Harmon Hall was opened in 1955 and enlarged in 1958 at a total cost of $1,200,000. Since that time, it has served as the focal point for student life and activities. The campus cafeteria, bookstore, post office, and The Mill (snack bar) are located on the first two floors. The Foreign Student Office, Student Activities, Yearbook Office, Band offices and rehearsal rooms, a game room, and a lounge are located on the top floor. This floor originally housed the departments of English, History, and Modern Languages until they were moved to Webb Hall in 1960.

Major General Ernest N. Harmon attended Norwich University for one year before accepting an appointment at the United States Military Academy and graduating from there in 1917. He fought in World War I and returned to Norwich in 1927, serving as Assistant Professor of Military Science and Tactics and Commandant until 1931. He was also active in World War II. His significant achievements included command of the 1st and 2nd Armored Divisions, serving as Military Governor of a zone populated by six million people, and organizing the United States Constabulary in Germany and functioning as is first Commanding Officer after the war.

He was inaugurated as President of Norwich University in 1950 and remained in that capacity till 1965. Norwich expanded greatly during his tenure, with the Corps of Cadets growing in number from less than 600 to 1200. The various constructions projects completed during this time included Tompkins, Ransom, Cabot, Harmon, Goodyear, Patterson, Webb, Wilson, Gerard, and Jackman Halls, Goodyear Indoor Pool, Adams Tower, the South and Sabine Field Gateways, and the Alden Partridge Statue.

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