sgt/"Pop" Pierce, Rodney Durkee, Ganance, McBee,

               Date: 2002-07-04 17:24:02   - IP:
               William H Meck Jr (billandgertimeck796mp@starpoer.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               Very nice wrb site. I am the current president of the
               796th MP Bn Association. I served in Vienna Austria 1946 -

               Date: 2002-07-04 17:09:37   - IP:
               Joseph (Joe) Holding (CoraH28@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Hoping to hear from anyone who served in 68th Constabulary
               in Budingden or Alsfeld (1946-47)
               Rank- Staff Sgt First Platoon 68th Const. Squad.

               Date: 2002-07-04 01:27:45   - IP:
               George B. Thompson (Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Just like very old wine this United States Constabulary
               Web Site improves considerly with
               age thanks to Irene A. Moore, Editor & Assistant
               National Historian. Please keep up the great work Irene.
               Please let us know how we can support you.
               Outpost 2 just had a great Reunion near my home
               in Bucks County, Penna. Many troopers, associates and
               friends from far and wide were there. Associate Members
               Toni Schindler & Hans-Jurgen Schmidt sent their greetings
               from Germany.
               Have a Happy 4th of July Troopers & Associates.
               George B.Thompson
               Outpost 2 Historian ( again )
               42nd Squadron, 2nd Regiment, Freising,etc.,

               Date: 2002-07-01 04:01:31   - IP:
               Richard T. Bosma (dickboz@c2i2.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               I served from 1948 - 1952 in 2nd pltn. D Co. 2nd
               Bn. 14th ACR,Recon Section in Schweinfurt, & Bad
               Kissengen. I was on the Carbine Team for Dog Co.
               Seems as though D Co. troopers are rather scarce
               So far I've contacted Ed kearny (edwki@aol.com0,
               and John Bandy, 9teachpin@aol.com)

               Date: 2002-06-25 16:41:32   - IP:
               George E. Conroy, Jr. (gconroy@neo.rr.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Looking for anyone that was in the unit stationed in
               Garmisch and Lenggries 1947-1948, Troop C, Second

               Date: 2002-06-19 16:56:25   - IP:
               lauri neal (thderhrt3@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               I am looking for anyone that might remember serving with
               my friend Jerzy Budzynski...he was a polish concentration
               prison-Buchenwald, that was recruited by the US government
               to serve in the Constabularies.


             Date: 2002-06-16 23:42:47   - IP:
             Betty Elsea (ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

             Irene, Love the up date and I'm sure all the troopers do too.
             We had a great time at outpost 3 reunion. This is a great site
             and Charlie Joe reads it all the time.

             Date: 2002-06-16 22:41:24   - IP:
             William Shaphren (bshaph@earthlink.net / no homepage ) wrote:

             ╩╩ Compliment you on your work. I was with constablary briefly
             ╩╩ 1946...as company armorer for 10th CON in
             Stuttgart-Moehringen. We had a topnotch 1st
             ╩╩ Sgt. and Captain,of whom I cannot recall the names. Look
             forward to hearing from you.
             ╩╩ Thanx,bill╩

             Date: 2002-06-16 02:18:05   - IP:
             Geo A. Kalin, Jr (gkalin@cox.net / no homepage ) wrote:

             My name is Geo A. Kalin, Jr. Looking for old buddies. Company
             A, 1st Battlion, 14th Armored Cavalry, Stationed in Fritzlar,
             Fulda 49-52.

             Date: 2002-06-15 13:06:16   - IP:
             Richard C Archambault (Arkabick@westriv.com / http://www.westriv.com ) wrote:

             Correction to my E Mail address

             Date: 2002-06-15 02:08:44   - IP:
             Edward Srebalus (20g27n@ev1.net / no homepage ) wrote:

             My father served in the constabulary around 1950. He always
             described the patch to me and I finally found it. He always
             told me he hated getting rid of the patch when they tranfered
             him to the 6th armoured. Im going to tell him about the site.

             Date: 2002-06-13 20:22:48   - IP:
             Irene [Editor] (irmoore@eatel.net /
             http://www.geocities.com/usconstabulary2/uscon_patch.html ) wrote:

             I have added colorful patches to the above address. They are
             located on INDEX C.


             Irene Moore

             Date: 2002-06-13 19:15:08   - IP:
             Richard C Archambault (Arkabick@westriv.comwww.excite.com / http://www.excite.com
             ) wrote:

             I served with the 66th constabulay SQ.@ Degerndorf
             1948-1950.Went to Eucom Signal school @Ansbach. Radio opreator
             (506 &488) with C troop patroling czhek Austrian & Bavarian

             Date: 2002-06-13 03:47:27   - IP:
             Eugene Furnish (Etjkfurnish@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

             served in 15 th Constabulary 1946

             Date: 2002-06-10 15:25:44   - IP:
             Donald Decker (Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage ) wrote:

             Will Soileau who was a Trooper in B Troop 16th Constabulary
             (Sep) died yesterday. He will be missed by family and friends.


               Date: 2002-06-09 17:15:26   - IP:
               Jack W. Ransone (jwr17@prodigy.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               7774th Signal Bn. Station AGA Mannhiem Air field

               Date: 2002-06-05 22:49:25   - IP:
               Dale A. Rockford (retired2@livingston.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               just to let everybody know that I have a new E-Mail
               We had a great Outpost #7 Reunion in Las Cruses.

               Date: 2002-06-04 22:35:36   -
               IP: forwarded for
               edward Monahan (Popeye2u@webtv.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               light tank troop attached to 14 Constabulary Reg Kitzigen
               and Schweinfurt early 1946-47 as M 24 tank driver.at 17
               driving a tank made me King of the road.later atended Us
               Constabulary School.
               Beautifull Sonhoffen.
               my best to you all
               ed monahan

               Date: 2002-05-30 14:43:03   - IP:
               Julian C. McCalla (JcmE7ret@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               I was chosen to serve from 1946 to August, 1947 in
               Headquarters Troop, 16th Constabulary Squadron (Separate)
               under the command of (then)Lieutenant Colonel Samuel
               McClure Goodwin. A short event of my duties, as well as
               other troopers, has been printed in the June/July 1996
               issue of VFW magazine that has a 4-page article on the
               Circle-C Cowboys. As a retired
               BG. The genral passed away in 1998 at his beloved Crossed
               sabers Ranch in cerrillos, New Mexico.

                   Date:  2002-05-28 08
                                  by Robert White
                             email:  bobnokwhite@yahoo.com
                                 url:  no homepage

                   Served in "E" Troop 51st Constab Sqdn June '46 in Passau. Later
                   moved to Landshut. Did Border at Eisenstien (On the Czech
                   Border) as radio operator (Morse Code). Am a member of Outpost
                   8. I am not the same Robert White already shown on the Guest

               Date: 2002-05-28 16:33:17   - IP:
               Mark Straube (mstra5@jcpenney.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               My Dad, Charles A. Straube served in the 2nd Armoured
               Cavalry (U.S. Constabulary),3rd Battalion, I Company and
               later Head Quarters Company from March 1950 to Oct. 1952.
               He was stationed in many places including Fulda, Kassel,
               Augsburg, Bamburg and Passau often doing border patrol and
               occasionally getting a day off to do some trout fishing. My
               Parents currently live in Grafton, Wisconsin. Irene, keep
               up the good work. This is a GREAT wedsite, Thank You.

               Date: 2002-05-28 08:34:46   - IP:
               Robert White (bobnokwhite@yahoo.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Served in "E" Troop 51st Constab Sqdn June '46 in Passau.
               Later moved to Landshut. Did Border at Eisenstien (On the
               Czech Border) as radio operator (Morse Code). Am a member
               of Outpost 8. I am not the same Robert White already shown
               on the Guest Roster.

               Date: 2002-05-28 01:09:24   - IP:
               Gerald Reese (azger@msn.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               New email address former Sgt {medic} C Trp 94th
               Constabulary Sqdn Wieden Bavaria 1946 47

               Date: 2002-05-24 17:06:42   - IP:
               Mark R. Straube (mstra5@jcpenney.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               My Dad served in the U.S. Constabulary near Passau. I'm not
               sure during which years but I will find out. My Dad
               (Charles A. Straube) is now 72 years old and in good
               health. I will introduce him to this website and hope he
               joins. He certainly enjoys talking about his time in the

               Date: 2002-05-22 15:40:02   - IP:
               Don Decker (Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Floyd Collis who was a member of B Troop 16th Constabulary
               Sep. Berlin Germany died on Monday May 20 2002. He was a
               loving family man and a great friend.


               Date: 2002-05-19 23:08:53   - IP:
               Bandy, John Allen (Teachpin@AOL.Com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Company D and Hq Co 2nd Bn 14th A/C from January 1949 to
               September 1952 (44 months) in
               Schweinfurt and Bad Kissingen. Pulled border patrol duty
               and attended Tank School in Vilseck. Also attended Radio
               Schools (CW) at Fritzlar and Ansbach. Operated in the Bn
               and Regt Radio Nets. Would love to hear from anyone who may
               have served in that area. I have written a book about life
               and times of the enlisted troopers in the US Constabulary
               and problems in the US/German civilian Relationship during
               that period, including the activities on the black market,
               company and regimental strategic duty assignments in the
               14th A/c zone of operation. You may purchase it at all dot
               com links, e.g., Barnes & Noble.com, etc. The title is
               "When Whippoorwills Call" by John Allen Bandy. I'd love to
               get your reaction to the accounts of life in the lower
               echelons of the Circle "C" Cowboys during that period! My
               e-mail address is Teachpin@AOL.Com. Hope to hear from some
               old buddies from Dog Company or anyone else in the Bavarian

               Date: 2002-05-17 23:29:47   - IP:
               Richard Huff (rgh@nauticom.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               My brother Earl J. Huff was in the Horse Platoon
               14th Constabulary Regt. Gersfeld,Germany in Nov. 1947. If
               anyone from that outfit reads this, it would be great to
               hear from you.
               This is a great web site.

               Date: 2002-05-17 06:23:37   - IP:
               Maurice W. Knowles (MKnow68971@AOL.Com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Was station with D Trp 10th CON Sp in 1946to 1948, attached
               to 2 A/C Regt with 2d CON Recoiless Rifle Trp, Augsburg
               1948 to 1949 transfered to Hq Btry, 36th FA Gp in late 49
               to 1951.

               Date: 2002-05-15 23:43:17   - IP:
               Robert S. Greenway (rsgreenway@aol.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Served in "C" troop, 42nd Squadron, 2nd Regt. from March
               1946-Jan.1947, In Freising, Pfaffenhofen, Aichach and
               Wasserburg. Please get in touch if you were there. Now a
               member of Outpost 1.

               Date: 2002-05-15 07:42:57   - IP: forwarded for
               Jerry Rogers (rogers@bigfoot.de / no homepage ) wrote:

               I am a retired Army Officer now living near Sonthofen,
               Germany. As you know, Sonthofen was the home of the U.S.
               Constabulary School for awhile at the end of WWII.

               Thanks for posting this information which has allowed me
               and many others learn more about the Constabulary.

               Jerry Rogers
               Thalkirchdorf, Germany

               Date: 2002-05-12 19:45:25   - IP:
               Alfred J. Mastrianni (ajmast1@attbi.com / http://www.mastrianni.net ) wrote:

               My sidekick was John Madsen, now deceased. I am trying to
               locate Billy Burnsed - last know residence was
               Jacksonville, FL. Our C.O. was Capt. Wendel L. Cupp. I
               would appreciate hearing from any trooper that was in
               maintenance or transportation, 2nd Constabulary Regiment.
               VIMY KASERNE, Freising, Germany.

               Date: 2002-05-09 20:08:33   - IP:
               steve (studiojs@enteract.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               my father, Stanley S. Shalks, recently passed away. he was
               a member of Troop A, 14th Constabulary Squadron stationed
               in Darmstadt, Germany. any info on his military history
               would be welcomed. in particular i am looking for an emblem
               or crest for the 14th sqaudron. thanks.

               Date: 2002-05-08 03:13:03   - IP:
               William R. Stovall (w.r.stovall@worldnet.att.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               I was a trooper in "D" Troop, 6th Constabulary Squadron
               July 1946; transferred to Hq. & Hq. Troop in July or
               August. Assigned to communications section - code clerk;
               eventually became Message Center Chief. Worked under Lt.
               Teichmann; Capt. W. W. Johnson; M/Sgt. Frederick G.
               Williams. Stationed at Coburg.

               Date: 2002-05-06 14:15:07   - IP: forwarded for
               T.E. Togo (Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage ) wrote:

               Base Rothwesten, Kassel, Germany, May 2002

               The former leader of the "house Posen", Mr. Koessinger,
               currencymuseum, where the Deutsche Mark was born, 1948,
               under command of General? Major? Stocker and Tenenbaum gave
               his job, after reaching 85 years,to an other leader.
              I┤ll send the newspaperpart to our webmaster Irene.

               Date: 2002-04-30 21:44:48   - IP:
               joseph { Bob } Markward (rmarkward@stny.rr.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               I was in esslingen germany in 1946 when the constabulary


               Date: 2002-04-27 00:23:08   - IP:
               William A (IBill) Berinson (wbrinson@hot.rr.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Page gets better everytime I visit. A message
               for Outpost #7. Come to the Outpost reunion in
               Las Cruces,NM.,14th,15th and 16th of May 2002.
              The outpost will host the National in 2003 and we need
               your support and input. We will also
               hold the Outpost elections. See you there.

               Date: 2002-04-26 19:54:38   - IP:
               James A. Lucy Jr. USA RET. (mrja2@earthlink.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               I served in germany from 1951-1953 at Henry kasern in
               munich, 370TH A.I.B. I am in out post

               Date: 2002-04-25 21:23:01   - IP:
               Ralph J Reich (r.j.reich@worldnet.att.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               Your site is a pleasure to visit. I hope you continue to
               provide this valuable service for many more years. If my
               name rings a bell send me an E-Mail. I served in Germany
               from 47 to 53 in the 3d, 5th, and 2d Constabulary
               regiments. I am in Outpost 2.

               Date: 2002-04-24 18:53:00   - IP:
               jim miller (junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               just got my constabulary poster from barnes and
               noble...it,s really great...you may want to check it
               out...it is well worth the money!

               Date: 2002-04-24 16:35:51   - IP:
               ARTHUR G. KLEIN (artsdoghouse@lewiscounty.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               1946 TO NOV. 1948. BEFOR THAT I WAS WITH A CO. 524 MP BN.,
               AND BEFOR THAT I WAS WITH B BATY 392ND FA. BN. 42ND

               Date: 2002-04-23 23:24:55   - IP:
               James T. Holland (Andme1@msn.com / no homepage ) wrote:

               Member of Headquarters & Service Troop, School SQ.
               Constabulary School, Sonthofen, Germany, Oct 1946 - Trans
               to a Station Comp Unit during 1947.

               Date: 2002-04-22 21:18:09   - IP:
               PAUL W MOORE (bmoore@eohio.net / no homepage ) wrote:

               i was a trooper in 35th sqdrn in fussen in 47 then went to
               42cd in 2acr in augsburg.stayed till 52 and theb rotated