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United States Constabulary

Army Of Occupation
Germany and Austria
1946 - 1952

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U.S. Constabulary Trooper
on cover of
Life Magazine 1947
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US Army
in the
Occupation in Germany

1944 - 1946
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 Troops Search Luggage For
Black  Market Goods


"Second United States Cavalry -- "A History",

published by the Second Cavalry Association in 1947,
concerning the
2nd Constabulary Regiment
July to December 1946.
of jeep from the 2nd Constabulary Regiment Recoilless
Rifle Troop sporting a 90mm recoilless rifle.
Information sent in by Dave Gettman, Second Cavalry Association History Center
Dave Gettman's father served in HQ, 4th Constabulary Regt. from July 1, 1946 till March 18, 1947, as a Displaced Persons Officer.

William Stovall 1946
Photo Collection

Freising and Munich 1946
Trooper Richard Cox
Coburg - 1947 
Missing from West Point 1950
Trooper Neil  Aikin 
Regimental Headquarters
Fritzlar   1947
Hank Doktorski
24th Constab. Sqdn. 
Cold War Mounted Warriors:
U. S. Constabulary in Occupied Germany
by George F. Hofmann, Ph.D.

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