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April 20, 2002

John A. Bandy
Sergeant Major (Ret.)
US Army

    " When Whippoorwills Calls" is a book written by John A. Bandy.  John is a member of Outpost Four of the United States Constabulary Association and lives in Birmingham, Alabama.  The book covers the author's adventures while serving with the US Constabulary in occupied Germany..

     The men who served with John from 1948-52  may be interested in John's experiences in Bavaria during that time.  It will bring back memories to those men who served in the Army of Occupation.

     This book may be purchased by clicking  Barnes and Noble.com - When Whippoorwills Calls - link, iUniverse.com, or through most internet (dot com) bookstores.

     For further information, you may contact the author at TEACHPIN@aol.com, or
by writing to P.O. Box
1243, Pinson, Alabama, 35126.
Telephone (205) 681-7891 or Fax (205) 681-1688

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