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1946 -  GERMANY AND AUSTRIA -  1952
"We Served with Honor and Pride"

During W.W.II, Germany was destroyed.

     Following the end of the war the people of Germany had no leadership, no law or order, and there were many displaced persons.  The country was in desperate need of help.  The United States Constabulary along with the 1st Infantry Division formed the deterrent to Communism in Germany and Austria.  These were our first "Cold War Warriors".   These soldiers performed many of the functions that the German and Austrian governments could not perform. The Constabulary provided general military and civil security, patrolled the borders, seized contraband and controlled displaced persons, among their other duties.

     The United States Constabulary was phased out in December 1952 having accomplished its mission.  It had been truly one of the elite forces of the U. S. Army and lived up to its motto, "Mobility, Vigilance, Justice".

Some units referred to us as "Circle-C-Cowboys"

From the beginning, the Constabulary set high standards for itself. The troopers were to be selected from the best soldiers available, and it was desired that all of them be volunteers. They were to be trained as soldiers and policemen. They were to operate in an efficient, alert manner calculated to inspire confidence and respect in all persons they met, whether Germans, Allies, or Americans.

The father of the U.S. Constabulary.

Major General Ernest N. Harmon

Commanding General
United States Constabulary

Organizer and first CG

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     We are looking for anyone who served in the U.S. Constabulary in Germany or Austria during 1946-1952.  The objective of the association is to bring camaraderie among old and new friends.  This web site has been designed and created in a manner to easily help bring old friends together. 

     You can find names of many troopers and e-mail addresses. 
     If you are a trooper, as you go through the pages of our history, I am sure you will find it to bring back the memories you thought you have lost. 
      Here is a way you can connect and bond with some of the most important years in your life, the years when you have served in the U.S. Constabulary.

Members Discussion Board, a way to contact other members!

If you are a MEMBER of the United States Constabulary Association you may visit the Members Discussion Board to read what is happening 
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Index A
Posted 1999-2002
History Sq. Journals.
History of the U. S. Constabulary. 
U.S. Constabulary School History.

Military Reviews / Museums.
Maps, Zones, Charts, Unit Lineage.
U.S. Constabulary Horse Cavalry.
Occupation of Germany.
Lightning Bolt 1947 Lt. Col. Irzyk
Looking for Army Dads-family.
Coburg, Germany 6th Sqdn and
Fulda 81st Sqdn.

Kassel, Bamberg, Wetzler.

Trooper's Constab. Days                                   


Index B
Posted 2002-2003

NY Herald European Edition.
Life Magazine.
Nuremberg Trial.
District Maps.
Military Pay Certificates.
U.S. CON. "A History" Book Published.
14th A/C Reg. 
National Reunion 9/6/01.
"Circle C" to vanish from Germany"
Trooper's Constabulary Days


Index C
Posted  2003-2005
Peace keepers Manual 1946. photo.

Recording of  US CON.Sq.
History Constabulary School.

Post-War Germany.
Sec. Constabulary Regiment.
Shoulder Sleeve Insignia.
Big Wheel Club-Book of Memories
 by Jerry Johnson.

Establishment & Operations of the USCon.
COL (USA Ret) Benjamin L. Landis.
Trooper's Constabulary Days

Index D
Posted 2005-2006

U.S. CON in Post War Germany

Brig. Gen. A R Irzyk- Nat'l Reunion 05.

Lt Gen Osman-Nat'l Reunion 9/05.

The Famous Patton Speech by
Charles M. Province.

  Kendall Gott, Mobility, Vigilance
and Justice 1946-1953.
Col. Geo. Oliver-Const. Story for book.

Mil. Offi. Sonthofen visit Constab. Nat'l Reunion 05.
Georg-Friedrich-Kaserne Fritzlar, Germ.
Trooper's Constabulary Days


Index E
Posted Jan-April of 2006

Ph. Care Package, 1st Bn, 8th US Cav, 1st Cav, Baghdad, Iraq.

Kassel, Germany Photos 1945

Reprint U.S. Constabulary by U.S. Army Center.

Constabulary School in Sonthofen, Germany.

History of the U.S. Constabulary
 by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Gilbert Clarke - Wiesbaden, Germany.

Marion Young - Sonthofen, Germany.

To Save A City, The Berlin Airlift -
 Posted in the Lightning Bolt 2005.

Trooper's Constabulary Days


Posted May-July 2006

U.S. Constabulary Sq. DI.

   Cold War Fulda  & Cold War
on the Iron Curtain.

Robert M. Hodges in Linz,

George Stathakes in
Gablingen -
Germany, 1945-46.

Sy Leaderman
of the14th A/C in
Fritzlar, Germany.

Phil Sandoval Visits
Fritzlar Kaserne in 2000.

Troopers Constabulary Days and more...

Posted Aug 2006- March 2007
US Constabulary, Germany 46-53 by Kendall Gott .
U.S. Army and Constabulary Operations.

George Thompson, Bio.42 Con. Squd. Tp B, 1945.

The Terrible Turmoil of Postwar Germany and the
 U.S. Constabulary. by George Hofmann.

John Hankins, Med. Detach. 4thCon,Horsching, Austria
CON Force could build rapport between U.S., Iraqis
by the Army Times 12/25/06.

U.S. Constabulary Lineages by Richard A. Rinaldi.

Patch Barracks, Seventh Army Stuttgart, Germany.

National Reunion Speech, Orlando, FL 2005.
Looking for friends of  William Rendell, 14th A/C.

US Constabulary -the Flying Jeep.

John A. Bandy Sergeant Major US Army[Ret]. 



Posted- March - Aug. 2008 
Life Magazine Reports on U.S. Zone of
Occupied Germany 1947.

Gen. Irzyk, Albin F Ft. Riley, Kansas Ceremony
of the Constabulary Museum.

US Constabulary 1946 -1950 History.
  Richard Cox-Coburg 1947, Missing West Point Cadet.
Scrapbook collection by William Stovall 1946.
 Neil Aikin-Reg. HQ. Fritzlar 1947.
 Hank Doktorski-24th Constab. Sqdnd.
JAMES W. SELLSTROM - Freising and Munich 1946.

ARMOR Magazine Cold War Mounted Warriors and
U. S. Constabulary in Occupied Germany.
2nd Con. Regt. from July to Dec. 1946.
             US Army in the Occupation of Germany 1944-1946    

Posted -Sept. 2008 -Oct. 2010
Berlin, Germany - Diary by Lou Lynn.

  US Constabulary Handbook 1946.

Berlin Airlift 60 yr. Anniversary.

My father's Eyewitness to History by Ronald Thompson.

    U.S. Constabulary European Command by Walter Elkin.
Cold War Mounted Warriors: U.S. Constabulary in Occupied Germany by Armor Magazine..

Dan Daniel - Schwienfurt and Fritzlar.

US Constabulary - A Capsule History
"Circle C" To Vanish from Germany.


A New Constabulary Book for sale.

If you wish to place an order contact John Capone:
898 Misty Court
Village of Hemingway
The Villiages, FL 32162
Email:  jcmogul@aol.com


History on the
United States Constabulary

by Dave Kaufman




Short Stories by Eight Ball
Harking back to the old days in the US Constabulary.





The Diary of John Creery


How I Ate My Way Across Germany In 1946


Clark Creery



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Cold War Museum
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US Constabulary Museum in
Fort. Riley 
Camp White Museum

Books for sale
members of the
United States Constabulary Association.

The Beginning
of the
U.S. Constabulary Association

by Ed Yetsko

Pictures of the Memorial Monument

Stuttgart, Germany 
Nov. 12, 2008
Story by the Stars and Stripes

Unveiling of the
Memorial Stone for the
US Constabulary



For The
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Books for sale.
These books were written or recommended by members of the United States Constabulary Association.

Click the Title:

Title: "Forgotten Peacekeepers" by John Capone.   Following WWII, Germany was in complete disarray. The U.S. Constabulary, through structure and commitment, brought stability, security, hope, and restored law and order to the American Zone of Occupation. The U.S. Constabulary was created specifically to assist the American military government to restore law and order to a war torn country and provide for the security of the German population. 

Title:  "History of the Ordensburg Sonthofen "
.  A wonderful book to read that covers the history on Sonthofen, Germany, the Constabulary School.  It is now available in English.

Title: "THROUGH MOBILITY WE CONQUER" . A lot of the chapter is from the recollections of General Albin F. Irzyk. It is an interesting read, published by the "UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY PRESS". Albin F. Irzyk is a member of the US Constabulary Association. [Be sure to read Chapter 9 - U.S. Constabulary.]
  In this true story of his life, John A. Bandy also writes of his U.S. Constabulary tour in Germany. This book may be purchased by Barnes and Noble.com.


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Sonthofen School and the U.S. Constabulary

Military/Veteran Historical Resources
U.S. Veteran Compensation Programs
U.S. Army and Heritage Museum and Education Center
14th Constabulary Reg. Links - [link needs repairing]
Locate GIs  Military Records

Honor the men of the United States Constabulary in their 60th Anniversary,  July 1946 - July 2006.




A Tribute to my Dad,
Gilbert Matherne

    I was touched by his past and needed to share with others this feeling of inspiration which lead me to create this Web Site.
I also want to thank the members of the U. S. Constabulary Association for giving me this opportunity of being their 
Assistant Historian and Web Page Editor.
Irene Moore

Gilbert Matherne
A Constabulary Soldier
My Dad's Homepage
 Headquarters Troop Rothwesten, Germany
1946 - 1947

14th A/C Reg. U.S. Constabulary
Fritzlar, Germany 1947 - 1949


United States Constabulary Insignia
Zone Constabulary Forces of the European Theater of Operations
Worn from: 27 March 1946 - 15 December 1952.

       Red is for artillery and the lightning suggests firepower. 
Blue is the color of  infantry.
Yellow represents cavalry. 
The letter "C" represents "Constabulary."

Sent in by Wilfred J. Matherne
French Settlement, La.

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of the
United States Constabulary Patches.

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