The United States Constabulary
1946 - 1948



By Louis Lynn

In May 1946 a Constabulary Squadron (Separate) was formed and the Anti-Tank Company of the 309th Infantry Regiment of the 78th Division became “C” Troop. Other troops of the squadron likewise came from various units of the 8th Infantry Division, which had been in Berlin since the fall of 1945.  Any members of the troop who where present during the winter of 1946 always used that season as a reference temperature, - Pretty cold today, but it isn't half as cold as “46”, is a oft heard phrase among old timers.


<>Recollections of three eventful years – The Helmstedt patrol with M-8’s during winter – Squadron alert on May Day 1946 – “Patrolling” the EES Brewery while on city patrol – Being the first troop used to Guard the Allied Control Authority building – Duty of the Nahmitz Air station, - Twelve men in a shack on one acre of land in the middle of the Russian Zone, - Guarding the seven top Nazi prisoners at Spandau Allied Prison, - Maneuvers at Graffenwohr, Germany during August 1947 – Guard duty at every post from Post nr 2, - front door of ACA building to Post nr2, - Rear gate of the ammo dump, - Organization day May 1948 - The move from our original home in Oliver Barracks, Lankwitz to McNair Barracks in May 1948,  - Patrolling the city during the currency reform June 1948 – Supervising Airlift loading and unloading at Tempelhof air force base, - Thereby forming a vital link in the maintenance by air of a city of two and one half million persons – The alert during the Berlin city elections, December 1948.


All of these activities plus many more, have been performed by Troop “C”.  The combination of serving in a city occupied by four powers containing a series of high headquarters and surrounded by another nations occupation zone, presented many problems. Each of us had to conduct ourselves with the highest standards and we had to use good judgment at all times. Troop “C” always came through in flying colors. We were an essential and trustworthy part of the small but internationally important American garrison in Berlin.

Thank you Lou Lynn for sharing your diary.
Posted on Sept. 22, 2008

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