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1201  Date: 2007-10-02 21:31:48
Della Clinkenbeard ( fredella4@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am the daughter of Glenn Clinkenbeard. If anyone is interested in knowing anything about my dad I would be glad to hear from you.

1200  Date: 2007-10-01 08:57:46
Billy ( usarmynellingen@hotmail.com / http://www.billybils.de) wrote:

Hello to all that were arround Esslingen-Nellingen in Germany, I am an history Searcher for the History of the US Army Nellingen Kaserne and Esslingen, please contact me if you have any old Pictures, thanks
Greetings from Billy, Nellingen, Germany

1199  Date: 2007-09-29 22:13:53
Cathy Kirkland ( kn_cathykirkland@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I love my country and want to let the brave men and women that have served, are serving, plan to enter any branch of armed forces or especially those who gave their life for our freedom. That you are loved, your great sacrifices are not in vain. While I openly admit to no confidence in government officials, this is not about them. I do place my life and freedom in your capable hands. I do trust you. With my most earnest love and gratitude. Sincerely, Miss Cathy Kirkland Wilmington,N.C.(formerly) kn_cathykirkland@webtv.net

1198  Date: 2007-09-27 23:14:09
Mark Gatlin ( gatlinms@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

Good Sight. Father was stationed with 11th Constabualry after WW II.

1197  Date: 2007-09-27 00:33:05
Roberta Hutchison ( bobcat515@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

my dad was commander of apo 225 Regensburg, and I would like to hear from anyone who was there

1196  Date: 2007-09-20 19:23:32
Richard Bosma ( BOSMA_80@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Veru good historical data,
QUESTION; is there a roster for company D 2nd Bn. 14thACR 1950 - 1951???

1195  Date: 2007-09-19 12:24:55
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
By the way, the leader of currency museum Mr.Koessinger in Rothwesten base is dead. The base is now nearly empty.
I'm now on Isle of Man, lovely place, searching for my grfather beeing in WW I internment camp Douglas or Knockely. They have a good sorted Museum with lot s of photos. Found some items. Also some Americans are searching here for their ancestors or about WW II affairs.
Take care all.

1194  Date: 2007-09-18 01:13:06
reichel gerard ( gerard.reichel@wanadoo.fr / no homepage) wrote:

France to Saint Denis North of Paris )From: gerard.reichel mailto:gerard.reichel@wanadoo.fr
Sent: Thursday,September 04 , 2007
Subject: Military veteran from 7th army at 1945 Gablingen in Germany IIWW 42nd and 45th infanty division or “constabulary troup’s “
Dear Sir,
I'm searching my father, I was born in 14 february 1946 at Heildelberg and my father was a military American having released the camp of Kommando and deplaced person ( UNRRA program Nation Unies.) Gablingen 7th army, close to Augsburg with 50kms of Munich in Germany from the 24th April to July 1945 and having known my mother Gertrude Reichel, young German originating polish, blond hair, 24 years, old born in Neumarkt ( Sroda Slaska ) in Silesie located in Poland .
In this camp she was with a Polish friend called Erika Petroschkte 21 years old.

My name is Gerard Reichel, I'm 61 years old and I'm living in France since 1948, coming from Germany . I little knew my mother died in 1996 at Offenburgbw ( Germany ).
Released the 24th of April 1945 by the 7th Army, she was classified as refugee by the international red cross of Geneva and directed the 16th of july 1945 in Offenburg in the bade Wurtemberg,
I was rapatried in France on May 1948.
My mother is dead in 1996 . If you can help me in the search for my family, half brothers or cousins,merci

1193  Date: 2007-09-17 05:27:08
JOYCE SANTIAGO-MALOY ( JLMRN3@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


1192  Date: 2007-09-10 06:03:08
Doug Bell ( thebells13@suddenlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 91st and 519th stationed in Sonthofen from Nov. 1948 through July 1950. Service Battery

1191  Date: 2007-09-09 18:33:23
Adam L Spencer ( adam.spencer@us.army.mil / no homepage) wrote:

thank you
I have used the page help me write a paper on the stupidity of the BRAC downsizing in Germany.

1190  Date: 2007-09-06 08:56:47
Siegfried Kalbitz ( siegfriedkalbitz@hotmail.de / no homepage) wrote:

Very good site

1189  Date: 2007-09-06 06:55:32
André ( andredussa@arcor.de / no homepage) wrote:

I´m 27 years old and I´m looking for my grandfather. I don´t have much informations about him, but I know that he was an US-soldier, and he was in Fulda 1946, because my dad was bborn in 1947. My grandmother doesn´t speak about him, I don´t know why. Her name was Auguste (Gutti, Gusti) Schiebener, and she was also from Fulda. One day she told me, the name of my grandfather was "Bob Shortstuff" and he died by an excident near Munich. But I don´t know,..., is that really the truth? Maybe someone knows "Bob" and can tell me when and where he was born, and when and where he died. Maybe someone has a picture, or has an idea, where I can search for him. I hope you will help me. Best wishes, André

1188  Date: 2007-09-05 15:36:25
C. Clayton Kapono ( alohaVFW@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I attended the Constabulary Leadership Course, Munich, Germany, in 1952. During the course of years, I lost my classbook with pictures taken during our training. Does anyone know whether it can be replaced?

1187  Date: 2007-09-04 03:08:41
Richard Hipple ( justinins@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 53rd Con Sqdn B Troop in Schwabach during 1945-1948. If anyone has information on how I might contact anyone that also served with me, please let me know.

Richard Hipple

1186  Date: 2007-08-29 11:47:59
james allison ( jbajolie@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

my father guy allison served with the constabulary after the war in karlsruhe and nurneberg i believe. if anyone knew him or anything about him i would like to hear from them thanks

1185  Date: 2007-08-27 14:42:40
Irene Moore [Web Editor] ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Mr. Johnson,

Thanks for writing in our Guest Book. To join the United States Constabulary Association you must contact Robert Monasmith at natl-adjutant@earthlink.net
We have our National U.S. Constabulary Reunion coming up September 11-15, 2007. It will be held at the Oak Tree Lodge, 1620 Parkway, Sevierville, TN 37862. ----------------------


1184  Date: 2007-08-25 19:04:56
thomas a. johnson ( deepfreeze59@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Irene. I am new at computers and just happened to type in 'constabulary' to see what I could find. I recognized the term 'Circle C Cowboys' right off. I was stationed in Linz, Austria in 1947-48. I was a Military Policeman and we lived in a schoolhouse in town. Can you tell me how I can become a member so I contact a couple of people who wrote in ? Thanx & Regards, T.A. Johnson

1183  Date: 2007-08-25 11:16:05
Joseph J. Gazzola ( Cadre@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed in Wetzlar, Fulda and Augsburg,'46 to '48, my company commander was Captain Munson, West Pointer and a great baseball player...

1182  Date: 2007-08-23 03:41:42
Chris Zoeller ( chevy_monte_carlo0423@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:


1181  Date: 2007-08-23 00:05:18
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Eugene,

I want to thank you for writing in our guest book. So you were in Service Company 14th Armored Cav. My father was too, but in Fritzlar 1947-1949. If you have any pictures I would like to see them some times. Send in Email. I want to thank you and all of the United States Constabulary Troopers for what you did and what you stood for in Germany and Austria back then. You are an ELITE Force. Bless you all.

Irene [Web Editor]

1180  Date: 2007-08-22 04:15:30
Eugene E Waskiewicz ( eew1000@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

it was an honor to be a member of Service Cmpany 14th Armored Cav.I servwd from 1948 till 1952 I also was stationed in Fulda

1179  Date: 2007-08-17 21:46:43
marvin carnesecca ( carnesecca@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:


1178  Date: 2007-08-14 04:09:28
jim miller op8 ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Fort Riley Cavalry store sold out of constabulary license plate holders. still looking for a pair.need help, thanks.jim miller

1177  Date: 2007-08-07 12:37:01
Clyde Hawkins ( hawkinsjr@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for anyone that might have known Mitchell C (Mickey) Helton. Served with him in the Medics in
Germany. Thanks to all who serve........

1176  Date: 2007-07-28 02:41:12
jim miller op8 ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I found my license plate holders in the Fort Riley cavalry catalog.

1175  Date: 2007-07-20 20:03:13
W.VOGELE ( WVOGELE@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

"D"TROOP 35th- 42nd CONST.SQUADRON-2nd Regt. Fussen and Augsburg,Germany.

1174  Date: 2007-07-20 14:44:11
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I need two constabulary license plate frames for my new car. anyone still selling them.would appreciate a response.

1173  Date: 2007-07-20 00:33:52
robert d bretz ( lbbretz@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

recently become a member served with the 22nd squadron later become 24th at hersfeld schweinfurt and fulda from 49 to 1952. Robert D. Bretz

1172  Date: 2007-07-18 02:18:12
Deirdra Dufault ( deirdra@satx.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

My grandfather met and married my German grandmother while stationed in post-war Germany. I just asked today what the name of his unit was, and I was told he was a "Circle C Cowboy." He died in 1993. If anyone knew him, and has information they would like to share, please feel free to contact me. His name was David B. Pulis.

1171  Date: 2007-07-17 23:55:21
R.G.Fink ( insurancelady58@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Robert G.Fink born 11-12-1930 died 3-20-2001 served with the 16th Con. Sqd.47-48 He lied about his age and enlisted when he was 16 and right after boot camp he went to Germany and served as a horse patrol soldier. He said his main job was to guard the bombed-out buildings close to thier camp.When he returned to the states he went to photography shool in Denver Colorado. Thank you for this oportunity to present military people a forum to find others that served overseas.

1170  Date: 2007-07-17 22:29:37
Rodney Fink ( insurancelady58@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father Robert G. Fink was in the 16th Sqd. in 47-48 and I was trying to find anyone that is still alive that would to see pictures from that era.

1169  Date: 2007-07-14 16:31:51
Paul A. Drescher ( padrescher@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am in outpost 7. I served in the US Constabulary in the US zone in Germany from 1946 to 1952. I was in "A" Troop 14th Regiment 10th Sqt. Outpost Obernburg, Germany. I was in Aschaffernurg, Germany in Oct and Nov 1946.
I was in Kitzingen, Germany in Dec 1946. I moved to Outpost Lohr Germany in Jan 1947. In Feb 1947 I was in Wurzburg Germany till July 1947. From July 1947 to Feb 1948 I was in Schwah Hall Germany "A" Troop 15th Reg 15th Sqt. Then I was in the Medical Detachment from Feb 1948 to July 1948. From July 1948 to July 1951 I was in Fussen Germany Medical Detachment 68th and 70th ARO RED Feild Artillery. In July 1951 I moved to Nurnberg, Germany and stayed there till Aug 1952 when I returned to USA.

1168  Date: 2007-07-14 15:56:30
Paul A. Drescher ( padrescher@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I belong to outpost number 7.

1167  Date: 2007-07-13 15:54:41
Irene Moore [web editor] ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

" We have an Ike Jacket with the marking H-0458. If that is your
ID, or you know of someone, please contact me at:
Irene Moore - irmoore@eatel.net or
225 698 6650"

1166  Date: 2007-07-12 01:51:42
Robert D Bretz ( lbbretz@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a constabulary member from 1949 thru 1952,22nd Squadron and later 24th constabulary squadronm Served Bad Hersfeld Schweinfurt and Fulda

1165  Date: 2007-07-07 00:34:05
Louis A Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Troopers I am taking orders for the 08 calendar and it will be in color so if you have a photo of yourself send it to me, Also I will be taking photos at the national this year, the cost this year is only one dollar more then last year you can order now or in Sept.

L. Lynn

1164  Date: 2007-07-01 15:39:52
Irene the Web Editor of the USCON Homepage ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Thomas and troopers, we made it back home to Louisiana yesterday evening. We took the long way home from WA state and saw the sights along the way. CA,OR,ND,AZ,NN,TX,LA. It was a great deal of traveling all in 11 days but we had a great time. If anyone sent me any email that was returned, please send it again starting tomorrow, I will be ready for mail at that time and back to work on our web site.
Your web editor and friend,

1163  Date: 2007-06-30 13:38:07
T. E. Togo ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!

You are back home again in La with your fam., I spoke to Sandy, he phoned me at my office.
Thomas OP 1

1162  Date: 2007-06-25 20:06:14
marion young ( ripy@ctaz.com / no homepage) wrote:

out post 8

1161  Date: 2007-06-19 16:11:18
Donald Roney ( donroney@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of "D" Troop 53rd Squadron during the period of 1946 to 1948 in Schwabach.
After six months as a civilian I re-enlisted and served five years in Africa as Military Police moved on to Intelligence where I served in the Embassy system in Athens, Paris and Bagdad. Returned to the states where I served on the General Staff in the G2 section.
After these many years the most outstanding thing I can remember is the five day hundred mile hike we made. I am now retired and miss the old days.

1160  Date: 2007-06-13 19:57:56
Robert R Crisp Jr ( 1colbob@roadrunner.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Hq Constabulary jn Bamberg, moved to Heidelberg then transfered to the 11th Constab Regt in Regensburg and then on to the 51st Sqd in Passau. left in 1948 for the Big Red One, 1st Inf Div at Erlangen Germany

1159  Date: 2007-06-11 01:20:08
Calvin D. Black ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

I don't have email but would love to hear from anyone who served in the 11th Constabulary Group 1946-1948. My telephone number is 208-756-7397, and my address is 212 N Daisy St., Salmon, ID 83467. Outpost 8.

1158  Date: 2007-06-06 22:30:55
Tim Allen ( callen@iserv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Note Nr.: 1151 from 2007-05-24 05:52:44
by tim allen
email: callen@iserv.net
url: no homepage

My father was discharged from B troop 24th constabulary squadron in 1946. He has passed away but I would like any information on his unit or on my father. I believe he was a platoon sgt.
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

I should have said my father was Paul William Allen from Lake Odessa, MI.

1157  Date: 2007-06-06 19:52:56
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:


1156  Date: 2007-06-05 17:40:10
Bill Strub ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

There are a FEW members who seemed to have forgotten the purpose of the Association. To help them remember I have included the bylaw with the purpose of the Association on Page 1 of the June Newsletter. The newsletter is in the mail. Depending where you live it may take
one to two weeks to reach you. If you haven't paid your dues, you have been dropped from the roster. You will not receive the June newsletter. There are 2 - 3 articles where people are looking for people or information. Also don't wait any longer...register for the National Reunion NOW,.... See pages 6- 7 - 8

All the best.......

1155  Date: 2007-06-03 22:07:54
Everett Schraan ( schraan@frontiernet.net / no homepage) wrote:

Is there anyone out their from the 3rd Constabulary Regiment Headquarters in Wetzlar between 1946 and 1947?

1154  Date: 2007-05-29 23:55:55
albert williams ( wllmsmoe@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was one of the first black tank drivers transferd to G Co 14th AC in Bad Hersfeld Germany 1952 1954 . Pulling boarder patrol was quite an experance.

1153  Date: 2007-05-26 23:29:06
Louis A Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Greeting's fellow troopers As most of you know I put out a constabulary calendar each year,the calendar for 2008 is different in that it will be in color, so if you have a photo of yourself in uniform (Color) send it to me if you would like to be in the calendar
and weather you buy one or not does not matter
I want as many troopers photo's as I can get and they must be in COLOR my address is
Louis A Lynn 1436E College Ave #4 Normal, IL 61761 those of you who have email I would appreciate it if you would pass it on down the line and also to your constabulary buddies who do not have e-mail, Thanks and the best to all.

L. Lynn

1152  Date: 2007-05-26 12:50:40
Daniela Huse ( braunelocke30@ahoo.de / no homepage) wrote:

I seek my grandpa John W. Harrelson. He/it was 1946 stationed in Berlin.1946-1948 of M24 tanks From E Troop, 16TH Constabulary Squadron stationed in Berlin. I have 34899073 Horse Plt another ASN number. 16th Const.SQ Und a photo. He/it is on the right side. I hope her/it/them can seek for me with her/it helps. Thank you

1151  Date: 2007-05-24 05:52:44
tim allen ( callen@iserv.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father was discharged from B troop 24th constabulary squadron in 1946. He has passed away but I would like any information on his unit or on my father. I believe he was a platoon sgt.
Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.

1150  Date: 2007-05-23 22:43:50
Ron ( rsmittee@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father was a member of the 16th Constabulary, and was part of a cavalry unit, he says, because he could ride horses and was a great horn player. I was wondering if anyone out there remembers Donald H. Smith?

1149  Date: 2007-05-22 00:52:34
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Thomas, thank you for the research for information for our web site. I will be looking forward to receiving the photos and all of the information you have collected from the book on the US Constabulary from Heidelberg and Wiesbaden. Remember, there is no hurry, as I know you need time for yourself with the loss of your mother. We send our condolences to you.
Take care,
Irene and Ronnie

1148  Date: 2007-05-21 17:04:05
AJ Folger ( n5627f@Yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Most interesting website. Unfortunately, I was trying to trace my POV tag number from 1966 but was unable to do so.

AJ Folger
Giebelstadt Air Base - 1964-1967

J Folger

1147  Date: 2007-05-20 15:33:16
Bill Strub ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Please be advised that the June LB is now
at the printer and scheduled to be put in the
mail the first week in June.
There is an election Ballot on page 11 for
all members eligible to vote. PLEASE READ THE
who have not paid 2007 dues (Mostly renewals
from 2006) have been deleted from the mail
list. If you failed to pay dues contact
the National Adjutant ASAP. For ALL members
who have not yet reregistered - DO IT NOW.
Look at your Dec and March Newsletter and/or
be sure to read the June newsletter IF you
are to get it. Then, have a nice Summer!

1146  Date: 2007-05-17 17:57:45
Thomas E. S. ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
Finally, after several tries, I got and copied the book "Headquarters US Constabularies,the establishment and operation of the US-Constabularies 1946-1952" (origin of the Heidelberg us military library)and sent for me to Wiesbaden Airbase. Both women, Mrs.D and Mrs Mary... from Heidelberg and Wiesbaden were very nice in supporting me. I´ll donate to both a small chocolate present.To get in to the base was not so easy, real good check up, although I´m not from Far East. The copies I will sort out and I´ll sent it to you as soon I have the time. You know about my hard weekends organising at present, because of my mother...05.05.07.
This bookcopy I find is rare, so I believe it would be good for our constabulary museum or/and our historien to draw information for our monthly lightning bolt.
The photos of US-Constabularies, I told you about, will follow this year, hope in autum.
Take care! Have all a nice fathers day.

1145  Date: 2007-05-17 16:15:37
Don C Branford ( shawnee@military.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was with the 22nd-24th Sqdn.1948-1952
Bad Hersfeld. A Troop was the best.

1144  Date: 2007-05-16 14:42:09
Schulte, Daniel J. ( schultedks@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

From 1945 to 1947 served in Italy w/3196 Sig Svc Co. When Theater closed, assigned to 82nd ABN Div in Ft Bragg under CG Gavin. Reenlisted Aug 48 and sent to Marburg Repl Depot and ordered to Berlin Aug 1948. Assigned A Troop as Mechanic. Promoted to Sgt and was Troop Clerk under Ist Sgt Vic Slemmer. As Sgt 1st Cl assigned as Supply Sgt. Remained Supply Sgt after reorganization as 6th Inf Regt. Reassigned to 16th Inf, Serv Co in Nurnberg/Furth GY in Feb 1952. Despite the Blockade, Berlin was one of my most memorable assignments. Attended Language School in Monterey for Russian. Chose OCS in Ft. Sill and assigned as 2nd Lt to 4th Armored Div at Ft. Hood, TX. Gyroscoped back to Nurnberg in 1959. Ten years later, joined CMZ Hqs in Worms as IG. Visited Berlin as IG. Retired in 1972 from CONARC as LT Col. Member of Outpost 7.

1143  Date: 2007-05-11 20:37:12
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Wife Roberta and I returned from a very successful OP8 Reunion in Reno, NV, last week.
We had a fantastic time seeing some of our very
dear friends and fellow Troopers. The accomodations were great and the hospitality room was fun. Great seeing good friends Jim &
Irene Deming, who traveled all the way from Florida. Also our own OP8 comedian "Eddie Cordeiro" and wife Mary. Always great seeing friends from our own "neck of the woods" the
Seattle contingent, Don & Sue Purrington, Ida
and Jack Mullen, Tom & Margarite Flannery and
many others. I am sure a great time was had by all. Our 2008 OP8 Reunion in Seattle is now in the works. All you Troopers and wives who have never been out to the "Great Northwest" come join us in May of 2008! See you all there!

1142  Date: 2007-05-10 03:23:35
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Hello Jim and all the troopers in our Association...
Ronnie and I are now in WA. We arrived Sat. We will be here for 8 weeks. I am finally connected to the internet. Sorry if I missed your e-mail all last week but now I am receiving once again.
We will not be able to attend the Out Post 7 reunion this year. I really am sorry that we have to miss it. We had so much fun last year.
Your Web Editor,

1141  Date: 2007-05-09 20:00:20
SFC Jerry Dale Smith, USA, MP, INF, SF, (R) ( Policetrooper@netzero.com / no homepage) wrote:

I have always be interested in the mission and history of the U.S. Constabulary. My uncle was a MP with the 1st Inf. Div. during that period (early 50's). I worked with the Phillipino Constabulary in the mid to late '80's. I severed in the U.S. Army as Infantryman, Military Policeman and Special Forces Trooper for +22 years. My father also served as a Tanker (Armored Troop) with the 7th Inf. Div. in Korea 1954, with a Constabulary type mission securing and safe guarding the railhead in Seoul.

1140  Date: 2007-05-06 16:18:09
Jim Deming ( jimrene@mindspring.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello to you Irene and all of my fellow Troopers and their ladies. I hope that you have been enjoying all of your individual Outpost Reunions. Don't forget OP 7 will have their OP reunion in San Angelo,TX. May 29-31. Contact Robert Garrison.

1139  Date: 2007-05-04 03:08:28
James H. Wells ( ksbusbirdpk@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

My stepfather was Sgt, 3rd Class, Brannam, Thomas A., RA38233998. His place of entry into service was Hiedleburg, Germany 27 Oct, 1945. He told my mother he helped liberate Dachau and was in charge of the ambulances transporting the Jewish survivors to area hospitals. He returned to USA on 23 Aug 1948. His records for this time period were lost by fire in St Louis, MO. Please help me find his lost WD AGO Form 53

1138  Date: 2007-04-25 06:08:02
James C Higginbotham Jr ( higginbotham_jr@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

This was my first assignment in 1950 to Sonthofen on a troop train. Was assigned from Sonthofen to Wildflecken circle C, to 373rd "B" Co. Darmstadt US Constabulary Northern Area Honor Guard Company. This was the Best Unit, Sharpest and Proudest Organization I was ever in during my first three years in the service. "We were the Best of Everything"! What made me Inquire about US Constabulary on line this nigth/morn? Only God can answer this. I am elited with my findings, for and Elite Group of Comrades still in existence. God Bless! J.C. Higginbotham, Jr.

1137  Date: 2007-04-24 03:18:25
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

has anyone contacted konrad ege about the documentary he is making? i checked him out on google and he is legit.sure would be a great way for us to get some international coverage.

1136  Date: 2007-04-23 22:12:49
Mike ( wlpilot@web.de / no homepage) wrote:

Searching veterans who was in Gablingen near Augsburg/Germany who made photos. Researching about Gablingen history.

Thank you for the help.


1135  Date: 2007-04-21 20:42:06



1134  Date: 2007-04-06 20:25:45
Robret Hart ( hart0011@mc.duke.edu / no homepage) wrote:

My father Richard Hart, was with the U S Constabulary's 2nd Armored Calvary Company D during 1947-1952 stationed in Augsburg/Bamburg Germany. He was with the M-24 tanks.My father and I were wondering if there was a way to find more vets from the 2nd Armored Calvary from that time period.Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance and, Thank you all for your service, Robert

1133  Date: 2007-04-06 19:48:24
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

30-MAY 4th.

1132  Date: 2007-04-04 01:56:25
William K. Jackson ( utilakid@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served as a trooper from Feb. 1946 to Oct. 1946 first in Kitzingen for a short while and then in Schweinfurt for the rest of my time. Was in the 14th Constabulary Rgmt. Light Tank Troop. First Sgt. was named Riley. Went on AM raids on occasion, had German beer in the mess halls and learned to dance the polka while in Germany. Was driver of lead tank and had a T4 rating. Took tank training in Fort Riley, Kansas in 1944. Had M24 tanks. Here are some of the names I remember. Smothers, Bean, Perry, Denton, Monohan, Sweet. Bennet, Arbo, Peterson, Anderson, and others. Any of you still around email me or call me. Bill Jackson. Member outpost 5.

1131  Date: 2007-04-03 00:18:44
antonio "ditto" dibenedetto ( lav975@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

i was a member of the 68th constabulary squadron, hqts and troop "c" in budingen and augsburg from 1946 to 1948. I was on the baseball team for two years and was known as "ditto". i am also a member of the constabulary assoc. cp-1. i would like to hear from anyone who served with me.

1130  Date: 2007-03-28 19:29:16
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I recieved an email from a konrad ege who claims he is filming a doc on the constabulary for ARD GERMAN PUBLIC TELEVISION. he is requesting information from former troopers about their experiences during their tour of duty.he is in the baltimore area and his emeil is konradege@cs.com and his phone is 301 699 3908. if interested,contact him. he sounds legit.

1129  Date: 2007-03-28 04:19:23
Elden Allen ( olefrog@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Ole frog remembers you guys I was in the Fritzlar Post in 1948 with the 532nd Military Police Company.Your site brought back a few memorys .
An old trooper

1128  Date: 2007-03-27 17:37:38
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello troopers, I searched the Berlin Brigade webside and found that the 16 th Constabulary Sqd. served at Oliver Barraks at the east post. You find photo under new photos: Andrew Barraks and Turner barraks.
...Berlin, the first Army Provost Marshal arrived, Colonel G.W. Busbey. In early 1946, the Berlin Military Post was formed composed of the 16th Constabulary Squadron and the 759th Military Police Battalion. The 759th MP Bn. was responsible for guarding the borders##....
Yours Thomas OP1

1127  Date: 2007-03-26 23:51:16
Robert White ( bobnokhite@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I can't find an address for te U.S. Constabulary Association Headquarters

1126  Date: 2007-03-22 21:02:09
Esther Marie Cook ( photinacooik@yahoo.com / http://trillionplan.tripod.com/) wrote:

We need to do for Iraq what we did for Germany and Japan AFTER WW II.

Why has nobody else said so?

You are the True Greatest Generation and MUST NOT be forgotten.

I am a writer and I want to get lots of you into magazines.

1125  Date: 2007-03-21 18:41:58
Thomas ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers!

I´m looking for Troopers who have photos from US-Constabularies serving in WEST-BERLIN, Germany. I´m helping an American historian, Dr. John Provan, living in Germany.
If you know somebody having photos, perhaps living too in Germany, I would go and visit him to make good copies of it.
Please contact me under my E-mail address.
Thank you.
Thomas OP 1

1124  Date: 2007-03-18 15:23:14
George Thompson ( Edelweiss@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

The 14th Constabulary Sqd. served in Berlin. I suggest that you troopers visit the Berlin Brigade Web Site :

You will have to search the Web Site to find
Costabulary Patches,etc.
Trooper George Thompson

1123  Date: 2007-03-18 05:27:22
eric spaeth ( sparknfly@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I believe my father was part of this unit, his name was Stanley Spaeth. I was hoping to get more info about this unit and if there was any one who may remember my dad. he currently lives in landers ca.

1122  Date: 2007-03-08 01:09:55
Langlois Leo E ( tankcommanderleo@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Like to talk to anyone from tank co 1st battalion 2 arn cav

1121  Date: 2007-03-07 23:49:54
gene marsh ( gene@marsh.org / no homepage) wrote:

great page-- keep it up

1120  Date: 2007-03-07 16:25:00
Therese Stinnett ( therese.stinnett@us.army.mil / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Emmett M. Smith, served in the Constabulary in Germany from 1945 or 1946 until his tour of duty ended. He was from San Francisco, CA. One of his grandson's is doing a report on WW II and I found your website while helping him research. Thank you for having this information on the web. Does anyone recall a nickname for a unit, called the "seven steps to hell" He spoke of it when I was quite young, so I cannot recall the details.

thank you.

1119  Date: 2007-03-06 02:17:23
LOUIS A LYNN ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just want to say hello to all the troopers and to all who click on our web-site if any former Constabulary trooper would like to join our association just e-mail me and I will send you an application blank will need you full mailing address, Have a great daY AND STAY HEALTHY.


1118  Date: 2007-03-05 04:39:58
Jim ( jimshany@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Trying to help my dad find his army buddies.
1951-53 Stationed in Augsburg. Played baseball for the 2nd Dragoons! he hung out with a football star from Kentucky named Paul Radis We have many pictures. Short guy last name Sain (richard) from Michigan. Was also manager of the football team.

1117  Date: 2007-03-04 22:50:16
LaVerta Roof ( ROOF606@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

I am proud that my departed father was a part of keeping communism away from America, the land that I love.

1116  Date: 2007-03-02 20:56:28
Jo Behrens ( gobobs@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

My husband, Bob, and I lived in Kassel from 1968 to 1972 while he was stationed at Rothwesten. Our oldest son was born there, and in many ways, I grew up there and still regard it as my home. On a return visit to Kassel in 2005, (with the grown son and his young family) I purchased Uberlebensberichte, the stories of October 1943. I share its pictures with students when I teach my World War II unit at the local university. To this I will add your family's touching story. Thank you.

I have enjoyed wandering through your website on this snowy Omaha afternoon while much of the city is closed. Rothwesten holds many memories for my family.

1115  Date: 2007-03-01 20:25:15
Steve Parnell ( slparnell56@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father was a member of the constabulary in 1946...he is very excited about the upcoming reunion and I am going to make sure he gets there!

1114  Date: 2007-02-28 20:38:52
Floyd Blomdahl ( fallen3333@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Interesting website. I landed in Scwabach,Germany in April 1946 . It was the 53rd Armored Infantry Battalion that later was known as a Constabulary Squadron. Not sure if it was the 53rd or not. I was discharged after leaving for the US in January 1947.

1113  Date: 2007-02-22 22:09:27
Richard P Ross ( nanapross1@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of the 2nd constabulary band stationed in Augsburg in 1947-48. Have just read your web site for the first time. How may I join the orginazition? Looking forward to hearing from you. With best regards Dick Ross

1112  Date: 2007-02-21 13:47:48
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Troopers !
Reinhard V. of Berlin, Germany is looking for a Berlin Constabulary Patch to add to his collection & to show on his Berlin Memories Web Site. If you have one & are willing to donate it to him please let me know.If you would like to have his Web Site addres please E - Mail me.
Thank you!
Trooper George Thompson
131 Cherry Blossom Drive, Churchville, Pa. 18966 - 1016

1111  Date: 2007-02-19 19:39:40
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Lt.Col Preuss!

Did you have a look at Index F? Phil Sandoval was in FZ too. Write him a mail and give a "HI" from Thomas. May be, he could give you an idear how to get hold of any info.
His mail is psandoval@mlode.com.
Viele Grüße nach Nordhessen von Thomas Schmidt.
Thomas OP 1

1110  Date: 2007-02-19 19:14:25
Jürgen Preuß ( preuss-juergen@web.de / no homepage) wrote:

I`m LtCol ret. of german army aviation and was on duty as a helicopter pilot at fritzlar airbase from 1973 until may last year. Now I´m working on a script titled "70 Years Fritzlar Airbase,1938 - 2008".
Your website is very helpful especially due to the fotos from Gilbert Matherne and Neil Aikin. The storys of them give a good impression about that times life at Fritzlar.
In addition I´m interested on information about the reason why french forces came into Fritzlar Boelke-Kaserne in 1951, a location in the US area of responsebility after ww2 and how
long US Air Force Units of The Hell Hawks (365 FG) and 404 FG were at the base including their
best regards

1109  Date: 2007-02-18 20:18:40
Jim Hasty JR. ( jastwo@gt.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in Berlin Germany from 1953 to 1955, would like to hear from anyone of that time.... Jim

1108  Date: 2007-02-14 20:54:43
Louis W Cline ( opa1930@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

i was a member of the 70th FA Bn from 1949 to 1953 stationed at Fussen and Nurnberg

1107  Date: 2007-02-14 20:53:50
Thomas ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!

You are doing a lovely job. Your father too would be proud of you. We are glad to have you.
Take care

1106  Date: 2007-02-14 20:51:45
Thomas from Wiesbaden ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello constabulary troopers.

I´m Thomas from outpost one. Did you give your wifes some flowers today? :-))

Does anybody know, if Constabularies were too in Bremen or Bremer Haven? Or do you know somebody of the US-Army who was in Bremen or Bremer Haven and has perhaps some pictures of that time? If yes, please send me a mail.
Take care.
Thomas OP1

1105  Date: 2007-02-10 06:16:58
Alex Del Tergo ( amd2539@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

just checking in to say hello! and updating my e-mail adress. i was assigned in feb 1950 to tk co.2nd bn.2nd acr regt. (usc) later on the 2nd bn. moved to bamberg,i left bamberg dec.1952. would love to hear from lavin,aufiero,kukla,bevard,viprino,butera and others stay well!

1104  Date: 2007-02-08 01:28:16
George Beard ( gwb55@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

I found your site very interesting. I've been looking for info on my dad Pfc. Virgil Beard who served in the Hq Tp 10th Constabulary Regt. from 3/23/46 to 10/3/46.
Your site has help me learn a little more about what he did in WW2

1103  Date: 2007-02-04 14:30:48
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:


I have updated the web site in INDEX G and still have plenty to do. My computer been down too long but now running from my old laptop. I should have the desk computer repaired by the Thursday. You stay on top of your research with the Air base. Give your mother all my best. Mach's gut....


1102  Date: 2007-02-04 12:21:10
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!

I contacted the base again, possibly the letter got lost!? I called. The women at the Air base told me she would take care of it. I will call her on tuesday again to make shure my 2. letter arrived.
At 16;00 h I visit my mother and read your letter you send to her.
Take care.
yf Thomas OP I

1101  Date: 2007-02-03 18:27:49
Rich Rinaldi ( retrich59@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

A fascinating site, at which I discovered that Patch Barracks (where I was in high school in the 1960s) had been the last HQ of the US Constabulary.

1100  Date: 2007-02-02 13:49:15
Wilfred E. Bellavance ( lbellavanc@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed in Wieden Germany with the 15th.Constabulary from Dec 1948 to 1954

1099  Date: 2007-02-02 01:14:07
Jim Whitaker ( oldjc.1@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello to all, I was last in contact with
Dear Irene, the 24th. of January, this year.
Irene was having computer problems, and was
going to have her computer repaired. That is
more than likely why Irene has not answered
any of her e-mails...
Write me if you want.. I was stationed in
Fritzlar 1949, 1950..


1098  Date: 2007-01-28 20:28:05
Francesco ( franz_53@libero.it / no homepage) wrote:

I have found this site very well done and extremely interesting. Congratulations!

1097  Date: 2007-01-28 19:20:21
Charles H. Monroe ( monroec390@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served from Sept. 1948 to Feb. 1954 with the 8th mm ord co attached to the 6th ac & got to know southern Germany very well as well as the whole American sector. I have many fond memories of my tour of duty with the US Constabulary which gave me a reason to stay in the army & retire as an E-7 with 22 years of service. I was also in WWII as a navy momm2 stationed abord the USS ABSD 2 in the South Pacific which was torpedoed in 1945

1096  Date: 2007-01-28 00:19:43
Adolph W. York ( adolphwilliam@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Joined the 74th field artillery Constabulary in
January of 1949 and quartered in (C) Battery. started out with the 105 Howitzer then a battery
cook and Graduated with a degree in culinary cooking. Later was transferred to HQ & HQ battery of the 36th field artillery in babenhausen, Germany in 1952. Honorably discharged with the rank of corporal from Battle
Creek, Michigan On July 3rd 1952 other Activities Body building, Photography, boxing and traveling to many parts of Europe, Luxemburg and many vacation leaves to Garmisch, Germany. Also made many army friends which I still communicate with.

1095  Date: 2007-01-27 20:54:11
Bill Vogele ( wvogele@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Outpost #8 "D"
Troop 35th & 42nd Sqdn.2nd Const.Regt Fussen- Augsburg,Germany July 1946-Dec 1948

1094  Date: 2007-01-25 20:24:14
Ed Keaney ( edwki@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

My new e-mail address..
CO "D" 2Bn 14th ACR 1950 to 1953

1093  Date: 2007-01-24 19:01:24
robert d bretz ( lbbretz@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

i was a member of the 22nd and 24th in

1092  Date: 2007-01-18 22:33:16
jim miller 08 ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

what ever became of the idea of making a documentary about the constabulary and trying to get the history channel interested in it ?

1091  Date: 2007-01-10 23:16:31
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Thomas, so nice to hear from you. Happy 2007 to you too. Let me know what goes with Erbenheim. Take care, Irene

1090  Date: 2007-01-09 20:20:10
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene! Happy new year. I contacted the us-base Erbenheim by postmail, but up to now no answer. Things take their time. I write you now an email to your private address.

1089  Date: 2007-01-07 05:25:22
Garfield C. Geyer ( garfield29@localnet.com / no homepage) wrote:

email address change only. See page 9

I would like to hear from my old tanker friends.

1088  Date: 2007-01-04 17:02:06
Karl Fastje ( kfast1935@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Enjoyed looking at photos,I was in Bad Hersfeld,14 A/C in Jan 56 to Oct 57

1087  Date: 2007-01-04 17:01:25
Karl Fastje ( kfast1935@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Enjoyed looking at old photos,I was in 14 A/C in Bad Hersfeld during 01-56 t0 10-57,brings back memories.

1086  Date: 2007-01-01 17:12:02
Franklin D Bamsey ( fdbamsey@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

This is a change in E-Mail address only.

1085  Date: 2007-01-01 02:55:55
jim miller 08 ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


1084  Date: 2006-12-31 12:47:32
Charlie Joe Elsea ( ElsBtyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Happy New Year to all you Troopers
May you enjoy good Health all year long.

Charlie Joe Elsea, National Commander

1083  Date: 2006-12-30 03:35:28
William Shoen ( billo@northnet.org / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed at Ecterdingen air field outside Stutgart 47thru49 Had a square dance band ,taught square dancing called square dances. Name of band Circle C Cowboys.Fiddle Banjo Guitar drums Played at Officers and NCO clubs all around the Stutgart area

1082  Date: 2006-12-30 00:53:40
Charlie Madden ( cgi9721@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of the 42nd Constab Squadron from Jan '49 until Mar '52. I entered as a Recruit and left as an E5. I was stationed in the Sheridan Kasern, Augsburg Ger. The 42nd became part of the 2nd Armed. Cav. during 1949. I remained in the Army until 1969. I retired as 1st Sgt. I served in many different units during those years and looking back I would say I enjoyed every part.

1081  Date: 2006-12-22 20:54:14
Paul Booker ( cestmoi@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in 3/2 ACR in the late 80's when the wall finally came down. I just added a Constabulary Ike Jacket to my uniform collection because of it's historical connection to the 2nd ACR. This site is great in representing this history.


1080  Date: 2006-12-22 17:51:06
John Sneed ( emailbob@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

I have found a brass belt buckle that my Father wore with the following engraving "c-Troop 27th Constab. Sqdn. He was in Germany from D Day until the early 50's. Does anyone recognize the name of SSG John Herman Sneed?

1079  Date: 2006-12-22 06:48:59
John Sagan ( fsag5@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 6th armored calvary,stationed Landshut Germany, 1952 and 2nd armored division in 1951, French zone.

I hope to catch up with some old buddies.


1078  Date: 2006-12-22 04:48:51
jim miller OP8 ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi jim; Got to sonthofen in mar 48. assigned to third platoon. platoon leader was Lt joe taylor. Lt smith took over when joe went home. platoon sgt was sgt paton. we did demo's on the parade ground for students.think CO was capt. silverman.

1077  Date: 2006-12-21 12:33:46
James M Lantz ( jlantz@macomb.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the demonstation & guard troop at the constabulary school in Sonthofen in 1946 when the school was founded. Would appreciate hearing from any one who was there at that time.

1076  Date: 2006-12-16 04:09:29
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

received an xmas letter from former Lt. wilfred smith,platoon leader,third platoon d and g troop,sonthofen.he is alive and kicking.served in korea and nam after sonthofen.retired with one star on hes shoulder. boy,that brought back memories.

1075  Date: 2006-12-15 18:45:53
Joseph M Comerford ( j.comerford@comcast.net / http://home.comcast.net/~j.comerford/wsb/html/view.cgi-home.html-.html) wrote:

Real nice website, I met my wife in Kassel while I was serving with the Army security agency at Rothwesten. I arrived in Germany by ship tourist class military transport. I met my wife in 1956 marry her if you months after.
We have been `castle many times over the years, have a lot a wonderful memories of Germany Regards Joseph and Margot Comerford Cambridge, Massachusetts

1074  Date: 2006-12-15 16:01:38
Howard C. Berkowitz ( hcb@netcases.net / no homepage) wrote:

I'm looking at the Constabulary and associated contemporary planning for the Occupation (e.g., OPERATION RANKIN series), as a historical background for contemporary forces pacifying and building occupied ares.

1073  Date: 2006-12-14 19:51:58
RUTH BAXTER ( azzucar_rojas@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for this site. Im an old Air Force brat. I spent time in Freising while my dad was with the 604th ac&w sq at Vimy Kaserne. I loved that base. and Im glad to have learned prior history of Freising before the Air Force.
thanks again

1072  Date: 2006-12-14 00:36:03
EDWARD P. WELLS ( EPWGE@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


1071  Date: 2006-12-13 20:30:46
Charlie Joe Elsea ( elsbttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy New Year. I hope to see you a the Reunion in September 2007.

Charlie Joe Elsea
National Commander

1070  Date: 2006-12-13 18:19:17
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

On Saturday morning, Dec 9th 2006 I had a talk with the players of the Dallas Cowboys Football team and told them that on the next day, Sunday the 10th of December they would be playing a team called the New Orlean Saints. I told them that I had a very good friend named Irene Moore who lives in Louisiana and I imagine her team is the Saints. I told them to do me a favor and let the Saints win the game. They all told me they would and they did. The score was 42-17. Now Irene, I still love ya and you will always be my friend but one time is enough. Next time we play, Dallas 27 - New Orleans, 10 ------Ray

1069  Date: 2006-12-10 03:58:27
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am wishing you good luck and let me know what you find out with the research.
Contact me as soon as you get back.
I wish your mother the best of health and give her my love. Merry Christmas to you both.

1068  Date: 2006-12-10 00:25:17
frank g atwater ( fmatwater@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a 1stLt, MSC, assigned to the 3rd Bn 14A/C in Bad Hersfeld Ger around 1954-1956...
Had some good times and some bad....the Bn had some great Cmdrs...L/C Al Hislop and L/C Roosevelt Plummer, during that time....Yers later after I left the rmy I ran into Al Hislop at Clark AFB...I was a civ assigned there and he was on his way to Vietnam...On the same flight was my NCOIC Dobie...small world

frank g atwater
new port richey fl

1067  Date: 2006-12-08 18:16:31
LOUIS A LYNN ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Here's to a very merry Christmas and a most joyful new year, Hope to see all the troopers at the 07 National. Hang in there.


1066  Date: 2006-12-08 10:39:31
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
I send a letter to the US-Base in Erbenheim-Wiesbaden to ask for some doks/ photos of the Contab. May be we have luck. I gave them the link to our webside and told them about our several mil.-awards.
Take care
NB: I´ll be for one week in Dover, searching in the archives, ancestry and perhaps something about US-Army "C".

Merry x-mas and happy NEW Year to all "C" Troopers

1065  Date: 2006-12-05 06:02:45
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

mr de salvo; i was stationed at sonthofen when your dad was there,however,i did not work directly with him,but i do know he was oss during the war. gene snowden of our assoc knew him and i am sure that if he sees your message he will contact you. good luck. jim miller

1064  Date: 2006-12-05 03:10:43
WILLIAM DESALVO ( rmdesalno@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:


1063  Date: 2006-12-04 18:15:45
Sam Zafran ( maznarfaz@coc.net / no homepage) wrote:

Guess I lived longer than my Life Membership. Sent a letter to National Commander suggesting change in Lighting Bolt issue. Thought might be better to start up a Web Site for members to click on to instead of it having to be mailed.Merry Christmas to all and to others a happy holiday Press On

1062  Date: 2006-12-03 03:42:11
andrew andreyko jr ( andrewandreyko@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

my father was in one of these units, he was in a unit that used armored cars.

1061  Date: 2006-12-01 15:38:35
Ed Bowley ( edlbee@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Irene.............Just crusin'...gotta tak e a look at the page from time to time...Best to you and Ronnie..

1060  Date: 2006-11-29 04:21:10
Curtis Brock ( pastorcurt@praisinghim.com / no homepage) wrote:

My dad Vance G. Brock served in WW11 in the 11th Constabulary Regiment. Is there anyone who might know him. He is from Kentucky and is 82 years old. He was in Weiden, Germany.

1059  Date: 2006-11-25 02:16:00
Arnold "Slim" Ahlquist ( rueckerfam@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 51st CON squadron in Passau in 1946 and 1947.

1058  Date: 2006-11-19 20:44:34
Herbert J Nichols ( hjdnichols@frontiernet.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 6th Constabulary in Coburg.
I was in communications.
I would like names of others who were there at that time.

1057  Date: 2006-11-18 23:59:23
John C. McLaughlin ( jocage1@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Rich,
Correction....I used richard.f.saunier@u.s.army.mil

1056  Date: 2006-11-18 23:53:20
John C. McLaughlin ( jocage1@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Richard,
I emailed you request for 68th. Squadron crest, if still available. Email returned as undelivalble. I used richard.f.saunier@u.s.mil.
Is emailaddress correct?

1055  Date: 2006-11-18 15:22:35
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

We received notice that John A. Wojnilko passed away 11/15/06. He was not a member but served in the US Constabulary, HQ 24th Sqdn 4th Regiment. His family has our prayers.

1054  Date: 2006-11-17 00:59:31
EDWARD P. WELLS ( EPWGE@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


1053  Date: 2006-11-16 01:48:36
richard saunier-flanders ( richard.f.saunier@us.army.mil / no homepage) wrote:

I have in my possession a unit crest from the 68th Squadron the yellow Berlin Lion on the Maroon Shield which reads "Viam Sibi Aperire". If any US Constabulary member would like to have this unit crest I could mail it to them. The unit crest was in my father's WWII shoe box, he was in the signal corps for the Ninth and Eighth Army Air Force.

1052  Date: 2006-11-15 20:50:26
Louis V. Mangiaracina ( coerdeleon@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

Any one out there remember me?
We left Brooklyn N.Y aboard the USS Boise bound for LeHavre France around November 1945. We had 8 men washed overboard and never recovered them in as much as they were missing the day after we left New York, the first night on the Alantic. We arrived in Plymouth England on Thanksgiving Day and we wer not allowed to go on land. We left for Le Havre France and arrived the next day. We were camped at Camp Pall Mall and after several days we boarded the 40x8s (Left over freight cars from World War 1.. After several days on these box cars we arrived at a little know town called Laubasechbach. Wow that's as bad as my last name. We were billetted in a dentist's house and then aboard some trucks we headed and stayed in Marburg, in what had previously been a mental hospital and I believe became the third repple depple hospital.

Several days there and then it was on to our most permanent location and the name of this little fairy tale town, Fronhausen/Lahn.
We were billetted in private houses and operated under our new name 17th Cavalry reconnasens Squadron, Troop C, 3rd platoon. We were called the District Constabulary. I remember a Lt. Kristenoff and and old lifetime career 1st Seargent Gecsey. Did not know it at the time but there were soldiers that had come out of U.S.Army stockades that were sent over seas to do good time. Wow what a bunch of guys to put little old me in with. We were told to do a lot of patrols, so the Germans would know that we did not abandon them to the Russians. Like we could have held them off if a war with them had broken out. Several months later I enrolled in a signal school in Sechenheim Germany. Learned Morse Code and learned how to fend off the Russian Radio Jammers. Went back to my troop then after several weeks, and did a small stint as a Courier for the CIC and CID. This did not last long and several months, I can't remember, how long we and the whole 17th were moved to a town near Bad Nauheim. I know we spent many Saturday Nights at the dances at the Stadt Hallin Heidelberg. Some time in October of 1946 we were shipped home to the good old USA
We left from Bremerhaven aboard the General CC Ballou. A real down to earth Liberty ship. I was discharged shortly after being processed at Camp Kilmer N.J.

So if you know me drop me a line.

1051  Date: 2006-11-14 08:24:40
Joe Murray ( windmountaingold@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Regensburg Germany 1951-1952. 6th ACR, 3rd Bat. Hdq Co, and Tank Co. CW Radio operator (YEEEE). 1951-1952. Troopers names I can recall today are Tom Burke, Tom Faciola, Walt Palmer, Bill Dials and(Farruchi/spelling ???). Memories have faded.

1050  Date: 2006-11-11 18:36:26
Louis (Lou) Lynn ( Rousca@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Troopers I still have a few of the 07 Constabulary calendars on hand if you are interested let me know,

L. Lynn

1049  Date: 2006-11-10 22:22:39
ALLEN k. janard ( alsway@gmail.com / no homepage) wrote:


1048  Date: 2006-11-09 19:53:39
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
Closed by Wiesbaden we have a US-Base. I believe they have too historic files dept. and perhaps some items of our org. US "C" like pictures etc. When I have holiday I will call at the base and ask for info. and perhaps something for our webside.

1047  Date: 2006-11-07 15:28:42
Louis A Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:


1046  Date: 2006-11-07 00:52:26
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

CHRISTIANE FIGUEROA - REF: SFC Cisco R Rainwater,Guest Book entry number 1044 - I was stationed with your dad. I sent you two emails but they were returned. Please email me. Thanks, Ray

1045  Date: 2006-11-06 21:33:32
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Nov. 1, 2006, just 5 days before the Army Times came out with the article asking the Secretary of Defense to step down, I was contacted by Melissa Vogt, the Deputy news editor of the Army Times. She explains she and a freelance writer were looking for a few pictures of the U.S. Constabulary to illustrate a piece to the resurrection of a U.S. Constabulary as a peace-keeping force in Iraq.

I did send to Melissa several scanned copies of the colorful U.S. Constabulary patch along with several historical pictures of troopers that was donated to our web site. As soon as I hear something from the Army Times of when this article will come out, I will post it in our web site...............Your web editor, Irene

1044  Date: 2006-11-06 01:30:21
Christiane Figueroa ( rainh20@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Just happened to see my dad's name on your site. really great
SFC. Cisco R. Rainwater

1043  Date: 2006-10-27 19:19:16
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Ray, your message has brightened up my day. It will be nice to get back home to Louisiana but that will not happen until March. Old Man Winter will shut me in while I visit MI. This Cajun gal is not use to that kind of COLD. Ha Ha, I brought my gloves!!!

1042  Date: 2006-10-25 16:17:47
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi to you Irene. I just sent you an email bringing you up to date. Havent talked to you in a couple years. I see your in Michigan now. We were there last year. Not in Holland but in Three Oaks which borders Indiana. I have been trying to get up to date on some of the entries in the guest book. Have a nice time while you are gone and I know everyone will be glad when your back. Stay sweet. Ray.

1041  Date: 2006-10-19 16:53:27
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Hi troopers,
Ronnie and I have been traveling since Sept. from La, to Pa, to New Jersey and now we are in Holland, MI.
We will be here for a while. His job keeps us busy. The country is beautiful. I will be updating the web site in a few days.
United States Constabulary Web Editor,

1040  Date: 2006-10-15 15:38:31
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
I saw your message, will answer when I´m at my office. At present I´m in an Internet shop.

1039  Date: 2006-10-12 02:43:54
allen k. janard ( alsway@gmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was in the 14th A/C/ 2nd Bn. Tk. co.1950 -1953 Home base Schweinfurt and Bad Kissingen.So proud to be part of the US. Constabulary.

1038  Date: 2006-10-10 21:15:22
Dee Wayne White ( white0629@astound.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Constabulary from 1946-49, mostly with 6th Reg. HQ. I'm researching now to determine dates, places and units, and will post when I know my history.

1037  Date: 2006-10-09 21:55:10
Manfred Roy Reinhart ( mcroy@arcor.de / http://www.mcroyreinhart.de) wrote:

If I looking four my father first name : roy mc. family name , I dont no. this man is a constabulary soldier by the 15the Regiment, and 15the sqadron station Autobahn Kasserne(Brcks) to Mannheim - Seckenheim, leader from Brcks Loredo Kasserne. station Time april 1946 to oktober 1946. My father firstname Roy Mc. last/familyname, I dont no. heas to the time 1946 maby 18 or 19 jears old. Please help my, and send my a E-Mail. thank you. Sorry four my bat english.

1036  Date: 2006-10-01 20:44:47
Ed Keaney ( edwki@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for Frank FRITZ O'Donnel
D Co 2nd btn 14AC...1950 to 1952

1035  Date: 2006-09-23 15:27:18
Matt Rimmer ( gmc.cckw@trucks.wanadoo.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:


I am restoring a 1944 Dodge 3/4 ton Weapons Carrier and I would like to paint it to represent a vehicle of the US Constabulary. I am seeking any photos or information on Dodge WC's used by the Constabulary.

Many Thanks,


1034  Date: 2006-08-30 02:41:41
milfred l heldreth /bob ( spacefr@aol.com / http://www.myspace.com/bobfr) wrote:


1033  Date: 2006-08-29 17:05:41
Patricia Klindienst ( pklindienst@mac.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for anyone who remembers my father, Capt. Edward F. Klindienst, who served with the Constabulary School Communications Dept., Sonthofen, and then was a Train Commander. He lived in Obersdorf from July through December 1946. After three years teaching in the ROTC program at the U of Delawae, he was reassigned to Germany in 1951. He sailed to Bremerhaven on the USNS Gen. Rose on 18 June 1951, and was then stationed in Karlsruhe (APO 403) w. the 552d AAA Gun Bn. After that, for a time, he was in Mannheim. He was sent back to the 95th AAA Gun Bn, Sandhofen in November 1951 and returned to the US in Feb. 1952. A summary of his service in Germany reads, "Commanded AAA Battery, performed duty as Bn Motor Officer, and Bn Safety Officer." I would be glad to hear from anyone who can help me understand what it was like to be in Germany at this time, or who knew my fathr or served in one of these areas. Thanks!

1032  Date: 2006-08-26 22:57:08
John Stangle ( c1computerdoc@yahoo.com / http://freepages.military.rootsweb.com/~navylogalbum/) wrote:

Great web site I enjoyed my visit very much , thank you for putting it online.

1031  Date: 2006-08-24 18:32:46
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Jim! Try this link:


and then put in field "search" on that webside "constabulary". Then you´ll find those wagons and pictures. The other link does´nt work from USA.

1030  Date: 2006-08-24 12:40:56
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Jim miller!
It is a modell of an passengerwaggon darkgreen and yellow letters. Just have a look over the link i wrote down.
The link is:


Tom OP 1

1029  Date: 2006-08-24 03:43:15
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

are we talking about the 40 and 8 ? i rode that thing from le harve to amberg in mar 46

1028  Date: 2006-08-21 18:08:23
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
a tip for collectors of Railwaywagon of US-Constabulary 1946


They were used to carry officers?!
Take care
Thomas OP 1

1027  Date: 2006-08-18 15:37:27
Joseph Claus ( jcclaus@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

Send information on reunions, after august 2006.
Send application to join to
404 mcmichaels dr
stroudsburg pa 18360
Trooper Claus, 16th constabulary troop A / 6th inf. 1948 t0 1951

1026  Date: 2006-08-10 15:13:29
Carmine Colombo ( charlieopac@peoplepc.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with 94th Constabulary Sq. E Troop
Weiden Germany 1946 to 1948 Would like to hear
from some troopers of that time and place

1025  Date: 2006-08-04 11:04:15
Ann Harris ( lilitnight814@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am trying to find anyone who served with my uncle Sgt Maurice(Gerry) Farrell. He was in C troop Sept 1946. He served with Bridge,Timberlake,Mischuick in Usingen. They called themselves "The Cognac Kids". I am trying to help my aunt locate what unit he was in. She need to get a copy of discharge papers. My uncle has been deceased for 10yrs. All I have to go by are pictures that he had will in Germany. Any help will be appreciated.

1024  Date: 2006-07-31 10:45:56
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello George H!
I got your letter, I´ll try to look up the items about Rothwesten.
Take care

1023  Date: 2006-07-29 19:03:08
Irene [Web Editor] ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks Jim, will check out your site. My Dad was also in the Navy 1943-1945. He was stationed in Brisbane, Australia on the Sub. Tenders - USS Clytie and USS Coucal and on the USS Cod on one of their secret missions.

1022  Date: 2006-07-27 04:31:15
Jim Mock ( jmock2@socal.rr.com / http://www.BavarianM1Carbines.com) wrote:

You've done your dad a great honor with this website. I'm impressed at the amount of work and information you have for those who served in the Constabulary.

Anyone reading this post, my interest is in the U.S. M1 Carbines that served with the Austrian and German Police after WWII. I own one of the rifles, which served with the Austrian Police in Lower Austria. Feel free to visit my website or e-mail me. This is a hobby of mine, to preserve the history of these U.S. M1 carbines.

Thanks for your service for our country. Had you not done so, I may not be here today. My Dad was U.S. Navy, I was born in 1952.

1021  Date: 2006-07-24 21:31:30
Steve ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Thank You For Your SERVICE.

Blessed Be.

S&C Bowley

1020  Date: 2006-07-23 00:26:06
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I would like to buy a circle c cowboy hat too.
Who is selling them?
Irene [web editor]

1019  Date: 2006-07-16 05:18:02
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

who has the " CIRCLE C COWBOYS HATS " ? can i buy one ? jim miller op8

1018  Date: 2006-07-14 01:53:43
Louis A Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers The Constabulary calendar will go to the printers in mid-August or Sept if you are in the market for one let me know as I need to have some idea of how many to get printed, you can E-mail me or phone I am in the last LB.

Lou Lynn

1017  Date: 2006-07-13 12:57:50
T E Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
Met yesterday D.-Day Veterans from all over US, are going to several cities. As I mentioned the US Constabularies, some said: Whats that?? I told them! A few of them were already 88 to 90 y, and full aktive. A pity, my mother cant act like that. A man 89 y, named Sam, sang a song ..with Irene.., you know it?
He said, there are two important Vet.-Magazins in the US, they organised the D-Day tours, there we should put a note to tell them who we are too.
Take care

1016  Date: 2006-07-09 22:22:14
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Thomas, It was in April of 06 that I posted the infromation you are talking about by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can find it listed in Index E.

1015  Date: 2006-07-09 21:36:33
Mel Johnson ( mel.johnson@us.army.us / no homepage) wrote:

My dad was with the 51st Armored Infantry Regiment of the 4th Armored Division. They became the 51st Constabulary, and he was posted in Passau from March '46 to the Spring of 47.

1014  Date: 2006-07-09 15:45:24
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers! Interesting link I found.

United States Constabulary: Information From Answers.com

1013  Date: 2006-07-08 16:59:52
TE Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you Irene! 8 month Babies need 12 hours full alert, like garding an military outpost. Was a responsable experience.

1012  Date: 2006-07-07 22:48:21
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Thomas, we made it to OP7 USCON reunion in TX and we had such a great time. The one who put the reunion together did a great job. I met many new troopers and their lovely wives. I am proud to be their web editor and wish I could attend all the reunions. Dad would have loved being with us if he was still here!! I feel as though they are my family too. I sent you e-mail with update on French Settlement. Best to you, Irene

1011  Date: 2006-07-07 11:07:02
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
Nothing new concerning US C Military affairs in Germany (summerholidays?). I was for one weekend a supporting babysitter, it´s the first time I believe, I had my eveningmeal at 21:30 h. :-)) Give my regrds to your officers in your family.
Take care

1010  Date: 2006-07-06 19:29:45
LTC Greg Wilcox USA (Ret) ( wilcox@wdc.sri.com / no homepage) wrote:

I'm doing research to see if we need to reconstitute such a thing as a constabulary for the GWOT. Sounds logical to me. Your website has been a great resource for historical data.


Greg Wilcox

1009  Date: 2006-07-06 15:08:27
Irene Moore [Web Editor] ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

I have updated and upgraded the United States Constabulary Home Page.

Please take time to visit.

Your Web EDitor Irene

1008  Date: 2006-07-04 03:04:09
Bob Wallstrom ( deltasurvey@northland.net / no homepage) wrote:

I spent 18 months in Fulda from Dec. 54 June 56 and had the best job in the area. I was in charge of the telephone exchange and the switchboard and tty and never went out in the field. I always felt sorry for those fellows who went out in all weather in jeeps to patrol the border. I got back for a visit in 1976 with my family and even got a chance to visit the border OP and watch tower. By then the kaserne was getting run down. I visited the CO of the Hqtrs. Troop and recall seeing an unpatched hole in his office wall. The day we went out to the border we passed two tanks and some other vehicles that had broken down enroute to the OP when they rotated in a fresh platoon.

I was very impressed with the E.German border and watch towers. It's what we need now on our sothern border.

A few days ago I did a net search for the Oberbayern and was happy to see that it was still going on altho it looked as tho they had moved from their 1954 location. Lots of great recollections while reading these pages.

1007  Date: 2006-06-28 00:27:47
John R. Holcomb ( jrholcomb@optilink.us / no homepage) wrote:

In 1946 was assigned to 1st Armored Division, 4th Tank Bn at Boblingen Kaserne. Reassigned to "D" Troop, 72nd Constabulary Squadron. "D" Troop went to Ulm. From Ulm we were assigned to Blauberen. Tsgt Rasack was our Platoon Sgt.
We had two Russian Men and three women cooking and keeping house for us. We Went back to Boblingen and was assigned to various out-post, Herrenberg, Nurtengen etc. I was sent to the Constabulary School in Sontofen. After graduation I was asssigned to "C" Troop which was guard troop and demonstration troop for the school. Later on they asked for volunteers to go with the Big Red One, with the newly organized 1st Recon, 1st Infantry. I stayed there in Grafenwhor until August 1948. That is it. Would love to correspond by E-Mail or by Phone. 706-278-6588.

John Holcomb

1006  Date: 2006-06-23 15:18:32
Mike ( wlpilot@web.de / no homepage) wrote:

Nice webpage. I am from Germany and searching veterans which was in the past based in Augsburg. I searching too veterans which was after war in the area Cham/ bavarian forest. Need help in my researches.

Thank you for the help


1005  Date: 2006-06-14 03:08:06
Tony Dibenedetto [Ditto] ( LAV975@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 68th constabulary squadron in
Budingen and Augsburg from 1946 to 48 and also played baseball for the 68th. My nickname was "Ditto". would love to hear from my fellow troopers. Thanks, Tony Dibenedetto

1004  Date: 2006-06-11 21:25:17
Robert E. Dickey ( redickey1929@sbcglobal.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am a life member of OP7, due to health reasons can no longer take an active part. I was in the 83 army band Straubing Germany 1948 to 1950.. The 83d Army Band was formerly known as the 6th Constabulary Regimental Band.

1003  Date: 2006-06-09 03:34:02
Garfield C. Geyer ( garfbarb@localnet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I arrived in Germany aboard the General Black in April 1949. Went to Straubing and drove ammo truck for service co 6th AC until January 1950. They transfered me to C Co and then to tank school in Vilseck. When i finished tank school i asked C Co for a transfer to the school.

I transfered to Vilseck in June 1950 . I was an instructor at the school until April 1952. When I got back to the States I rejoined the Michigan National Guard ( I had belonged to the Guard before I joined the Army )

I retired from the Guard as a LTC with 33 years service. I now live in Northern Michigan.

Anyone out there remember me ? I would like to hear from my old Buddies

1002  Date: 2006-06-03 03:22:14
Irene Moore [web editor] ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.geocities.com/usconstabulary/index.html) wrote:

Check out THE Home Page

Honoring the United States Constabulary 60th Anniversary.

1001  Date: 2006-06-01 22:54:27
Ben J Garcia ( Shelleyrgarcia@gra.midco.net / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for the Constabulary Horse troop stationed in Germany.

1000  Date: 2006-05-30 18:37:37
Russell ( russca@bellsouth.net / http://www.hofreunion.com) wrote:

We are the Hof Reunion Association, which includes members from the 28th Constabulary that were stationed in Hof, Germany after the war. We would be pleased if you would visit our website, and welcome all who were stationed in Hof, to join up with us. We are having our reunion this September in Hof.

999  Date: 2006-05-29 15:56:40
Louis A Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just a reminder those of you that want an 07 Constabulary Calendar let me know ASAP, As I am
in the process of setting it up at this time they
will be ready about August or Sept and if you have any photos of any of the National Reunions
I need a copy, Thanks.

998  Date: 2006-05-28 20:23:49
Kent Herbert ( ktherbert@charter.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 14th Armored Cavalry at Bad Hersfeld in 1952 and 1953. I was first a border patrolman and later I was an air observer in an L19.

997  Date: 2006-05-27 14:05:40
john r brock ( jbrock@nuvox.net / http://usconstubulary.com) wrote:

assigned to C troop 51st constubulary passau germany 1946-47 then Landshut member outpost 4
also served in Berlin during the blockade with the 7782nd sp troop battion

996  Date: 2006-05-23 15:46:54
john r brock ( jbrock@nuvox.net / no homepage) wrote:

stationed with "C" troop,51st constabulary in 1946-47 at Passau as 1st cook and mess sargant moved to Landshut in 47. member outpost 4.now 78 years old,living in Walhalla, sc

995  Date: 2006-05-19 17:44:43
John Ames ( james1@maine.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Had a great time at OP 1 reunion in Rochester, NH 16,17, 18 May.

994  Date: 2006-05-19 15:26:35
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello trooper Phil,
nice to see you again on the web after the heavy loss.
I´m so far ok. Nothing new in Wiesbaden or Kassel on the Army sector, except more and more bases are been closed down in Germany and the remaining WW II equipment is coming down. Nobody can store it, a pity.
Take care keep well.
Thomas OP 1

993  Date: 2006-05-17 18:40:42
Gerald F. Leavell ( LEAVEBERRY@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Outpost no.2

992  Date: 2006-05-17 14:36:42
Yount ( russruthfl@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

Addition to early statement.I belong to outpost #5

991  Date: 2006-05-17 12:27:07
russ yount ( russruthfl@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was a trooper with the 25th.sqdn.11th.regt
from '46 to '48 and served with sgt.Cork who ernie pyle wrote about.

990  Date: 2006-05-15 21:46:44
Ed Middlekauff ( ehmidd@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

OP 2 Just checking in to see what's going on

989  Date: 2006-05-09 17:46:02
George Edwards ( gm.edwards@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I have a fine friend, Don Purrington, who was a member of the U.S. Constabulary. Together we attend St. Elizabeth Episcopal Church in Burien, Washington. His email address is donpur8731@earthlink.net.

988  Date: 2006-05-08 17:41:51
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

My friend Thomas in Germany,
Thanks for the heads up on Verdun in France. I will surely make it a "must see" the next time I visit France. Sounds like you had a great time.

Best to you,

987  Date: 2006-05-08 17:38:43
Irene-US Con Web Editor ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am needing more information on the

6th Armored Calvary Regiment at Straubung Germany.

If you have anything, please send it in email.

If you prefer snail mail, email me for my home address..


986  Date: 2006-05-04 19:58:53
Gary E. Merrill ( gexport@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in Ausburg 1946-1947 5th Constabulary Reg. Light Tank. Would like to hear from anyone that was there.

985  Date: 2006-05-01 20:47:27
clifford dahlstrom ( cliffordfoalman@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

This sure brings back memories, was stationed in fritzlar from april 1950 to the time we moved to fulda in 1952, left germany jan. 1953, was with
battion headquaters, in fritlar I was a cook, in fulda I went to radio school in ansbuck, and was a radio operator,

984  Date: 2006-05-01 17:18:50
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
Was on weekend in France, at Verdun, Maginot line.
Heaviest battle WW I in World. Americans where there too, but no sign of US-Cavalry.
Over miles still all bomb/ grenade crater are to be seen. Hardly any heavy vegetation, thin trees, gras. The memory is well taken care of.
I talked to some elderly people. They said, that Verdun battle was more worse then parts of the WW II. The fight itself, man to men, no shelter against Grenades, no food and water and always wet in mud for 4 years.
If some troopers visit France, WW II places at coastline, that Verdun you should not miss.
All rememberplaces, f. i., the grave of the famous unknown 6 soldiers standing, sleeping with their Guns under sand, churches and memorials are in very perfect and clean condition.
Take care
Thomas (just back from France.)

983  Date: 2006-04-28 05:21:01
Sammy C Vassaur ( sammaryvassaur@pdq.net / no homepage) wrote:

1948 thru 1950 Hq & Svc Co 54th Engr C Bn Boblingen.

982  Date: 2006-04-25 21:53:16
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

My wife Roberta and I just returned a few days ago from our OP8 Reunion held in Tucson,AZ and
we had a wonderful time there. It was great seeing and visiting with old friends and fellow Troopers especially Eddie and Mary Cordeiro who both went through serious health problems this past year. Jim Deming dropped in for a short time while he was with family in Pheonix. He has had his share of health problems too and also good to see Tony and Donna Alvarez,Sue and Neil Aikin and so many
others. The hotel and accommodations were very nice as was the hotel staff. Our
congradulations to Alice and Dick Bosma,Bob
Monasmith and all the others who worked very
hard in putting this OP8 Reunion together.
Thank you all. We had a fantastic time.
Hope to see you all in Reno in 2007!
Al & Roberta Sallustio

981  Date: 2006-04-25 20:23:25
Willie Hanson ( whanson@graceba.net / http://www.geocities.com/achilles36606) wrote:

You have done a terrific job on this web site Irene. I am proud of you.

980  Date: 2006-04-25 19:36:24
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers, if you have any problems opening the Guest Book, please contact me, the web editor.


979  Date: 2006-04-25 02:43:30
Bill Strub ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

ATTENTION All Troopers. Largely still unknown, the U.S. Constabulary has finally been acknowledged as existing. You will find a listing on Gary Powers, Jr. Cold War Web site.
www.coldwar.org when the home page comes up, scroll down slightly till you see the time lines. Click the 40's, then U.S. Constabulary.
ortry www.coldwar.org/articles/40s/usconstabulary.asp

Gary found us on Irene Moore's website (this one)and happy to add us to the cold War history
of which we played a key part. The Postal Service still has refused to issue a stamp for our service, however this may change some minds.
Our thanks to Irene and Gary and to his staff.
And by the way HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY.

978  Date: 2006-04-24 19:19:10
Ed Middlekauff ( ehmidd@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just checking out the latest web stuff

977  Date: 2006-04-24 15:31:28
john r brock ( jbrock@nuuvox.net / no homepage) wrote:

joined C troop 51st constabulary june 1946 till 1947 in Passau as 1st cook and later mess sargant. reupped in 1948 and was stationed in Berlin a few days before the blockade with the 7782nd Sp. Troop Ba. until 1950.I belong to outpost 4 live in Walhalla S C

976  Date: 2006-04-19 17:03:33
Louis Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hey an still looking for photos of National Reunions but most of all any one with photos of the 91, 93, and 95 Reunions I will return all photos if you want, Need these ASAP.


975  Date: 2006-04-14 13:00:07
Ed Middlekauff ( ehmidd@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

OP 2- Looking for Hqrts 2nd Con Brigade Troopers e-mail ehmidd@msn.com

974  Date: 2006-04-12 12:14:51
C,D.Cox ( cdcox_1@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

I ws in 91st & 519th Arty.From mar 49 to mar 54. When I came back to the states was assigned to same battery (B) 91st in Ft Hood

973  Date: 2006-04-11 13:15:48
C.D.COX ( cdcox_1@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

Al Inlow where are you?

972  Date: 2006-04-07 01:15:56
Terry ( ariton_47@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Anyone in the 2nd ACR "F' Troop or know the location between 1949 and mid-52 ?

971  Date: 2006-04-02 14:30:31
Jesse Jewell Jones ( vjpate52@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 12th Constabulary Sqdn. in Neustadt, Germany in 1946-47.

970  Date: 2006-03-29 23:00:38
Ronald J. Gunia ( teresagunia@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

Does anyone remember my father Stanley J. Gunia? He was a sergeant with the U. S. Constabulary Force in 1946-47. He is still alive and doing fine. I still have his shoulder patch & pictures from Germany including the oldest church in Germany & pictures of bombed out buildings. I know he would like to hear from some of his old army friends. He's 79 years old, but his mind is still sharp as a blade!!!

969  Date: 2006-03-29 04:18:45
John Galante ( galantejohn@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Where is post 3 ?

968  Date: 2006-03-24 14:59:29
JOHN R BROCK ( jbrock@nuvox.net / no homepage) wrote:

member of out post 6 served with C troop 51st Constabulary from summer of '46 and 47 at Passau Germany, moved to Landshut in 47. was 1st Cook under Sgt. Avery and then MESS Sgt

967  Date: 2006-03-23 01:55:25
Sherri Scott ( wynken101163@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I would like to thank Edward Middlekauff for his help in finding information and friends of my father, Guy S. Allison.

966  Date: 2006-03-21 02:58:34
John W. Bronson ( jwb@nwonline.net / no homepage) wrote:

After discharge from TUSA I served as Dept. of Arny Civilian Attorney in the JA Sect. Hq US Constabulary from its activation til it became
Hw 7th US Army. I have a copy of "The Establish-ment and Operations of the US Constabulary 3Oct 1945-30June1947" by Major James M. Snyder, Calvalry, Historical Sub-section G-3 US Constab. 1947.
I assume this volumes is available to the editors of this web site. If not please advise.

965  Date: 2006-03-19 03:28:27
Warren R Hollcraft ( warglo6170@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Doe's anybody remember my father, recently deceased. I miss our talks, His name is SGT Warren R Hollcraft, I have his german beer mug with the lighting C and 12TH CONSTABULARY-NEUSTADT-GERMANY and his dress uniform patch. PS. He also mentioned being at Fritzlar

964  Date: 2006-03-16 01:03:01
Gordon Remington ( remingtonresearch@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father, John L. Remington of Rochester, New York, now deceased, served in the US Constabulary in Schwabisch-Halle from 1946 to 1949. I have his military papers and wonder if it would be useful to provide a photocopy of them to any archives that the Association has.

Gordon Remington, Salt Lake City, UT

963  Date: 2006-03-15 15:44:08
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Thomas, at the present time Ron and I are in Port Clinton, OH. My daughter said the newspaper clippings you sent me, came in and she is forwarding them to me this week. Did the museums in Kassel purchase any of the old items from the Rothwesten Base?

962  Date: 2006-03-14 18:45:35
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
I sent you last week infos of WW II of our newspaper in KS.

The base in Rothwesten got rid of their last remaining Missile combat tanks (Roland).
Wondering what they will do with the remaining stuff. A real shame, I cant store it at home.

Take care Thomas OP 1

961  Date: 2006-03-11 22:28:40
Dan Canedo ( dancanedo@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

From 1949 until 1953, my family was stationed in Landshut, Germany, where my father, MSGT Henry V. Canedo, was a first sergeant for a battery that was part of the 74th AFA (I know because I recognized the crest is like the ones that he wore). His CO was a CPT MacDonough, not sure about the spelling, but the captain was a graduate of Ohio State and a big fellow.

We first lived in a house on Leopold Strasse, not too sure about the name, then moved to mixed senior NCO/junior officer apartments at the foot of the hill where Landshut's castle sits. Our neighbors included a Japanese-American family from Hawai'i who had a Samoyed named Snowball, and a 1SGT Johnson lived across the hall from us. I remember he had a pretty little daughter named Dixie Lee who was about my age (we were 4 and 5 at the time).

Any names ring a bell?

960  Date: 2006-03-06 03:05:27
Louis A Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for photos from all our past National Reunions From 1991-93-95-97-99-2001-2003-2005 if you have any I would appreciate a copy I am going to use them for the 2007 Calendar. Thanks L.L.

959  Date: 2006-03-05 00:46:26
John Galante ( galantejohn@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

From 1950 to 1953 Iserved in I. oc. 2nd platoon of 3rd bn. 14th A/C as a tank driver.Coburg to Friedberg and finaly Bad Hersfeld. Bert Gardner, are you the guy that through me over his shoulder and knocked me out?

958  Date: 2006-03-03 23:36:01
John Galante ( galantejohn@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I co. 1950-1953 as a tanker.

957  Date: 2006-02-25 04:16:29
George Stathakes ( tilford1@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 74th Squadron of the 5th Constabulary Regiment serving in Bavaria, Germany-1945-46. Any of my trooper buddies still around, I'd like to hear from you.
"pfc" George Stathakes, of Franklin Park, IL (Formerly of Chicago)!

956  Date: 2006-02-25 02:28:11
Thomas W. Costine ( cst711@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I enjoy your pictures and artiles on the U.S. Constabulary. I served in the 3rd ACR in Bayreuth, Germany 55-58 I have heard of the constabulary by many of my older NCO's and I've read much on the occupation of Germany.

955  Date: 2006-02-19 21:15:56
Owen Sonsthagen ( osonsthagen@new.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I have many great memories of serving with veteran U.S. Constabulary troopers on Border Patrol. I have often wondered why the U.S. Constabulary was not awarded their own service medal? If anyone has insight into this, please let me know. Thank you.

954  Date: 2006-02-15 11:07:26
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers.

Found in Ebay and Google a Constabulary Handbook
from Pfc. John A. Curto, 14103961,
A 17th Con. Sqd.
Somebody in USA bought it, but the picture is still in the Web.
Go for google, german language, search for us constabulary and you find something with ebay, constab, go on chage and it shows the book.
Take care
Thomas OP 1

953  Date: 2006-02-15 02:11:59
Tom Costine ( cst711@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Absolutely great site, being a former member of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment , Bindlach , Germany 55-58 I apprecitate what the Constabulary went through.

952  Date: 2006-02-12 02:48:33
Donald D. Stagers ( stagersd@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

Was in Constabularty starting early 49 with 91st. We later moved to Babenhausen. Was there a total of 5 years and 22 days. We were called homesteaders. Enjoyed every day of it.

Donald Dean Stagers
Bartonville, Il. 61607

951  Date: 2006-02-01 13:27:27
Edward Middlekauff ( ehmidd@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

served at: Hqtrs (S1)
2nd Constabulary Brigade
Saar Kaserne -Munich
looking for friendds of Trpr Guy Allison

950  Date: 2006-01-30 21:47:04
Ernest Korchma ( ernvernk@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

very nice website...did a fine job researching the Constabulary...

949  Date: 2006-01-29 18:41:03
Clayton T. Alexander Jr. ( calexjr@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

A Btry 519 FA Babenhausen,1951-54

948  Date: 2006-01-26 19:46:27
Robert Snead ( cathy@mygreencare.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just writing again to give my OP number. It is OP 3.

947  Date: 2006-01-24 21:50:49
Just a Simple Soldier ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.geocities.com/usconstabulary/soldier_poem.html#poem) wrote:

Click the Simple Soldiers Poem I have placed on the homepage link.

by the USCON Web Editor

946  Date: 2006-01-23 04:33:09
Karl I. Moore ( k6913@shasta.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served at Rothweston from February 1947 with the
1st Regiment until the move to Fritzlar and the change to the 14th Regiment. I was in Hq & Sve troop. I was in the motor pool and drove the message runs to Brigade with stops in Bad Hersfeld and Geissen. I later was driver for both Colonel Maloney and Colonel Ryan. I remember many happy times in Bad Wildungen and at the Edersee.
I left Germany via Bremerhaven in April 1949.

945  Date: 2006-01-22 23:47:41
Alice ( amcatkins@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

My uncle Norman Williamson remembers seeing a poem in the constabulary about a "fallen soldier". He wanted this read at his funeral. If anyone can help me find it he would be eternally greatful.

944  Date: 2006-01-22 19:57:47
Robert Snead ( tim@monumentalvending.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 11th Constabulary Reg. Service Troop stationed in Rigensburg, and Weiden Germany between 1946 and 1947.

I would like to hear from anyone station in those cities during that time, also anyone who visited the Fox Club in Weiden.

I do not have e-mail, although my son will forward any responses to me.

Look forward to hear from fellow veterans.

943  Date: 2006-01-21 02:30:11
Vince Sallustio ( vinedisal@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for some one who knew me when I served with the 14 Constabulary 10th Squdrn. in Kitzingen 1946 to 1947.
I was the supply clerk at that time.

942  Date: 2006-01-18 20:49:43
mumugugu ( mumugugu@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

i don landooooooooooooooooo mugu aba owerri

941  Date: 2006-01-17 14:22:59
mgbada joe ( maga@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

i wanna love this site is very fine pls keep it up

940  Date: 2006-01-16 16:23:24
Joe Holding ( CoraH28@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Is there anyone out there that remembers Robert Peterson? He is from Duluth Minnesota, he and I served together in the 68th Constabulary Sqd. in Germany. If so please contact me at the above E-Mail address. He was known as "Pete". Joe Holding.

939  Date: 2006-01-11 00:21:23
Joe Holding ( coraH28@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I recently heard from Donald Kjos in Texas about Henry Kosinski (alias Sad-Sack). He was a DP with "C" Troop / 68th Constabulary Squad. in Budengen, Germany. (1946)

Does anyone out there remember him? Do you know where he might live? Am I remembering/spelling his name correctly?

I was told that he immigrated to the US in 1951 to somewhere in New York state.

If you can help me with any info I would love to know about him...especially after 60 years!

938  Date: 2006-01-10 07:07:01
Mr. Layne A. Holley ( laholley1@insightbb.com / http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/h/o/l/Layne-A-Holley/index.html) wrote:

I enjoy reading all the stories about the U.S. Constabulary. Would anyone remember my father, Archie A. Holley? Dad was recruited from either Lauderdale County, AL or Lawrence County, TN in 1945. By his account he was in Germany by 1946. He once told me he was with the 22nd Constabulary. I think he meant the 22nd Squadron. Dad said that after he was recruited he was sent to Fort "orothort". I believe he may have meant Fort Oglethorpe in northern Georgia. Can anyone help me "connect the dots" to Dad's military service?
Thoroughly enjoy this site!!

937  Date: 2006-01-05 01:55:38
James Tracy ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Sgt First Class James T. Tracy
Headquarters and Headquarters Troop Security Platoon
6th Armored Cavalry Regiment
Straubing, Germany
December 1948 to September 1952
Lifetime Member United States Constabulary Association - Outpost #3

Army Buddies:
Billy C. Harmon - Virginia
Welzie Ebbler - N. Carolina
Jimmie Pritchett - Oregon
Charles Hubbart - ILlinois
Fred Lee Mississippi
James Anzelc - Ohio
Bob Dill - Texas
Luther Dillard - Georgia
Dean Worges - Michigan
John McMahon - Massachusetts
John Henderson - Massachusetts
J. Milton Christensen - California
George Hoffmaster - West Point

Best wishes to all!

936  Date: 2006-01-04 22:04:36
Carolyn Tonneson ( tommye@jam.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

just visiting

935  Date: 2006-01-03 03:42:18
AL Inlow ( constab@ccountry.net / http://www.powderriver.org) wrote:

OUT-POST #8 out west

934  Date: 2005-12-31 15:35:02
Franklin D Bamsey ( fbamsey@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

I also was stationed in Augsburg, Germany from Dec 48 to Oct 51, at Sheridan Kaserne. I and my wife went back in Oct/Nov of this year. The gates are locked to Sheridan Kaserne and they are in the process of tearing it down or remodeling it. The commissary,PX and quarters at Centerville are being torning down. In the twenty years since I was there the street, main roads have change. It took us two hours to find my sister-in-laws house.

933  Date: 2005-12-30 10:27:54
Thomas ( no email / no homepage) wrote:


Google search will show this in the first line:

Ein interessanter Gewerbestandort für Sie - Die Fritz-Erler ...


932  Date: 2005-12-30 10:23:39
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Rothwesten base:
search in GOOGLE for: Fritz Erler Kaserne

You will find new fantastic bird eyes Fotos of the base.

931  Date: 2005-12-30 10:15:29
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello former Rothwesten Constabulary troopers, near Kassel Germany.
The base Fritz Erler Kaserne in Rothwesten near Kassel is farely closed down. Last week the flags were taken down. The soldiers will have to find a new base. Only 60 Soldiers will remain for some admin. tasks.
The future of the very historic base and the currency galery is open, the birth place of the Westgerman Deutsche Mark.
What will happen with the beautiful winggirl at the entrance? The old wallpaintings, the casino with led windows? Perhaps a rich American can buy it before some Holigans or Antiwar freaks, others, tare it down??
The remaining tanks (Roland)HOT will be dismantled instead of being sold. "We Germans are so rich"!!
Hope they won´t destroy the historic tanks which are standing in the base (chain/wheels and 4-Flak.

Take care. Happy New Year to all Troopers.
T. E. S.
OP 1

930  Date: 2005-12-28 15:54:55
Frank Termini ( frankjoan55@ameritech.net / no homepage) wrote:

My condolences to Don Purrington and his family upon Roselyn's passing. May she rest in eternal peace.


929  Date: 2005-12-26 04:56:48
Russell Hewatt ( rchewa5424@ngcsu.edu / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Stutgartt under General John Garmon, I brought the SS troups out of the Black Forest,

928  Date: 2005-12-25 18:02:14
Donald Decker ( dorub@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with Troop B 16th Constabulary Sq.(sep) in Berlin from 1948-1950. We became the 6th Inf.Regt. in Oct 1950. I came home in 1952

927  Date: 2005-12-24 21:52:57
John W Rubincan ( jrubincan@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

1946 to 1947 C Trp 22nd Bn

926  Date: 2005-12-23 06:41:13
warren hallermeier ( polaris100@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served from 49 to 52 in the 70th FA in fussen and nurenburg

925  Date: 2005-12-22 18:27:16
OP 7 - Irene and Ronnie Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

We wish all the members of the U.S. Constabulary a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.............
Irene and Ronnie

924  Date: 2005-12-22 02:48:51
JOSEPH ORAVITS ( JORAVITS@COX.NET / no homepage) wrote:


923  Date: 2005-12-21 17:40:12
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

Memories of old. Marburg, Coburg, Friedberg, Bad Hersfeld, the 50's, The old tank with the two laterals, pull on one and turn right, pull the other turn left, what was that the M26 before the M47, can't remember the numbers, but I can remember the sap from the trees that glued my eyes closed after a nights sleep in the sleeping bag, or the cold steel from the tank if I slept inside the tank, The good old days when I could fit down the hatch at 152 lbs, today 300 lbs, wouldn't go thru the hole. I remember the day when I reenlisted for 6 yrs and became rich overnight when I was paid a whopping I believe it was $360.00 bonus just to see it all disappear before my eyes on the ship as I tossed the dice on the bunks every day on my way home for a 30 day reenlistment leave. And the day that I flew recon over the plowed strip with a Lt who asked me if I wanted to fly with him that day. While we were up there he said you see over there, those are Russian machine gun nests, they could shoot us down if we get to far over this plowed ground. A little scary. Good old days, bring back any memories to anyone. And the good old days of the rank freeze when I did the job of Sgt and got paid Cpls pay. I believe my worst memory was the RIFF program where the Army turned our Battalion Exec Officer from a Major to and SFC. Oh no, that wasnn't it, the worst is when I sat in the dentist chair in a 2 1/2 ton truck for 3 hours while a Corporal and a Lt tried to remove a wisdom tooth. Appreciate it you would email me with some memories of yours. Sgt Urbanski 1950-59

922  Date: 2005-12-17 23:58:55
Charlie Joe Elsea ( elsbttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

From our house to your house!!!!!!!
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year.

Charlie Joe Elsea
National Commander

921  Date: 2005-12-09 20:45:45
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:


920  Date: 2005-12-06 19:17:32
Marvin Farnsel ( mefarnes@tc3net.com / no homepage) wrote:



919  Date: 2005-12-05 19:32:38
LOUIS A LYNN ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:


918  Date: 2005-12-04 17:54:39
DON KJOS ( dkjos@valornet.com / no homepage) wrote:

IN AUGSBURG 47-48 dkjos@valornet.com

917  Date: 2005-12-04 04:17:47
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


916  Date: 2005-11-27 21:50:36
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


915  Date: 2005-11-26 01:29:18
DON KJOS ( dkjos@valornet.com / no homepage) wrote:

new e-mail dkjos@valornet.com
old e-mail dvkjos@arn.net

love to hear from anyone who was in the 68th
in augsburg 47 & 48

914  Date: 2005-11-26 01:12:21
don kjos ( dkjos@valornet.com / no homepage) wrote:

c-68th anyone go on that 100 mile hike, oct. 1947

913  Date: 2005-11-20 16:40:43
Kon Cherewan ( masha1@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a teenager in 1945 when Americans arrived in Passau. I am anxiously looking for a soldier that was there during that time. We received chocolates and ciggarettes. Those memories will always be with me. Thanks for this site.

912  Date: 2005-11-19 17:25:07
Mandy Kolniak ( mandykolniak@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I visited the site to see if my grandfathers name was on the list. He is Joseph Stanley Kolniak 6th Constabulary Squadron Coburg A Troop 2nd platoon SGT. Sawer. March of 1946. If there is anyone who can e-mail me to provide them with his info to be posted on the web site it would be greatly appreciated.

911  Date: 2005-11-19 13:00:44
Charlie Joe Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Troopers and Associate Members,
I want to wish each and everyone a Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving.
Charlie Joe Elsea
National Commander

910  Date: 2005-11-17 21:14:51
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

To all my fellow Troopers and all of our Gallant Heroes fighting to protect us all from
terrorists......HAPPY THANKSGIVING...........
and may GOD PROTECT THEM.........

909  Date: 2005-11-16 17:48:23
T. E Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers!
Who served after WW2 in Wiesbaden and in which base? Name of the base.
Thomas OP 1

908  Date: 2005-11-13 01:33:58
Gene E. Snowden ( wandagene@frontier.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in A Troop 6th sqd.1946-1947 then went Sonthofen and tought unarmed defence and moter transport I was at the school when they closed the school in June 1948.

907  Date: 2005-11-11 19:02:47
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:


906  Date: 2005-11-10 21:37:03
George Molnar ( gvmol2@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

I spent 48 months in Hersfeld
Germany in the 91 Sqdn D Troop 14th inf reg. as radio operator and weapons maintenance repair tech. I have been all over the borders on foot patrols and jeep patrols. I took 6 wks traing at Sonthofen for Desk & records traing in special services.I patrolled along the American and Russian occupation zones every day.

905  Date: 2005-11-07 20:30:34
Max Shuey ( maxnpat2@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Everyone please notice e-mail address change.

904  Date: 2005-11-06 00:00:58
JOSEPH ORAVITS ( JORAVITS@COX.NET / no homepage) wrote:


903  Date: 2005-11-01 14:53:36
Ray Devlin ( rjdevlin@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with C Co. 1st Squadron 14A/C Fulda in 1967 to 1968

902  Date: 2005-11-01 00:43:47
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Haven't read any other comments from others that had attended our National Reunion in Orlando beside Roberta and I. Were we the only people that attended that had a great time? To
The Capone's,Deming's,Hooker's and others who worked very hard to make it a great success,thanks again.
Al & Roberta Sallustio.(from OP8)

901  Date: 2005-10-31 23:49:13
Bill McGeorge ( army1951@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hq Co 371st AIB, Furth, Germany - 1952-53

900  Date: 2005-10-28 22:13:47
Louis Foster ( lfoster8@columbus.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Extremely interesting. I served in Germany in 1965 and never knew about my predecessors in the Cold War. These experiences should be preserved for the future when we are gone.

899  Date: 2005-10-28 19:28:19
JOHN L DERYCKE ( dmotorsports@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

was doing research on my father's job in the army. he served from 1-49-6-52 in landshut germany and was with e 74th FA BN so if you can or if you know anyone in the unit i need some info or pics.

898  Date: 2005-10-27 20:24:39
Seward F French III ( rifrench@meckcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

My Dad served in the early 50's, Coburg, Bamberg and Bad Hersfeld. Served in 2nd Squadron 14 AC in Bad Kissingen 59-61. I remember those days fondly...

897  Date: 2005-10-27 05:03:00
Neal Baker ( retcavalry@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Its been awhile since I last wrote. As you can see I have a new e-mail address.
Would like to hear from any troopers from the Berlin days. Im now in outpost #8

896  Date: 2005-10-19 21:13:12
Littell A Hobbs ( hobbs5101@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Former Radio operator of Headquarters & D troop,any body rember me...Looking for charles Hanna e- Mail & Leory Butler

895  Date: 2005-10-19 17:48:04
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
Tahts very good. One never knows.

894  Date: 2005-10-17 19:18:25
Joe Kenney ( jg12ra67@strato.net / no homepage) wrote:

I second Mike Clark's suggestion. I think there should be some exchange of comments, photos and ideas by the members and users of this excellent site. Would this be appropriate Irene? ...Joe

893  Date: 2005-10-16 20:43:56
john j.kujawa ( mamajean2@mindspring.com / no homepage) wrote:

i was in the 81constabulary in 1946&1947 would like to hear from someone who was there.i was in fulda and it was a beautiful town.we were going from border to border at the time.we had captain martin in our squad.if anyone remembers,would like to hear from you.

892  Date: 2005-10-15 00:57:18
Tib Csabai ( t_csabai@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I was surprised to find this web site. I have "fond" memories of the C troops as a little kid (4 yrs. old), on the "other side." You guys gave me my first introduction to chewing gum and Hershey bars! We were deported by the Germans as forced laborers to Regensburg in late 1944, but that place was destroyed before we got there, so they placed us in a small town (Graselfing) a few miles from Landshut, into a labor camp. After liberation, we had to stay there as there was no transportation available. The C troop and the local farmers were our only sustenance for three years until we got into an IRO camp and eventually emmigrated to the US. Anyone who has information on the Graselfing camp, please speak up and let me in on it. I have many isolated memories, but someone older at the time would have a better insight. I visited the place in 1981, while I worked as a petroleum engineer for Chevron in Europe, but everything about the camp had already been removed, and it was only a large potato field. A few of the old folk in the village remembered the camp but were "embarrased" to talk about it at any length ... other than Ja, it was there, and we got rid of it ... danke shoen! E_mail me if you have any recollections of the place. Regards, Tib Csabai t_csabai@hotmail.com

891  Date: 2005-10-14 14:07:54
Mike Clarke ( clarke_mg@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just an FYI for anybody that may have experienced this same problem:
I was unable to send Lou Lynn an email and photo submission for the proposed 2006 Constabulary Calendar using the email address posted in "Index D" wherein Lou requests submissions be sent. My experience was that doing so resulted in "Failure to Deliver Notifications" from my email server. I had better success using Lou's email address that is posted near the top of the Home Page of the site. That email address differs from the one posted in Index D.

Mike Clarke
Outpost II

890  Date: 2005-10-13 21:47:55
Mike Clarke ( clarke_mg@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just wondering if it would be useful and fun to post select Constabulary photos. I, and I am sure many other members, have at least a few really great Constabulary photograhs scanned and saved as digital files of people, places and activities that would be great additions to the site.
Just a thought...
Mike Clarke, Outpost II

889  Date: 2005-10-12 23:21:59
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Thomas, I checked out the URL and Google and everything works fine for me. No Problem here.

888  Date: 2005-10-10 23:57:36
Charlie Joe Elsea, National Commander ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

For those of you who are interested the Bristol, TN and VA Parade will be on Nov. 5th. If you email me at ElsBttyl@aol.com I will send you the information.
We had a great time last year and everyone is welcome.

Charlie Joe Elsea
National Commander

887  Date: 2005-10-08 16:17:20
thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
if one puts in google search:
"us constabulary" is does´tn draw anymore direkt your webside, it hits/ showes US Milcom Websides and others.
that should be changed, so our comes up under the first five.

886  Date: 2005-10-08 16:08:29
Thomas ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
On Thursday I attended in the townhall Wiesbaden the 60 anniversary of the county Hesse, which was created short after end of WW 2 by the US-Mil.Government, by Mr. Newman.
An honour representaive of the US-Army, Lt.Col. Wulff,stationed at Airbase Wiesbaden-Erbenheim attended the meeting. I spoke to him and asked him, if he knows our Webside. I gave him the link.
Take Care all.
Thomas OP 1

885  Date: 2005-10-07 06:34:02
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I just want to say that my wife and I had a great time at the just concluded National Reunion in Orlando,FL. OP4 put on, without a
doubt, the best national reunion we have ever attended and we have only missed one in the past 12 years. Their attention down to the smallest detail was phenomenal. The hotel was
very nice as were the accomodations. The quality of the food at the buffet breakfasts,
the B-B-Q and banquet was excellent not to
mention the platters of fresh cold cuts
cheeses,breads,chips, pretzels and plenty of
cold beer& soda's,wine,bottled water,coffee and liquors every day in the Hospitality Room.
It was very inspiring listening to our own
Gen.Albin Irzyk and Marine,Lt.Gen.HP.Osman.
speak at the banquet.The 3 guest Officers
from the German Army Military Police School
in Sonthofen were gracious,friendly and lots
of fun. Our heartful thanks to John & Diana
Capone,Jim & Irene Deming,George & Hazel Hooker,Lula & Bill Tiencken,Harry & Vickie
Sandin and all the other folks from OP4 who
worked so hard to make all the rest of us
from other Outposts have a great time and
feel so welcomed. Thank you all in OP4!
....Al & Roberta Sallustio........

884  Date: 2005-10-03 21:18:42
Charlie Joe Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I want to thank every one that voted in the election. Even though I ran unopposed the vote was overwhelming.
I hope I live up to your expectations.
Again, Thanks,

883  Date: 2005-10-02 04:15:46
Adolph W. York ( adolphwilliam@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I joined the 74 field Artillery constabulary and was stationed in Landshut, Germany in C-
Battery from September 30th 1948 and discharged
on July 3rd 1952 from Fort custer, Michigan. I
am trying to complete my uniform but I can't
find a constabulary helmet with the yellow (C)
insignia on the front with blue trim and also a Yellow scarf. I do realize that was some 57 years ago. I would appreciate help finding the
mentioned items If you have any idea where I could purchase them. Thanks Adolph York
6491 Orchid Drive
Jenison, Michigan 49428
Phone 1-616-457-9249

882  Date: 2005-09-27 00:06:04
John Capone ( bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Notice about next issue of Lightning Bolt: Rather than send a late September issue and then publish the regular December issue, we will publish one expanded issue.
We will add pages for Reunion Coverage. Please try to pass the word in your outposts so members will expect this change to the regular schedule. We also invite anyone to send pictures from the reunion and will try to include as many as possible. Thanks. John and Diana

881  Date: 2005-09-25 10:38:16
E R Doyle ( 194cbteng@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

I saw a jeep on display at a Rally put on 10-22-23-24, 2005, by Arkansas Chapter MVPA, with an unusual paint job, it represented vehicle operated by Constabulary in 1948 in Germany. I had never heard of the "Constabulary" before. I was very impressed both by job done in restoring vehicle but also by the uniform driver wore, what caught my eye were the yellow and blue stripes on helment and jeep, and the very distincityive insignia.

880  Date: 2005-09-16 22:37:21
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Just a note to let those who will be attending the reunion in Orlando, that our plans have changed and I am sorry but we will not be able to attend the National Reunion after all. My heart is with all of you and I sincerely wish I could be there too.
Your friends, Irene and Ronnie Moore

879  Date: 2005-09-15 17:08:36
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
I´m in Wiesbaden, we had today a departmentholiday and cruise through Wiesbaden.
I made out the name of the former US-base in Wiesbaden.It must be "Camp Lindsey". Is that right?
I read your mail concerning the heavy desaster in your area. I will answer seperately.
Pleased to hear, you are so far ok and the house is still standing.
Take care!

Thomas OP I

878  Date: 2005-08-22 11:06:27
jürgen ( jeremy02@t-online.de / http://us-army-augsburg.de) wrote:

great site from constabulary i love your picsgreetings from the augsburg constabulary comunity nice site and visit my site

877  Date: 2005-08-22 01:18:05
Louis A Lynn ( Rousca74@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just a reminder the National Reunion is next
monthe try to be there.

876  Date: 2005-08-11 07:18:23
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
I need urgent Phil and Lalas new post address,
cant find him in white pages.

875  Date: 2005-08-06 20:00:41
Robert E. McKeown ( train_man_1@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

Arrived ETO December 31, 1945, Bremerhaven,
Germany. Sent to Schwabach into 2nd Calvary Reconnaissance Squadron Mechaniized Troop B. Sent to Bad Tolz, to Sonthofen and then to Lengries, Murnau and back to Sonthofen Constabulary School. Came home Dec. 1946.

874  Date: 2005-08-06 19:20:12
lisa ( lisa49829@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

iam trying to find a child born to my grandfather in germany he was there from 1946 to 1949 i dont know the town he was in i need help any help with my search his name willam a bergstrom he was a mechanic please e-mail me if you have ideas for me thank you lisa49829@yahoo.com

873  Date: 2005-08-03 18:51:47
lisa ( lisa49829@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

iam interested in finding someone who might hav e know willam bergstrom who served in germany june of 1946 to may of 1949 if anyone knows e-mail me at lisa49829@yahoo.com thank you

872  Date: 2005-08-02 15:18:33
Dean ( deanalt8@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Very educational.

871  Date: 2005-07-30 10:56:33
togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
The letter about Fritzlar looks real good. Thank you. On Monday I start in the new Admin.-section (Homeoffice: Internal Security).
Take care

870  Date: 2005-07-28 15:46:17
Jerry D. Johnson ( jerpat96@aol.com / http://www.geocities.com/usconstabulary2/bigwheel_club.html#big%20wheel%20club) wrote:

Check out pictures of Weiden, Germany, Book of Memories- the "Big Wheel Club", American Red Cross. Posted by the U.S. Constabulary Web Editor, Irene Moore.

869  Date: 2005-07-26 21:15:32
Gene E. Snowden ( wandagene@frontier.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 6th Sqd and at Sonthofen at the school, would like to talk to any trooper that were there.

868  Date: 2005-07-26 02:17:06
Jerry D Johnson ( jerpat96@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I always enjoy browsing thru the Association's webpage to refresh my memory about what all of us (I hope)enjoyed by being a part of the United States Constabulary.

Headquarters Troop
94th Const. Sqdn
Weiden, Germany

867  Date: 2005-07-24 22:39:58
sam zafran ( samz@kansas.net / no homepage) wrote:

Is there anyone out there interested in a copy of Gen Pattons orignial speech(The uncut version, not the movie one) prior to D Day.If so contact me at above address,with your Email and I will send you one.Or you can wait and I will send it to Irene and see if she wants to include it on the web. Sam Z Always a Trooper

866  Date: 2005-07-22 15:35:52
Gerry Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Does anyone know why I cant reach the 2nd A/C Regt web site. Ive had contact for some time but now ,no luck

865  Date: 2005-07-20 01:17:28
Marvin farnsel ( mefarnes@tc3net.com / no homepage) wrote:

Served with the 6th Constabulary Sqd. Hq, Troop at Coburg, Germany 1947, I have a new email address. mefarnes@tc3net.com

864  Date: 2005-07-20 00:13:01
Paul A. Pomeroy ( papom@bayou.com / no homepage) wrote:

U.S. Constabulary, Germany, 1946

863  Date: 2005-07-18 03:11:42
John Jagielo ( jjagiel@elmhurst.edu / no homepage) wrote:

My Father Sgt. Eugene Jagielo served with the 15th Constabulary Regiment Light Tank Troop (46-47). Anyone have info on the Orient Express Detail that the 15th provided? My father was assisgned to this detail. Thanks- John

862  Date: 2005-07-17 06:58:51
CSM GEORGE W ALTON ( nashuaalton7@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to Co A,373rd AIB in Wildflecken Germany 11/52 to 11/55.We had several unit members who had been assigned to the Constabulary in Austria,these men were outstanding soldiers!I served on active duty for 28 years,retired 06/31/79.I had an outstanding career,would like to be back in again.

861  Date: 2005-07-09 23:24:06
John Capone ( bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I have received an inquiry from Edmund (Ed) Chimiel inquiring whether anyone has a roster of A Troop, 14th Squadron, 15th Rgmt, 1946-48. If so, please notify me at bolteditor@aol.com or contact Ed directly at 1-305-681-6944. Thanks. John Caone

860  Date: 2005-07-07 22:43:24
Carl A Buttner ( cbuttner@tampabay.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I joined the 2nd Regiment in Friesing in January 1947 for Constabulary training. I was transferred to Lenggries in the 2nd Squadron, A Troop. Later in 1947 the 2nd Squadron was disbanded and we were transferred to the 66th Constabulary Squadron in Degerndorf. The unit was later redesignated as the 6th Armored Cavalry Regiment and I was with H company. Most of the time I was in clerical or administrative positions. I left in 1949 as a T/3.

859  Date: 2005-07-06 23:44:23
Aaron Bramer ( arbrame@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:


I am a former member of SVC Btry 70th FA Bn (105mm How), which was attached to the 2d Armd Cav. At Merrill Barracks, Nuernberg. It had been redesignated from the 68th FA Bn where it was on duty south of Munich. Col Creighton W Abrams was the Commander of the 2d AC at the time I was assigned there in 1952. The Bn motto of the 70th was: "We Move". The troops said, "Yeah, We Move --- On Saturdays, Sundays, And Holidays. There was never a dull moment in this outfit. I'd enjoy hearing from anyone who was around from 1950 to 1954.

Aaron Bramer

858  Date: 2005-07-04 15:05:17
JR. ( d86@tenni.net / no homepage) wrote:

Happy Fourth Of July to all of you Kartoffelkafers "Troopers" out there

857  Date: 2005-06-30 19:56:22
TE Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene and Ronni!

Got to day the new Contract at 16:00 h, more later. Did you hear from Dick Smith?
He is back in the States by now.


856  Date: 2005-06-25 21:14:27
SFC Howard D. Gentry USA Ret. ( hgentry@military.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am also a former member of the constabulary. I was assigned to the 15th constabulary at Weiden Germany 1950 to the deactivation in Dec. 1952I was assigned to D Troop. I left Weiden and went to nuernberg. I was assigned to the 2nd armord Cav. Regt. until 1960. I'm still a trooper. Howard Gentry

855  Date: 2005-06-22 02:09:40
martin forman ( mdorset1123@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

No mention of 97th sig sq

854  Date: 2005-06-19 11:08:58
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers!

Who of those Troopers, which were on Duty in Wiesbaden (some write Weisbaden)can remember the name of the base, perhaps the street too, so I can make some fotos of the base for the webside.
At present the US Army is in the village Erbenheim near Wiesbaden.Was that the name of the city or was the base direct in Wiesbaden??
I want to make some fotos of the base for the webside (Irene).

853  Date: 2005-06-18 14:41:03
Malinda Mitaritonno ( fourkids35@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am trying to find some Information on my father Johnnie Alfred Michaels. He was in Austria with 5th Calvary during or around the koren war. He said he guarded the "Bridge" ? He is in bad condition and wanted to learn more about his history. If anyone can help me I would greatly Thank You

852  Date: 2005-06-18 02:28:15
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Hello Thomas,
Great news in your message [number 849.] I am happy to learn Trooper Dick Smith was able to visit the Fritzlar Base after all. Hopefully, others will be able to tour also in the future. Keep up your contacts on your end and thank you for all your help in making such an event to be possible. I will await your call, and will write the special letter.
Your friend, Irene

851  Date: 2005-06-16 12:36:29
Braxton Fincher ( bracfin@hotmail.com / http://bracfin.homestead.com/) wrote:

I am 77 yars old and was a Constabulary trooper in my early days. I was in Troop "C", 74th Constabulary Squardron, 5th Constabulary Regiment, stationed at Augsburg, Germany. We were in the Sheridon Koncarn. There was a change of some kind which took place at one time but I am not able now to remember it clearly. Something about another Constabulary regiment absorbing the 5th....and we became something else....?

850  Date: 2005-06-15 23:42:00
EDWARD JIVIDEN ( jividenfam@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

My uncle, m/sgt Edward Mordush, served with hq & hq trp, 25th constabulary squadron in Regensberg. He served in the theater from Feb 1945 to May 1947. I was wondering if anyone may remember him or had any info on his unit. He passed away in 1977.

849  Date: 2005-06-11 14:48:10
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,
I´m at present in Wiesbaden.
Dick is now in Norway. I visited Dick in Fulda on the "60 years German Friendship US Army" on the Airfield in Fulda with beer and bratwurst.
He will return on 19th to USA.
The visit in Fritzlar worked out well, in the end they could go in the base.
I´ll call you by phone next week to ask some other details for a special letter.
Take care all.
Thomas OP 1
Take care

848  Date: 2005-05-24 21:09:24
Karen Dunford ( kjdunford@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father Bill Galloway was on the 1947 football team that won the European Command Championship. He was in the 2nd regiment in Augsburg, Germany. He would like to know if there are any team members out there. I will forward the information on to him. He and my mom are living in Sunriver, Or

847  Date: 2005-05-23 20:32:40
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi fellow Troopers. My wife and I attended our
OP8 Reunion in Coeur d'Alene,Idaho last month
and we had a great time. We visited with old
friends Ed&Mary Cordeiro,Tony&Donna Alvarez,
Bob&Norma Plath,Bill&Debbie Ostrowski and
many others including Jim&Irene Deming who traveled all the way from Florida.It was great seeing Jim and Eddie again after their bouts with illnesses this past year. The hotel was 5 star with great views of the lake. We already made hotel reservations and have our airline tickets for the National Reunion in Orlando this Sept. We are looking forward to meeting up with all our friends from all the other Outposts. Hope to see all of you there. GOD BLESS ALL MY FELLOW TROOPERS. Al Sallustio

846  Date: 2005-05-22 23:19:56
Joseph J. Gazzola ( cadre@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

Perhaps some of these names may be familiar, My records were lost in the "famous fire", if you know any of these people or units, I would appreciate any information. In early 1947 I was sent to Germany, shortly after arriving, I became a member of the Constabulary. First in Fulda, then to Wetzlar and finally to Augsburg.
While in Wetzlar I was given demolition training and cavalry training. I finished my enlistment as a trooper in the 68th(?) in Augsburg.
I was discharged in 1948. I do not remember all the units that I was in, but I do remember being in Wetzlar while Rita Hayworth made a visit.
I also remember that at one time my Platoon leader was George S. Patton the son of General George S. Patton. Names I remember are Capt. Munson; Lt. Oliver D. Street; Sgt. Joseph Bruskay; Joe Sullivan of Cambridge, Mass,; Edgar Rager from Pennsylvania; Thomas Abraham; Sgt Vaskes(?);.....less n and less names as time goes on.

845  Date: 2005-05-22 21:01:34
Joseph J. Gazzola ( cadre@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Fulda, Wetzlar and finally in Augsburg, I do not rember other units, but in Augsburg it was the 68th. RA 1946 t0 1948.

844  Date: 2005-05-22 01:44:24
ed liston ( sonnyvero@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 2nd Bn., 6th A/C from 1950-53. Also spent time in Straubing. I now live in Maine and Florida and am a member of Outpost #1, U.S. Constabulary Assn.

843  Date: 2005-05-20 20:50:02
C. Max Shuey ( patnmax2@theunion.net / no homepage) wrote:

Checking in to change E-Mail Address. I was in Hq. troop 27th Squadron in Darmstadt, Germany
1946 to 1948, as a radio operator.

842  Date: 2005-05-20 19:41:12
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene, Phil, Lala, Dick Smith.
how are You?. Soon Dick will be in Germany and see the area of Fritzlar and Bad Wildungen, Fulda, perhaps Marburg.

Looking forward to see Dick and Co.

Take care
OP 1

841  Date: 2005-05-20 06:44:12
Claudia Koch ( claudia.koch@us.army.mil / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for any information about the Constabulary Headquarters Air Liaison Squadron that was stationed in Heidelberg around 1945 to 1947. I am trying to find out more about my grandfather who was a captain and pilot with this unit. If anybody was stationed in Heidelberg around that time please contact me. I have a coupe of photos and you might be able able to recognize him. All we know is that his first name was Bob and that he was originally from Massachussets.

Thank you so much for you help.

Claudia Koch, U.S. Army Europe, Heidelberg

840  Date: 2005-05-18 01:45:53
leo r claude ( leo_claude@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

94th sqdn,11th reg.weiden,germany 46/48. Landed
at LaHarve,France crossed France in 40 & 8 rail
cars to Marberg. Went to the 3rd Infantry and later to Constabulary.

839  Date: 2005-05-12 03:12:55
bill vasel ( labvasel@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

517 AFB

838  Date: 2005-05-08 02:08:19
larry wyne ( auburncord@aol.com / http://aol.com) wrote:

this was really different reading thru, i left r.v.n. 01-25-70. was given 45-day leave(for my family), orders read f.r.g. at field a(someone in military-assignments/pentagon doesn't spell very well. that was 03-05-70. but the BUS ride out frankfurt was beautiful(sunny-day warm-rays thru the sky-lites), then we finally got to field-a(big sign outside regt hq) said "welcome to 14th a.c.r. at FULDA", thank god it wasn't some damn trainig field in the of nowhere. i spent 3 yrs 2mo's there. it was/is a beautiful city, being so close to the "enemy" border. how could approx 200,000 troops(nato) ever hold back 1+ million "ruskies"??? but damn-it we all did it(berlin-corridor fencelines) the 14th acr & 11th acr(blackhorse) in 1972-on. servd em both PROUDLY & w/ HONOR!!! thnx, larry(circle pines, minn)

837  Date: 2005-05-05 12:41:18
Robert Abbott ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

1946 germany constabulary.
Robert Abbott
Mans, Ohio

836  Date: 2005-05-04 14:49:50
Franklin D Bamsey ( fbamsey@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am Franklin D Bamsey, former member of Co H & Hq & Hq Co, 3rd Bn, 2nd Armd Cav, stationed in Sheridan Kaserne, Augsburg, Germany. Arived from Marburg, Germmany in Augsburg and taken to the Mess Hall for supper and a speech by Col Reed, this was in the 22nd of December 1948 and we stayed in Augsburg until Oct 51 and than moved to Amberg until Oct 52 when I departed and went back to the States. I still have the pamphlet they put out on the 116th Anniversary of the 2d Armored Cavalry with Col Abrams picture on the inside. Have checked over the Guest List and sent e-mails to a few to let know which unit I was in. If there e-mails are upto date that is good.

Franklin D Bamsey
Fredericksburg, VA

835  Date: 2005-05-01 01:39:00
Patrick Martin ( herzobase@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father served in the Constabulary at Sonthofen from about 1946 till 1947. Later was sent to Ft.Bragg. His name:BuckSgt Jack E.Martin from San Antonio,Texas. Still have the photos of the Tower,German armbands and a cig case with a map of the zones. Thank you for the site. Hello to Trooper G.Thompson.

834  Date: 2005-04-30 19:52:17
Dennis Morgan ( ddmorg@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

To anyone who has knowledge of a Captian Lawerance Matthews which was the Company Commander of HHT, 1st Constabulary Brigade out of Weisbaden from '46-'47. I have a German freind that would like to get some information on his whereabouts. He worked with him as the company arms room worker. Any info please email me at ddmorg@yahoo.com

833  Date: 2005-04-26 13:03:32
Allen Smith ( apsmith@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Would like to hear from anyone who served in the 15th & 17th Cavalry (Distric Constabulary) 1944-47. Hq & Svs. Trp 15th Constabulary stationed in Schwetzingen, or B, C or HQ $ Svc. Trrp.14th Con Sq. from 1947 Through 1948. Also anyone who may remember my father Herb (Al), Smith from NJ and who might have a picture of him or of the entire platoon, troop or squadron in formation. I would love to try to find a photo of my father from when he was in the Constabulary. Please contact me! Thank you all.

832  Date: 2005-04-26 02:25:55
Louis N. Murray ( murray1000@charter.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for anyone who served at Schwahbisch Hall, l5th Const Sq l946-1947, and transferred to Augsburg in l948. I was with the 68th Sq, 2nd reg, Headquarters Service Troop Mortar Platoon, Platoon Officer was Lt John B. Gowan. I am a new member of the Const. Assoc Outpost #4. Would welcome e-mail from any troopers that served at this time period. Also, would be glad to hear from someone from outpost #4. My residence is Alabama.
Thanks and hope to see you at the National Reunion in September.

831  Date: 2005-04-26 00:18:01
joseph oravits ( joravits@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:


830  Date: 2005-04-23 22:19:16
P Martin ( herzobase@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father served in the US Constabulary from 1945 until 1947. Was stationed at Sonthofen.Thanks for the excellent web page.

829  Date: 2005-04-21 20:13:24
Evelyn Thorborg ( Evelyn@Thorborg.de / no homepage) wrote:

My Dad spent his time in Berlin/Germany around 1949 at the 16th Constabulary Squadron (makes me so proud). His name was Robert (Bob) Dorell (or Durall) or something like that. He was from the State of Alaska (that's what my Mom told me). Would be so very happy to have contact to somebody who knew him. I was born in Berlin in July 1950, my mothers name was (she died) Maria Bielawski. Does anybody know anything? Thank you, Evelyn

828  Date: 2005-04-21 01:25:29
tmoreno ( tmoreno1@twcny.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father was in Germany in 1951/52. He received a birthday card from the Commanding Officer of the 24th Constabulary Squadron. He spent time in Hersfeld. If you were there during that time, I'd like to hear from you.

827  Date: 2005-04-17 18:22:54
Josh Yojusf ( bullit2@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for your reply, I will call you on tudsday the 19th around 5:00 PM, Most interesting Career.
Josh Yojusf

826  Date: 2005-04-15 18:23:15
edward f butler ( ebutler242@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

i was stationed in regensberg in i company 3rd bat 6th acr from sept 51 to feb 54.had a great time there. would appreciate other buddies who were ther same time to contact me.

825  Date: 2005-04-14 11:31:43
Josh Yojusf ( bullit2@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

As Others See us

September 22nd, 1950
“Lightning Bolt”


NEW York-
”The U. S. Constabulary is ready in Germany,” the ”New York, Times reports to the American public.
-In a special August article and picture spread,” the N. Y. Times hails the United States Constabulary. As the troops who Would Be First to Meet Any Invasion: of American Zone in Germany,” presenting on the spot photos of Constabulary equipment and operations over here.
For Constabulary personal who are Interested In knowing what newspapers back home are saying
About us, the Bolt presents this second’ to a series of articles on Constab currently appearing In Stateside newspapers.

Labeling the Constabulary” as the Force. Well-trained' to meet any. Attacks from the East,” New ‘York Times

reports to nationwide readers: “The highly mobile, well trained United States Constabulary would be, the first

military group to meet any invasion ‘of ‘the United States zone.

“This force Is understood to be composed of approximately 20,000, to 25000,men strung, along ’the frontier

from Kassel to Salzburg. The Constabulary is armed with medium (and, possibly of late, I with heavy) tanks but

appears to rely mainly on fast armored cars. “The group originally was formed: In 1945 as a force to “police”

Germany and that was Its principal task for the first two years. “Gradually, however, the West ‘Germans took

over their own policing activities.

During the same period friction with the Communists increased and the Constabulary became the United

States’ “shock” force in West Germany. Actually, along with the First Division, It is the only real, combat”

force. in the United-States zone’. “From the’ beginning, great emphasis on morale has been used on these

troops. The troopers are permitted to wear, special articles of “uniform, notably golden scarves “and yellow

striped’ helmets. The helmet decoration earned the troopers the name of “potato bug” among the West

Germans. “Along, with those morale. Building” privileges the troopers have received a continuous dose of very

tough training. In maneuvers,. For instance, they are usually the attacking forces.

“ While the Constabulary, always has tried to get as many professionals as possible the percentage. Of combat

veterans is only slightly higher than in an average division. The Constabulary’s equipment Is the best available

here, although much it Is well worn. “Recently one of the top Army officials here Insisted that the Constabulary

and the First Division ‘could “take care”, of the East German People's Police should it attack, and “quickly push

them back ‘out.” The same official conceded that if the Russians attacked the United States forces here could

Not do much against them.”

824  Date: 2005-04-13 23:48:15
Marvin Ninke ( marvn@softcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Schweinfurt,Munich @ NCO Academy & Bad Kissingen

823  Date: 2005-04-13 18:22:34
Tom McClenahan ( mcclenahan@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

Joined C Troop, 6th Constabulary Squadron at Coburg November 1948 which became I Co, 14th ACR. Detached from the unit in Hersfeld in April 1952 to return to CONUS for discharge.

822  Date: 2005-04-12 05:12:50
David A Gregory ( davidgregory1@mac.com / no homepage) wrote:

I ran across your site while looking up some stuff on Stuttgart. My service in Germany was a few generations from that of the Constabulary ( I served in the 1980's) as mine now is from the current force. Some of the links posted will help me with my interest in the Post-War period of Germany.

821  Date: 2005-04-12 00:47:01
robert w wolfe ( bpwolfe@myvine.com / no homepage) wrote:

i was supply sgt. in the late summer of 1946 in the 10th constabulary squadron headquarters troop in kitzengen germany. my commanding officer was capt. anderson.

820  Date: 2005-04-08 01:01:48
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

To Josh Yojusf !
As I told you before your E - Mail Address is incorrect. Please correct it so we can have private conversation !
George Thompson

819  Date: 2005-04-06 23:08:11
Josh Yojusf ( bullit2@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

As late as mid-February 1946, however, the US Constabulary consisted only of a plan and a headquarters. When Maj. Gen. Ernest N. Harmon was appointed commanding general on 10 January, he was for a time the sole member of the constabulary.

818  Date: 2005-04-06 14:01:53
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Trooper Josh Yojusf !
Your message of April 4, 2005 in the Guest Book
about the " Begining " of the U.S. Constabulay is very interesting to me, especially the part about the District Constabulay.
I tried to E - Mail you,but your E - Mail Address is not correct. What Unit did you serve in, where & when ?
Trooper George Thompson, Outpost 2 Historian
42nd Sqd., 2nd. Regiment, Freising, Germany

817  Date: 2005-04-04 23:47:30
Josh Yojusf ( bullit2@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

U.S. Constabulary
The Beginning
A beginning had already been made in September, when G-2, USFET, recommended creating security forces for each military district (and Berlin and Bremen) to be composed of MPs, CIC detachments, and district constabularies. The district constabularies would be mechanized cavalry groups taken from the tactical units, given special instruction in military government laws and ordinances, trained in conducting raids and searches, and employed as quick, mobile security reserves. G-2 also proposed a distinctive uniform, but G-4 could not supply any special items of dress; and when the districts activated their constabularies in November, the only distinguishing marks were the letters "DC" painted in yellow on the front of the helmet liners.77
From the idea of the district constabularies, USFET in the fall of 1945 evolved the concept of the United States Constabulary, a self-sufficient security force for the whole zone. Calculating on the basis of one constable (plus signals, supply, and air reconnaissance) for 450 Germans, Eisenhower informed the War Department that a constabulary of 38,000 men would be enough to establish police-type control by 1 July 1946, assuming that by then the surplus property, DP, and prisoner of war burdens would have been substantially eliminated. The estimated savings in the Occupational Troop Basis would amount to 81,000 spaces, since the supporting tactical troops could be reduced to three divisions and one army headquarters.78
The organizational plans, completed at the turn of the year, provided for a Headquarters, US Constabulary, comparable to a corps headquarters; three brigade headquarters, one for each Land capital; nine regimental headquarters, one for each Regierungsbezirk; and twenty-seven squadrons, located so as to cover one or more Kreise.79 Each squadron would have three mechanized and two motorized troops (thirteen men to the troop) equipped with M5 armored cars mounting 37-mm. cannons (the mechanized troops only), quarter- and half-ton trucks, .30-caliber light machine guns, Thompson submachine guns, rifles, pistols, and code and voice radios. The US Constabulary was to be an elite force of handpicked men, distinguishable from the other troops by their highly polished paratroop boots, service coats in place of the standard Eisenhower jacket, gold silk scarves, Sam Browne belts, and lacquered helmet liners circled with a half-inch blue stripe flanked by two half-inch yellow stripes and with the constabulary insignia (a gold disc bordered in blue with the letter "C" in blue pierced by a bolt of lightning in red) on the front. 80
As late as mid-February 1946, however, the US Constabulary consisted only of a plan and a headquarters. When Maj. Gen. Ernest N. Harmon was appointed commanding general on 10 January, he was for a time the sole member of the constabulary. By mid-February, he had selected a headquarters staff; on the 16th, a constabulary school opened in the former Adolf Hitler Schule at Sonthofen to train members of a cavalry reconnaissance squadron as teachers for the main body of the constabulary yet to be assigned.

816  Date: 2005-04-03 19:48:54
John R. Holcomb ( jrholcomb@optilink.us / http://www.optilink.us) wrote:

Joined 1s Armed Division, 4th Tank Bn at Panzier Concern, Goppingen, Germany March 1946.
Served on outpost, Nurtigen, Ulm, Herrinbergb,
Blauberen. Served at US Constab School, Sontofen, Guard Troop and Demonstration Troop. Modeled Uniform.

John R. Holcomb
811 East Willow Park Dr
Dalton, Georgia 30720
Phone 706-278-6588

815  Date: 2005-03-29 18:23:35
Edward Keaney ( www.edwki@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed in schweinfurt and then moved to Bad Kissengen with the 2/14 ACR Dog Co.
1950/ 1953

814  Date: 2005-03-27 16:07:35
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings to all our U.S. Constabulay friends all over the world.

We wish for you a beautiful Easter Sunday with your families...

813  Date: 2005-03-23 02:25:11
Joseph Nemeth ( JPWNEMETH@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for members of "C" btry. 74th fiel Arty. Btn. Stationed in Landshut Germany from 1948 to 1951. List of men. last names.
Carrillo Collins-Sgt. Cambell-Lt.
Crain Dungan Dronberger
Edwards Fishpaw-Capt. Fleagle
Godsey Hempy hermanski
Hoppe, Bruce kalego Matthews
Mitchell Ostyn Powell
Richards Russell A.B. Sauer
Spillane-Sgt. Stillwell Taylor
waddel-LT. Wilson-Sgt.
I hope some of you are still around, if so please contact me.

812  Date: 2005-03-21 00:03:56
Joe Nemeth ( JPWNEMETH@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed in Landshut, Germany with "C" Btry. 74th Field Arty. Btn. from Oct. 1948 to 1951.I was a Jeep driver and radio operator. Specialty # 2704 (forward observer).Each time i get out my photo album and go through it, it brings back many fond memories of the many good times we had.

811  Date: 2005-03-16 21:33:45
margaret thomas ( magmum80@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for photos of the US Army of Occupation in Germany for the year 1946. I am producing
the Ron Harwood play "Taking Sides" and we require 2 uniforms for a Major and a Luitenant.
Any help would be appreciated.
I am in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

810  Date: 2005-03-15 22:17:52
"Jim" ( ariton_47@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was in the
2nd Battalion
2nd Armed Cav Regt
CO "F"


good drinker, good boxer/fighter

know me? or Mink, Tatum, Cooper ?

809  Date: 2005-03-08 02:00:18
Clarence D. Rollins ( ccdram2@wmconnect.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to Troop D, 42d Sqd, 2d Cav Regt
from August 46 thru May 49. Stationed in Straubing & Augsburg.Would love to here
from any of the old timers still around. I retired out of the service on July 1973.

808  Date: 2005-03-04 21:58:36
George Valenzuela ( gvalenzsr@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Would very much like to hear from anyone stationed in Linz with the MP Troop and 4th Recon in Steyr, Austria.

807  Date: 2005-03-01 00:32:48
William Larson ( wmlarson@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the Military Government DP Section in Linz, Austria in 1947 and early 1948.

806  Date: 2005-02-28 14:25:46
B J Broussard ( breauxbruce@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

Where can i sign up as a member

805  Date: 2005-02-27 00:33:44
john vella ( jimv60@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

i was in landshut germany from 1948-1952., 74th armored field artillary,b battery, mess sargeant. would like to hear from anyone at that time.

804  Date: 2005-02-23 00:54:56
Gene E. Snowden ( wandagene@frontier.com / no homepage) wrote:

I belong to OP 8. Passed Comander and Nat. SGT. At Arms.

803  Date: 2005-02-20 04:50:04
Donald H. Mashburn ( dmashburn@cuonline.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to the 16th Constabulary Squadron (Separate), Berlin, Germany in January 1947. I was the Orderly Room Clerk for Troop B. When It was removed as a line organization, I was reassigned, along with an officer and about 3 sergeants, to Troop E. All of the tanks and equipment belonging to Troop E had been sent to the American Zone. Within a few weeks, all of the others in Troop E were either rotated back to the States or reassigned to one of the other troops. That left me as the only man in the outfit. I worked as a personnel specialist at Squadron Headquarters. Since I was still the only man in E Troop, I typed up ahead of time all the reports, such as morning reports and payrolls. I was probably the only man in the army that was his own CO, 1st Sgt, etc.

Captain Richard A. Beyer had been my CO at Troop B and had been reassigned to Headquarters. When the Squadron went on manuevers, he became Acting CO for the Squadron. He asked me to be the Sgt Major. I was barely 18, and I thought I was in heaven! First Sergeant Donald Sandstrom was the Personel Sgt/Major, and I also filled in for him sometimes when he was on leave, etc.

If any of the people I worked for and/or with see this, I would appreciate very much hearing from them. I still believe the 16th Constabulary Squadron (Separate) was the finest organization the army ever had.

802  Date: 2005-02-17 17:51:37
Mike Montgomery ( mike.montgomery@hq.hqusareur.army.mil / no homepage) wrote:

Great website. Irene, keep up the good work! Would especially enjoy seeing more photos from the period.

801  Date: 2005-02-13 18:16:29
Edward E. Brown II ( ebrown83@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Lt. Edward E. Brown, served in the
15th Constabulary squadron in the early 1950s.
I've been going through his old slide collection
and have a number of photos from this period.
Although I was only 18 months old at the time,
this period in our family history remains in
memory thanks to these slides. I am now using
a PC and scanner to recover these as JPEG images
so that they will not be lost forever. Reading
the history of the 15th and other Constabulary
units helps fill in the larger picture of that
time and your web site is much appreciated.

With best regards,

Edward E. Brown II

800  Date: 2005-02-10 21:27:16
``Jack L Williamson ( jwilli7752@erinet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I would like to join the Constabulary associtation.Could someone tell me how to get an application.

799  Date: 2005-02-09 08:43:15
Robert Kaiser ( longtooth@qwest.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served with 11th Const. sqdn, 1st const. Reg in Rotwesten, Germany outside of Kassel from Mar 46 to Apr 47.

798  Date: 2005-02-08 19:55:21
Monty Sontag ( msontag@stx.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

As a 1st Brigade Constabulary trooper in Weis- baden, Germany from March 1946 to October 1948 serving as troop Information NCO I was pleased to see a list of those who served in this time period. I recognized a few of those with whom I served. Thank you for maintaining this history.

797  Date: 2005-02-08 04:02:13
Donald W. Decker ( dorub@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with Troop B 16th Constabulary Sq.(sep)in Berlin 1948 to 1950

796  Date: 2005-02-07 14:56:53
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

There are the Circle C Cowboys and there are the other Cowboys. They are the Circle D Cowboys known as the Dallas Cowboys. They will be circling all around the Patriots and the Eagles next year. Get ready, Super Bowl 40 here come the Dallas Cowboys. Also watch the Texas Rangers spring into action shortly. I was surprised a couple days ago when I heard Max Schmelling died. I didn't even know he was still around. I believe it was sometime in 1951 (when I was a Circle C Cowboy) that I saw him referee a fight between the American GI's and the Germans. He was 99 yrs old when he died. He beat Joe Louis and then Joe knocked him out later. I saw Joe Louis put on a 3 round exibition fight in Michigan City, Indiana when I was about 15 yrs old. A lightning left jab. I remember back then if someone said a person was 99 yrs old I really thought it was old. Not any more. Take care and lets all live to be at least 199.

795  Date: 2005-02-06 19:35:06
Bruce M Farnham ( BF64LORDS@GMAVT.NET / no homepage) wrote:

I was with D Co 2nd Bn 14th A/C from May 1951 until Nov 1952, Stationed at Schweinfurt and Bad Kissingen.

794  Date: 2005-02-05 04:17:37
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:


793  Date: 2005-02-01 19:56:48
John Bronson ( jwb@nwonline.net / no homepage) wrote:

After discharge as T/Sgt Hq 3rd Army, was a Dep't of Army civilian attorney in Constabulary Hq JA section from 1946-51.

792  Date: 2005-02-01 14:06:45
MarvinFarnsel ( mefarnes@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, To all you Old Circle C Cowboys. I have a New email address mefarnes@yahoo.com Served with the 6th Const. Sqd. Hq Troop at Coburg 1947. Any you Old Cowboys remember the Little Brown derby or the Big brown derby??? If you do your getting old. But good you can remmber.

791  Date: 2005-01-31 18:30:07
F, A. JR. ( d86@tnni.net / no homepage) wrote:

I believe i gave an incorrect e-mail address before. Thank you. Regensburg-Sonthofen 25th Const. and 91st FA BTN. 1947-1949

790  Date: 2005-01-31 06:12:12
lawrence w dubreuil ( jpduroche@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

does anyone remember "GORDON DUBREUIL"?? he is my father and anyone who knows him please contact me at jpduroche@yahoo.com thanks p.s. he was with the 277 CID

789  Date: 2005-01-26 18:22:59
T E Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Irene, Phil, Lala,

how are things going? We have here in Wiesbaden cold weather. 5 C below freezing point.
I was two weeks ago in Marburg. There is an archive which has some files of Constabulary work.
I´ll take some time off, and have a look at it. May be they have some photos or pershaps a film.
Take care, (I keep on freezing )
Y f Thomas

788  Date: 2005-01-24 00:33:27
Barney Phillips ( Barney-Shannon@MSN.com / no homepage) wrote:

My dad Clifford Franklin Phillips served at the constabulary in 1947 with the Medical Detachment. That is all I know about this part of his service. He passed away December 2003. If anyone served with him it would be interesting to hear from them. Thanks.

787  Date: 2005-01-17 01:01:22
paul g nohe ( nohepg@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for men that served in the 27th. const.Squadron ,1946 thru 1949 at Schweinfurt, Germany. I served in Hq. Troop. Thanks

786  Date: 2005-01-16 14:22:54
al destefano ( adeste1443@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great web site. Hope more people log on and add to it.

785  Date: 2005-01-15 15:27:09
Don Jandrey ( jandrey@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi I served with the 74th F.A B.N IN Landshut Germany from Nov.1949 to Oct 1952 Would like to hear from any one who was there.Iam a new member.My outpost#5.Keep up the good work .

784  Date: 2005-01-13 19:35:00
Amorelli Vito J ( nonno881@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am a life member of op 1 ,i served from 46 to 47 in Rosenhime,Degendorph and Bertsgarden In B troop 66th const sqd.Ca`n remember much at 76yr but i know i was part of something great at the time.

783  Date: 2005-01-10 19:55:11
Louis A Lynn ( cousca@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just a note to say hello to all the troopers and and their family's hope the winter is treating you well as we count down to Groundhog day, Will we have 6 more weeks of winter? Whats your guess???????????

782  Date: 2005-01-10 02:07:38
George Patterson ( BUSAVA@aol.com / http://www.Brotherhood-usava.org) wrote:

Served with B Troop 2nd Sqdn 15th Cavalry Schwabach,Germany 1962-64

781  Date: 2005-01-08 19:54:14
Richard C. Brown ( rcb841@twcny.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

interested to see information being developed about the Constabulary. I was in the 2nd Rgt band in 1946-1947.

780  Date: 2005-01-02 03:44:42
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Happy New Year to all the United States Constabulary Troopers.
I will be in Lynchburg, VA., Tuesday Jan. 4, for one week.

Your Web Editor......Irene

779  Date: 2004-12-30 14:24:29
Denise Duguay-Kowalick ( ddk7557@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

I just wondered if there was anyone from the 66th Con Sqd. who might have served with my dad around 1947? As I posted earlier my daughter is now stationed in Iraq and I am trying to get some info on the 66th but there doesn't seem to be much out there. Can anyone help me out? Dad was a Tech 5 (not quite sure what that would be today). His name was Paul E. Duguay.
The site is wonderful, I have learned so much over the last few weeks which I am passing on to my daughter. All of you are incredible people to whom we all owe a great debt! Thank You!

778  Date: 2004-12-29 14:39:13
Charles Taliaferro ( ctaliaferro@kitchentablegang.org / http://www.kitchentablegang.org) wrote:

You can retire your tattered, worn out and frayed American flags without cost to you. Send your flags to the Kitchen Table Gang Trust, 42922 Avenue 12, Madera, CA 93638-8866 and we will dispose of your flags in a proper and dignified manner with full honors pursuant to the United States Code. Please, don’t throw your old flags away, send them to us!


Charles Taliaferro

777  Date: 2004-12-27 21:54:40
Don Jandrey ( jandrey@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 74th Field Artillery Battalion C Battery Landshute Germany from November 1949 to October 1952. I would like to hear from anybody that was there at that time.

776  Date: 2004-12-26 02:42:28
Lori Hay ( Nibscribe@att.net / no homepage) wrote:

The best Dad in the world, Bob Monasmith, is my father. And from what he tells me, a whole bunch of you are wonderful people too! Thank you for serving our beloved country!! Don't think for a minute that your efforts during and after WWII went unnoticed.

775  Date: 2004-12-25 03:09:15
Donald F. Burton ( dfburton1@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served with 3rd Constabulary Brigade Headquarters 1947, 1st Constabulary Squadron 1947-1948.

774  Date: 2004-12-23 18:51:35
joseph oravits ( joravits@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:


773  Date: 2004-12-22 15:57:38
Ralph Stovall ( w.r.stovall@worldnet.att.net / no homepage) wrote:

I want to send Christmas Greetings to all Constabulary Troopers... I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas celebration and a healthy and prosperous New Year.
I served with the 6th Squadron, 6th Regiment 1946 - 1948, Coburg. God bless you all. I am a member of Outpost #4.

772  Date: 2004-12-22 08:22:55
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just wanted to say MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR and to list my new e-mail address. A special hello to troopers from COBURG, FRIEDBERG AND BAD HERSFELD, BAMBERG AND MANNHEIM, DURING THE PERIOD 1950-1959. Tank Company, 3rd Battalion, 14th A/C------Tank Company 2nd Battalion 3rd A/C and 510th Tank Battalion, Mannheim.

771  Date: 2004-12-19 22:23:40
Denise Duguay-Kowalick ( ddk7557@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

My dad, Paul E. Duguay was a Tech 5 with the 66th Con Sqd. in Germany. He was discharged from Camp Kilmer on 15 July 1947.
My daughter is now in Iraq part of the 411th CA BN serving with the 1st ID in Baqubah. I just wanted her to have a little history of her grandfather.

770  Date: 2004-12-19 20:15:49
Donald Dean Stagers ( stagersd@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

Jeni9ck, I arrived at Sonthofen, Germany in early l949 and was assinged to Service Btry of the 91 Field Artillary Bn. I remained there until we in the 519th FA Bn. moved to Babenhausen,Germany and remained stationed there until l954. Returned to US then.

I have just viued some pictures of some of my friends when in Sonthofen. Darrel Jenick, Tom Tonkin, Al Inlow, Potts, Paul Smith PFC Roone.
If you have a contact for any of those people I sure would like to get in touch with them.

Donald Dean Stagers


769  Date: 2004-12-18 07:07:39
AL SALLUSTIO ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:


768  Date: 2004-12-16 17:57:31
John Capone ( Bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Diana and I want to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. There is much yet to be accomplished in 2005. After you read this issues article Preserving Our Legacy in the Lighting Bolt,we welcome your imput and participation in carrying out this important project .John and Diana Capone Bolt Editors

767  Date: 2004-12-15 21:41:41
William Bent ( wdbenr@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to all troopers. Thank you for your service to our country. God bless.

William Bent (son of late Walter Bent, 4th Constabulary Rgt., E Troop, Linz, Austria 47-49.)

766  Date: 2004-12-15 17:13:17
Louis A Lynn ( cousca@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

I would like to wish all a very merry christmas and a most happy and a prosperous new year and may God bless you all.

L.A. Lynn
National Commander

765  Date: 2004-12-14 23:58:24
Jim Deming ( jimrene@mindspring.com / no homepage) wrote:

Irene, I never get tired of visiting this really wonderfull web site. You are amazing. Keep up the great work. We all appriciate this and the things that you do for us. Jim Deming

764  Date: 2004-12-14 18:26:18
Michael Lanzillotta ( lanzlaw@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Amerigo "Rick" Lanzillotta served in Berlin in 1950 & 1951

763  Date: 2004-12-14 16:20:45
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings Troopers & Friends in the USA and Germany!
Wishing you a Blessed Christmas & a Wondederful
Happy New Year !
Trooper George B.Thompson
Troop B, 42nd Sqd. 2nd. Regement, Freising,
Germany, now of 131 Cherry Blossom Drive, Churchville, Penna. 18966 - 1016

762  Date: 2004-12-12 01:20:57
Rick Newman ( rickgnewman@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I have a photograph of three soldiers in uniform [WW II] era which we believe was taken by my father in law. The men are standing under a banner sign that reads
1st constabulary squadron
15th constabulary Regiment

Do you have any information or know any way I might go about trying to identify the soldiers.
Rick Newman

761  Date: 2004-12-07 03:40:05
Jerry walter hill ( jwh93@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi everyone,
My name is jerry i am the oldest son of walter hill \. I just found a lot of info on my dad.
I would like to know if any of you knew him.

he listing on the discharge paoers were troop c 94th constabulary sq.

Did onyone know him?


760  Date: 2004-12-06 20:57:08
Charles Frazier ( chuck_frazier5234@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Feliz Navidad y Un prospero Año Nuevo to all of you former members of the Circle C. I do try to keep in touch with all those with whom I had the opportunity of serving. Chuck

759  Date: 2004-12-06 16:33:52
Ron German ( pargerman@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I went through in 1951 on the way to Weisbaden and the 9th Air Rescue Sq.

758  Date: 2004-11-30 22:17:58
bob truax ( rctruax@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

i was the company armorer for hq & hq co,2nd a/c from 48--52 in augsburg and neurnberg.drop me a letter..

757  Date: 2004-11-30 21:46:38
Robert Stover ( robkat@cddn.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father in-law, SSGt John W. Perkins served with the 22nd CON Squadron Troop B in 1946. He is now deceased. Would anyone know about this unit?

756  Date: 2004-11-23 21:45:05
Celedonio Alvarez ( cyclingcascade@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My dad, Cpl. Ramon Alvarz was with 25th Const. SQ 1946.LeHavre France and close to Stuttgart Germany. Dad pass away in Washington State in Dec. 1991.

755  Date: 2004-11-18 13:49:32
Edward (Ed) L. Bowley ( edlbee@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Visited some time ago, but would like to update my position....at 87 ..still alive and luck to be here...Wish all my old Constabulary buddies well..God Bless..Ed

754  Date: 2004-11-15 23:03:27
Jesse Urton ( jurton@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served with 16th constabulay Sqd, sperate in Berlin from its formation in 1946 until I was sent home in late 1947. Troop E, M-16 light tank company.

753  Date: 2004-11-13 20:14:45
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,

better go Google "Standortschliessung" and then transfer by Google button to english. Thats better then the link, because it shows it only in German.

Take care
OP 1

752  Date: 2004-11-10 18:00:27
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,

this is the link to "Standortschliessung"
closing down bases in Germany.
May be you can transfer into english



751  Date: 2004-11-10 17:53:01
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,

first snow in Germany Wiesbaden and Rothwesten. Brrrrrrrrr. Don´t like it.

OP 1

750  Date: 2004-11-09 00:51:26
Charlie Joe Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Fellow Troopers,
Thanks for coming to the Bristol Parade.
I think we all had a good time.
I know I did.
Maybe next year it will be even better.

749  Date: 2004-11-06 00:42:26
George Pedersen ( geop1231@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 6th Armored Cav, 2nd Battalion,
Also a short time in the horse troop at Swine furt, May 1949 to April. 1952

748  Date: 2004-11-05 17:09:31
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Constabularies
(and other Units who where on duty with Constabularies in Rothwesten)
This week the German socialist Government decided to cut down german defense power and save mony.
Many bases will be closed down. Also the famous base in Rothwesten (new cityname Fuldatal)where the Deutsche Mark was born in 1948 in the base Rothwesten (house Posen)under support of the US-Army.
If some soldiers want to see it again still working, it should happen in the next two years.I´ll keep you informed about goings on.
I doubt,the German GOvernment will keep the inside of the barracs like it is now, with all the wallpaintings and casinowindow etc.,may be they pull everything down.
If some of you can read german, so go GOOGLE and search for: Standortschliessung bundeswehr.
Possible, you can transfer it in to english.
Hello Irene, Phil and Lala : ))
Member OP 1

747  Date: 2004-11-02 20:13:54
clifford dahlstrom ( cliffordfoalman@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

served in fritzlar from april 1950 till we made a station move to fulda in 1951 was there
until jan.1953, in headquarter co was a radio operator

746  Date: 2004-11-01 13:40:41
Lauren Fowler ( lauren_2u@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on your excellent website. My dad was in the 14th Con Sq, 24th Con Sq, 10 Con Sq spanning years 1946-1948. I am writing an account of his military life for our family history book. If anyone has information to share from that time era, I would love to hear from you. And to all of you - thank you for your service to our great country!

745  Date: 2004-10-31 18:37:09
Herb (AL), Smith ( apsmith@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 17th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mech. when this unit was a District Constabulary unit in the Freidberg and later the Heidelberg area in 1946. After the 17th Cav. broke up in January 1947, I was transfered to the 15th Constabulary Squadron in Schwetzingen, Germany. This 15th Squadron was the orginal 15th then in fall of 1947 the 15th broke up and reactivated in early 1948 in the Weiden area. After the original 15th broke up, I was transfered to the B-Troop, 14th Squadron in September of 47 and then C-Troop, 14th Squadron in January of 48. While in C-Troop, I was stationed at the Constabulary School in Sonthofen as C-14 was the demonstration troop at the school. I then transfered to Hq & Svc. Troop of the 14th in July of 1948 and then went home in August of 48 on the troop ship, Bernard J. Ray. Anyone else who served in these units please contact me as I would love to locate some photo's of us from those days. I also have some to share and maybe you are in one. Thanks and hope to hear from you. Herb (Al), Smith

744  Date: 2004-10-30 06:48:01
A David Lowry ( dave_lowry@dadebehring.com / no homepage) wrote:

Fulda 1968 1970, 14th Cav

743  Date: 2004-10-22 21:50:05
LEO PIRRELLO ( LCPIRRELLO@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


742  Date: 2004-10-20 01:19:36
Richard E Payne ( rjpayne@terraworld.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in How battery in Bad Hersfelt in 1955

741  Date: 2004-10-19 20:55:30
Kenneth L Skaggs ( RetFFKen@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the US Constabulary 1946-48 I was in 2nd Reg. Headquarters horse platoon. Would like to hear from any one that served at that time. I am a member of Outpost 8.
Great web site. Ken

740  Date: 2004-10-16 19:29:21
Reinhard von Bronewski ( anreivbro@aol.com / http://www.Berlin-Brigade.de) wrote:

Hello friends, I'm a German police officer, ret., I'm born Dec.1947 and grew up with the Berlin Brigade. American GI's, maybe from your Constabulary unit, had brought my mother in the hospital because I came 2 months too "early" and there was no other help at that time! I still live in the former US sector Zehlendorf, about 800 yards away from the US-Clay HQ. I 'm missing the BerlinBrigade so much, almost 50 years it was very "close" to me. Thanks for your great job, GOD bless AMERICA!
I've got the info about your unit from a proud Constabulary veteran. He had sent me your unit history, it is now on my HONOR-website-page!
Greetings from BERLIN, watch your health!

739  Date: 2004-10-13 23:21:34
Bob Monasmith ( natl-adjutant@pe.net / no homepage) wrote:

I just want to inform those that knew my lovely soul mate Gerry that she passed away yesterday morning. She will be sorely missed. Gerry joined me in Coburg German in early 1947 and we were together in Germany until we were reassigned to Fort Dix NJ. She enjoyed Germany and we had been back twice, to relive memories. She suffered a pulmonary problem for 5 years and it finally got the best of her. Our daughters, Jan & Lori, are here and have been a lot of support to this sobbing lover of Gerry's. A lot of the Constabulary Association knew her and know what a super person she was. And I am NOT exaggerating.

She is now as peace and has been released from her earthly ties.

Thanks to all who knew her. Bob, Jan & Lori Monasmith

738  Date: 2004-10-10 16:24:52
Tom Johnstone ( johnstone@trvnet.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Lt. Myron Johnstone, served in both the 4th & 24th Constabulary Units in Austria, 1 May 1946 to 10 November 1947. He was headquarter company commander for the 4th Constabulary, and later the company exec officer, Troop C of the 24th Constabulary. He passed away in 1987. My mother, sister and I joined him in Linz, Austria, for the last year of his duty there. Quite an experience. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who might have known him. Others in his unit were Art LaCroix and Judd Miller. I've made contact with Art but not Mr. Miller. Thank you.

737  Date: 2004-10-04 23:01:39
Patricia Picone ( gsus4u@connections-etc.net / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you so much for this information. My Uncle Harvey Ayers served in the US Army constabulary. He suggested I look up information about it to get a better understanding of what he did. This is wonderful.

736  Date: 2004-10-01 01:48:04
Raymond Gray ( smsgrouchgray@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

6th Armored Cavelry, Straubing, June 1950 to Sept 1952. Then still in 6th but put on 7th Army patch. I was in Hq Co 1st Btn and then in Tank Co 1st Btn. Still have a picture of my first reenlistment Oct 1951, Col Rothwell H. Brawn swore me in. Spent 5 years in Germany. After 9 years in Army, I got chicken and went in Air Force. Total 28 years active duty. Retired Dec 1976. Still have many pictures and books of the 6th ACR, Straubing.

735  Date: 2004-09-27 16:01:49
Monty Sontag ( msontag@stx.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Germany with Hq First Constabulary Brigade from March 1946 through October 1948. Appreciate information re joining Constabulary Association. Thank you. Monty Sontag RA 17192047 13826 Halyard Dr Corpus Christi, Tx 78418 361-949-0100

734  Date: 2004-09-26 22:36:47
Thomas G. Arnold ( thomasarnold212@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Sirs,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one of you veterans for the service to your and my country during a time long before I was born.

After working for the US Army in my hometown Grafenwoehr Germany for 20 years, me and my wife moved to her hometown in Georgia. I am collecting historical photos of Grafenwoehr and the US Army Post. I would be very thankful, if any of you would be willing to share some old pictures that you might have. Naturally, any expenses for reproduction and mailing will be reimbursed.


Thomas G. Arnold
Hinesville, GA

733  Date: 2004-09-26 01:51:45
Ray Gray ( smsgrouchgray@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

1. Why is there no mention of the 6th armored Cav regt, Straubing, 1950-1952?

How do I get my name address ect in list of troopers?

732  Date: 2004-09-24 16:54:53
Charles Frazier ( chuck_frazier5234@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I have changed my email address,and my homepage as well. I hope all is well with all of you former troopers. Chuck

731  Date: 2004-09-15 04:06:55
jim miller ( constabulary27@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


730  Date: 2004-09-14 00:18:06
Raymond Gray ( smsgrouchgray@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Member 6th arc, Strauning, June 1950, July 1953.

729  Date: 2004-09-11 07:16:44
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Are there any Troopers out there who have the
dimensions or measurements for the painting of
the striping and "C" logo for painting a regul-
ation "jeep". One of our fellow members Eddie
Cordero has one in his barn. He has had it for
many years and it still runs like a "top". He
told me today over the phone that he drives it around his yard! I am making this request on his behalf because he does not have a computer. If he can get all the info needed, he
plans on taking it to a professional truck artist to have it painted and striped.If anyone
out there responds to this request I will glad-
ly give him the info....Thanks "Troopers"

728  Date: 2004-09-10 14:15:10
gignac paul k. ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for old commrades from service troop 10th constab mohringen kaserene 1946-1947.I belong to outpost #1.

727  Date: 2004-09-10 01:06:49
Joseph Winston Nave ( joenave@tds.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father Jewell Winston Nave served with The Constabulary forces in Germany post WWII. He passed on in 1997. I truly knew a kind and generous man. Love, Joseph Winston Nave 2004.

726  Date: 2004-09-05 03:26:55
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello all "C" ´s

I visited Irene last week and we had a nice time, fishing, talking about the "C", eating cat fish and met her nice family clan.

Drove in Irene´s "Willies".

The weather was just bearable.


725  Date: 2004-09-01 17:08:48
John J. Urban 3rd ( john.urban@pfizer.com / no homepage) wrote:

My Father, John Jacob Urban Jr., served in Coburg, Bayern with the Constabulary in the early 50's.
I will pass on this website information to him, and hopefully get his name entered with your group. He is not "on-line", so I will act as his conduit.
John III

724  Date: 2004-08-30 16:13:00
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / http://geocities.com/chuck_frazier5234/mypage) wrote:

I finally finished my fourth book 'Crossed Rifle'. I have started another, its title remains 'We Two', until I finish it, then, who knows!
I have gotten some good emails from some of you troopers. I always answer the mail. Chuck

723  Date: 2004-08-29 20:44:10
Donald T. Scott ( dontscott@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Salsburg Austria from the Fall of 1949 thru August 1952. I was asigned to the G-3 Section of Headquarters for U S Forces in Austria. I would like to hear from anyone servint there about the same time.

722  Date: 2004-08-29 17:31:44
Charles Taliaferro ( charliet@kitchentablegang.org / http://www.kitchentablegang.org) wrote:

Attention military retirees . . . got problems getting your veteran's benefits? Check out the Kitchen Table Gang's website at
It's a great resource, and might be able to give you direction towards the right answers you have been searching for!

721  Date: 2004-08-26 01:12:01
Earl Ulrich ( allenb62@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I would like to add that I was a member of the 2nd Constabulary / Brigade Headquarters there in Munich Germany from 1946-1947. I was one of the men overseeing communications and set up the war room for the 2nd Constabulary. One memory I have is of taking a picture of 6 Generals in one spot when General Eisenhower visited our base.
I would be delightd to hear from anyone that served there and can be reached at allenb62@hotmail.com

720  Date: 2004-08-25 14:11:01
Larry Wilson ( mittomus@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed at Bad Kissingen, Germany from April 1961 to October 1963. I enjoyed my German tour of duty and would like to find some of my buddies.

719  Date: 2004-08-25 02:16:13
Earl Ulrich ( allenb62@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for a friend I served in the constabulary with by the name of Richard S.Jordan
if anyone might have heard of him or have a mailing address or number. thanks

718  Date: 2004-08-23 18:24:37
David Gettman ( deddygetty1@comcast.net / http://history.dragoons.org) wrote:

Dad (then 1Lt Henry Gettman) was Displaced Persons Officer for HQ, 4th Constabulary Regt. in Austria from 1July46 to 18March47. If anyone knew this 5'0" tall dynamo, please contact me. Also, I am a historian for the Second Cavalry Association. Dad and I both proudly served in the Second Cavalry. I would love to hear from former Second Cav Troopers from all era's, to preserve what you know from your time.

717  Date: 2004-08-20 23:37:08
MUGUGU ( MAGA@ABA.COM / no homepage) wrote:


716  Date: 2004-08-19 15:55:03
Gerry Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

My mistake on previos msg. ////that is 2nd A/C

715  Date: 2004-08-18 19:47:25
Arminta Crihfield ( crihfield@frontiernet.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Pemperton L. Cecil,Buck Sgt., did his basic training at Ft. Bliss, TX. There was a CQ there that played a mandolin while dad danced on two chairs. Dad would like to hear from him.
Served in the 53rd Const. in 1946. He thinks it was B Troop. Remembers these names and would like to hear from them. Not certain of the spellings: Col. Bowen; Bowen; Casiopo from Chicago; Jasper Newman; Harkrader; Carter; Camp; Owens; Bates from TX; Homick; Tech. Sgt. McDonald; 2nd Lts. Phillips and Thompson and Sgt. Kaufman or Coffman.

714  Date: 2004-08-18 15:33:39
Gerald Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Would like to hear from anyone from @nd A/C HQ&HQ Co.51-52 or @nd A/C 1st Bn.Hq.Co 52 -53

713  Date: 2004-08-18 15:29:12
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for Charlie Linkous. Served with Charlie from Jan 1950 through May 1953 in Fox Company, 2nd Bn, 6th Armored Cav.Charlie was from Churchill, Tn. Also Raul Labbe and Jim Casteel. Chuck Frazier

712  Date: 2004-08-17 03:37:08
Arminta Crihfield ( crihfield@frontiernet.net / no homepage) wrote:

I began looking for a constabulary patch for my father and came across this site. I never knew my dad was in such an elite force. He seemed to play it down as only military police. I have been on here all afternoon and late into the night. Thank you so much for this info. I will return with info about my dad so that he may find some of his friends. His name is Pemperton L. Cecil and he was a Buck Seargant with the 53rd Const. Squadron. Served in Germany in 1946. That's all I have right now.

Arminta Cecil Crihfield

711  Date: 2004-08-16 23:08:11
JOHN CLINE ( Oldbulljohn@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

To those of you who do not know oldjc, He is a very good friend of mine. His name is Jim Whitaker, a trooper of Fritzlar B Co. He originally is from Tulsa . In case any one would like to write him an E-Mail, His address is oldjc.1@juno.com.------John

710  Date: 2004-08-15 21:13:11
Robert A Pumm ( robertpumm@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 14 Constabulary Regt. Motorcycle platoon in 1946 at Kitzgen Ger. I would like to hear from any One . I am trying to locate John A. Stavola. Tks Bob

709  Date: 2004-08-02 01:42:16
Harry Kruger ( hhd96@gate.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 6th A/C Regiment,Company I, 7th Army, in 1955-1956 stationed in Regensburg. I did border duty on the Czech-German border. Did basic at Ft. Knox. What ever happened to the 6th A/C? Who replaced it at Ft. Skelly in Regensburg?

708  Date: 2004-08-02 00:13:14
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers !
Where are you ? How about some messages from
you ! Speak up ! We want to hear from you !

Trooper George Thompson

707  Date: 2004-07-28 01:47:02
Lawrence Nelson ( noslenair@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 2nd Sqdn, 14th Constabulary, and then the 14th Armored Cav until
sept. 1949.We were stationed in Schweinfurt, first in Ledward Barracks and then out at the airfield. I was communications Chief and then Tank commander. I would like to hear from fellow troopers that were stationed with me at that time. Lawrence Nelson.

706  Date: 2004-07-26 02:16:58
Ray Kosmeder ( rkosmeder@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Thank you for this great website. My father Paul Kosmeder served in the 25th Constabulary Squadren.He served from 1945-1948. Regensburg, Germany. Please eamil me any more information you might have. Thank you all for the job well done.

705  Date: 2004-07-23 16:48:47
Jack L Williamson ( jwilli7752@erinet.com / no homepage) wrote:


704  Date: 2004-07-22 21:02:01
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello all,

came just back from England/Dover and visited the secret caves WW II in the white cliffs under dover Castle.

American units helped the English to fight the V 1, tipped the wings of V 1 with a spitfire.

There where also special US forces in Dover, but I did´nt read anything about the US-Consabularies; did the "C" only operate in Germany?


703  Date: 2004-07-18 21:47:52
sam zafran ( samz@kansas.net / no homepage) wrote:

Need some help.Do any of you troopers happen to have a SOTW 12 inch action figure of the USA Trooper (Constab Uniform) I need one more to complete my 1/6 scale M8 with a full crew.would appreciate if one of you troopers could help me out Sam Z

702  Date: 2004-07-17 18:13:07
Jimmy l, Henderson ( pajimmy@pineynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

was in Germany Dec.1946 to Dec.1948

701  Date: 2004-07-15 18:57:23
Bobby E. Jenkins ( botie2003@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am a life member of the constabulary.i was with the 53rd squardon station in schawbach germany 46 to 49 in 48 we moved to widen and i returned to the states in 49 i was in A troop.

700  Date: 2004-07-14 03:47:16
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hey everyone,

I received the following message from someone that is looking for some information. Please respond to me at psandoval@mlode.com or directly to Dave Sandberg at 239-643-5110.

Folowing is what I got:


I was referred to you by someone that was in a the Constabulary Unit in Germany after the war.

I am a gun dealer and just bought a collection from a widow and her husbands name was Saul A. Jackson, and retired as a Colonel. The helmet I have has a silver bar indicating he was a 1st Lt. back then. Also I have his pistol with yellow borders and blue stripe down the center with a C and a lightning bolt. It is an Ithaca 1911A1 and nickle plated.

If you would have any information on Col. Jackson or anything other pertinent data I would appreciate it.

Thank You,

Dave Sandberg
Century Arms of Naples


It would be great if someone served with Lt. Jackson and can give Mr. Sandberg some information.

Thanks, Phil Sandoval
Twain Harte, CA

699  Date: 2004-07-13 16:58:31
Marie A. Fisher Milia ( mmilia@cfl.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father was in the constabulary. I have many of the mementos from his military years. I would like to find out more about these brave heros.

698  Date: 2004-07-12 20:28:35
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,
I tried to ask for that Sonthofen-book,(Index "C") but the following mailaddress does´nt work, must be wrong! Hakku1@-web.de; I tried too : Hakku1@web.de, but did´nt work either. Do you know the new mail address? And what is the price??

Thomas OP I

697  Date: 2004-07-08 03:32:38
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

does anyone remember,i think it was late 46 or early 47 when the last drafty left the army and we were all RA ? EVERY POST IN EVERY COUNRTY THREW A PARTY. OURS WAS IN THE EM CLUB IN THE KASERNE IN SONTHOFEN..CAPT. CLIFFORD AND LT. ALFRED SMITH JOINED US AND WE ALL GOT RED ROARING DRUNK.....

696  Date: 2004-07-04 01:24:32
Charlie Joe Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I have two magnet signs on my jeep and motorhome when I go out. I really get ask alot of questions and I am always ready to answer.
My wife and I just got back from Outpost 2 reunion and we had a great time.
Thanks to all the people that did the work like Ed Yetsko and his wife Betty. Also Bill Strub and wife Marie. It seems that the reunions get better every year.

695  Date: 2004-07-03 12:21:03
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers

the idear to put a "C" tag on the rear of the car and perhaps addit. the letters "US CONSTABULARY.com" will perhaps draw more troopers to this representative site.
All have a nice weekend.

Hi! to Irene and Sandy


694  Date: 2004-07-01 02:00:26
kenneth raley ( r8505@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

served with "c" troop 25th sq. served in regensberg/straubing 1946-1948. e-mail or 906 w15th st davenport,ia 52804

693  Date: 2004-06-29 17:25:03
Sam Zaran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Way to go guys.I also have the licence tag holder.On the front I have a Special tag with a 6 inch Constab patch with Mobility Vigilance and Justice.In the veterans day parade last year,I mounted a 1/6 scale M8 with two SOTW Constab figures. Wore my Constab uniform (ike Jacket and all)and my Striped Helmet liner.Drew quite a crowd.Will do the same this 4th of July.

692  Date: 2004-06-29 04:48:00
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


691  Date: 2004-06-27 23:31:44
JOSEPH ORAVITS ( JORAVITS@CS.COM / no homepage) wrote:



690  Date: 2004-06-26 10:42:46
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,

how are you doing? I'm this weekend in Wiesbaden; now I´m in an internetcafe. I read in the "lightningbolt" that you are thinking of comong to Germny in 2006 for anniversary; will you attend? Which towns do you have in your mind? Wiesbaden? Rothwesten? Fritzlar?

Take Care


689  Date: 2004-06-26 01:37:02
Paul E. Cooley ( kcpc@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served in the 70th Field Artillery Battalion, Battery 'A', from Winter of '48 till Summer of '49 at Fussen, Germany. I was medically discharged in September, '49.

688  Date: 2004-06-25 04:36:27
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

reply to 688,marv. here is what i do. i have constab. stickers on my car. when i go shopping for groceries or at a home depot or such,i always park as close to the exit as possible. usually some one will ask about the sticker.when they do i pounce on them like a tiger.i have a speel ready made.not too long but right to the meat. if it is too long you will use them. also,i coached at the local school and when the administraters asked about the constab. i knew i had them.they began asking me to give talks during history and civic classes. i have been doing this for years. i dare say.there is not a student near me that has not heard of the constabulary.but,you must be ready to speak for about 20 minutes and keep it interesting. i usually work in a little history about ww two to break it up. i must have given my talks to several thousand young people...so you see marv. it is really up to us to promote the constab. we can't sit back and wait for the organization to do it for us. and besides, i really get a lot on enjoyment out of it because i am very proud of my service in the constabulary. so get out there and " and just do it" marv. it's really fum...jim iller

687  Date: 2004-06-18 23:44:05
marv farnsel ( mefarnes@tc3.net.com / no homepage) wrote:

I Belong to the VFW, and the American Legion Posts in my home town. Each with over 300 membership. They have never heard of our Constabulary. What can we do???? We must have been the best keep secreat the Army ever had. Marv 6th Constabulary sqd. Coburg, Germany 1947

686  Date: 2004-06-18 13:18:15
Randall Young ( randy.young@idq.com / no homepage) wrote:

Father was in 14th A/C early 50's Interesting information.

685  Date: 2004-06-12 20:21:26
Sis Campbell ( sis220@usadatanet.net / no homepage) wrote:

I'm looking for information on my father (Erving Brewer). He was in the Army Constabulary in Coburg Germany, in 1947-1948. I have very little information on him. He served under General Lucious D Clay. I would like to know how I could find info on him?

684  Date: 2004-06-10 16:30:46
Ted Pini ( pini1@optonline.net / no homepage) wrote:

This was a total surprfise to me, I didn't think anyone remembered the Constabulary/

683  Date: 2004-06-10 01:29:16
Al Kaptein ( alkap@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Milt I do remember the Melody manner club well. Even after hours upstairs with the band leader Erich. Do you remember Capt. Jones, I was his driver until they tried to court marshal him and I was a witness agaist him. After that I was the 1st. Sgts. driver. His name was Sgt. VanWagner. Had some great times there in Ulm. We had platoons in Erbach and Bleubeuren. on boarder with th French zone. My memory isn't so good anymore but your name seems formiliar to me. Good to hear from you.do you remember Margot Tischauser the hat check girl, I sponsered her to the States because she was a freind of my wife from who is also from Ulm. Just made a visit there in 2001. Looks a lot diferent now.

682  Date: 2004-06-09 19:48:04
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Re: Jim Miller, note #679.
Yes Jim, I too had tears in my eyes this
whole past week. First the Dedication of the
WWII Memorial in Washinton, then the passing
of a Great American, President Ronald
Reagan and then the 60th Anniversary of "D-
Day". I watched all the ceremonies on tv re-
lated to those events with a sad heart. I
remember fairly vividly the WWII period. My
oldest brother enlisted immediately in the
US Navy, followed by my second oldest bro.
enlisting in the US Army Air Corps, as they
were then called. I followed just as soon
as I was of age,in the Army and eventually
the Constabulary. I still also recall how
patriotic all my friends and young guys
were back then. I think we are starting to
see some of that patriotism coming back in
this war against "terrorism".

681  Date: 2004-06-06 17:51:43
Marijke van der Veen ( kalluman@zonnet.nl / no homepage) wrote:

Is there anybody ho knows Ms. Mary van der Veen , in 1945 working in Hotel Wapen van Zeist in Zeist, Holland. She is living in Australia and try to find here freinds of those years. She will meet them next year in Holland by the 1945-2005 reunion. Pleas write me.

680  Date: 2004-06-06 02:41:15
Milt Berko ( okreb@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

RE; Boblingen, Stuttgart 1947-47.
I was in "C" Troop, 72nd Squadron in 1946 to March 1947. We were in Boblingen and in Ulm during that period. I was the Troop Clerk and later Operations Sergeant until my discharge.
The Red Cross Club in Stuttgart was in the Opera House. I also remember the night club we set up: the Melody Manor Club, managed by Sgt. Schultz.

679  Date: 2004-06-04 01:24:11
Sanford Demain ( poochartz@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I would appreciate copies of recent newsletters.
OF course bill me for postage,etc

Nice to be back in touch.


678  Date: 2004-06-02 21:07:47


677  Date: 2004-06-01 23:56:08
Al Kaptein ( alkap@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Ted Stearns
All though I wasn't in your outfit I was in D Troop 72nd Sqd. in Boblingen just out side of Stuttgart, during 1946 into 1947. We were out posted in Ulm doing boarder patrol in Erbach and Blaubeauren at the French zone. I was also acting supply sargent in the GI stockade in (I think) Mohringen. I remember the Red Cross Club in the park in Stuttgart and the theater and the bowling alleys. I met my wife of 57 years in Ulm and we're atill going strong.

676  Date: 2004-05-30 18:00:49
James L. Blevins ( ProfTuddy@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, I belong to Outpost #5. I served in Hq. 24th.Recon.Bad Schallerbach, Austria, Switchboard operator,Radio operator, Armored Car Driver. From1945 to 1947. Col. McCory was our Troop Commander. Remembering only the many good times. Would love to hear from ones that served at this location. Recalled the time a dozen of us, with lt.1st Fisher, went for a ride on the Lippizon horses in Styre, Austria.
Much more about this!
Well, please write if this goes thru.
Now in Leesburg, Florida, retiring.

675  Date: 2004-05-30 16:29:07
Charles "Ted" Stearns ( tedstearns@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the Constabulary from 1946 through 1648. first at 3rd Brigade Hqs. in Stuttgart and then in Able Troop, 22nd Squadron in Bad Hersfeld.
Anyone out there reading this who was also at either of those spots at that time?

674  Date: 2004-05-21 20:02:35
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

Missed the reunion in Louisiana, perhaps I can make the next one. Leaving for Old Mexico in the morning. I am trying to outline a story for my next novel. In Mexico the atmosphere is alway slow enough that one can get his thoughts together. By the way, I was a radio operator in Fox Company, 2nd Bn, 6th AC Regt from Jan 1950 to Dec l953. Good luck to all. Trooper Chuck

673  Date: 2004-05-21 00:45:02
Al Kaptein ( alkap@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

Just returned from OP-1 reunion in Rutland. First I'd like to say thanks to Ernie Colonge and his wife for organizing a very enjoyable affair, I think they did a great job. My wife Ellen and I had a nice time with John Oldenburg and his wife Margret. The wifes especially had a good time talking about their memories back in the early 40's In Germany. We also had a nice time talking with ( I hope I have this right)Chalie Elsea and his wife From OP-3 in Tenn. They were formerly from the area of my home town in Clifton, N.J. where they lived for 27 years, and where I was born and raised so we had a lot to talk about. Hope we can be around for more enjoyable times like this.
Al and Ellen Kaptein

672  Date: 2004-05-20 15:16:05
Henry White ( henrycwhite@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was Chief Quartermaster with the Rhine River Patrol in Wiesbaden/Schierstein Germany 1949-1951. Since then I have been looking for my old shipmate and friend, CPO William (Bill) Bush (from Georgia).

671  Date: 2004-05-20 00:54:42
Melissa Soule ( thejoymotel@juno.com / http://www.thejoymotel.com) wrote:

You were "The Unnoticed Ones", but only in man's eye...God will reward!!! I beleive the USA could use you men right about now. Thanks for being there for all of us.
God Bless


670  Date: 2004-05-19 15:10:24
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Welcome back home Irene ! We missed your Web Site Activity.
Please " Dig Out " the 1947 Life Magazine Cover of a Constabulary Trooper that I gave you and post it your Wonderful Web Site.
Thank you !
Trooper George

669  Date: 2004-05-18 15:44:03
Charlie Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My wife and I are attending Outpost Reunions in the East and having a wonderful time visiting with all the troopers and their wives. We are now in Rutland Vermont attending Outpost 1. I wish all the troopers could get together and enjoy each others company. Charlie Elsea

668  Date: 2004-05-17 14:54:59
Don Purrington ( rospurr@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Irene is doing an excellent job as usual. We are very fortunate to have her as our web editor.

667  Date: 2004-05-13 18:57:00
joseph oravits ( joravits@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

still looking for people who served in the third battalion of the 6th ac. was in service co. battalion maintenance section. from 1948 to 1952 give me a call. now a member of out post 8 now live in sun city az. phone no 623-977-3062.

666  Date: 2004-05-12 21:58:48
Stanley Kmiecik ( stan@teamtx.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father FJ Kmiecik, Houston TX was in the Tank CO, 3BN, 14th ACR in Hersfeld from 1951-1953.

Anyone interested in reaching him can contact me 281-291-8800.

665  Date: 2004-05-11 01:06:01
Sam Zaran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Re. VFW Magazine May 2004 page 26, Cold war Musuems.Once again the US Constabulary is at the forefront, in brief of the article:Few exhibits deal exclusivly with the Cold WAr.The one exception is the Museum of the U.S.Constabulary, located in Fort Riley Kansas.Also in the article, is the14th Cav has a monument at Down Barracks in Fulda.

664  Date: 2004-05-05 15:56:29
dave robinson ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

It is good to have such ggood work remembered. especially now in these troubled times with the current treatment of iraq prisioners which seems to be stirring up hatred for us rather than thanks.

663  Date: 2004-05-04 06:06:48
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello everyone,

I want to give a brief report on the reunion of OP8 at Laughlin. We had over one hundred members attend and we had a grand time.

Our commander, Don Purrington could not attend due to his wife’s, Roslyn’s, surgery and time in recuperation. They both were missed.

Don asked Bob Monasmith, our National Adjutant and member of OP8, to step in and act on his behalf at the reunion. Bob did an exceptional job with the assistance of Neil Aikin. Gene Snowden and his wife Wanda did an outstanding job with the Hospitality room. Bill as always was a great bartender. We had invited Harvey and Pam Harms from OP6 to come to our reunion as they did last year. They accepted and came and they also helped Gene and Wanda set up the Hospitality room. My wife Lala and I helped Bob with the registration as did Neil and Sue Aikin.

Everything ran smoothly and I finally saw Bob smile on the night of the banquet. He was a happy man on that night as everything went smoothly thanks to his all out efforts to see that all went well.

We all had a great time thanks to the cooperation of all that came. I’ll let Bob give the official report but, “Bob, thanks for your leadership and ability to take care of all that needed doing. And I hope that you are sleeping well now.”

Our celebration didn’t end with the end of the reunion. The Harms’ came home with us and we showed them the California highlights. We visited Disneyland, Lake Tahoe, The Ponderosa Ranch, where the TV show “Bonanza” was filmed, we visited San Francisco and Alcatraz Island and Yosemite National Park. And before we left Laughlin, we took them to Las Vegas where we all left the obligatory donation. In all we traveled 2,200 miles together and we were still friends and talking after we took them to the airport in Sacramento on the 28th of April. We had a great time!!!

Phil Sandoval

662  Date: 2004-04-28 19:00:34
John W Bradshaw ( john@netpath.net / no homepage) wrote:

I have enjoyed meeting old buddies from the
past at Dotzheim with the Hq 1st Constab Brigade(by Weisbaden)

661  Date: 2004-04-24 20:50:34
C. Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

I can't believe that among all these names, there are only two of us from the 27th squadron
in darmstadt.

660  Date: 2004-04-18 03:57:48
Leroy (Lee)Solice ( leeadai203@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I spent four three tours in Germany 1946-1965. one of which was at Straubing, with Service Co, 6th ARC. January 1949 to February 1952, The day I left Straubing, there was a large parade downtown by the 6th A/C, I think this was the date the (US-Con) was dropped from the heading on all orders and documents of the Regiment, Would like to know if I`m correct?

659  Date: 2004-04-16 23:34:45
Ed Yetsko ( LBOLT1@JUNO.COM / no homepage) wrote:

UNIT: TANK CO, 3RD BN, 6TH ACR 1950-53,


658  Date: 2004-04-15 18:32:55


657  Date: 2004-04-15 17:59:29


656  Date: 2004-04-15 01:33:55
Joseph Nemeth ( JPWNEMETH@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with "C" Battery 74th Field Artillery Bn.In Landshut, Germany from 1948-52 Would like to get names of other men from this outfit. Can any one help? Thanks.

655  Date: 2004-04-13 09:26:01
walter coin ( WalterCoin@comcast.net / http://www.CoinFamily.net) wrote:

in 1970 And then to Tompkins Barracks schwetzingen last part of 1970 to 1972 .... in the 535th Engineer Company (LE) after coming back from Wildflecken became
Part of the 549th Engineer Battalion and part of the 130th Engineer Battalion i got a group Photo of the 535th Engineer Company in 1970
The 535th Engineer Company at Grafenwoehr
web site and maps is http://usarmygermany.com/Sont.htm
11th EngineerGroup Seventh Army
Redesignated on 20 September 1954 as the 535th Engineer Company (Light Equipment) and
activated in Germany on 15 November 1954 as part of the 11th Engineer

654  Date: 2004-04-12 23:23:42
Sgt. Glenn A Grago ( glenngrago@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in Wildflecken 1963-65. Hawk MSL. 562 ND Arty. I remember a old sign . marking the spot of the 100 year war. Do you know the location.

653  Date: 2004-04-08 21:20:59
T.E. togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:


I found a link in englishobout the secret action in base Rothwesten.


yf Thomas

652  Date: 2004-04-08 20:42:37
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,

yes I´ll do that.

I wrote a letter to Jerry and gave him links and infos to base of Rothwesten.

I didnt find anymore the link to the "house Posen" in the base Rothwesten, in which they wrote about the secret action (creating the Deutsche Mark) under control of US_Army (Col. Stoker, Tenenbaum) and secret service/ CIA??! in 1948; I hope to find the link again.

The exhibition room "Währungsmuseum Rothwesten" (currency exhibition) is now under new "command". The flightteacher and "Iron Man" Mr Kössinger is now in Pension, he went with , I believe, 84 years.Imagin, he was in that base as a jung man before war and after war, in his freetime late up to his eighties.


And go for Googl: search for: währungsmuseum Rothwesten
Happy easter to all.


651  Date: 2004-04-07 17:37:14
Raymond C. Owens ( CIRCLERC_CBO@MSN.COM / no homepage) wrote:

We were on maneuvers in 1948 in Grafenwohr, and I was in a support unit to the 2nd Constabulary Regt. I think the 2nd was commanded by Col. Long. He was an old Cavalry officer, he wore kneehigh boots, carried a riding crop, and a long handle mustache. Our enemy was the 1st div.
They backed us up to Bayreuth near the Russian Zone, and it was over.
I came to Giessen in July 1946, I was there untill the Grafenwohr experience, then I was transferred to Frankfurt. I came home (Indiana)
in March 1949.
I would love going back someday. I'm sorry I didn't know about to reunion in Louisville, KY
Will there be a reunion in 2004?

Raymond (Ray) Owens
30 Iroquois Dr. North
Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33931
Phone 239 823 0592

650  Date: 2004-04-06 04:03:59
joseph oravits ( joravits@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

as some of you might have known donald conpeau and served with him in b- trp- 1st- sqdn- 14th acr in fulda, passed away march 20th 2004. he will be missed.

649  Date: 2004-04-04 23:47:06
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Thomas, Nice to hear from you. How is the weather in Kassel? Tell my sister hello for me if you have a chance. I bet the new apartments on the Fulda have changed the looks of old Kassel. If you have time, take a picture of the new apartment on Bettenhauser St. of where building number 10 use to stand before it was bombed.
Thanks, Irene

648  Date: 2004-04-04 17:21:34
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,

pleased to hear you are ok.
I´m back home for a few day´s; have overtime holiday.
There was quite a lot of work,so I had hardly any time for myself.

Take care


Outpost one

647  Date: 2004-04-03 19:42:56
LOUIS A LYNN ( cousca@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

"C" Troop 16th Constabulary, Berlin, Germany

646  Date: 2004-04-03 13:36:19
Edward Monahan ( Popeye2u@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

two weeks leaving Army i enlisted us navy.was on uss helena ca75 sailoring to Shanghai China we were ordered to Bikini Atol for A Bomb test.we received radation fallout from A bomb.i am now infected the wonderful staff va hosiptal bath ny give excellent care to make me cope.i enjoy web site.irene put hard work for us and no abuse from trouble makers.our president doing good job i blame no one as it was test to save american lives.if you have time to send letter thanking va hospital staff for excellent care to me i would be greatfull.
trooper ed monahan outpost 2

645  Date: 2004-04-02 05:19:22
ALEX DEL TERGO ( amd2539@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:


644  Date: 2004-04-02 01:13:50
Rick Holen ( rholen@indian.vinu.edu / no homepage) wrote:

My father Vernon L.(Vern) Holen told me that he was attached to a Military Police unit in Germany in l945. Do any of the Gentlemen on this list know of him. My father was born in North Dakota and married my mother Beth in Blackpool England before he was transferred to Germany in l945. He was in the Army Air Corp before he was transferred. You can receach me at rholen@indian.vinu.edu or Cell: 812 760 8000

643  Date: 2004-04-01 20:42:38
Irene Moore ( irmoore50@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Members, I have been on the road traveling with my husband. We are now in Lynchburg, VA. I now have connection to the internet after 3 weeks. I just want to keep you posted where I am. Thank you, your web editor, Irene

642  Date: 2004-03-29 14:09:37
Harry G. Schrefer ( McCrory40@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served from 1950 to 1953 in Schweinfurt and
Bad Kissingen with the 14th Armed, 2nd Battalion. Worked on the border around Munnerstadt.

641  Date: 2004-03-26 00:59:22
bill skinner ( sb2371@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Was privlaged to have served with the circle c,
if for only a brief period of time.My self and a
couple buddies from co.c 1st bat 26th inf.reg.
(Blue Spaders) served near Regensberg out post.
Not sure,but think it was 1951 or 52.
Your guys treated us great.Upon my return to the 26th I asked my co for a transfer to Circle C.
hIS REPLY, NO WAY.Neadles to say, I was on his
s--- list for a long time.

640  Date: 2004-03-25 22:24:36
Louis A Lynn ( cousca@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

Greeting,s Troopers one and all Just a reminder that REUNION time is here I ask you to please try to attend your OP reunion and others if you can, These reunions are for you so help support them if you can't attend send them a message of good will.
L. Lynn

639  Date: 2004-03-23 00:06:28
ED YETSKO ( LBOLT1@JUNO.COM / no homepage) wrote:


638  Date: 2004-03-21 13:58:44
marvin farnsel ( mefarnes@tc3net.com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings to all of you Old Circle C Cowboys. I served with the 6th Sqd. Hq. Troop. Coburg, Germany. 1947.. I have a new email address

637  Date: 2004-03-19 03:31:10
William K. Jackson ( utilakid@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello again,
The great website for World War 11 that I listed in my previous message was wrong. The spelling was off. That's why we should always double check. It is ccr@robertsarmory.com
Trooper William Jackson

636  Date: 2004-03-18 19:01:41
William K. Jackson ( utilakid@sbcglobal.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers, My name is Bill Jackson saying hi to everyone. I am a member, just haven't been to the meetings lately.Will begin this Spring. I write on the side and have been busy with a novel--a true mass murder mystery that happened 100 years ago in the Carribean.I mention the Constabulary on page 13. It's doing quite well locally. Title "And the Sea Shall Hide Them" by William Jackson. It can be ordered through any book store, or through me, $12.95 plus $3.00 PH. ISBN # 0-9729304-3-4. I'm in OP 5 and served as tank driver in lead tank in search and seizure Feb.
46 to Oct. 46 in Kitzingen, bust mostly Schweinfurt. Would be happy to hear from anyone who served in the Constabulary. Wm. Jackson. I am a reenactor with the 70th Tank Batln, in Big Rock, Illinois. We have a wonderful site at ccr@roberstarmory.com

635  Date: 2004-03-17 21:22:01
Marcus S. Gatlin ( Pawpawgat@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am the son of Lt. Col. I. A. Gatlin, member of 11th Constabulary Regiment, Weiden, Germany 1946/47. It was my first trip to Germany with my sister and mother. I was impressed by the friendly attitude that the people of that town showed us dependents. I will always remember my experiences there. I was only 10 years old. The Colonel passed away in 1961 and is buried in Ft. Smith National Cemetery, Ft. Smith, AR. I am aretired Chief Petty Officer of the U.S. Navy.

You have a wonderful site. An addition that would be nice is a roster of those stationed at the various sites.

634  Date: 2004-03-11 18:58:09
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am happy to see that more people are dropping in on this guestbook and leaving message to old amigos. I have made contact with several friends from the my Old Circle C Days. Chuck

633  Date: 2004-03-11 13:44:21
clarence klinger ( clancyk1@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:


632  Date: 2004-03-11 06:54:36
Edward E. (Ed) Bourne ( edbourne@gv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Am currently a member in Outpost 8. I was unaware of the Constabulary Assn until I read in VFW mag of the reunion for outpost 8 in Tucson in Apr 2002. I served In D Trp, 16th
Constab in Berlin in 1947.

631  Date: 2004-03-10 03:48:25
Ken Skaggs ( Kcrooner1@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great site, this is my first visit. I was in 7766 horse platoon, Hdq troop. I am a member of outpost #8. I served in 1946-48

630  Date: 2004-03-10 02:29:45
Nelson, Lawrence ( noslenair@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I'm looking for any one that was assigned to "D" Troop 14th Sqdn in Schweinfurt Germany from 1947 to 1949.Early on I was in communications and later as a tank commander. When I was returned to Stateside i was a SFC. I was married in Schweinfurt in May 1949.

629  Date: 2004-03-09 03:52:33
Paul Coords ( pcoords@cswnet.com / no homepage) wrote:

What a great site! I was with A Troop 24th Constab in Bad Hersfeld from "48 to "53. Wonder if Irene Moore is related to Sgt Moore from A Troop?

628  Date: 2004-03-08 02:35:06
Alfred Kaulfers,Jr ( JAKaulfers@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I arrived in September 1952 and was assigned to the Headquarters Company of the 24th Constab. Squ. in Bad Hersfeld. In December 1952 the 24th was disbanded and was re-assigned to Headquarters Compnay of the 14th A/C. I made Sgt. E-5 and was the Batallion Chief CW radio operator. My son, Cpt. David Alfred Kaulfers is the Company Commander of Company C of the 276th Engs, Virginia National Guard. On March 1, 2004 he arrived in Kawait and is now leading his soldiers in a convoy into Northern Iraq.

627  Date: 2004-03-06 02:03:08
John W. Bradshaw ( john@netpath.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was at Dotzheim(Weisbaden) Germany with the 1st Constad Brdgade from 1948 untill 1950 and was assigned to the motorpool as a M-8 driver
and drove the communicationn and also worked in Supply at times.
Ist Sgt was James McMillion,motor Sgt was MSgtCromartie there was a Cpl Brown that drove for General Treadue,that was a long time ago and things don't come back from so far back.

626  Date: 2004-03-03 11:43:01
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2228651915&category=13981) wrote:

Constabulary Pin on Ebay Go to this web site and view it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dllViewItem&item=2228651915&category=13981 only one day left on bidding.

625  Date: 2004-03-03 10:07:15
Manfred Benkel ( manfred.benkel@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

I am a colonel in the German Army, presently stationed in Ingolstadt. From 1986 to 1988 I was Commander of the Mountain Engineer Battalion 8, stationed in Brannenburg /Degrndorf.
Ten years ago I wrote a historical overview over the garrison and the Karfreitkaserne which has to be updated.
The Karfreitkaserne was used after WW II by the 66th ConstSqdn. I would be more than happy if somebody can provide me photos of the time the 66th ConSqdn was stationed there.
Moreover, in different papers the Karfreitkaserne, as it was called prior to WW II and again after 1956, is mentioned as Fort May, Camp May and May baaracks in US Papers.
What is the correct name and what is the meaning of "May"?
Any information is highly appreciated.

Manfred Benkel
Colonel, German Army

624  Date: 2004-03-03 04:26:59
James H Nix Col USArmy;Ret ( ruben276@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

Not a member- just passing through! Thanks for a job well done. Jim Nix, I did spend three years,60-63 in SEATAF[Italy. Rest of my O/s time in the pacific[Korea, Korea, Nam,Formosa and Japan]

623  Date: 2004-03-03 04:17:37
USCON Web Editor ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

From the beginning, the Constabulary set high standards for itself. The troopers were to be selected from the best soldiers available, and it was desired that all of them be volunteers. They were to be trained as soldiers and policemen. They were to operate in an efficient, alert manner calculated to inspire confidence and respect in all persons they met, whether Germans, Allies, or Americans.
This will never be forgotten because the United States Constabulary was a very Elite Force.

622  Date: 2004-03-02 05:35:39
Irene ( irmoore50@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

It is a pleasure to say Happy Birthday to Glenn Miller who is now 100 years young. God Bless You.

Irene Moore

621  Date: 2004-03-02 04:49:59


620  Date: 2004-03-01 02:08:08
joe bovaird ( jbeans1@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in b co 6 th armored cav and would like to hear from anyone who was there from 1955 to 1957

619  Date: 2004-02-25 06:50:32
Ervin C. Lindquist SR ( daddyerv@verizon.net / no homepage) wrote:

No other unit that I served with could come close to the feelings I have for the 54th Combat Engr Bn. United States Constabulary. I served with Charlie Co. and Hq Co 1948-1952 So now would like to join a few good men I served with in the 54 Larry Munyon,Ralph Tores & Dunkel

618  Date: 2004-02-24 22:17:31
Larry Munyon ( lrmunyon@softcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Please add me to the roster on the webb page

617  Date: 2004-02-24 22:07:11
JACOB HADLEY ( Roxanne_Shows@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

My granddaddy, JACOB HADLEY from Alabama, served in Augusburg 1945-1947 with the 5th Reg. 74th CONSTABULARY Troop A. He is looking for anyone that may have served with him. He talks about a Sgt. Mitchell and a buddy, last name Perkins.

616  Date: 2004-02-22 21:57:10
Joe Foncellino ( Tomcat194@Juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Served with "A"Battery 74th AFA Bn in Landshut,Germany from January 1949 to late May,1952,would like to hear from anyone who served there during that time period.

615  Date: 2004-02-18 16:29:12
Clayton Alexander ( scorchy9@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

A Battery 519th FA Bn.'51-'54, wire sect, FDC

614  Date: 2004-02-18 04:40:04
Joseph Nemeth ( JPWNEMETH@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed in Landshut, Germany "C" Battery 74th Field Artilley btn. from 1948-52
I was a jeep driver and radio operator.
Would like to here from any one from that unit Thank you. Joe Nemeth
20975 George Hunt Cir.# 615
Waukesha, Wi

613  Date: 2004-02-17 19:59:39
john baker ( M24tank@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in C Co 2nd plt 6th AC 49to55

612  Date: 2004-02-13 21:55:53
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene, Phil, Lala,

I´m in Wiesbaden. Wish a happy Valentines day to you.
Keep well and congratulation to this webside.


611  Date: 2004-02-12 01:29:27
Scott Rumsey ( hurtnbroke@myway.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello. Enjoyed the website and I am very thankful to find the information I was searching for. My father, "Jack"/John N. Rumsey (1926-1994) served in the 22nd Constabulary Troop "C" in Occupied Germany as a mechanic and guard in '46 and '47. I have several b+w photos he took during his service with the 22nd. I am trying to get them organized and reprinted. Thanks for the great web site!

610  Date: 2004-02-10 02:35:04
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Members of the United States Constabulary Association:
The Member Discussion Board [on our home page] is now available for you to share with each other and the Association your ideas and thoughts to help make our organization the best it can be.

609  Date: 2004-02-09 15:47:50
George Bowdren ( rctgcood.usca@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Item 603 is from Charles Cooper, D Trp, 24th Constab, 48-52. National Roster has Charles Cooper, D Trp, 24th Sqdn, 48-52.
Without the sarcastic remarks maybe you can explain how this is two separate individuals.

608  Date: 2004-02-09 13:33:15
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.geocities.com/usconstabulary/Asa_Reid.html#asa%20reid) wrote:

Happy Birthday to Trooper Asa Reid
-Feb 14th-
Check out his page on our site US Constabulary.

607  Date: 2004-02-08 07:07:27
E.A. Cologne ( constabulary@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Re: Note 607
FYI I check this guest book every morning.
FYI the Cooper in Outpost Eight does not have E-Mail, that Cooper is a personal friend of mine,we served three years together.

606  Date: 2004-02-07 18:17:06
George Bowdren ( rctgcoord.usca@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

It is good to see that you have finally gotten around to checking the Guest Book. You might also want to check your National Roster. Charles L Cooper is a member of Outpost Eight.

605  Date: 2004-02-06 14:29:43
E. A. Cologne ( constabulary@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

charles l cooper,
Send me your snail mail address for membership, my E-Mail address is below.
E A Cologne
B Troop, 24th Hersfeld

604  Date: 2004-02-06 14:24:39
E. A. Cologne ( constabulary@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Thomas kelly,
Your application is in the mail

603  Date: 2004-02-06 11:49:04
thomas kelly ( kktkelly@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:


602  Date: 2004-02-06 04:40:24
charles l cooper ( charcp9@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:


601  Date: 2004-02-04 18:48:00
Roxanne Shows for Jacob Hadley ( Roxanne_Shows@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

My granddaddy, JACOB HADLEY from Alabama, served in Augusburg 1945-1947 with the 5th Reg. 74th CONSTABULARY Troop A. He is looking for anyone that may have served with him. He talks about a Sgt. Mitchell and a buddy, last name Perkins.

600  Date: 2004-02-04 10:32:38
Mary johnson ( MARYOSH621@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Ernest,

My name is Mary O'Shaughnessy. My father's name was Bob Johnson. He was with the 81st constabulary in the European theatre from September 1945-1949. I know he was an MP connected to the Nuremberg trials. The only thing he ever told me was that he transported Nazi war criminals to trial at Nuremberg. I have lots of pictures of the men in his group.
I even have a group shot withthe flag behind them and lots of their names are on the back s of the pictures. Dad wrote both their real names and their nick names. There is a man in the picture that I believe is a man that as a child I called Uncle Saxi. His given name was Isaac Sachs. He was my fathers best friend when I was growing up and my told me they serve together. I was wondering if you know or can find outif Uncle Saxi is still alive. Dad passed in 1997 and Uncle Saxi didnt come but we hadnt seen him in a few years. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am sending th group
picture incase it is any help to you.

Thanks Mary O'Shaughnessy (Johnson)

599  Date: 2004-02-03 22:29:03
Jacob Hadley ( Roxanne_Shows@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

My granddaddy served from 45-47. He was with the 5th Reg. 74th Constabulary Squadron. He ask me to do some research for him so he could try to find some to the men he served with. Any information would be very much appreciated.

598  Date: 2004-02-01 19:46:15
Colonel Manfred Benkel ( manfred.benkel@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

Since I am doing some research on Fort (Camp) May in Degerndorf, Germany, I would like to get in contact with you in order to find more information. Please tell me how to submit my request

597  Date: 2004-02-01 18:01:28
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://usconstabulary.com) wrote:

I am an Associate member of the United States Constabulary Association. My father Gilbert Matherne was a Member until his death Nov. 26, 2000. OP7 showed to us their friendship with open arms and what a privilege for us be a part of this great Organization. Thank you to all for giving back to my Dad the memories of the Good Old Constabulary Days. I saw the excitement in his eyes as he went back in memory thanks to you.

596  Date: 2004-01-29 16:01:31
Joseph Feiser ( j.feiser@myactv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was not with the circle c cowboys but with the big red one from 50 to 52 in nurnberg. Does anyone remmber that the circle c and our outfit's was the only one in germany at that time? Will always remmber the good old days in Nurnberg.

595  Date: 2004-01-26 03:49:22
C.D.Cox ( cdcox_1@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

When I first got to Sonthofen Iwas in B Btry 91st Arty we then changed to 519 th Arty. I got my life sentence in Babenhausen Feb 6 1954. Whe I returned to the states I was sent to B Btry 91st Arty in Ft Hood

594  Date: 2004-01-19 17:59:04
Ellen McCarthy ( ellenmccarthyca@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father, the late Sgt/Maj Francis A.McCarthy was stationed in Augsburg after the war and there met my mother whom he later married. I was born there in 1947. Now I'm w riting a short family history, which is how I happened to visit. Thanks for th einfo.

593  Date: 2004-01-15 19:52:31
Jim Grady ( Keg002@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great visit and remembrance.

592  Date: 2004-01-10 16:01:25
WILLIAM A. FRISKEY ( wafriskey@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:


591  Date: 2004-01-09 05:51:37
Beverly Bryant Cook ( bluxcook@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

So glad I found this site. My Daddy was in the old Calvary, then the 15th Constabulary. He was one of those old timers who made the Army his life. He loved it and believed in what it stood for. I was raised in this climate of his high regard and still love it too. All my love and respect to all those men who also loved and served the higher cause. Bev Lux Cook

590  Date: 2004-01-06 03:13:15
Garfield C. Geyer ( garfbarb@localnet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I arrived in Straubing in May 1949 . Assigned to SV Co 6AC as a truck driver. Transfered to C Co around Jan 1950. Went to tank school in Vilseck. I liked Vilseck and asked to be transfered. Transfered to 7767 TTC in June 1950.I went back to the states in Apr 1952. Was a M24 tank driver/Instructor.Anyone who remembers me please e-mail I would like to hear from my old room mates Bennett and DiBernardo. I have contacted Duesing and hopefully we can get together sometime.

589  Date: 2004-01-01 22:02:47
Ernest F. Loomis ( ernest.loomis@nh.ngb.army.mil / no homepage) wrote:

I was at Flint Kaserne, Bad Toelz and Warner Barracks, Bamberg off and on from 1959-1962. I later served in the New Hampshire State Police retiring as a Major 1963-1990. I met MG Ernest Harmon when he was Commandant(President) at Norwich University and lived in Hanover NH across the Connecticut river. I got to spend countless hours in his den, and I learned that of all his commands, he took the greatest pride in commanding the Constabulary. He referred to it as the largest State Police unit in the world. He was a great american and I miss him since his death.

588  Date: 2004-01-01 21:23:14
Fred Corley ( popcorley@northstate.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was never actually in the Constabulary. I arrived in the 6th Armd Cav Regt shortly after the Constabulary was disbanded, Everything was still covered with the Circle C. I was there in Straubing for almost three year in Hq & Hq Co 6th A/C Regt. I thouroughly enjoyed it.

587  Date: 2004-01-01 00:11:52
ED YETSKO ( LBOLT1@JUNO.COM / no homepage) wrote:

I served with Tank Company, 3rd Bn, 6th ACR, 1950/53 at Regensburg and Degerndorf.
I also am one of the original "dirty dozen" who first formed the Constabulary Association along with Bud Groner(now deceased) & Charles Peillet.

586  Date: 2003-12-31 21:49:23
ed liston ( sonnyvero@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 6th a/c regiment in Straubing and Landshut 1950-53.I did a lot of tdy as a radio operator up on the border. Now live on the coast of Maine and Florida in the winter.
I am a member of outpost #1, constabulary.no home page.

585  Date: 2003-12-30 18:17:53
Clayton Alexander ( scorchy9@advnet.net / no homepage) wrote:

Stationed in Babenhausen '53-'54,A Battery.519Th FA Bn.Lot of guys in the outfit were ex constabs. I was in the detail platoon, as jeep driver,wireman, and FDC.

584  Date: 2003-12-27 23:01:20
William Frazier ( wfrazier@ULTRAISP.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the Constabulary in Landshut, Germany in 1949, was transfered to Constabulary 7767 tank training center in Vilseck, Germany. Lost all my papers, don't know what outfits I was in. Please have somebody email me that was there or possibly knows something about it.

583  Date: 2003-12-26 19:34:02
WILLIAM A. FRISKEY ( wafriskey@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:


582  Date: 2003-12-26 18:09:41
Len Klucar ( charlenfarm@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

still looking for anyone who knew a trooper by the name of PASSARO Headquarters Troop Heidelberg l947 Or Troop rosters or anything to help me to locate him.

581  Date: 2003-12-25 21:19:39
THOMAS D. KENNEDY ( tom.kennedy1@verizzon.net / no homepage) wrote:


580  Date: 2003-12-21 22:05:24
Ralph Stovall ( w.r.stovall@worldnet.att.net / no homepage) wrote:

Just a note to wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY and HEALTHY NEW YEAR... to all Troopers and families. I was in 6th Squadron, Coburg, Germany from 1946 - 1948, Hq. Troop. Now member OP #4.

579  Date: 2003-12-20 23:57:40
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I note in the list that I received in the mail the name of John Liston, from a the Outpost in
New England. Is this the John Liston who took basic with K Company of the 39th Infantry in
1949 and was assigned to the 2nd Bn of the 6th
Armored Cav in Landshut between 1950 and l953?
Chuck Frazier

578  Date: 2003-12-20 13:40:53
Charlie Joe Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

A Very Merry Christmas to all you Troopers and your families.

577  Date: 2003-12-14 21:16:48
Ralph S Adkisson ( radkisson@stny.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed at Landshut D troop 51st and before there I was in Passau, and was assigned to the Const School, at sonthofen was assigned to the border at Neuhaus germany on the inn reiver across from scharding Austra, I would be pleased to be able to visit with any one that was also in the area at this time 46 to 48. Ralph A.

576  Date: 2003-12-14 15:30:01
Melissa O'Shaughnessy ( melissasue81@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello to everyone! My family and I are looking for information on my grandfather, Robert Nelson JOHNSON- he was assigned to the 81st Constabulatory Squadron. He would have been there between 1946-1949/1950. There was also a man named Isaac Sachs assigned with him. We have ~*many*~ photos, some with names. They will be posted shortly on our website. If it helps, we also know he was assigned to prisoner transport for the Nuremberg trials. Thank you very much. If you have any information, please contact us at melissasue81@hotmail.com.

575  Date: 2003-12-11 20:45:04
kenneth ( xtrakent70@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

keep it up, i love the site.

574  Date: 2003-12-11 04:05:15
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


573  Date: 2003-12-10 21:33:05
Charles Thompson ( chuckthompsonoutdoors@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

167 photos of the 14th Armored Cavalry from 1949-1951 in Fritzlar, Friedberg, Gelnhausen,Fulda and ? Any familiar faces? Go to photo.epson.com and type in my new e-mail address of chuckthompsonoutdoors@comcast.net and click on 14th Armored Cavalry. Thanks. Enjoy.

572  Date: 2003-12-10 20:18:32
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

IN 2005.

571  Date: 2003-12-10 00:35:17
Louis A Lynn ( cousca@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

Attention all 16th Berlin troopers, There is to be a feature story on the 16th to be in the LB, If any of you guys has something you think should be in the story send it to me, also photos, All item will net be in the story due to space but yours might, You can E-mail me or snail mail my address is in the LB.


570  Date: 2003-12-07 21:06:50
George Thompson ( Edelweiss@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

December 7th, 2003 !
death & wounded of so very many of our solders,
sailors & others ! Let`s never forget especially
today and forever !
Trooper George Thompson, Outpost 2

569  Date: 2003-12-07 01:09:58
Louis A Lynn ( cousca@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am going to make up a 16 month Constabulary calendar anyone instrested in having one let me know, The cost will be around $20.00. There is information in the Sept LB issue about it
and some info in the coming issue of the LB

568  Date: 2003-12-06 19:15:56
John C. McLaughlin ( jocage1@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

New email address: jocage1@earthlink.net
Served from 1948 to 1952 with Tank Co. 3d. Bn. 2d. Armored Cavalry Regiment in Augsburg and Amberg.

567  Date: 2003-12-06 18:27:21
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello all " C "s out there.

We have today 06.Dez. in Germany, the St. Niclaus" day. In German: St. Nikolaus or Knecht Ruprecht.

All children in the neighbourhood go around in the evening, dressed up with a mask/ beard and ring doorbells, go in shops and sing x-mas songs, then they get something ( chocolate or money) It´s a nice habit and brings x-mas closer.

Take care
TET outpost I

566  Date: 2003-12-06 16:37:38
Manfred (Doc)Goldstein ( Mannyg2255@hotmail.com / http://www.frontiernet.net/~twinone/) wrote:

Just to say Hi, and update my e-mail and website.

I live in NY and am a member of Outpost 2.

Getting a lot of snow today, so I am just waiting till it slows down to start shoveling.

Manny (doc)

565  Date: 2003-12-06 00:45:34
John Capone ( bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

On May 29, 2004 the national WWII Memorial will be dedicated in Washington, DC--to honor Americans greatest generation of WWII veterans.

The official dedication will span 4 days and there will be many events. Tickets are free, first come first served. To get tickets, or other details, go to the official web site www.WWIIMemorial.com or call 800-639-4992.

564  Date: 2003-12-05 14:27:26
Ralph Judd Jr. ( RalphEarline@yahoo.com / http://www.RalphJuddJr.com) wrote:

Was in the 6th.Constabulary in A Troop,was there in 1946 and 1947 Before that I was with the 71st and the 9th infrantry div.in 1945 Was in Coburg Germany with the Constabulary

563  Date: 2003-11-30 17:53:00
L. A. Lynn ( LLynn@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings and a very merry and prosperous new year to one and all, Hope to see many of you at the reunions and those who have never attended one should do so, Meet old friends and make new ones, WE MISS YOU.

National Commander

562  Date: 2003-11-30 16:43:17
Robert ( natl-adjutant@pe.net / no homepage) wrote:

Since joining the Association I have renewed a number of old friendships and made a lot of new ones. The latest was a fellow I served with in H&S Troop 6th Squadron, 6th Regiment, in Coburg around early 1947. We were in the Communications Section under a M/Sgt Williams.
My experiences in the Association has been most rewarding.

561  Date: 2003-11-29 15:17:18
E.A. Cologne ( constabulary@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am the National Recruiter of the “United States Constabulary Association”,
For an application to join this “ELITE” unit if not already a member, E-Mail your mailing address for membership at: constabulary@juno.com
E. A. Cologne

560  Date: 2003-11-26 20:46:01
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:


559  Date: 2003-11-25 21:39:15
Herbert (AL), Smith ( apsmith@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 17th Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron Mech. when this unit was a District Constabulary unit in the Freidberg and later the Heidelberg area in 1946. After the 17th Cav. broke up in January 1947, I was transfered to the 15th Constabulary Squadron in Schwetzingen, Germany. This 15th Squadron was the orginal 15th then in fall of 1947 the 15th broke up and reactivated in early 1948 in the Weiden area. After the original 15th broke up, I was transfered to the B-Troop, 14th Squadron in September of 47 and then C-Troop, 14th Squadron in January of 48. While in C-Troop, I was stationed at the Constabulary School in Sonthofen as C-14 was the demonstration troop at the school. I then transfered to Hq & Svc. Troop of the 14th in July of 1948 and then went home in August of 48 on the troop ship, Bernard J. Ray. Anyone else who served in these units please contact me as I would love to locate some photo's of us from those days. I also have some to share and maybe you are in one. Thanks and hope to hear from you. Herb (Al), Smith

558  Date: 2003-11-25 17:10:37
James L. Blevins ( ProfTuddy@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am a member of the Constabulary. My Outpost is #5.
I served with the 24th. Constabulary Hq. in Bad Schallerbach, Austria in '45 & 47.I was Cf. switchboard opr. for Lt. Col.McCrory. This is near Linz, Austria, which was the birthplace of Adolf Hitler. Have many memories of Hitlers house in the mountains of Salzburg.Also visiting the "Eagles Nest", long before it was turned into a tourest attraction.Remembering visiting Gumunden, where Hitler built a small castle for Eva Braums sister on the lake there.
Would love to hear from anyone who served in Bad Schallerbach, Austria at this time.
T/5 at the time. Jim Blevins

557  Date: 2003-11-24 03:14:53
Omer S. Pincksten ( lisaomer@clnet.net / no homepage) wrote:

I enlisted in the U.S.Army RA at Ft Riley Kan on 18 April 1950, after 16 weeks of Basic,I was sent to Germany and arrived there in Germany in October 1950, went to the repo/Depo at (can not recall town) from there i was sent to the 15th Constab in Weiden, i had to return to (can not recall town) and reassigned to 2 ACR in Augsburg to "B" Co, 1st Bn, 2 ACR. We traveled all over the southern part of Germany. We put on a military show at Oberammergau, then on to Graf, Maintz, back to Graf, then to Bayreuth where i stayed until i rotated stateside in Sept 1953, to Ft Riley Kan, to Camp Chaffee Ark, to Ft Polk. to Ft Bragg, then motor marached back to Ft Riley Kan and was dischcharged in April 1955 for the 10th Recon, Co, Ft Riley. In May 1955 i enlisted in the USAF and stayed there until i retired in Nov 1972 as a TSgt.

556  Date: 2003-11-23 02:30:52
Ralph S. Adkisson ( rsa@corninglink.com / no homepage) wrote:

You have a very interesting guest page I have enjoyed reviewing it. I was with the 51st Const D Troop Landshut begin in Regensburg, from there to Passau then to Sonthoffen School then back to Landshut then to Neuhaus border post across from scharding Austra on the Inn River I dont remember any one But would be interested in visting with any one that was with me during those years. I do belong to the organization now but have never found any one from the 51st, constab squ.

555  Date: 2003-11-21 01:27:50
Jerry Meneau ( jmeneau@lakefield.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to HQ & HQ Co 3rd Bn 6th ACR at Regensberg, Germany. Served from Dec 1954 to May of 1956. I was NCO in charge of BN Message Center. Good outfit and good area to be assigned to.

554  Date: 2003-11-20 02:43:14
AUGUST ANGELO ( GIGIVIP@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:


553  Date: 2003-11-19 01:46:05
Dean Phillips ( bdphil@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

My Father-in-law, Walter Kapinski, served with the 5lst Constabulary MP's in Passau, Germany from l946 thru Feb. 1947. Anyone with information on this unit, please contact me. He would love to hear from you.

552  Date: 2003-11-16 21:30:53
Edward J. McNichol ( ekmjlm@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

Member of the 2nd Constabulary Squadron stationed in Lenggries, Germany.

551  Date: 2003-11-15 17:06:55
Lenny Klucar ( Charlenfarm@Aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Still searching for Buddie PASSARO l947\48 Headquarters Troop Heidelberg Germany Patton Barracks. Maj Mergler Comm Officer.Any one ever heard of him? Phone 419-929-8688

550  Date: 2003-11-15 16:51:52
Lenny Klucar ( charlenfarm@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Am searching for Constab buddie PASSARO l947-48,assigned to Headquarters Troop, Heidelberg Germany. Patton Barracks. Has anyone out there ever known him or heard of him? If so please contact me.E mail or 419-929-8688. Our Troop Commander was Maj. V. Mergler

549  Date: 2003-11-15 02:57:40
Layne A. Holley ( gunnerholley@hotmail.com / http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/h/o/l/Layne-A-Holley/index.html?Welcome=1068864432) wrote:

Looking for anyone who knew my dad, Archie A. HOLLEY. Dad was from the South (AL/TN) and arrived in Germany in 1946. He and his Army buddies patrolled the area in a jeep and occasionally transferred German POW's from place to place. When it was discovered that he had been to Cook & Baker School, the First Sergeant put Dad in the mess hall. He was not happy that he had to give up the jeep! However, Dad was able to eat as much ice cream as he wanted. Would like to know exactly what Army squadron/company Dad was assigned. He cannot recall.

548  Date: 2003-11-15 00:57:36
naipo robertson ( robk5150@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for anyone who knew my father Naipo Robertson Sr. He served with the Sp Trps from 48-52. He was also a boxer representing the Constabulary in the Eucom.

547  Date: 2003-11-11 22:41:42
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Your message was very meaningful. My article will come out in the Dec. issue of the Lightning Bolt.

Love and miss you,

546  Date: 2003-11-11 20:04:28
Richie Thomassie ( rgltr334@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,

Just read your e-mail about what brought you to this point as the web editor. It brought back memories of Paw Paw Gil and what I felt when the stories of his life were revealed to me. I am sure that every family can relate to the unselfishness, deication and sense of duty their loved ones demonstrated in that time of war. I remain proud of him and also of my Grand-Mother Elisabeth Matherne, for they overcame many difficult obstacles that changed their way of life. I am truly proud to be their grandson. Mom, you have shown that your sense of loyalty to them is undying and I can only hope to continue that in my daily life and be the same example to my family. I can only Hope to be half the man that my Paw Paw Gil was. Thank you! Richie

545  Date: 2003-11-11 13:51:50
harold sikma ( hsikma937@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

1951 -1953 Bad Kissingen,Germany 14th ac hq. & hq. served during dec. 1952 phase out of u s constabulary.

544  Date: 2003-11-09 05:23:49
AL Inlow ( constab@ccountry.net / http://campwhite.org) wrote:

I was in the 519th F.A. Bn. Sonthofen & Babenhausen Germany 1949 through 1952.

543  Date: 2003-11-05 07:34:00
George H. Greer ( georgehowardgreer@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Members,
My name is George Greer. I am an American living and working here in Germany (Giebelstadt-Near Wurzburg).

I am in the process of restoring a 1942 WLA motorcycle (harley) that I obtained in Russia..I am looking to try and find any decent photos of the motorcycles that were used by your unit.

I am trying to figure out which unit markings that my motorcycle could have on it..Military Police..2nd AD..just don't know at the moment which to use.

Thank you in advance...George Greer

542  Date: 2003-11-05 00:20:08
feyi akerele .t. ( tomswellfeyi@yahoo.co.uk / no homepage) wrote:

i'm searching for my uncle,hope you help me find his whereabout,we last heard of him since 1985.
This is the information on his checker taxi co.inc.
date issued:7-6-83
lessee no:3152
city license no:32438
name:yommy d akerele.


541  Date: 2003-11-04 20:40:49
Don Compeau ( defulda54@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

B Trp lst Sgd Fritzlar
B Co lst Bn l4th A/C

540  Date: 2003-10-30 16:44:37
Gerald Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for old friends from 2nd A/CRegt 51-53 K. Tarnowski(Buffalo ?) WAyne Saunders ? Frank Robinson(Cape May NJ?) Norm Sharples?

539  Date: 2003-10-27 22:14:39
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Re: In answer to message No.538,ref
Charles Frazier.
Charles, all the OP reunion dates are placed
in the Lightning Bolt issues many months
before they take place. The National Reunion
that just took place in Killeen, TX had it's
dates posted over a year before and in at
least 5 consecutive issues of the Lightning
Bolt as I recall. Haven't you received your
copies and if so don't you read them? In the
latest copy which I just received last week
on page 5 it lists 3 OP's with dates for
2004 and one has a site but dates are TBA.
So Charles,if you have any intention to
attend your OP reunion or the next national
just call your OP Commander and ask him. His
number is also in the Bolt. There really is
no excuse for not knowing when our reunions
take place.

538  Date: 2003-10-27 19:16:06
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

We need to post a little more information on reunions, conventions or meetings of any sort.
I really did want to get to Killeen, but I was not able to get any information in dates, times and places. I only live 100 miles from that city. That's only a short Texas drive.

Chuck Frazier

537  Date: 2003-10-27 18:58:58
Louis A Lynn ( LLynn@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

As National Commander I can't say enough about the great job Irene has accomplish for us, We all can be very proud of this web site and proud of the time and effort Irene has put into this labor of love great job Irene Airborne all the way Drive on".

536  Date: 2003-10-27 15:50:03
Bob Plath ( rplath@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am not allowed to comment on message #530.

535  Date: 2003-10-26 17:56:52
Bill Strub ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings to all members and friends of the USCA. We had many good people attend the convention in Killeen. I was happy to meet with many members I first met on the tour of Germany in 1996. We also had many that came to see if I really had horns or two heads and a tail as the many e-mails they received from an unhappy individual were fabricarted and caused confusion and doubt in many minds.
This unhappy individual has been dismissed - ousted from the Association - because of the disruption and unrest he had caused these past two plus years. Since things are not done in the manner he wants, and he has no power to control the situation, the only alternative is to destroy. Do not let that happen to this Association.
I noted in Killeen not to heed the Negative e-mails, but look to the Lightning Bolt to tell the truth. We have an editor with integrity who will only publish the truth.
However, I must now call your attention to message #530 in this Guest Book. He is at it again. This time by invading our website Guest Book. Message #530 is FALSE. As Commander, I never made that statement. Also, if you note the e-mail address appears to be that of the National Recruiter. IT IS NOT. That address has been selected to resemble that of the Recruiter, and is merely a fabrication to mislead. Do NOT believe any NEGATIVE messages in e-mail or on this website. I have been told that even his 'signature' sign-off has been plagiarized. If you care to, you have my blessing to e-mail this individual and tell him to GO...AWAY. And, for all those that pick up these negative accusations, endorse them, and then pass them on as 'fact' - you may also GO AWAY.
For all our Good People, enjoy the reunions, enjoy the Lightning Bolt (your comments are always welcome), and enjoy each other's company and 'War Stories.' That's why this Association was created and what it's all about. Be aware to shun the negative allegations submitted to you.
Bill Strub / Senior Advisor
(C Troop, 16th Squadron SEPARATE)

534  Date: 2003-10-26 14:36:28
Bob Plath ( rplath@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

I'm still impressed by the amount of work that has been put into this web site!


533  Date: 2003-10-25 13:06:01
Marvin Farnsel ( mefarnes@tc3net.com / no homepage) wrote:

I Served with the 6th Constabulary Sqd. at Coburg, Germany in 1947. Are none of you Old Circle Cowboys from the 6th. out there????

532  Date: 2003-10-24 16:12:31
Brian Solinsky ( BSolinsky@ci.south-pasadena.ca.us / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for information on my grandfather, Talmadge Harrison. He was stationed around Staubing Germany during 1951. He was a tank driver with the 6th Armd Cav, but I am unsure which company. Any information is greatly appreciated.

531  Date: 2003-10-24 01:36:51
Donald T. Brusso ( dbrusso@up.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Service Company and D Company, Second Btn., 6th Armd. Cav., From 6/49 to 7/51. Was discharged in 9/52 from Ft. Benning, GA. Still live in Upper Michigan.

530  Date: 2003-10-23 15:45:58
Life Member ( RctgCoordUSCA@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

The last National Commander proposed the national Treasury be reduced by about 50%. Why has nothing been done about this?

529  Date: 2003-10-23 02:30:39
George Pedersen ( GeoP1231@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the years 49-52 in the Constabulary, Stationed in Landshut, Germany.
@nd Batalion, 87 regement, 6th Armored Cavalry,
APO 225

528  Date: 2003-10-19 02:32:48
Frank B. McDonald ( Crutchman@grandecom.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 2d Constabulary Brigade in Munich from 1950 until 1952. Worked in S-2 Kept the Map room and drafting

527  Date: 2003-10-05 01:25:30
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

We returned from our National Reunion in Killeen,Tx last week and let me say, OP7 put
on a great reunion. We had a wonderful time
and it was just great seeing old friends and
fellow troopers, Eddie and Mary Cordeiro,
John and Diana Capone, Tony and Donna Alvarez
Bill and Debbie Ostrowski, Bill and Marie Strub
and so many other good friends. Those of you who
know Eddie C.,he kept us in stitches the whole
time. The tours to Ft. Hood were outstanding.
The Army there welcomed us with open arms and
treated us all like VIP's. They showed us some
of the latest equipment our young G.I.'s are
issued, very impressive. The soldiers them-
selves are smart, dedicated young men. They
honored us and our service in the Constabulary.
They made us proud to have served before them.
It was an honor to just sit and talk to them
in their Dining Hall (it will always be a mess
hall to me)and have lunch together.TheSGT.who was our host/guide (Staten) even had the base
museum opened especially for us, which had been closed due to lack of manpower. We sorely miss-
ed Irene and Jim Deming who is very ill,we pray
for his recovery. The "Laua" on banquet night
was hilarious as some of the ladies sang some
of the old tunes a'la Andrew sisters. They were
great and the band cooperated playing those old
numbers. For all those that could not attend,
you missed a awesome reunion.......

526  Date: 2003-09-30 10:16:12
John Capone Editor Lighting Bolt ( Bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just returned from our National Reunion in Killeen, Texas. Lou Lynn is our new Commander,visted Fort Hood,we have got the greatest,and best trained soldiers in the world. Our next reunion will be in Orlando ,Fl.in 2005.Read all about the above in the comming issue of the Bolt which is going to Press shortly

525  Date: 2003-09-29 02:32:47
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Guys,

Sorry I wasn't able to attend the National Reunion in Killeen but those of you that did should write something to let the rest of us know about the good things that happened in Texas.

I have a retired Army friend that lives there and he told me that the base was pretty empty as many of the troops stations there are in Iraq. I wondered if you were able to tour the base as we toured Ft. Knox a couple of years ago.

Tell us about it and post some pictures if you can and is our new National Commander Lou Lynn?

Hope to hear from many of you.

Phil (Sandy) Sandoval

524  Date: 2003-09-25 20:12:06
john anderson ( joma911@just-acce3ss.com / no homepage) wrote:

Please updat my e-mail address to
joma911@just-access.com Would like to hear from any one in "C" TRP. 42 CON>SQ. in Augsburg 1947-1948

523  Date: 2003-09-24 14:28:23
James A. "Al" Harris ( harrisallan@otc.army.mil / no homepage) wrote:

I just met some members of the Constabulary at their reunion at Fort Hood, TX. What a wonderful bunch of guys and ladies! Just wanted to take the time to thank all you guys for your service to our country and thw world community at large. We owe you all a debt of gratitude for your selfless service. Best wishes to all of you.

522  Date: 2003-09-21 02:48:35
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

can't believe the info i can pull up on the internet....why the hell doesn't anyone know about the constabulary....if the army had bothered to check into history they would have discovered how we did it and things might be going smoother in iraq now,who knows?

521  Date: 2003-09-20 12:52:53
John Capone ( Bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Jim Deming our Senior Vice Commander East is very ill and in the Hospital.Lets pray for his speedy recovery anbd return to good health.

520  Date: 2003-09-20 12:35:57
John Capone Editor ( Bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

The next issue of the Lighting Bolt will be published after the reunion in Killeen, Texas so that we can bring to those who can not attend all the news and pictures of what took place there.

519  Date: 2003-09-17 02:22:07
Dawn Hettiger ( Butterflytattoos@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was glad to find this web-site. My husbands Grandfather and Uncle were stationed in Landshut in 1948 and maybe for a few years after. I am looking for 3 men. John Hettiger, John Baker and Joe Leder. If anyone has any information on any of these men please e-mail me.

Thank you

Dawn Hettiger

518  Date: 2003-09-16 01:00:34
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

It's been nice emailing some of you old troopers. I remember a captain in his 40s once said that a trooper was the lowest segment of srmy life. Enough said about that. After all, he was a forty-something year old Captain, and I was a seventeen year old recruit. I didn't believe him then, and I still don't.
I am proud to have been called a trooper.

517  Date: 2003-09-15 21:46:01
Andy Save ( wheretosaveinfo@yahoo.com / http://www.wheretosave.com) wrote:

I came across this by accident through the search engine. I have to say that I found it interesting. I will bookmark it and come back again sometime.

516  Date: 2003-09-15 17:55:03
C.D. Cox ( cdcox_1@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in 91st&519th FA from 49 to 54

515  Date: 2003-09-12 23:25:14
joseph r claus ( jcclaus@sunlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

looking for donald frank and frances frank same last name but not related. buddies from troop A 16th constabulary berlin germany 1948 to 1951 also any troopers from that time frame.

514  Date: 2003-09-11 20:45:44
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

To all my fellow Troopers. Above you will find
my latest e-mail address. Our move from CA to
the state of Washington went pretty smoothly.
Still trying to locate fellow troopers from
HQ Troop,35th Sqdn/D Troop,42nd Sqdn 1947-48,
Looking forward to our National Reunion in

513  Date: 2003-09-11 12:52:03
Manfred (Doc)Goldstein ( Mannyg2255@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Bismark Statue

How many of you that were in Berlin prior to 1950, remember the statue of Bismark at the Wansee, across form the U Bahn station?

How many Climbed it like I did?

The statue was removed on 26 August 1949 and placed in storage in the “Gartenampt”.

I would like to know, so e-mail me. Also if you want a photo of it with me on top of course, let me know.


Manfred Goldstein

512  Date: 2003-09-09 21:21:46
robert adams ( radams@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for information on the Horse Plt that was stationed in Wetzler Germany. Thank you

511  Date: 2003-09-07 18:43:58
Johnny Taylor ( taylorg@1starnet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am a member of Outpost # 7. I was in the U. S. Constabuulary 1946=1950, 14th constabulary Regiment,2nd Batallion,"B"Co. Thank You for the web-site and, "Constabulary Lightning Bolt" publication. Mobility, Vigilance, Justice.

510  Date: 2003-09-06 14:37:14
Manfred Goldstein ( Mannyg2255@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

How do I acsess the membership list?
The search on the home page does not work.

I am looking for Karen Luvaas

509  Date: 2003-09-04 15:39:41
Gerald Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Harry Culley My email to you keeps getting returned.I have answered you twice but no luck.This happened before with my son ,he had AOL also.Sometimes AOL doesn,t accept mail from othernets. He did something and then it started working. Keep emailing me,I,ll keep trying. Gerry

508  Date: 2003-08-31 21:11:39
carrold t henley ( yapd1@madisonville.com / no homepage) wrote:

I enjoyed your website very much, brought back many enjoyable memories....however, I've been a member for some time, can't seem to find my name in kthe roster..... carrold t henley ex-horse platoon wieden germany.....thank you. . . . .

507  Date: 2003-08-29 23:23:33
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

Where are all of you guys from the 6th Armored Cavalry stationed in Landshut, Straubing and Regensburg? Surely you have learned to write by now. Chuck Frazier

506  Date: 2003-08-29 14:48:26
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

George, I hope that the information that I sent you on Landshut, Straubing, Regensburg, Deggendorf and Platling will suffice. It has been fifty years since I was stationed in that area and I am sure that the area has changed much over tha period. Chuck Frazier

505  Date: 2003-08-28 15:39:18
Gerald Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

HarryCulley apparently I have your Email address wrong.Isaw your picture in Lightning bolt at the reunion.Would like to get in contact again.I have some good pictures of us at radio school.Any one else from 2nd A/C Hq&Hq Co. or the 1st Bn 1951-53 can get in contavt with me at omathorn@webtv.net

504  Date: 2003-08-28 03:52:40
C. Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

I just want to update my E-mail address

503  Date: 2003-08-26 13:22:33
J.T. ( wheretosaveinfo@yahoo.com / http://www.creditwish.com) wrote:

I am glad that I came accross this site.

502  Date: 2003-08-26 03:30:23
Ernie Worth ( ernimoly@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I like to check in once in a while, Looking forward to texas. See Ya E

501  Date: 2003-08-22 22:02:05
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello all out there.

Here is Thomas from OP 1;
as I can see, after one week, hardly any mails.

All on holiday?!

Just came past the pub on the Fulda river near Rothwesten base,
" Graue Katze" and "Roter Kater" out of the times in the 50 ties/ 60 s

It#s renovated and reactivated.


500  Date: 2003-08-19 16:38:17
ROBERT RUSSO ( OSSUR422@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

103RD A.C.W. SQ.

499  Date: 2003-08-16 11:11:33
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Phil and Lala, Irene,

I am now for a few weeks in Wiesbaden, there I dont have a Computer.
At home I am on the weekend, Sa., sunday.

the office does´nt have an access to the internet. Only Intra.
Near by is an US-shopping center.
Take care

498  Date: 2003-08-16 11:02:23
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Commander Bill Strub
Your position about Finances of the association, membership dues & our newsletter is
great. Now we have two great editors. Life
memberships, however must be legally honored.
Everone does not have to agree with the positions you our leader takes on everything.
Meanwhile, keep up the good work until you retire. I hope you get a good pension.
Trooper George Thompson

497  Date: 2003-08-15 00:03:42
sam zafran ( samz@kansas.net / no homepage) wrote:

Well Done Commander Strub.Well worded and explanitory letter on Finance situation.Noticed a great and well change in the Lighting Bolt,under the new editors.Keep up the good work,and as they say in my old outfit, PRESS ON.

496  Date: 2003-08-06 16:02:12
Janie Micchelli ( jmicchelli@aol.com / http://www.mifamilyhistory.org/dpcamps2/) wrote:

Just an up-dated homepage adddress,and an invitation to view the web-site and share stories/pictures about displaced persons and interactions between them and the Constabulary.
Thanks - janie :-)

495  Date: 2003-08-02 23:42:23
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I would like to hear from some of you guys who were station in Landshut Germany

494  Date: 2003-08-02 16:09:14
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Here is Thomas, outpost I; hope all are fine. Happy to see new visitors.

493  Date: 2003-07-30 01:00:28
Bill Murphy ( murphywilliam@ctvea.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am a member of outpost 4

492  Date: 2003-07-29 04:47:02
sam zafran ( samz@kansas.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hey George Thompson.If you are out there maybe you can answer my question?In your patch page there is a crescenttype patch worn over the standard Constab Patch.Yours is in Red, there is one in blue.Who wore them ,were they authorized? Hopfully await an answer Sam

491  Date: 2003-07-29 02:24:21
Chuck Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

Glad to hear from some of you guys. We served in Germany during an interesting time. I am trying to put a novel together about that period. Chuck

490  Date: 2003-07-24 21:08:36
Patrick Biddy ( ptokay@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I just meet with Captain Hans-Jurgen Schmidt a few days ago in Germany. He is an outstanding individual.
I was with the 1/2 ACR out of Bindlach Germany performing border surveillance in the mid 80's.
Great website.

489  Date: 2003-07-23 17:19:57
sam zafran ( samz@kansas.net / no homepage) wrote:

need info on two patchs worn over the US Constabulary Patch.One in red one, in blue US Constabulary on it.Where they issue patchs,who wore them,what do they represent Sam Zafran

488  Date: 2003-07-21 18:02:04
James ( terrykriss@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

was in Lanshut in 1949 with the Cocstabulary M46 tank 90mm.need to know the name of that Co. Had a great at Grafenwohr.

487  Date: 2003-07-20 04:35:19
Basil Wade ( kristiecox1974@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

After talking to my grandfather BASIL WADE tonight he was amazed how much info can be obtained on the internet and asked me to try to locate some of his old buddies from the army. One gentleman in particular DONALD B. LEMASTER from Kenovea WV who he served with in the 91st Cons. 1946 in Hersfeld Germany. Any info anyone may have on this fellow would be much appriciated as well as any help in where I may find more info.

486  Date: 2003-07-19 16:16:51
JOHN J YESS ( jyess@c2i2.com / no homepage) wrote:


485  Date: 2003-07-16 19:56:24
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the Second Battalion, Sixth Armored Cav from January 1950 through December l952. When I took off the Circle C, I transferred to
the Big Red One. Reenlisted in the USAF in 1958.
Tired of the mud. I was sent to Vietnam for a tour as a, you guessed it, Forward Air Controller on the ground. Well, that's life. I am now a retired school teacher who tries to scratch out a novel now and then.

484  Date: 2003-07-16 19:16:07
Charles Frazier ( chuckf02@sprynet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the Constabulary in Landshut, Germany from February 1950 through December 1952. I did my border stints at Cham, Regan,
Eichstadt, Wegsheid and Roerhenbach. Did many
a hazardous snow patrol along the Czech and Austrian border. We did have a respite from the patrol in the little PX coffee shop in Passau.
This brought back old memories. It wasn't just patrols. We established observation and listening posts along the border as well. It was definitely cold duty.

483  Date: 2003-07-16 16:55:38
Chuck Rivera ( raulrivera@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

This is a great site honoring the troopers of U.S. Constabulary Force!

My father-in-law, Baxter White, Sr. (from Columbia, Mississippi), served with the Constabulary from December of 1948 until April of 1950. His rank at the time was Corporal, and he was assigned to "A" Company of the 54th Combat Engineering Battalion at Panzer Kasern in Boeblingen (Stuttgart), Germany. He can be contacted at (601) 736-2830 or 260 Ward Loop, Columbia, MS 39429. He would be pleased to hear from anyone who served with him, and wonders if anyone can provide him information concerning 1st Sgt Reddig or Captain Bressler.

Thank you gentlemen for all you did!

482  Date: 2003-07-15 00:52:12
Robert L. Lagemann ( wtallen@vincennes.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the Headquarters Troop of the 2nd Armored Cavarly Regiment: Founded in 1836 as 2nd U.S. Dragoons and in 1949 in Bavaria their slogan was "2nd To None":R A All The Way. Do you remember the Fuggerkeller, 2nd Regiment's own private club during Fasching, 1950? I do!

481  Date: 2003-07-13 18:35:55
W Mike Keough ( mkeough508@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the llth Cav Regt and was merged with the llth Constabulary Regt in 1946 We provided border security for Weiden area and border to Czechoslovakia, am told we had one of the last horse battalions in the army, used for border patrol work. Left in 1947 rank SFC working in the motor pool.

480  Date: 2003-07-12 02:56:30
Robert K. Johnston ( rjohnston@qx.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served in the Constabulary in Berlin Dec. '46 to
Jan. '48.

479  Date: 2003-07-11 21:07:58
Roger Z. Hart ( mandolinman@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the officer personnel section, Hq US Constabulary in Vaihingen, Germany in the early part of 195051-51, was then transferred to the 66th Tank Bn, 2d Armored Div. I was an E-4 at the time

478  Date: 2003-07-11 02:52:51
Donald W. Decker ( Rudeck@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with Troop B 16th Constabulary Sq.Sep 1948-50 Looking for other members.

477  Date: 2003-07-11 02:01:22
Clegg Langley ( LClegglangley@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in C troup 16th Constabulary Sqdn,Sep.Berlin Germany 1948-1950

476  Date: 2003-07-06 01:15:37
Alfred Conklin ( TJJM1850@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in HQ Company, 6th CAV in Straubing from Dec 1948 - Jun 1952. I would enjoy hearing from other HQ Company, 6th CAV soldiers.

475  Date: 2003-06-25 02:06:15
Jim Tolbert ( jimtolbert@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello all you Circle C Cowboys, And all you who put up with us for all these years; And those who worked along side or otherwise provided support at a time when our world was a little unsettled. Greetings. May each day bring you more blessings than the last.

Just think, no more formations, musters, roll calls, briefings, briefbacks, pass in review, and no more patrols. Unless you're scouting Wal-Mart or some other retailer.

Remember those cold German winters, with fog so thick you could move it with the wave of a hand, and how you waddled out to the vehicle because you had on so many layers of clothes on you could hardly walk? Well, those days are gone forever, and the only fog lingers in our mind.

So just kick back, take it easy, enjoy every day, and keep in touch with old friends. These days, for what ever the worth, are really the best ones. And tomorrow, we'll talk about them, if we can get anyone to listen.

My best to everyone,
Jim Tolbert
C Trp, 22/24th Constabulary

474  Date: 2003-06-23 19:15:37
Dick Barker ( Baliamlaca@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I enlisted in the Regular Army in September 1946 and sailed for Germany on the Richardson in March 1947. The replacement depot in Kassel assigned me to U.S. Constabulary training at the 14th Con Regiment in Kitzingen. I have a picture of some of my fellow trainees: Pchola, Kelly, Gallant, Ericson, Demuyuck, Harris and Fulck. Although I went through field artillery basic at Fort Knox, the assigning officer said, "I see you're a high school graduate. We'll change your MOS to clerk-general." Sounds like typical army reasoning. And so upon completion of the 8-week course at Kitzingen, I was assigned as an officers' clerk in headquarters troop, 10th Con Sqdn in Wurzburg. Although I had never touched a typewriter keyboard in my life, the first day on the job I was asked to type up a list of squadron officers, about a couple dozen names. Needless to say, it took about all day of hunt and peck, and many sheets of paper, to produce the list.

In July 1947 the Constabulary was reorganized and I was assigned to the 71st Con Sqdn at Schwabisch Hall near Stuttgart. I became the squadron personnel clerk for A troop. My MOS was changed to clerk typist apparently because that's what the job called for. Although by now I could type with three fingers and a thumb. Still do today but fairly fast. I made sergeant in February 1948. The personnel officer was CWO Ballard. Ranking NCO was T/Sgt William Bennett. Also in the section were: Eric Kolhof, Queens, NY; Gene Simmons, Moses Lake, WA; John Arnett, Moberly, MO; and Carlson, a former merchant marine.

i returned to the States and was discharged in August 1948. When the Korean War broke out, I was recalled to active duty and served at the Boston Army Base for a year with M/Sgt Frank Kut and S/Sgts Joe Wilson and Don Everett. In the early sixties, I met General Harmon when he spoke at a Chamber of Commerce dinner. He was then president of Norwich University. I told him I had been one of his troopers. "That was a great outfit, wsn't it?' he said. And so it was.

And now after that service and more than 41 years of newspaper publishing, my bride of 52 years and I live on a golf course in Florida. Is this a great country or what?

473  Date: 2003-06-23 02:28:55
NORMAN JOHN CLINE ( jccline3@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Note by Norman John Cline from 2003-06-22
Serial RA18344117

I was in the HQ's Co. 2nd BN 6th Armored Calvary Regmt. In Landshut from 1949 to 1952.
Looking to hear from anyone who was there.
Are there still troops in Landshut?

Thank You,

Norman John Cline
4108 S. 37th W. Ave
Tulsa, OK 74107

472  Date: 2003-06-21 21:27:02
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings Irene !
It was so glad to hear from you today on the
Constabulary Web Site. Sorry about your computer
problems. I hope you get it all fixed soon.
Please let me know when you can if you received
my E - Mails and about the Constabulary material I sent you & also about putting the 1947 Constabulry Life Magazine Cover of one of our Troopers on your Web Site.It would be great
to learn his name and unit.
Thank you and best wishes,
George Thompson

471  Date: 2003-06-21 14:53:42
Irene Moore-Web Editor ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello to all the U S Constabulary Members, I am still in La. for the summer and also having a few more problems with my computer. Sorry for the delay. I am having it fixed again. Losing data set me back but I will get things in order again. Thank you for being so understanding.


470  Date: 2003-06-21 13:05:52
Manfred (Doc)Goldstein ( Mannyg2255@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just to let you know there is a book available about the history of the Sonthofen Constabulary School before and after written by:

Entitled Die Allgäuer Ordensburg in Sonthofen
It is available in German and English from the author.
Hartmut Happel
Königseggstr. 5
D-87509 Immenstadt


The English version is €19 plus shipping.

Manny (Doc) Goldsdtein

469  Date: 2003-06-13 23:20:11
Benjamin K. Leavenworth, Jr. ( benjolea@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served from April, 1946 to May, 1947. My MOS was a slow speed radio operator on an M8 amored car crew. I attained the rank of T/4. I belonged to Troop A 42nd. Constabulary Squadron (Formerly 42nd. Cav. Recon. Squadron), 2nd. Constab. Reg't. (formerly 2nd. Cav. Group). The CO was one Col. Reed. Squadron CO's were Major Krampitz and Major Davis. My troop CO intially was one 1st. Lt. Ray from Tennessee. From 1946 on it was Capt. Chas. Undercoffer. Anyone interested or connected, please contact me a benjolea@aol.com.

468  Date: 2003-06-12 08:30:14
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Irene,
I read Phils message. Nice to hear you are back and o.k.
You need`nt answer my mail. I will contact you in a week when all messages of troopers are sorted by you.
Take care

Hello to Phil and Lala; keep well


467  Date: 2003-06-11 06:15:04
Maurice W. Knowles ( MKnow68971@AOL.Com / no homepage) wrote:

With D Troop, 10th CON Sq 1946 to 1948, also with 7732 FA Group and 36th FA Gp Germany

466  Date: 2003-06-11 01:40:52
LOUIS A LYNN ( LLynn@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

C Troop 16th Sqd APO 742 Berlin Germany
1948-50 Every time I take a look at the web site it gets better, You are doing a great job Irene thak you for you time and effort
You are a trooper First/Last and always.

465  Date: 2003-06-09 13:23:06
William A. Friskey ( wafriskey@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Im with Outpost #4, was with 51st Sq. in Passau

464  Date: 2003-06-09 04:55:28
vanessa ( hope_f_germany@yahoo.de / http://www.freehomepage.de/members/vanessafreier) wrote:

hello, im vanessa 15y. old and iam searching for my dad, all the informations that i have are in my homepage, please at take a minute and read it, maybe you can help me.
here my url: http: http://www.freehomepage.de/members/vanessafreier

please help me!!
thank you and god bless you

463  Date: 2003-06-04 00:51:00
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

It is a place you can list your web site address if you have one so that others can visit it.

Most of us do not have one but many do and it is a place where you can see what others are up to or what their interests are. If you see a message that has a website, just click on it and you wiil see what they have to share.

462  Date: 2003-06-03 17:23:05
Gonterman Robert L ( rlee1198@bellsouth.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am new to computer's, please explain
"your homepage"

461  Date: 2003-06-03 15:15:50
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

To All Troopers:

I just got off the phone with Irene Moore, our website editor. She apologizes for not having been on the Internet but she had a very good reason.

She has been traveling a lot due to her husband Ronnie's job. They travel all over the U.S. of A. but the main reason is that her computer crashed and she couldn't get to her data.

The computer company eventually restored a lot of her data but it was sent to her in CD's which she hasn't had time to review since she didn't have access to a computer web port while she was traveling. She arrived at her home in French Settlement, Louisiana just last weekend.

She believes a lot of her email data may not be restored and since a lot of you have sent her your stories, that those might be lost. She said that if you want to resend them, that she would welcome them but I suggest we wait until she reviews what she has otherwise she will be flooded with stories that she might still have.

She is still very much interested in telling our stories and you all know how incredibly important she has been to the U.S. Constabulary Association.

The website she has created is second to none. So I say, "Irene, do not worry or apologize, you have done a great job for us and we really appreciate it!!!"

She is still not on the air and is getting her computer set up.

She sends regards to everyone and she will try to go to Killeen, Texas for the National Reunion.

Welcome back Irene and Ronnie... Phil Sandoval

460  Date: 2003-06-02 17:49:34
Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

Good Question!!! Maybe she got burnt out holding all these OLD hands

459  Date: 2003-06-02 13:47:59
AL Inlow ( constab@internetcds.com / no homepage) wrote:

Glad to see the CONSTABULARY WEB page still remains.
What has happened to Irene Moore?

458  Date: 2003-06-02 02:18:23
C.D.Cox ( cdcox_1@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

I just received my last copy of the 4th AD magazine (rolling together) In it there is an appology from the retired mayor of Fulda it concerns his feelings about Chanchellor Shroeder and his statements about G.W.

457  Date: 2003-06-02 02:00:45
C.D.Cox ( cdcox_1@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

Member O.P.8 I Was in 91FA&519FA In Sonthofen&Babenhausen.When I came back to the states in 54 I was sent to 1st AD in Ft Hood to the 91st FA Most of the 91st in Hood had been in the 91st in Sonthofen C.D.Cox

456  Date: 2003-06-02 01:00:19
Clinton R. "bobby" Saxon ( bobbynkay@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with "D" Co, 53d AIB, 4th AD. when we moved to Schwabach, I re-upped and was trfd to the Med Det.We were assorbed into the Constabulary. I was with the Med Det fm beginning to Nov 48 at which time the unit was moved to Weiden, since I was married to a Polish DP we decided it was time for me to come home. I remained in service for 30 and ret as a CSM. Of all the proud units I was fortunate to be a part of, the 53d and all the members always had a special place in my heart.

455  Date: 2003-05-31 03:54:08
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

You can join by following the directions on top of this page. Send the info to Ernest Cologne. His snail mail and email addresses are posted.

454  Date: 2003-05-31 02:29:03
Robert Montgomery ( singingwood6@attbi.com / no homepage) wrote:

How do I join? I served in Ordensberg,Sonthofenfrom May1946 to June 1947 (the Constabulary School)

453  Date: 2003-05-23 03:27:30
Richard(Jack) Latshaw ( pushpills@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Transfered from HQ.Co. 7th Army in Heidelberg to 820th Constabulary Military Police Co in Bamberg during spring of 1946.Two weeks of MP training converted me(us) from Infantrymen to Military Police. Primary duties were town patrol in Bamberg, accompanied by German Police and guarding Military Dependent areas and HQ US Constab. Met GEN Harmon on several duty tours. Also a member of the Generals Honor Guard. I was the smallest MP in the Company, at 5 ft 8 in.Left for the USA in Dec 46 as a PFC. Recalled for Korea in a TC unit from Pittsburgh,Pa.,received a direct appointment and retired as an O6. Had several good friends in the 820th. Perhaps some may read this and contact me.

452  Date: 2003-05-22 14:12:29
Thurman A Brown ( sharoxie@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

looking for imformation about the reuion in Kileen Texas in sept thanks for any imformation you can give me I was a member of the 25th constabulary squadron in Strabing Germany 1946-1948

451  Date: 2003-05-20 15:16:00
William Bent ( wdbent@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

More photos were posted in the USFAVA website (under the 4th Regiment link.) Check 'em out. If you recognize yourself or anyone else in the photos, please contact me.

450  Date: 2003-05-19 05:09:45
charles carrroll ( cearbahl@snip.net / no homepage) wrote:

my dad was robert caroll 14 acr 2nd batt tank comp he was in shienfort ge was any near there clc

449  Date: 2003-05-18 20:58:49
Donald Compeau ( Defulda54@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

B Trp l0th Sgdn Fritzlar

B Trp Ist Bn l4thA/C Fulda

448  Date: 2003-05-18 18:30:14
Robert H. Adams ( RAdams@insightbb.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of the constabulary Feb 1946 until Feb 1948 in Wetzler, Germany.

447  Date: 2003-05-18 00:40:56
Jay Ward ( jward@cooklib.org / no homepage) wrote:

I'm researching a book about the 4th Cavalry Regiment from 1855 to 1949. I'd like to hear from any troopers who had service with the regiment either during WWII or during the constabulary period in Austria.

446  Date: 2003-05-14 00:03:35
Manfred (Doc)Goldstein ( twinopne@spa.net / no homepage) wrote:

Welcome Claus. It was a pleadure meeting you in Berlin, and keepink in contact with you.

Manny (Doc) Goldstein (Outpost 2)

445  Date: 2003-05-12 22:32:04
Claus R. Mehnert ( claus.mehnert@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hi friends,
I'm a retired Berlin Policeman, I have worked for about 12 1/2 years with 287th MP Co. in Berlin as attached Patrolpartner.
I would like to congratulate you for this website.
My friend Manny "Doc" Goldstein showed it to me.
Keep on with it !!!!
If anyone would like to email me ok, go ahead.
I had the honour to meet Manny , his daughter Cindy and her husband last year and I can only say GREAT FOLKS !!
Hope to see ya again soon Manny, thx for THAT advice !!!
Best regards Claus R. Mehnert

444  Date: 2003-05-12 20:48:33
William Bent ( wdbent@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I sent some photos to Irene of my faher's time in Austria, 1947-49. His name was Walter Bent and he served with the 24th Sq., E Troop. You can also see some photos in the 4th Reg. section of the USFAVA website. I have lots of photos, mostly of Dad and his buddies. These include names such as Blosevich, Adcock, Tomplait, Centers, and Taylor. Also pictures of Linz, Efferding, Hoersching...

443  Date: 2003-05-11 05:53:40
Kurt Helton ( heltonk@netzero.com / no homepage) wrote:

I searched through all 45 pages of the guest book searching for possible contacts who may have known my father. I managed to contact a few, but had a Mailer DAEMON for Clyde Hawkins (ginhaw@webtv.net)Does any one have a current email, or a snail mail address where I may contact him? Thank you for any assistance!

442  Date: 2003-05-10 06:55:20
Kurt Helton ( kurthelton@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I posted earlier with little information regarding my father's service in the Constabulary. I have some more details at hand and would love to here from anyone who may have known my father.
Mitchell C. "Mickey" Helton,Jr. enlisted at Rock Island, IL in October, 1948. He attended basic training at Fort Breckenridge, KY from Nov.-Dec. 1948. He departed New York City,NY for Germany on the General Muir in Dec 1948. He was assigned to a Medical Detatchment, Co.A, 1st Btn, 2d Armored Cavalry. He attended U.S.Constabulary NCO Academy in 1949. He attended Eucom Medical School for 8 weeks training as a Surgical Tech, completed 15 Dec 1950.
He took quite a few photos on his stay abroad. Pictures include the White Cliffs of Dover, road marches from Bamberg, Wildflicken and Augsburg from March and April 1949.Others include Scenery such as Eibsee, Friedburg Castle, and Grafenwohr(Big Bertha's).
One favorite photo included himself at the 1950 Hq&HQ Co., 1st Bn, 2d A/C Christmas Party. Others listed in the photo include "Bart, Al, Pelky, Tom, Troy, Cpt.Miluka, Scheel, Charles, Bill, Dave, me" More details later...

441  Date: 2003-05-06 04:01:15
E.Frank Wamsley ( k4efw@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in Fulda From 62-64 troopa 14th A/C 1st recon sqardron.I like reading about a place that i have been to and see what outhers remember about thire old units.

440  Date: 2003-05-02 14:58:18
Nick Oswald ( friends@usd308.com / no homepage) wrote:

We wanted to thank all of the veterans that helped us in obtaining the information we needed to compile our drama. We also wanted to inform you that at the state History Day competition we received first place for our drama. We are now preparing to go to nationals. If you know anyone that was a young German during that time and would be willing to share how the Marshall Plan affected their lives this would be extremely helpful. Thank you for your time.

439  Date: 2003-05-01 23:16:14
Bob Wallstrom ( deltamar@pivot.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was glad to read of your Constabulary site. I was in Fulda, attached for rations,quarters and supervison of training with the 7811 AU. My real unit was the 7772 AU, Northern Area Signal Service Co. out of Frankfurt. I was there from Dec. 54 to May 56 when I stupidly screwed up on an inspection and got sent Kassel. The best time was in Fulda however and many of my friends were in Hq. of the 14th. A/C which I don't recall was called the Black Horse Regt. That may have been the 6th. A/C.

My job (if you can call it that) was to run the signal office, a dial central office which was in the first bldg. on the right at the gate closest to town. It was by the dependents quarters. The Provost Marshal was in the same bldg. Guys from the Hq. Co. Commo plt. operated the switchboard and the tty. John Beery was the commo sgt. and others were Bill Meals of York, PA, Sam Koontz, and now my memory fails.

I often recall catching a ride to town with a carton of cigs in a bag, selling them for ten DM and then going to the OberBayern and having plenty of Fulda Bier, russian eggs, enjoying the foot stomping music, and then hiring a taxi to get me back up the hill with still some jingle remaining. I still have my OberBayern stein the good folks gave me when I ZId. Frau Anna Wehner was a waitress there and got to be a special friend. The Luterne was a nice place to have a good feed once in a while and the Bahnhof Hotel was great to go and listen to taffel musik (table music). They had a cople of good violinists. They didn't have MPs there but had instead had troopers from the companies who served as SPs. Al Jackson of Long Island was the only SP I can recall by name.

I was the only guy in the signal office and shortly was given my own Taunus panel truck for signal purposes, of course. I never had to be serious with a trip ticket so drove the bloody truck all over from Kassel to the north to Wurzburg. On Sunday noon, rather than C Rations in the 14th. Mess another fellow and I would often drive up to Wasserkuppe for a good lunch with the USAF. The other fellow, Carl Coy was with an ASA outfit and could often "borrow" a 3/4 t and we'd drive out near the border and one day we came upon some fruliens peddling their bikes up a long hill. At that time being in a non-,ilitary outfit we didn't wear Ridgeway caps and I rolled my fatigue cap and leaned out of the cab and swated one of the gals on the butt. That provoked a loud happy howl from her and about the time we cchugged abit further a big cream Packard powered by driven by Capt John Cervola who was shaking his fist when last seen. Well we both figured that we'd had the biscuit the next day. Actually the fist wave must have been to please his wife cause the next day came and went with no fuss at all. About that time I bought a new VW from the Fulda dealer. For about $ 800.00 I recall.

But that's another story and for another day.

Best wishes to all those before and after me in Fulda.

Bob Wallstrom
Brownfield, ME

438  Date: 2003-04-28 01:41:29
L:awrence Nelson ( noslenair@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the 6th Cav Sqdn, B troop, Transfered to the 28th Sqdn in Schweinfurt the to the 14th Constab ans then 14th Armored Cav. also in Schweinfurt. I was assigned to D troop 2d Bn. and served there until Sept. 1949. I have been unable to connect with any old buddies.Maybe you can help. I am a member of the Constab Assn an am in the 8th group. Larry

437  Date: 2003-04-26 03:12:45
Kurt William Helton ( kurthelton@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I very much enjoyed this website. It has a lot of valuable information regarding the unit my father was attatched to from 1948-1952. His name was Mitchell C. "Mickey" Helton, Jr. He was originally from Sullivan, MO, but enlisted at Rock Island, Illinois. I beleived he entered Basic training at Fort Bragg,NC? His Army service scrapbook bears the logos of the 101st Airborne Division, and the U.S. Contstabulary. He studied as a physicians assistant while in Germany, although I don't recall just where. Anyone with memories of my father and his military service are asked to PLEASE respond. I will post another entry when I have assemble more information. Thank you one, and all!

436  Date: 2003-04-25 16:09:45
Barry Tanner ( barryair@cox-internet.com / http://cox-internet.com/barryair) wrote:

My dad (Robert Lee Tanner)served in Germany....
I remember seeing his pic with the white scarves and a white circle around his helment, and several pictures of him with german females. He used to love telling his stories about guarding checkpoints.

435  Date: 2003-04-25 14:26:02
Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

RE: msg 433, seems like just last week

434  Date: 2003-04-24 03:34:17
Curtis Brock ( curtisbrock@alltel.net / no homepage) wrote:

My dad Vance G. Brock served with the 11th Constabulary Regiment/94th Constabulary Squadron/B Troop in Weiden, Germany. Does anyone out there know him. Would be interested in knowing. He was from the great state of Kentucky.

433  Date: 2003-04-22 04:28:57
jim miller ( no email / no homepage) wrote:


432  Date: 2003-04-22 02:04:38
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Ray, Get a grip. It's just a joke. Lighten up!!!

431  Date: 2003-04-21 14:49:38
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

I hope you guys are kidding. I would never send one of my troopers out there sitting high on a horse or camel, a perfect pick off for one of the thousands of snipers just waiting for a good shot. Lets not start acting like suicide bombers but continue to outsmart the enemy by keeping our heads and bodies down and our minds high. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS

430  Date: 2003-04-21 04:47:39
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

hey phil; there may be more truth to that than you know. there was a camel corps. tried out just prior to the civil war..visit fort tajon on the ridge route for the history of it..

429  Date: 2003-04-21 02:48:08
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Jim, Maybe the Circle C Cowboys should ride camels over there instead of horses. Whatta you think???

428  Date: 2003-04-19 19:39:29
john anderson ( joma911@just-access.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with trp."C" 42nd.con.sq. in Augsburg 47-48 .would like to hear from any one who served at this time period .

427  Date: 2003-04-19 04:07:01
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

re; 426. I think the military would be well served if they were to organize a new constabulary,and give it the training and authority we had.I also think horses would be a good idea and very suitable for that country.

426  Date: 2003-04-18 15:51:09
Alfred Kaptein ( alkap@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

In Reference to note 425 by Max Shuey, I agree it seems it's time to reorganize the Constabulary. What do you guys out there think?
Al Kaptein Outpost One

425  Date: 2003-04-14 04:32:21
Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

OK all you Troopers! Front and center
I think we're needed again.... in Baghdad

424  Date: 2003-04-13 18:56:40
Matthias Hofer ( 73matthias@web.de / no homepage) wrote:

I´m the grandson of William Moneer, who served at the 1st Constabulary Sqn stationed in Knielingen near Karlsruhe, Germany. If someone knew him or can tell me something about him, I would be pleased to get some informations. Thank you!

423  Date: 2003-04-13 18:37:57
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

In reference to entry #419 by JUNGLE JIM.
Jim, we do have a General Patton and his name is George W Bush, one of the greatest presidents in our life time. I don't quite understand your little remark. Are you trying to tell us you are not satisfied with the great job done by our military men and women and the wonder plan by our elected officials. God Bless our wonderful country and all of our great military men and women. This makes me sick to read a remark like the one you made. Maybe I am taking it the wrong way, if I am please explain yourself.

422  Date: 2003-04-12 04:13:12
Ronnie W. Bagwell ( secession62@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I loved the website. My wife's grandfather T5 Henry James Holden served in Troop A, 12th Constabulary Squadron in 1946 in Germany. He served briefly in the Philippines before his assignment to Germany. He was discharged on 23 November 1946. James is still living and now resides in Liberty, Pickens County, SC. He said he never received any awards or medals during his time in the service and I am interested in trying to see that he receives any he may be entitled to for his service. His service records were destroyed in the fire in St. Louis but he has his honorable discharge and his name unit and some dates are listed in the books "SC Servicemen of WW II".

421  Date: 2003-04-04 19:06:26
Charlie Taliaferro ( chast@kitchentablegang.org / http://www.kitchentablegang.org/packages) wrote:

To send a U. S. serviceman or woman a "Care" package who are in the
Persian Gulf or Afghanistan conflict, please visit:


Thank you very much! God Bless!

Charlie Taliaferro
Kitchen Table Gang Trust

420  Date: 2003-04-04 03:50:18
Jerry D Johnson ( jerpat96@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

It is super getting together with former troopers and sharing stories and experiences
while serving in the Constabulary.
My wife and I are looking forward to the convention this year in Killeen.
Best wishes to all.

419  Date: 2003-04-01 22:42:13


418  Date: 2003-03-30 20:07:09
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Phil and Lala,
I got your message and was pleased to hear from you.
We should have had more time in Fritzlar and Bad Wildungen.
But the time we were together was very nice and
impressive. Beer and good bratwurst.

Take care keep well you two


417  Date: 2003-03-30 19:58:14
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,
how are things going?
Yes, this is a real good webside. Perfect work.
I don´t know any other websides with awards like this of the " C ".

Take cARE

416  Date: 2003-03-29 23:21:51
Lynn Miller ( ladymgnolia@yahoo.com / http://www.yahoo.com) wrote:

I think you have done a wonderful job with this website.The members should be very,very proud of you and all the work you have put into it.

415  Date: 2003-03-24 05:22:08
James Webb ( jimwebb31@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

I Was stationed at camp McCauley in 1948 and part of 1949 I was Assigned to the 4th Constabulary Sqdn. Which changed its name to the 4th Cav Rec Sqdn in 1949 and moved to Camp Truscot in Salzburg Austria. I was Injured and was Evacuated to the US in Feburary 1950.

414  Date: 2003-03-22 15:19:31
lawrence rowell ( r2w5ell@westelcom.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the 51th Constabulary,Co.A stationed in Passau Germany in 1946.

413  Date: 2003-03-22 13:08:13
Larry Coffin ( l_c_coffin@kingcon.com / no homepage) wrote:

Local Historical Socielty looking for pictures of General Harmon for exhibit. Contact Larry Coffin at l_c_coffin@kingcon.com. Thanks

412  Date: 2003-03-21 15:44:10
Jim Crall ( cjames42@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the 14th A/C in Fulda, Germany from 1960-62 and was surprised to find this site. It sure does bring back memories.

411  Date: 2003-03-19 02:57:22
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

To Larry Coffin, President
Vermont Celebration & General Harmon
Mr. Coffin,
I tried to send you a E-Mail,however it came
back not able to deliver. If you send me your
address I`LL Send you some pictures of General
George B. Thompson
Historian Outpost 2, U.S. Constabulary Assoc.
131 Cherry Blossom Drive, Churchville, Pa.

410  Date: 2003-03-15 22:56:35
Larry Coffin ( l_c_coffin@kingcon.com / no homepage) wrote:

The Bradford(VT)Historical Society is planning to feature General Ernest Harmon in our annual
display at the Vermont Expo (June 20-21) General Harmon attended the public high school in our town having grown up in neighboring West Newbury. We are interested in getting pictures of the General "at work" and the units he commanded "at work". In the past we have been able to make enlarged photocopies of pictures and craft them into a major exhibit.
Any help would be appreciated.Larry Coffin, President BHS

409  Date: 2003-03-15 17:09:35
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

Besides being a constabulary trooper from 1950 to 1959 I served a short time with the 510th Tank Battalion in Mannheim Germany. I have yet to find anyone who was assigned to the 510th. I was in Charlie Company. Duties were from company clerk to acting First Sgt. Company Commander was Capt Ross, the only Lt name I remember was Lt Neinast. There also was a platoon Sgt by the name of Lieutenant Nettles. Lieutenant was his first name and he was acting Platoon Leader. Little confusing but that's the way it was. Also before I became acting First Sgt of C Company, the person that held the job was M/Sgt Reyna who went to Hq & Hq Co. Another name I remember in the company was SFC Byron Sickler. Anyone knowing anything about the 510, please give me an email. Thanks, Ray Urbanski

408  Date: 2003-03-15 02:08:36
Milt Berko ( okreb@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I arrived in Boeblingen in January or February 1946 and was assigned to Co. D 4th Tank Battalion, which became "C" Troop, 72nd Squadron almost immediately. I don't recall anyone from "C" Troop going for M-8's - in fact, we already had our M-8's in place. Does anyone from "C" Troop remember any of this?

407  Date: 2003-03-15 00:25:26
Jim Deming ( jimrene@mindspring.com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings to one and all. It has been a while since I visited this wonderfull site. Irene Moore as usual it and you are getting better all the time.

406  Date: 2003-03-14 16:33:59
Alfred Kaptein ( alkap@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

When I first was assigned to the 72 Sqdn.troop "D'in Boeblingen in early 1946 we were asked to volunter to go to Metz France to pick up some M-8 armored cars. When we arrived there on 2-1/2s we had to find lodging with a French family. The next day we went to an ord. depot and were told pick out an M-8 that would start and drive it back to Boeblingen. These were all after combat vhicles. Most of us never drove an M-8, but we were given brief instructions and off we went. We started out with 33 and arrived back at the 72 Sqdn. with 23. 10 were lost along the way for various reasons, mechanical other wise. Do any of you out there remember participating this detail?

405  Date: 2003-03-14 04:57:56


404  Date: 2003-03-13 20:00:16
Merola, Anthony ( tiger7565@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

You have a fascinating site with a lot of possibilities. I first found out about the Constabulary in the 1970s from a former co-worker at the Boeing Company(Russ Johnstad), who told me that he had served in the Constabulary from 1946-47. Having been a veteran and former Army dependent who had been to Europe twice, I was intrigued about this little known unit which was constituted from battle-hardened and hard-charging Armor and Cavalry units into a rather effective and professional para-police/peacekeeper force. In a relatively short amount of time, too. It always amazed me how fast the US demobilized their European forces after the end of WWII, leaving but a mere shred of what was the mightiest Army in the world, only to face an increased Russian military might.

I don't know if Mr. Johnstad is even still alive, but I think he and his family would enjoy your site. His last known address was in Renton, Washington.

Keep up the great work!

403  Date: 2003-03-13 18:53:48
C. Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Hq. Trp. 14th and 27th squadrons in Darmstadt, 1946 to 1948. as a radio operator.

402  Date: 2003-03-12 12:53:21
John Ames ( james1@maine.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just read a great book! "German Boy" by Wolfgang Samuel. He writes about growing up in occupied Germany, both on the Russian side and then on the Allied side. He gives a good view of what life was like for a DP kid. He finally made it to the States and is now a retired Air Force colonel.

401  Date: 2003-03-11 21:53:48
Ervin C lindquist ( daddyerv@men.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi Larry been a long time since we wre togather in the old 54. Great days long gone Be good Ole Sgt

400  Date: 2003-03-11 21:35:24
Ervin C. Lindquist ( dadddyerv@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 54th (Combat)Engr Bn From 1948-1952. In 1948 we were activeted the 8th Engr Bn until they found they were in Jappan. We were reacteveted the 54th. We were stationed at the Panzer Kasern at Bobligen Ger. From Sept 48 to some time in 1951 when were reasigned to the Seventh Army and moved to Liephiem Ger. I rotated to the States in Jan. 52.

399  Date: 2003-03-11 03:29:13
John C. McLaughlin ( jocage@stargate.net / no homepage) wrote:

I recall very well the bed making detail for the 43d. Division. Not only did my platoon (1st. Platoon, Tank Co,3d. Bn. 2d. A/C )make beds; we modified the procedure by "short sheeting" and installing "rubbe devices" filled with water in the beds. Auf Wiedersehen Augsburg, hallo Ambereg!

398  Date: 2003-03-10 19:36:13
Robert J. Paar ( rjpaar@infi.net / no homepage) wrote:

I moved from Bad Mergentheim to Fulda in 1946. Likethe memebers of the Constabulary, I patrolled in the Fulda area to include Bad Hersfeld and other towns too numerous to list(even if I could remember them). In 1947, I transferred to Regimental headquarters in Wetzlar and subsequently, to the 7801 SCU, with duty in the office of the Commander of Troops. I remember my duty with the Constabulary with great fondness. My best wishes to those keeping the flame alive.

397  Date: 2003-03-10 18:48:37
Dudley S. Blanchard ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for anyone who served in 14th Armored Constabulary Regiment, Fritzlar, Germany, 1946-49. I served in the Air Section, L5 Aircraft along with Sgt. Thomas Oliphant, Pfc. Fred O. Stokes, Pfc. Donald O. Smith, Sgt. William Burroughs, Sfc. Maurice Hesterly,Cpl. William H. Hicks, and the rest whom I don't have names yet. If you wish to contact me, my address is: 2321 Ave. Q Snata Fe, Texas 77510. Phone: 409-925-2143

396  Date: 2003-03-10 03:18:49
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


395  Date: 2003-03-09 20:59:57
Jim Goode ( goodenews@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am a member. First time I've seen the website.

394  Date: 2003-03-09 16:15:46
John Ames ( james1@maine.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I remember very well the sign over the Pfersee gate of the Sheridan Kaserne. I was with the 3d Battalion, and we went to Amberg, Regimental Headquarters went to Nuremburg, 1st Battalion to Bindlack (sp) and the second to Bamberg. We did in fact make the beds for the 43d Division. I stayed the regiment till September of 1953.

393  Date: 2003-03-07 16:35:52
Gerald Thorn ( 0mathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

Does anyone remember in1951 when the 2ndA/CRegt left Augsburg for Nurenburg etc. a sign left at the front gate of the kaserne-it read "Welcome 43rd,Inf.Div. your beds have benn made by the best G--Damn soldiers in the World"

392  Date: 2003-03-07 11:57:00
Richard Morse ( rjmorse@mac.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi and thanks to all for this site,Great Was a trooper at B troop 24 constabulary sq, Bad Hersfield Ger. 1949--1952

391  Date: 2003-03-06 20:44:25
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

I just tried the searchengine for this site and chose Berlin, I noticed the engine does´nt find all words on this webpage, pity.
Still, this is the best site I ever visited.
Thanks to Irene and other supporters.

390  Date: 2003-03-06 20:39:47
T.E. togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

3 weeks ago I was in Berlin, visited check point charli; exhibition/ museum. Very impressive, but I missed the mentioning of the Constabularies, ..they mentioned generally the US-Army.

389  Date: 2003-03-03 18:40:47
Marvin L. Rosner ( MRosner320@AOL.com / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks for the memories and the information.
Stationed Kassel, Stuttgart and Karlsrhue

388  Date: 2003-03-03 10:18:55
Bob Markward ( rrmarkward@stny.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed at Kassel in 1946 with the 3rd.Div. and Esslingen in 1946 with the 9th.Div

387  Date: 2003-03-02 21:11:04
Paul Jackson ( pavijack@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

It's been some months since I visited this website and left a message. Since then I've had several contacts with men who served with me in Hq&Hq Co., 2nd Constab (2nd A/C)Regt., 1948-1954. I don't remember most, but with our common experiences, there was much to talk about. Thanks for the US Constab. Assoc.!

386  Date: 2003-02-28 15:48:40
Gerry Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I amin process of joining the Assoc. I have been looking through site and so far have no seen the name of Creighton Abrams. He was REgt.Comm.of 2ndA/C inthe 50s.At the time a bird Col. He amde 5 stars and I think we all know the Abrams tank. Have I missed the page?

385  Date: 2003-02-28 00:07:23
harry Stout ( indian@preferred.com / no homepage) wrote:

Served in A troop, 11th sqd. mow belong to outpost 3.
Would like to hear from anyone from A troop, 46/47

384  Date: 2003-02-26 23:52:04
Hollern, John P. ( bjholl@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Nice to read the information. I noticed no one has yet sent in a copy of the diploma from the courses at Sonthofen. I have all three, the basic course, the advanced course, and the non-commissioned course. Should I sent a copy for putting on the board? John Hollern, 13th Squadron and Sixth Squadron of 6th Regt which was reflaged to 3rd Battion, 14th Regiment in

383  Date: 2003-02-25 16:46:44
Gerald Thorn ( omathorn@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in 2ndAC Regt from 1951 to 1953 stationed in Augsburg,Nurenburg and Bayreuth(Bindlach)

382  Date: 2003-02-24 23:42:54
Al Wiswell ( ajwizzy@aol.com / http://aol.com) wrote:

I served with the 517th AP Sqdn. in Wiesbaden from 1952/1955. Great to hear from the guys who went B4 me. I salute you. Wish I could find my 1st. Sgt. Biddle. I continue to try to be "All that I can be!"

381  Date: 2003-02-22 21:08:13
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,

how are things going? We have now temp. -9 C and blue sky.
Heard, Sandy and Lala are doing well.


380  Date: 2003-02-17 12:03:35
Ralph Judd Jr. ( ralphearline@yahoo.com / http://ralphjuddjr.com) wrote:

Hello to all Troopers,feal free to send e-mail.was in Constabulary 1946--1947. I was in Colburg Germany.First came to Germany in 1945,stayed one year .returned to the States then went back to Germany and was with the 6th Constabulary in Colburg, stayed until 1947 This is a very good site,thanks a lot

379  Date: 2003-02-15 07:03:31
katie ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi, Great site. How about hosting a copy of this site absolutely FREE for 3-months at Addr.com?. ADDR.com will have your web page listed in more than 350 search engines(ofcourse free). Please feel free to email me for more details. kandrews@addr.com

378  Date: 2003-02-09 21:09:15
Andy DeSoto ( andydesoto@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Bill DeSoto, was in the U.S. Constabulary 'B' Troop, 68th Squadron PLT/SGT Border Patrol-Augsburg,1947-1950
1950-1952 Co.H, 2nd Armd.Cav.Regt. Border Patrol

W.W.II-Co.G, 328th Inf.Regt., 26th Div.

Co.B, 32nd Inf.Regt. 7th Inf.Div.,
UNPIK 8240 Wolf Pack One.

77th SFG-Ft. Bragg

10th SFG-Team Sgt FA-14, Bad Tolz, Germany
Det.A, 'B' Team Sgt, Berlin Brigade
4th BN, 18th Inf.Regt, Berlin Brigade
7th SFG-Ft. Bragg
7th SFG-Laos White Star as Charlie Beckwith's SGM
5th SFG-Project Delta, Vetnam (WIA-Plei Me)

Looking for anyone who knew him, (stories/photos) and insignia pertaing to units.
Was there insignia denoting the Company letter(Co.H)?

Thanks Andy DeSoto

377  Date: 2003-02-08 05:15:27
Stanford T. Bozeman ( bbozeman@salisbury.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in Hq. Trp. from January, 1948 to December, 1951.

376  Date: 2003-02-06 00:02:18
Robert W. (Bob) FRY ( BobFryUSA@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

In January 1948 I was assigned to the 6th Constabulary Regt Special Investigations Section , in Schweinfurt with TDY to the 53rd Squadron in Schwabach and Weiden. The 53rd Squadron was reorganized as the 15th Squadron with the mission as the primary keepers of Law and Order in Germany along the US & Soviet Zone, and Czechoslovakia borders. My duties Photograper,SIS Investigator,Provost Sgt,Honor Guard Commander,Hq Troop First Sgt,Commissioned as 2nd Lt Platoon Ldr in A & B Troops, I rotated to the US in July 1952 assigned to Ft Leavenworth, KA.Achieved 14 enlisted & officer ranks and was selected for promotion to Lt Col prior to retirement as a Major in May 1966. Married Irma Gebhardt in Jan 52 and we live in Federal Way, WA. Member of Outpost 8. and the 15th Constabulary Squadron.

375  Date: 2003-02-04 01:48:06
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / http://www.excelir.com/greenbacks) wrote:

Just noticed the date today. Feb 3, 2003. That means 53 years ago today I joined the Army. Fifty Three yrs ago tonight will be my first night to sleep in the barracks at Ft Knox, Ky.
Just a few months before the Korean War. WOW, of all the things that took place since then.
Hi Irene. Think about you often. Thanks. Ray

374  Date: 2003-02-03 21:50:09
Louis A Lynn ( LLynn@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

Irene this is a great web-site you have done yourself and the constabulary proud, I wishe you the best and keep up the great work.

373  Date: 2003-02-02 20:00:08
Ray Kittles ( rpkit@inetgenesis.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was at Bad Hersfeld Detachment,Co.D,709th MP BN,APO 171 Nov.1963-Dec.1964 I have some pictures,and names of all MP.at that time also my station (NCOIC)was S/Sgt.Rossing,Our house man was Mr.Franz and Herr.Ruppricht was the night interpreter if you need any of this let me know,Ray

372  Date: 2003-02-01 18:45:51
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was up early this morning and turned the TV to get the weather news and was stunned when Dan Rather of CBS was on, telling the nation of the the tragedy of the Space Shuttle.

Our condolences to the families of the brave heroes that perished today.

The Sandoval Family

371  Date: 2003-01-30 09:17:34
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Sandy,

nice to hear from you; here in G nothing new; all the same. My regards to Lala.
Take care.
Thomas, mbr. Outp. I

370  Date: 2003-01-24 08:01:45
Larry Munyon ( lrmunyon@softcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

I am a member of Outpost 8, served with the 54th Combat Engineer Battalion (Constabulary) 1948-1952 Boblingen, Germany, Panzer Kaserne. I think a troop of the 14th AC was also stationed there, mounted troop? 97th Signal Bn. was also there. Looking for any former members of Charlie Company, 54th Engr. Bn.

369  Date: 2003-01-20 20:44:22
Alfred Kaptein ( alkap@adelphia.net / no homepage) wrote:

After serving with the 84th Inf, Div, at the end of the war and having few points I re-enlisted in the regular army for 18 months for which I was mustered out in the States and returned back to Germany after 60 days leave to serve with the 72nd sqd. stationed in Boeblingin. Our duty was to maintain order in the city of Ulm with out posts on the French zone in the towns of Erbach and Boeblingen. I was with the Constabulary from its begining in 1946 until early 1947 when I was sent home for discharge in early 1947. I also married a Girl from Ulm and we are about to celebrate our 55th. year.
Alfred Kaptein RA42189716

368  Date: 2003-01-20 07:36:23
Phil (Sandy) Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Last week the Steelers, sorry Jungle Jim. Today the Eagles, sorry George.

The Raiders are going to the Big Party in San Diego...

367  Date: 2003-01-19 21:28:53
Greg Laborie ( slaborie@MSN.com / no homepage) wrote:

What a great site! If I am not mistaken, my father-in-law served with the Constabulary in Germany between 50-52. I will be forwarding your site and address to him. He was trained as a tanker, but ended-up as a company clerk in a tank company. His name is Don Seil, and he attained the rank of Corporal. Again...Great Site!

366  Date: 2003-01-19 20:55:20
philip teman ( pitjat@choice.net / no homepage) wrote:

was in the 66th stationed at bad reichenhall. was billeted for a time in the hotel louisenbad(sic). do remember a sgt. keegan. also a captain spencer and sgt green while training at freizing germany. all this from jan 47 to mar 48

365  Date: 2003-01-13 22:09:53
Fred Schmidt ( corky@velocity.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served with Headquarters US Constabulary, Signal
Section from March 1947 to February 1948

364  Date: 2003-01-13 21:41:28
horace j. saldi ( saldidog@comcast.net / no homepage) wrote:

i was stationed in weiden, coburg and hof from 1948 thru 1952, with D troop, 15th constabulary sqdn.

363  Date: 2003-01-11 05:25:10
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:


362  Date: 2003-01-11 03:34:46
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:


George Thompson Outpost 2

361  Date: 2003-01-07 02:06:15
Donald E.Annas ( dannas@AAAHawk.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of the 73d Armd. Ord. Maint. C Company fom 1948 to 1950. We serviced the 14th Armd.Calvarys M-8 Armd. Cars, M-24 and M-26 Tanks and all vehicles.I am a member of Unit four in Florida area.

360  Date: 2003-01-05 20:52:48
Glenn Kaye ( gmkmd@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I wish that my dad, Barry Kutchinsky (2nd Cavalry Regiment, 42nd Cavalry Recon Squadron, later 42nd Constabulary Squadron) had lived to see the advent of the internet. He would have loved seeing this website, contributing to it, and connecting with his lost army buddies. If any of you knew him, please contact me.

359  Date: 2003-01-02 23:11:55
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Welcome to the year 2003. Ronnie and I wish for everyone in the U.S. Constabulary Association to have a great year!

Your Web Editor,


358  Date: 2003-01-01 03:47:06
clifford champeau ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

no email!

357  Date: 2002-12-31 23:12:38
John Ames ( james1@maine.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Happy New Year to all Constabulary Families!!

John and Beth Ames

356  Date: 2002-12-31 00:30:22
George Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Happy New Year to National Commander Bill Strub
and all of his Elected Officers, Directors and
Appointed National Staff & Advisors. Also,to all
Members of The Costabulary Association far & wide.
Congratulations to Newsletter Editor John Capone & his wife Dianna for the fantastic job
they are doing wih the publication of the
Constabulary Lightning Bolt. The size & format
are great as we can now keep them in a standard size 3 ring loose leaf binder.
Also, as usual Web Page Editor Irene Moore is
continuing to do a fantastic job with our Web
My wife Ellen & I hope you all have wonderful
healthy happy year 2003 !
George Thompson, Life Member
Historian, Outpost 2

355  Date: 2002-12-29 23:11:17
Marlies Voigt ( marlies13@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Actually, I am searching for a soldier who was stationed in Bremerhaven. His last known station/orders in 1946 was with the 13th Constabulary Squadron, Troop B, Bayreuthe APO 179. His assigned number was RA 3140 167.

His name was Lawrence E. RICH.

354  Date: 2002-12-28 22:51:40
Ludwig Fasolino ( fasolino@gis.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 15th Regimental Band from 1946-1948, stationed in Sechenheim (Heidelberg) and then to Sonthofen until February, 1948

353  Date: 2002-12-28 04:45:02

got my M8 model as a present from the wife...16 pages of instructions for assembly...think she had an alterior motive? might have it completed by easter.

352  Date: 2002-12-25 18:27:05
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Merry christmas and a happy New Year from Germany to all leaders and members of the " C ". Hope you will have a quiet and peaceful celebratingtime.
Thomas, ass. mbr. Outp. I

351  Date: 2002-12-25 07:42:03
Phil (Sandy) Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Lala and I wish a very Merry Christmas to all my friends that served with me in the Hq/Hq Co, 14th ACR (and their spouses) and to the many new ones that I've met through the U. S. Constabulary Association especially Irene and Ronnie and all the Matherne clan that I had the pleasure of meeting this summer and to my new friend Thomas Schmidt from Kassel, Germany that helped me and Lala get into the Fritzlar Kaserne (also with the help of Irene) so that I could relive my time in Fritzlar.

Also to all my OP8 friends.

And to all a Happy New Year!!!

350  Date: 2002-12-24 21:31:31
Charlie Joe Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Merry Christmas to all you Troopers and families out there.

349  Date: 2002-12-22 20:33:26
Elmer Lee Bechdoldt ( noblebrightwood@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Dear sir:
I am doing research on the Constabulary. It is for a work of fictiob. I want the characters to have the propper background and history to operate with in. Your site is a tremendous source.

348  Date: 2002-12-22 00:38:23
Frank Termini ( frankjoan55@ameritech.net / no homepage) wrote:

Appologies to having omitted the "55" from our e-mail address relative to the entry of Dec. 16th. Happy Holidays....

347  Date: 2002-12-19 02:40:27
Ron Huff ( redhough@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I had a brother in the Calvalry Constabulary in 1946-47-48. His name was Earl J. Huff Jr. I don't really know much about his time in Germany, Mom told me his horse was named Sentimental. He was discharged in 48 but rejoined into the engineers, ending up in Company D, 3rd Engineer Combat Battalion, 24th Infantry Division. His service number at this time was 43037475. In August of 1950 he was reported as missing in action in southern Korea.

346  Date: 2002-12-18 16:16:51
George Bowdren ( editorlb@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I had a call from Angie. Reservations are coming very slowly for the meeting @ Lakeland.
Reservations will be taken until Jan 7, 2003. Hospitality Room opens at 1000 on Feb 1, 2003.
Cocktail hour 1800 @ Jimmy D's
Dinner 1900
Call me or Angie for any other details:
(941)758-9302 (321) 255-6778

345  Date: 2002-12-17 05:30:44
Jerry Patterson ( jerryp@ruraltel.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Fulda from 1959-61 in D Troop 14th AC and was a Tank Driver. would like to hear from anyone that was there in that time frame.
Jerry Patterson

344  Date: 2002-12-16 01:48:51
Frank Termini ( frankjoan@ameritech.net / no homepage) wrote:

Border Patrol: Daybreak, Noon, Dusk, Midnight. All four seasons and weather. Twelve Hrs. on Twenty four off. Briefings, down the Autobahn, over back roads, through Hamlets, Towns, Villages, ridin' back seat jeep 'til blue in the face, while thinkin' of that other place, be it, or not, ever so humble.

343  Date: 2002-12-14 15:19:37
George Dukes ( gdukes@tampabay.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

USN Rhine River Patrol UNIT K 1955-1957 Part of COMNAVGER occupation

342  Date: 2002-12-13 19:51:32
George Bowdren ( editorlb@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just wanted to let all of the Troopers know that the Constabulary Christmas Tour was a success. The following Troopers participated:
Outpost One: Mr/Mrs Ovidio J Garzoli
Mr/Mrs Gerard McKenna
Mr/Mrs William Robarge
Outpost Three: Miss Melissa Beaver
Outpost Four: Mr/Mrs George Bowdren
Mr/Mrs Aare Kivi
Volker was up to his usual excellent standards.
We wish all a very merry Christmas
Once a Trooper, Always a Trooper
God Bless! George :-)

341  Date: 2002-12-11 02:18:46
Henry B. Tepen ( tepens1926@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

To whom it may concern;
I served with the 15th constabulary in Germany from 1951 until it was de activated in 1952. I have located one other fellow I served with, he is Theodore scheulen. Would like to locate some others that served with Troop "A" of the 15th.

340  Date: 2002-12-08 14:01:56
Jack W. Mundy ( jmundy@chesapeake.net / no homepage) wrote:

Troop "A", 53rd Constabulary Squadron, Schwabach
1946-1948 Captain Jack W. Downing, Commander.

339  Date: 2002-12-02 23:49:46
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

hi troopers; thanks to bob monosmoth I located the M8.seems lots of hobby shops have them...if interested check the nearest shop to you...wouldn't a trooper on a horse be great? jim miller

338  Date: 2002-12-01 16:49:37
clark e. creery ( clark312@metrolink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Dad was in Fulda in the 81st in late May 45 until June 46. He traveled all over and I am glad I found your page.

337  Date: 2002-11-29 22:01:19
CHARLES L GARMAN ( CGARMAN@NEO.RR.COM / no homepage) wrote:


336  Date: 2002-11-29 20:08:14
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

to Ullrich Koch:

Irene is on a businesstrip in the states. Shure she will contact you if she sees your mail in here.
Sometime her E.-mail address makes problems.

335  Date: 2002-11-29 06:58:24
Phil (Sandy) Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just want to wish all of you troopers a Happy Thanksgiving. May this day be filled with Blessings to you and your families...

334  Date: 2002-11-27 16:42:03
Charles Thompson or Tom ( chuckthompsonoutdoors@attbi.com / no homepage) wrote:

160 photos of the 14th Armored cavalry regiment from 1949-1951 in Friedberg, Gelnhausen, Fulda or ? Just updated from 99 photos.
Just added captions to each photo which can be imaged over each photo while you are viewing. All photos may be enlarged to over the size of your monitor for closer examination.Please help me identify the location of some of these Kasernes. Thanks. Enjoy. Go to epson.photo.com and type in my e-mail address of chuckthompsonoutdoors@attbi.com and click on 14th Armored cavalry.

333  Date: 2002-11-26 09:03:48
Ulrich Koch ( ulrich.koch@koch-athene.de / http://www.koch-athene.de) wrote:

Contact with Mrs. Irene Moore:

For days, I have tried to respond to an e-mail which I have received from Irene Moore. Although I choose the correct e-mail address, I have all e-mails as undeliverable returned! Does Irene have technical problems? Please, you contact Irene, that she gets in touch with me once again! If your e-mail connection should be disturbed at the moment, please informing about another address.

Thank you...

Best regards, Ulrich (ulrich koch, berlin, germany)


332  Date: 2002-11-26 01:04:17
Gene Furnish ( etjkfurnish@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with service troup 15 cav regiment, and 15 constabulary regiment in Weinheim,Ger.1946 member outpost 6

331  Date: 2002-11-25 23:31:29
Jesse Cox ( Hotelkilo7100@webtv.net / http://community-2.webtv.net/HotelKilo7100/doc/) wrote:

I am searching for historical data on Wiesbaden, Germany, Military Police or Constable units that were there. Also I am looking for any info on a uncle who died, 1 Aug 52, who was assigned to the 7712 EU COM.-- Albert Cox. Location and cause unknown. Thanks

330  Date: 2002-11-24 13:42:18
Walter Elkins ( welkins1@tampabay.rr.com / http://www.usarmygermany.com) wrote:

Hi Irene. Thought some of your readers might be interested in some great aerial views of Fritzlar, Wetzlar, Rothwesten, Bad Hersfeld and Fulda kasernes from 1950. I just added them to my site. You can find them on the Kassel and Fulda Pages of the “US Army in Germany” web page.

329  Date: 2002-11-22 02:49:13
Walter M. Stolpa, Jr. ( wstolpa@pressenter.com / http://www.pressenter.com/~wstolpa/) wrote:

Very interesting site. I never realized that an organization such as yours existed to maintain law and order after WWII. One of your members Anthony Angelini introduced me to this site and I am most appreciative. As a retired USAF Air/Security Policeman I have a great interest in anything related to military police.

328  Date: 2002-11-19 22:11:31
Milt Berko ( okreb@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

TO: Beaufort Hunt:
I served in Boeblingen and Ulm with Troop C, 72nd Squadron, 10th Regt. I returned to the states on the Admiral koontz in March 1947. I believe that it was the final voyage as the Koontz and then it underwent a major overhaul and became a luxury passenger liner, the SS Laguardia.
-- Milt Berko

327  Date: 2002-11-19 01:37:08
Beauford R. Hunt ( GANBerry@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am Beaufort R. Hunt, I was in the 15th Constabulary Squadron, Troop D. We were the Mechanized Calvary stationed in Bremerhaven, Germany from December 1945 until December 1946.
I was taken to Germany on the Admiral Koontz, a transport ship that left from New York. Anyone with any ties to this group or the crossing of the Admiral Koontz I would like to hear from.
Thank You, Boots Hunt

326  Date: 2002-11-14 01:55:51
Manfred Goldstein ( Mannyg2255@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just came back for a visit.

Still the great site it used to be.

Have a Happy Thanksgivign guys and gals.

Manny (Doc) Goldstein

325  Date: 2002-11-12 00:02:31
Corpral C. R. Brown ( CRBrown46@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a memeber of the 2nd Constabulary Lengrease Germany.Sggt Crops was my Platoon Seargent. I served from 1946 - 1948.

324  Date: 2002-11-10 18:18:26
Col(RET) Curt Rosler ( cwrosl@aol.com / http://www.14thcavalryassociation.com) wrote:

The above homepage is the new 14th Cav Assoc "Supply Room" Online Gift Shop.There is a coin that will be offered for veterans of all 14th Cav units to include 14th Constab Regt.The Supply Room should open for business o/a 15 Nov 2002.

323  Date: 2002-11-10 00:04:08
Kluberdanz, Donald J, ( dkluberdan@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Served with HQ & HQ Battery of 74th FABN from 1949 to 1951 in Landshut. Was survey sergeant. In 1951 was transferred to 36th FA group in Babenhausen. Discharged as Chief survey Sergeant (SFC).

322  Date: 2002-11-05 07:54:24
William Robarge ( billbarbara@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed in Regensburg 1949-June 1952. I would like to hear from anyone in the H company third batt. 6arc
Bill Robarge

321  Date: 2002-11-04 19:59:53
George Bowdren ( editorlb@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Troopers, I sent a message to Miriam, writer of last entry, and received the following reply:

From: PAKRAKA@aol.com
Date: Sun, 3 Nov 2002 12:38:25 EST
Subject: Re: United States Constabulary Association

Dear George---Both of my parents were Holocaust survivors and I was born in a
Displaced Persons Camp after the war....we came to America in August 1949 on
the USS HOWZE----from Coberg,Germany.....I would like to know everything
about that time,the ship,the people...etc....Thank you very much.....Miriam
Are there passenger lists available?

Can anyone assist her?
Once a Trooper, Always a Trooper
God Bless! George :-)

320  Date: 2002-11-03 07:56:30
miriam pacht-bursztyn ( pakraka@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was born in a DP Camp after the war and came to America on a ship called...the General Houser?Do you know anything about that?

319  Date: 2002-10-31 21:09:45
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear webmaster Irene,

how are you? I took a photo of that 1947 wall. You get it before x-mas.

Ass. mb. outpst. 1

318  Date: 2002-10-24 14:09:37
Frederick D Williams ( freglo@citlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Enjoyed reading it

317  Date: 2002-10-24 03:21:00
Frank Moscowitz ( fcmosc@ameritech.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served in D troop 72 squadron in '47 until it was deactivated. Remained in Boeblingen in the 14th squadron until April '48.Attended Constabulary School in Sonthofen.

316  Date: 2002-10-22 00:11:26
John Capone ( bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

All items for the December Holiday Issue of the Lightning Bolt are due by November 10. Thank You. John Capone, Editor

315  Date: 2002-10-15 23:02:35
Thomas A. Biglen ( audreyb@midrivers.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the 13th Constabulary Squadron -D Troop. I was in Coburg in 1947 and 48. Am looking for some of my buddies.

314  Date: 2002-10-09 01:20:52
Neal Salyers ( gsalyers@atcc.net / no homepage) wrote:

Just typed in the place Degerndorf, Germany because my aunt just passed away and I have come into about 40 black and white photos 8" x 9" taken from that area betwenn 1943-1945. In a couple are pictures of "May Barracks" 66th Constabulary Squadron, taken by my uncle when he was stationed there.

313  Date: 2002-10-07 00:03:20
Homer S ( Woody ) Wood ( woodydot@htn.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was Station in straubing, Germany With the
6th ARC Regt. 1948- 1951 Was a Tank driver on
A M24 Light Tank. Would Like to hear from
anyone who was There. With "C" Co. Over The

312  Date: 2002-10-06 00:40:58
James K Hampton ( j_hampton53@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Jack (JD) Hampton, serial number RA45 043 579, served in the 1st Constabulary Sqdn in Germany during WWII (1946).

He passed away in Feb. 1998 and I am trying to collect any information that may be available regarding his service so I can disply it with the flag used at his funeral.

I have his discharge record but nothing else. He never really talked about what his unit did when he was there.

311  Date: 2002-10-02 21:13:27
Al Sallustio ( altrooper@softcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

To all my friends and fellow Troopers notice
I have a new E-mail address. While here on
our Constabulary web page,does anyone recall
Sgt. Bill Rummage. He was my squad leader
when we served together with D Troop,42nd
Squadron,2nd ACR,in Augsburg,1947-48.

310  Date: 2002-10-02 05:22:36
Tim Olson ( cflandocn@turbonet.com / http://groups.yahoo.com/group/USASAFS_Rothwesten/) wrote:

Was stationed there in ASA 65 to 68. MOS 05D.20

309  Date: 2002-09-30 22:39:43
Paul Jackson ( pavijack@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I put a message on the bulletin board on August 20 and received several responses. It's great to hear from some of the guys who served with me during my time with Hq.&Hq. Co, 2d Constab (2d A/C) 1948 to 1954.

308  Date: 2002-09-23 21:24:01
James R. Askren ( jaskren@lisco.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father James Askren served in the "B" Troop 28 TH Squadron from 16 March 1946 until 16 April 1948. Passed away Dec. 2000. Any info or pictures would be greatly appreciated.

307  Date: 2002-09-18 20:36:57
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

to Jim Miller:
It facinating how some buddies can remember, what happened during a % black out. I can`t!
You know how one gets to a place,... and suddenly one is at home again.

306  Date: 2002-09-18 04:00:31
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

does anyone remember when a detachment from D and G Troop from sonthofen traveled to the french zone to be a part of the ceremony when the french presented Col foster with a medal ? after the formal ceremony,we marched back to where the french were billeted and they proceded to pour conjac and wine down our throats to the poinr that there were only a few guys left that could drive...we ha to travel those mountain roads in december,covered with ice and snow in our m8's and jeeps.It is a wonder that anyone of us made it back alive...oh,the memories,they just keep coming back...

305  Date: 2002-09-16 17:41:39
Ralph Braswell ( ralphsfalco@wmconnect.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in Battery B 517th FA bn. at Wetzlar 49&50. I remember Operation Harvest and Operation Parka And going to the French Zone to fire the 105's.

304  Date: 2002-09-14 00:49:46
CARSON A KEITH ( keithmapsvc@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

1952. 2ND LT 1952-RETD AS LTC 1/1/71. STILL

303  Date: 2002-09-13 18:47:06
T. E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,
visited today Bad Wildungen; as I read in your webside, that some troopers were thosetime there to, I picked a real lovely postcard with the famous Hotel "Fürstenhof". I´ll post it and perhaps you can set it on your webside. Many will remember it, it still a beauty.

Also I will have a look at that person near Kassel, who wrote you a mail.

302  Date: 2002-09-12 03:00:31
Harry T.Stout ( indian@preferred.com / no homepage) wrote:

served in A Troop 11th sqd. in Kassel/Rothwestern area from 46/47, recalled to active 50, sent to korea, returned to inactive status 51. Member of out post 3, life member.

301  Date: 2002-09-10 16:59:18
T. E .Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,

thanks for your mail. Wish you both all the best. Did you get my test-E.-mail and my posted letter?


300  Date: 2002-09-10 04:15:00
Kurt Matherne ( kurtm56@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

My Fathers name is Gilbert Matherne SR. He passed away November of 2000. He was a constabulary trooper. I wish I had more pictures that were taken of the times he was there. If anyone has a copy of a picture, doing dutys or in there room at night. Please email me a copy....
Thanks Kurt


299  Date: 2002-09-05 05:44:31
Frank Moscowitz ( fcmosc@ameritech.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 72nd squadron in 1947 and in the 14th until April 1948. I am a retired Chicago school principal. Does anyone remember me?

298  Date: 2002-09-03 20:25:19
William Bent ( wdbent@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My dad, Walter Bent, served with the 24th Sq., E troop in Linz, Austria from 1947-1949. He passed away in 1999. I have many of his photos from his Constabulary days and hope to hear from those who served with him.

297  Date: 2002-09-02 19:59:45
Joseph M Comerford ( jcomerford@attbi.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of the 331st CR co. ASA in 1953 Giessen we moved to Rothwesten in 1955.when the 331st became the 307th I have been back to Kassel meny times.

296  Date: 2002-09-02 13:50:58
Howard R Johnson ( hbj@wyoming.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of the 4th constabulary in Austria from January 1946 through October 1948
I was in the horse platoon , headquarters troop in Bad Schallerbach, Enns and Hoersching
I recently went to Austria and to those towns, Septmber 2000

295  Date: 2002-09-01 19:56:25
John Capone ( bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:


I am the Editor of the U.S. Constabulary Association’s newsletter the ‘Lightning Bolt. I am working on a personal project that involves ‘telling the story’, if you will, of the U.S. Constabulary School in Sonthofen, Germany. I want to tell a very day-to-day story: what life was like each day, what Troopers were doing, what dignitaries were visiting, etc. Just stories, events, and ‘this is what it was like to be there’ kind of story. Remember, there is no record anywhere that I can find that tells of the everyday events and activities that took place at the Constabulary School or the Kaserne prior to the Constabulary startup in 1946.

If you were at the Constabulary School in any capacity, such as:
• Student
• a member of the Constabulary School Squadron
• stationed with any unit at the Kaserne
• a member of the Women’s Army Corp (WAC)
• member of the 2nd Cavalry Recon Squadron
• with the 465th AAA Battalion
• a member of the School band
• medical detachment
or in any way affiliated with the U.S. Constabulary School in Sonthofen from 1946 until 1952 I would appreciate your assistance.

I am seeking any information, whether it is photos, memorabilia, stories, your own personal experiences that I can include in my book. You can just write anything you may know or remember, and I can assure you that it will be included. You can also contact me at the address, phone or email shown below.

Please indicate when you arrived and what unit you were assigned to when you came to the School.
I appreciate your help with this project, and will keep you informed of my progress.

My sincere thanks,

John Capone
Editor, Lightning Bolt
401 N. Riverside Drive, No. 302
Pompano Beach, FL 33062

294  Date: 2002-08-29 21:10:49
Beth Wilson ( bethanne111@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Searching for Walter Sanders who was a Mess Cook in the 35th Con Sqdn, Troop D, stationed in Fuessen in 47.
He was briefly in Immenstadt (possibly with the 35th Tank Bn) (4th AD), and later transferred to Fuessen.
He may have rotated back to the States from Fuessen or from Augsburg when the 35th was changed to the 42nd Con Sqdn. He was tall and had blondish hair. This a priority family search. Thanks Guys.
Beth Wilson
my other e-mail address is bethanne253@yahoo.com

293  Date: 2002-08-28 17:40:48
Jim Tolbert ( jimtolbert@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

No hair to comb, no teeth to brush, and no job calling me. So there's no reason now to rush, except when I go pee. Nevertheless, I would really like to know when C troop of the 24th Constabulary left Schweinfurt for Bad Kissingen and what was the name of the barracks they moved into at BK? Having a photo of that camp would be extra special. Somebody out there help me out. Thanks in advance.

292  Date: 2002-08-26 20:09:45
tetogo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,

did you receive my letter with the newspaper fotos of the pilotteacher and gallery supporter (Deutsche Mark, Col. Stocker??)from Rothwesten ?


291  Date: 2002-08-26 19:59:36
TETOGO ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,
again my mail did´nt work, sorry. Demonfailure. I sent the letter to day by post to your address La. with a copy of the message.
As I can receive your mails, please let me know your new postcode and streetname.

yf Thomas

290  Date: 2002-08-25 00:27:33
Clerance B, SMITH ( jSANESAME@AOL.cOM / no homepage) wrote:


289  Date: 2002-08-22 23:35:48


288  Date: 2002-08-22 00:15:32
Jan Mueller ( jamesgarfield@nexgo.de / no homepage) wrote:

Seeking information about the death of two East German Policemen in a shooting incident that took place in Obersuhl (Hessen Germany)during 1951. Any word about will be appreciated. Thanks, Jan Mueller

287  Date: 2002-08-20 21:00:23
Paul W. Jackson ( pavijack@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My service time was 1945-1954. I joined Hq&Hq Troop, 2d Constabulary Regt.in spring,1948. Served until March, 1954. Stationed in Augsburg and Nuernberg. I was a clerk in S-1 most of the time. Can anyone tell be whatever became of the Sergeant Major, William J. Breheny? I kept in touch with him for some years after I left the army and even visited him and his wife Amy in Rockford, Ill. in the early 1960's when he was running the ROTC there. Does anyone remember me?

286  Date: 2002-08-16 13:05:49
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,

tried to send my email to you. Twice it came back with failure notice; could`nt reach you.
I got 2 certificates with 1.0; 1,5 and hope to get an third "Certif." in 8 days.
All is done.

285  Date: 2002-08-15 17:56:48
Robert E. Johnson ( Robersabel@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Sir,
I noticed the web site: www.berlinveterans.com containing a brief description in history of the Berlin Command. To access it: Open the website>Drop to the bottom of the page>Click History.
Please note it mentions, "Between 1946 and 1964 Soviet aircraft attacked twelve U.S. aircraft, causing the death of thirty-six crew and passengers."
The following description may be one of the twelve aircraft: "24 January 1964 A USAF T-39, based in Wiesbaden West Germany, was shot down by a Soviet fighter over Thuringia, about 60 miles inside East Germany while on a training flight. The crew of three, Gerald Hannaford, John Lorraine and Donald Millard were killed."
It also describes, "The death of Major Arthur Nicholson, shot by a Soviet soldier in 1985." He was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.
Recently, I read about the people sentenced, responsible for the bombing of the Berlin disco La Belle, April 1986. The blast killed two American servicemen. They were also posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.
I have been attempting to obtain information about the military personnel in those twelve aircraft. If they were also recognized for their service by being awarded the Purple Heart.
I would appreciate any/all suggestion(s) leading to the office that contains the files of the military personnel in those aircraft. All attempts thus far, have been futile.

MSgt Robert E. Johnson, USAF, Retired

284  Date: 2002-08-15 15:52:26
Charles Shoemaker ( jcshoe1@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My wife and I are deeply saddened to learn of Toni Schindler's death. She had been a regular emailer of Toni's. We knew he was ill but not this ill. What actually happened to him? He had been going to a health place for relaxation as late as last summer. Was it his heart? I wish I had the opportunity to let his son know of our sorrow to learn of his death and will keep him in our prayers.

Charles and Janice Shoemaker
Georgetown, SC

283  Date: 2002-08-15 14:37:30
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Hi Walter,

Yes, I've read the information provided by the US Army Center for Military History and I have published a link to this site last week. Thank you for checking with me, I do appreciate it.

282  Date: 2002-08-14 12:55:10
Kalle Keller ( kalle@zmms.tu-berlin.de / no homepage) wrote:


I'm a student in Germnay and for my (so long personal) historical archive I'm looking for photos of the town of FRITZLAR (and in particular of the airfield and barracks where I served in the german army).
As I found out in your guestbook a large amound of active members herein had served in this town (that is by the way the town of my birth).
It would be very interesting to get in contact to people who could send me copies of their photos or just want to get in contact with people from Fritzlar/Germany.

One more personal question refers to a former young polish slaveworker who served at the army post of Fritzlar after 1945. I'm not sure about the date but he joint the Polish Guard Companies under US command or the Military Labor Service these years, his name is Jan (Janeck) Kurek.

If anyone is able and willing to help me I would greatly appreciate.

281  Date: 2002-08-13 15:54:17
lauri ( thderhrt3@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I have been looking for anyone who might know a young polish boy who served with the Constabularies after he was released from Buchenwald...Jerzy Budzynski. I recently received papers from Buchenwald...the papers were his release papers and were signed by the following [March 6, 1945]:
Col. Allen B. Michell-GSC
Capt.T.A. Taracouzio-AUS
Capt. Leonard M. Bessman-Inf.[CIC]
1st Lt. Cyrus C. Sturgis, Jr.-A.C.
If anyone knows of these individuals I would greatly appreciate your assistance.
Many thanks.

280  Date: 2002-08-12 23:02:04
Charles (Chuck)Jamison ( chjmar@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I arrived in le Harve France March 1946 aboard the Pitston Victory. Departed Camp Philip Morris via 40 & 8 to Marburg Germany. Was assigned to the 11th ARC Weiden, Germany We became the 11th Const.Regt. and was formed March 1946. I as an Inf. Scout at the time, but joined the Medical Detachment. I had two good buddies who went into the Medics with me. I would like to know if they are members. There names are Charle Edward Knowles, Oaklnd CA. and Robert Melton. St.Louis,MO. At the start of O Const. Col. William F. Biddle was our Regt. CO. When the 11th deactvated I was assigned to the 6th Const.Returned to the ZI 1950, Later in Korea I ran into couple of troopers.

279  Date: 2002-08-12 22:17:34
Alex ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Hi! My name is Alexander and i'm from Fulda, Germany! I read some stories about your time in Germany after World War II! It's very interessting! Today, they want to build a new part of the city at the former kaserne, called Fulda Galerie! If you are interessted, you can watch the website of Fulda! It's www.fulda.de

278  Date: 2002-08-12 10:49:11
Walter Elkins ( welkins1@tampabay.rr.com / http://www.usarmygermany.com) wrote:

Hi Irene,
I don't know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but the US Army Center for Military History has recently posted the complete manuscript: "US Army Border Operations in Germany, 1945-1983." Since the US Constabulary played a prominent and distinguished role in that mission during the early Occupation years, I thought your readers would be interested. The URL for the manuscript: http://www.army.mil/cmh-pg/documents/BorderOps/content.htm.

Keep up the great work. Your site is awesome!

277  Date: 2002-08-10 21:20:36
Ralphl Judd Jr. ( malox5@excite.com / http://www.malo5.com) wrote:

Hello troopers,I had said earlier that I came home from Bavaria Germany,Nov.1945 but I failed to mention that I went gack to Germany and that I was there when they started the US CONSTABLARY over there and stayed with them until my discharge from the ARMY May 1947 with the rank of T/5 [ http://www.malox5.com ] you can see what I look like on this site with my dog Buffy malox5@excite.com

276  Date: 2002-08-09 20:36:00
NICHOLAS J. HLAWATI ( LUSIPHUR1331@YAHOO.COM / no homepage) wrote:


275  Date: 2002-08-08 18:49:06
harvet bowles ( chaz66@alltel.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 28th.const.recon squadron cav
in schweinfurt germany 1945 to 1948 came from the 3rd.inf div.we lived in squad tents on the american russian border .until we joined the constabulary then we got to sleep in beds in a building big time for us.We did the usal border patrol on foot and also motorized patrols.plus got our delay in action training every third month.in the field .i was a radio operator morse code and the rest layed telephone lines etc.plus was a rifleman first .attended .three radio schools bad kithhen and sonhoffen also demolition school even tried to learn to play the bugle once couldnt do it.no sound
We went on a 100 mile force march in 1947 when cav .took us over didnt fall out but came close a couple of times ha. trooper harvey n bowles out post 2 life time member . would be pleased to get messages on my e mail chaz66@alltel.net

274  Date: 2002-08-08 05:59:59
Jim Tolbert ( jimtolbert@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

In remembering the 22d and 24th Constabulary (1948-1952), some good memories of outstanding border patrol troops still run thru my mind. The names have long since faded and the faces are becoming harder to focus on, Never the less, it was a fine tour. I thought even the bad times were good. From Hershfield to Kissengen, to the stockade in Frankfurt, I enjoyed every day. After leaving Germany, I continued with the Army and retired the last time in 1990 at Fort Lee, Virginia. Now, as I get older, I spend more and more time thinking about the Constabulary and the places where I spent my 15th, 16th, and 17th Christmas'. To all those who helped me grow up while there, thanks.

273  Date: 2002-08-08 02:31:20
ELAINE GRONER ( ELGG31@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

This is my first visit to the Constab web site and am quite impressed. I don't see too many names from the original association but still enjoyed scaning thru.

272  Date: 2002-08-08 01:56:20
John R. Holcomb ( jholcomb@ocsonline.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with 1st Armoured Division from March 1946 until the 14th Constabulary Regiment was activated. Served until March 1947 and selected to go with 1st Recon Co, 1st Infantry Division along with selected Officers and NCO's.
Served until August 1948. Had many border assignments with 14th Constabulary and with Guard Troop and Demonstration Troop at US Constabulary School, Sonthofen, Germany. We were strictly elite.

271  Date: 2002-08-07 21:01:05
Ralphl Judd Jr. ( rjudd@clinic.net / http://ralphjuddjr.com) wrote:

I was in the Constabulary when it first started,we scraped off the paint on all our vehicals and then painted and put on the lighting bolt.I was in the sevice from Nov.7/1944 to May 1947,left Bavaria Germany 10 Nov.1945 Was in Colburg most of the time.Thank for a nice site.

270  Date: 2002-08-06 02:29:50
James W Jim Lynn ( jimwlynn@yahoo.com / http://www.geocities.com/jimwlynn/WebSiteTableOfContents.html) wrote:

Terrific site - I was part of the US Army of Occupation, Germany 10-48/6-50, Assigned to USASAEurope, 114th Sig Co Herzo Base (48/49), Det A 114th, Rothwesten 49-50. See my story on ALPINERS, re war 1949 games when I was assigned to support "The Circle Cowboys" as a Radio Intercept Operator - man, we nailed a Tank Company of the Big Red One during the "Gasthasus" stop in Earlangen!!!

269  Date: 2002-08-03 03:09:44
Joseph J. Addison ( jaddison1@cfl.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Fantastic review of history. I graduated from West Point on 3 June 1947 and was assigned to US Army Europe. I joined the 6th Constab Sqdn in August 1948 in Coburg. We were converted to the 3d Bn, 14th ACR in the fall of 1949. The 1st Sgt of G Troop almost cried when he found out that he had to change insignia. He had enlisted in the 6th Cav in 1936 at Ft. Oglethorpe, GA and had fought through WW II with the same regiment and then joined it in the Constabulary. He loved the unicorn rampant in the regimental insignia.

I was transferred to Constabulary Hq in April 1950, which in turn became Hq 7th Army later that year. I sailed for the US with my wife and daughter in January, 1952. I stayed in the US Army as an officer until 1 December, 1959, when I resigned for my wife's health and joined the Arizona Army National Guard in March 1960. I remained with the Guard until March 1963, when I joined the USAR. While in the USAR I attended C&GS and the Army War College. I retired as a Colonel on 31 December 1983.

268  Date: 2002-07-31 03:38:20
Remo P Sabetti ( SabettiS@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was in C Troop 72nd Sqd 10th Regt 46 at Boblingen & Ulm, Later in the 1st Recon Co 1st Inf Div, like to hear from anyone from these units.

267  Date: 2002-07-30 04:19:45
C.Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

Just to touch base with you all. Please note new
e-mail address

266  Date: 2002-07-29 07:33:58
Curtis B. Hoyle ( choyle@teleport.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was a service record and payroll clerk for
Headquarters and Headquarters Troop 1st Constabulary Brigade at Wiesbaden, Germany in 1947 to early 1948. I worked both at the champagne factory office and up on the
hill at Dotzheim after the move.

265  Date: 2002-07-28 15:53:08
A.A.THOMAS ( tomsal@naturecoast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Update new addy Hi To all AA Thomas re new addy 1st one had mistake sorry BYE BYE

264  Date: 2002-07-25 04:14:15
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

around the corner I have a friend,in this great city that has no end.yet days go by and weeks rush on,and before I know it,a year has gone.and I never see my old friends face,for life is a swift and terrible race.he knows I like him just as welland in the days when I rang his bell,and he rang mine.we were younger thenand now we are busy,tired men.tired with playing a foolish game,tired with trying to make a name."tpmarrow" I say,:I will call on tim,just to show that i"m thinking of him..But tomarrow comes-and goes and goes;and the distance between us grows and grows....around the corner!yet miles away : here's a telegram,sir. :tim died today" and thats what we get-and deserve in the end-AROUND THE CORNER<A VANISHED FRIEND>

263  Date: 2002-07-24 18:56:15
joseph { Bob } Markward ( rmarkward@stny.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was with the 3rd Division and the 9th Division in Germany in 1946

262  Date: 2002-07-22 01:19:33
michael mckenzie ( hotshue2@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father Oscar N Mckenzie seved in the 16th constab (separate) from 1948 thru the reformation to 6th inf reg have troop B's guidon and various pictures of the horse mounted troop. He took the guidon when all horse equipment was turned in

261  Date: 2002-07-18 21:33:07
john f. anderson ( johnandmarie911@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Iserved in troop c 42nd con sq, 1947 and part of 1948 .every time i click this site i seem to read something new. It makes me prouder each time. I sure would like to hesr from anyone who may have been in Augsburg at that time. god bless you all,

260  Date: 2002-07-14 21:49:01
Lew Dallolio ( lewdall@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Would like information on Robert L Bradley of the 6th armored cavalry division stationed in Regensburg in 1953 as aCaptain in the 3rd battalion G company

259  Date: 2002-07-14 06:00:46
John 'Jack' Ferrick ( Ferrick801@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father, Captain John V. Ferrick, 01003920, was assigned to a constabulary outfit in Kaufbeuren, Germany during 1951- 1952. We lived in Kempten at the time and I attended Munich American High School, staying in the dormitory and coming home on weekends. I don't remember the unit he was assigned to in that I was 15 years old at the time and didn't pay much attention to those things. I do, however remember that he transferred to the 555th Engineering Battalion in Ettlingen, after that tour. My father passed away during 1984.

258  Date: 2002-07-11 06:51:21
Lauri ( thderhrt3@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am still looking for anyone who might remeber serving with my friend, Jerzy Budzynski, a very young Polish political prisoner from Buchenwald. He was recruited to service with the first division of the Constabularies, they travelled from Buchenwald to the French border searching for Nazis hiding out on local farms. He served as a translator and automobile mechanic...but was mostly chosen to 'identify' Nazis. He spoke several languages. He remembers riding in a US Jeep across country with two or three other soliders...one known as Jack. He later became a certified US military motor pool mechanic and abulance driver for the US government. Anyone knowing anything that might help me locate more information on his unit and those he served with it would be greatly appreciated if you would share it with me.

257  Date: 2002-07-09 01:29:30
Aaron M. Mowry ( aaronmow14@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Very great web site!I'm a 14 yr old boy and i love all of this stuff hoping to find some more stuff about it.Keep up the good work.

256  Date: 2002-07-08 17:41:25
Edwin R. Ward ( ed16202@charter.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 10th A.I.B, CCA, 4th Armd Div. in the Flak Kaserne at Kitzingen, when Col Hayes, our Bn C.O. informed us about becoming the 10th Constabulary Sqdrn. The C.O. of Hq&Hq Co., at that time was a Capt. Brashears. I was only 15 yrs of age, and the Army caught up with me in 1947, sent me home & discharged me. I came back in as soon as I became 17, went to the 7th Inf Regt at Ft Benning, and from there to Ft Devens, MA.

255  Date: 2002-07-07 15:16:03
George I. Pope ( axepop@cox.net / http://www.cox.net) wrote:

When our base air depot #2 in england closed after the war I was transfered to germany to help build the U.S.CONSTABULARY.I was station at at a german base near Ausburg.I drew prisoners from a POW camp for my work force.I drew vehicles from a large vehicle collection depot which we repaired and modified to suit our mission.We always returned the prisoners to their camp at the end of each day.I think we became operational in Ausburg in april 1947 relieving the U.S.Army MPs of their duties.I returned to the states afterwards,rejoined the U.S.AIR FORCE and retired in october 1973 as a chief master sargeant after 31 years of service. Please forgive me for not remembering names or dates.Does 2nd bat.1oth.reg.ring a bell? Thank you. G.I.POPE.CMS.U.S.AIR FORCE (Ret).

254  Date: 2002-07-05 11:46:22
Harvey Michael ( HarveMacie@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am still hoping to hear from someone who served in First Brigade Hq., Weisbaden, '47-'48. (Anyone remember Sgt/"Pop" Pierce, Rodney Durkee, Ganance, McBee, Olsovski?)

253  Date: 2002-07-04 17:24:02
William H Meck Jr ( billandgertimeck796mp@starpoer.net / no homepage) wrote:

Very nice wrb site. I am the current president of the 796th MP Bn Association. I served in Vienna Austria 1946 - 1951.

252  Date: 2002-07-04 17:09:37
Joseph (Joe) Holding ( CoraH28@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hoping to hear from anyone who served in 68th Constabulary in Budingden or Alsfeld (1946-47)
Rank- Staff Sgt First Platoon 68th Const. Squad.

251  Date: 2002-07-04 01:27:45
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Just like very old wine this United States Constabulary Web Site improves considerly with
age thanks to Irene A. Moore, Editor & Assistant
National Historian. Please keep up the great work Irene. Please let us know how we can support you.
Outpost 2 just had a great Reunion near my home
in Bucks County, Penna. Many troopers, associates and friends from far and wide were there. Associate Members Toni Schindler & Hans-Jurgen Schmidt sent their greetings from Germany.
Have a Happy 4th of July Troopers & Associates.
George B.Thompson
Outpost 2 Historian ( again )
42nd Squadron, 2nd Regiment, Freising,etc.,

250  Date: 2002-07-02 20:15:16
Robert B. Walters ( RobertBWalters@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great! This is a wonderful web site.

249  Date: 2002-07-01 04:01:31
Richard T. Bosma ( dickboz@c2i2.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served from 1948 - 1952 in 2nd pltn. D Co. 2nd
Bn. 14th ACR,Recon Section in Schweinfurt, & Bad Kissengen. I was on the Carbine Team for Dog Co.
Seems as though D Co. troopers are rather scarce
So far I've contacted Ed kearny (edwki@aol.com0,
and John Bandy, 9teachpin@aol.com)

248  Date: 2002-06-25 16:41:32
George E. Conroy, Jr. ( gconroy@neo.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for anyone that was in the unit stationed in Garmisch and Lenggries 1947-1948, Troop C, Second Squadron.

247  Date: 2002-06-19 16:56:25
lauri neal ( thderhrt3@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am looking for anyone that might remember serving with my friend Jerzy Budzynski...he was a polish concentration prison-Buchenwald, that was recruited by the US government to serve in the Constabularies.

246  Date: 2002-06-16 23:42:47
Betty Elsea ( ElsBttyl@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Irene, Love the up date and I'm sure all the troopers do too. We had a great time at outpost 3 reunion. This is a great site and Charlie Joe reads it all the time.

245  Date: 2002-06-16 22:41:24
William Shaphren ( bshaph@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

ÊÊ Compliment you on your work. I was with constablary briefly in
ÊÊ 1946...as company armorer for 10th CON in Stuttgart-Moehringen. We had a topnotch 1st
ÊÊ Sgt. and Captain,of whom I cannot recall the names. Look forward to hearing from you.
ÊÊ Thanx,billÊ

244  Date: 2002-06-16 02:18:05
Geo A. Kalin, Jr ( gkalin@cox.net / no homepage) wrote:

My name is Geo A. Kalin, Jr. Looking for old buddies. Company A, 1st Battlion, 14th Armored Cavalry, Stationed in Fritzlar, Fulda 49-52.

243  Date: 2002-06-15 13:06:16
Richard C Archambault ( Arkabick@westriv.com / http://www.westriv.com) wrote:

Correction to my E Mail address

242  Date: 2002-06-15 02:08:44
Edward Srebalus ( 20g27n@ev1.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father served in the constabulary around 1950. He always described the patch to me and I finally found it. He always told me he hated getting rid of the patch when they tranfered him to the 6th armoured. Im going to tell him about the site.

241  Date: 2002-06-13 20:22:48
Irene [Editor] ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.geocities.com/usconstabulary2/uscon_patch.html) wrote:

I have added colorful patches to the above address. They are located on INDEX C.


Irene Moore

240  Date: 2002-06-13 19:15:08
Richard C Archambault ( Arkabick@westriv.comwww.excite.com / http://www.excite.com) wrote:

I served with the 66th constabulay SQ.@ Degerndorf 1948-1950.Went to Eucom Signal school @Ansbach. Radio opreator (506 &488) with C troop patroling czhek Austrian & Bavarian locations.

239  Date: 2002-06-13 03:47:27
Eugene Furnish ( Etjkfurnish@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

served in 15 th Constabulary 1946

238  Date: 2002-06-10 15:25:44
Donald Decker ( Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

Will Soileau who was a Trooper in B Troop 16th Constabulary (Sep) died yesterday. He will be missed by family and friends.

237  Date: 2002-06-10 04:46:04
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

To those of you that may served with me in Germany 48-52(Hq/Hq Co 14th ACR), I just came back from a cross-country driving trip as we went to Tucson for the OP8 reunion. I visited with many of my old buddies that couldn't make it to Tucson.

Along the way I stopped and visited with the widow of our old Commo officer, Captain Edwin Nara. The Capt remained in the Army for well over 20 years and retired as a full Colonel. He got out of Communications and worked in Military Intelligence. He passed away about 12 years ago.

Just thought I'd pass that on to whoever might remember him.

236  Date: 2002-06-09 17:15:26
Jack W. Ransone ( jwr17@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

7774th Signal Bn. Station AGA Mannhiem Air field

235  Date: 2002-06-08 13:50:56
CAM PEPIN ( vecsat@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:


234  Date: 2002-06-05 22:49:25
Dale A. Rockford ( retired2@livingston.net / no homepage) wrote:

just to let everybody know that I have a new E-Mail address.
We had a great Outpost #7 Reunion in Las Cruses.

233  Date: 2002-06-04 22:35:36
edward Monahan ( Popeye2u@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

light tank troop attached to 14 Constabulary Reg Kitzigen and Schweinfurt early 1946-47 as M 24 tank driver.at 17 driving a tank made me King of the road.later atended Us Constabulary School.
Beautifull Sonhoffen.
my best to you all
ed monahan

232  Date: 2002-05-30 14:43:03
Julian C. McCalla ( JcmE7ret@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was chosen to serve from 1946 to August, 1947 in Headquarters Troop, 16th Constabulary Squadron (Separate) under the command of (then)Lieutenant Colonel Samuel McClure Goodwin. A short event of my duties, as well as other troopers, has been printed in the June/July 1996 issue of VFW magazine that has a 4-page article on the Circle-C Cowboys. As a retired
BG. The genral passed away in 1998 at his beloved Crossed sabers Ranch in cerrillos, New Mexico.

231  Date: 2002-05-28 16:33:17
Mark Straube ( mstra5@jcpenney.com / no homepage) wrote:

My Dad, Charles A. Straube served in the 2nd Armoured Cavalry (U.S. Constabulary),3rd Battalion, I Company and later Head Quarters Company from March 1950 to Oct. 1952. He was stationed in many places including Fulda, Kassel, Augsburg, Bamburg and Passau often doing border patrol and occasionally getting a day off to do some trout fishing. My Parents currently live in Grafton, Wisconsin. Irene, keep up the good work. This is a GREAT wedsite, Thank You.

230  Date: 2002-05-28 08:34:46
Robert White ( bobnokwhite@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Served in "E" Troop 51st Constab Sqdn June '46 in Passau. Later moved to Landshut. Did Border at Eisenstien (On the Czech Border) as radio operator (Morse Code). Am a member of Outpost 8. I am not the same Robert White already shown on the Guest Roster.

229  Date: 2002-05-28 01:09:24
Gerald Reese ( azger@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

New email address former Sgt {medic} C Trp 94th
Constabulary Sqdn Wieden Bavaria 1946 47

228  Date: 2002-05-24 17:06:42
Mark R. Straube ( mstra5@jcpenney.com / no homepage) wrote:

My Dad served in the U.S. Constabulary near Passau. I'm not sure during which years but I will find out. My Dad (Charles A. Straube) is now 72 years old and in good health. I will introduce him to this website and hope he joins. He certainly enjoys talking about his time in the Constabulary.

227  Date: 2002-05-22 15:40:02
Don Decker ( Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

Floyd Collis who was a member of B Troop 16th Constabulary Sep. Berlin Germany died on Monday May 20 2002. He was a loving family man and a great friend.

226  Date: 2002-05-19 23:08:53
Bandy, John Allen ( Teachpin@AOL.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Company D and Hq Co 2nd Bn 14th A/C from January 1949 to September 1952 (44 months) in
Schweinfurt and Bad Kissingen. Pulled border patrol duty and attended Tank School in Vilseck. Also attended Radio Schools (CW) at Fritzlar and Ansbach. Operated in the Bn and Regt Radio Nets. Would love to hear from anyone who may have served in that area. I have written a book about life and times of the enlisted troopers in the US Constabulary and problems in the US/German civilian Relationship during that period, including the activities on the black market, company and regimental strategic duty assignments in the 14th A/c zone of operation. You may purchase it at all dot com links, e.g., Barnes & Noble.com, etc. The title is "When Whippoorwills Call" by John Allen Bandy. I'd love to get your reaction to the accounts of life in the lower echelons of the Circle "C" Cowboys during that period! My e-mail address is Teachpin@AOL.Com. Hope to hear from some old buddies from Dog Company or anyone else in the Bavarian Sector!

225  Date: 2002-05-17 23:29:47
Richard Huff ( rgh@nauticom.net / no homepage) wrote:

My brother Earl J. Huff was in the Horse Platoon
14th Constabulary Regt. Gersfeld,Germany in Nov. 1947. If anyone from that outfit reads this, it would be great to hear from you.
This is a great web site.

224  Date: 2002-05-17 06:23:37
Maurice W. Knowles ( MKnow68971@AOL.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Was station with D Trp 10th CON Sp in 1946to 1948, attached to 2 A/C Regt with 2d CON Recoiless Rifle Trp, Augsburg 1948 to 1949 transfered to Hq Btry, 36th FA Gp in late 49 to 1951.

223  Date: 2002-05-15 23:43:17
Robert S. Greenway ( rsgreenway@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Served in "C" troop, 42nd Squadron, 2nd Regt. from March 1946-Jan.1947, In Freising, Pfaffenhofen, Aichach and Wasserburg. Please get in touch if you were there. Now a member of Outpost 1.

222  Date: 2002-05-15 07:42:57
Jerry Rogers ( rogers@bigfoot.de / no homepage) wrote:

I am a retired Army Officer now living near Sonthofen, Germany. As you know, Sonthofen was the home of the U.S. Constabulary School for awhile at the end of WWII.

Thanks for posting this information which has allowed me and many others learn more about the Constabulary.

Jerry Rogers
Thalkirchdorf, Germany

221  Date: 2002-05-12 19:45:25
Alfred J. Mastrianni ( ajmast1@attbi.com / http://www.mastrianni.net) wrote:

My sidekick was John Madsen, now deceased. I am trying to locate Billy Burnsed - last know residence was Jacksonville, FL. Our C.O. was Capt. Wendel L. Cupp. I would appreciate hearing from any trooper that was in maintenance or transportation, 2nd Constabulary Regiment. VIMY KASERNE, Freising, Germany.

220  Date: 2002-05-09 20:08:33
steve ( studiojs@enteract.com / no homepage) wrote:

my father, Stanley S. Shalks, recently passed away. he was a member of Troop A, 14th Constabulary Squadron stationed in Darmstadt, Germany. any info on his military history would be welcomed. in particular i am looking for an emblem or crest for the 14th sqaudron. thanks.

219  Date: 2002-05-08 03:13:03
William R. Stovall ( w.r.stovall@worldnet.att.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was a trooper in "D" Troop, 6th Constabulary Squadron July 1946; transferred to Hq. & Hq. Troop in July or August. Assigned to communications section - code clerk; eventually became Message Center Chief. Worked under Lt. Teichmann; Capt. W. W. Johnson; M/Sgt. Frederick G. Williams. Stationed at Coburg.

218  Date: 2002-05-06 14:15:07
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Base Rothwesten, Kassel, Germany, May 2002

The former leader of the "house Posen", Mr. Koessinger, currencymuseum, where the Deutsche Mark was born, 1948, under command of General? Major? Stocker and Tenenbaum gave his job, after reaching 85 years,to an other leader.
I´ll send the newspaperpart to our webmaster Irene.

217  Date: 2002-04-30 21:44:48
joseph { Bob } Markward ( rmarkward@stny.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in esslingen germany in 1946 when the constabulary started

216  Date: 2002-04-27 12:48:43
Mike Clarke ( clarke_mg@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

For anybody interested in downloading free music, the site to visit is: www.audiogalaxy.com
It's a virtual bottomless pit of all of the great Big Band artists. All you have to do is download the AudoGalaxy search engine software and away you go !! Very easy, and files download quickly...even with a 56K modem. Check it out, and if you have any questions, I would be happy to help if possible or drop me a line an let know how you made out. I downloaded over 1000 mp3 files, of which 178 are Artie Shaw... What a kick !!
Mike Clarke - Outpost 2

215  Date: 2002-04-27 00:23:08
William A (IBill) Berinson ( wbrinson@hot.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Page gets better everytime I visit. A message
for Outpost #7. Come to the Outpost reunion in
Las Cruces,NM.,14th,15th and 16th of May 2002.
The outpost will host the National in 2003 and we need your support and input. We will also
hold the Outpost elections. See you there.

214  Date: 2002-04-26 19:54:38
James A. Lucy Jr. USA RET. ( mrja2@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in germany from 1951-1953 at Henry kasern in munich, 370TH A.I.B. I am in out post

213  Date: 2002-04-25 21:23:01
Ralph J Reich ( r.j.reich@worldnet.att.net / no homepage) wrote:

Your site is a pleasure to visit. I hope you continue to provide this valuable service for many more years. If my name rings a bell send me an E-Mail. I served in Germany from 47 to 53 in the 3d, 5th, and 2d Constabulary regiments. I am in Outpost 2.

212  Date: 2002-04-24 18:53:00
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

just got my constabulary poster from barnes and noble...it,s really great...you may want to check it out...it is well worth the money!

211  Date: 2002-04-24 16:35:51
ARTHUR G. KLEIN ( artsdoghouse@lewiscounty.com / no homepage) wrote:


210  Date: 2002-04-23 23:55:24
Levy Smith ( s2705@glasgow-ky.com / no homepage) wrote:


209  Date: 2002-04-23 23:24:55
James T. Holland ( Andme1@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Member of Headquarters & Service Troop, School SQ. Constabulary School, Sonthofen, Germany, Oct 1946 - Trans to a Station Comp Unit during 1947.

208  Date: 2002-04-23 20:39:41
Karsten Flachshaar ( flaxi01@web.de / no homepage) wrote:

Interesting web-site, even if there is somebody who ist a Relative from Helga Stephenson. -
Helga is my father's cousin.

All the best

207  Date: 2002-04-22 21:18:09
PAUL W MOORE ( bmoore@eohio.net / no homepage) wrote:

i was a trooper in 35th sqdrn in fussen in 47 then went to 42cd in 2acr in augsburg.stayed till 52 and theb rotated home.

206  Date: 2002-04-20 19:06:16
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / http://www.excelir.com/raymart) wrote:

You have some fine pictures on your website Chuck. I have only looked at about 30 or 40 of them. I am going to try to find the ones of Friedberg next time I go to it which should be in the next day or two. Thanks for taking all those pictures and for letting us see them. Ray

205  Date: 2002-04-17 13:50:43
Albert L. Soileau ( isoileau@tesnetwork.com / no homepage) wrote:

Thanks. My brother, Willis H. Soileau was in Troop B, 16th Constabulary Squadron (Sep) during the Berlin Blockade. It was never very clear what they did until I read your account. My brother is now in a nursing home and being cared for by Hospice.

204  Date: 2002-04-17 02:17:00
James S. O'Hara ( jimpatohara@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was stationed with Co.D 27th Constabulaary Sqd. Darmstadt, Germany 1947 Pfc.

203  Date: 2002-04-11 22:58:02
Charles Thompson ( chuckthompsonoutdoors@attbi.com / no homepage) wrote:

Correction to web site address for photos below
Correct web site is photo.epson.com
Don't for get the dots.
Then type in my e-mail address to access the 99 photos.

202  Date: 2002-04-11 22:48:18
Charles Thompson ( chuckthompsonoutdoors@attbi.com / no homepage) wrote:

Updated to 99 Photos relating to Hq & Hq Co 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment taken from 1949 to 1951 in Fulda, Gelnhausen and Friedbeg, Germany. Web page is photoepson.com
Just type in my e-mail address to access the photos chuckthompsonoutdoors@attbi.com

201  Date: 2002-04-10 10:09:05
T.E.Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Irene done such nice work on this webside, see awards, we should put her picture in here, so "all" trooper know who they are dealing with.

The same I recommend for the commanders.

200  Date: 2002-04-10 02:27:11
Ray B. Wyche ( rwyche@weblnk.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was in Control Section, Hqs., U.S. Constabulary, Bamberg and Heidelberg, June '46 to June '47. Any Control Section troopers out there?

199  Date: 2002-04-10 00:30:05
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

If any of you have first hand experience or information about dp camps perhaps you will respond to janie from note #192 and help with her research tracing family members and friends.

198  Date: 2002-04-09 20:49:59
john f anderson ( johnandmarie911@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

A great site.best wishes to all. As a new member i look foward to the reunion in trevos pa.

197  Date: 2002-04-09 19:32:59
Ed Keaney ( edwki@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was w/t 2nd btn 14th armored cav from 49 to 53
I discoverd this site today.. thank you for this site..I would like to hear from 2nd btn 14th guys... thanks again

196  Date: 2002-04-07 03:07:41
joseph oravits ( joravits@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

i served in the 3rd btn. 6th armord cav. jan 1949 to aug 1952, was a tank and wheel vehicle
mechanic , from degendorf on the austrian border to regensburg in1950, would like to hear from some people i served with.

195  Date: 2002-04-06 17:09:07
John A. Bandy ( Teachpin@AOL.com / no homepage) wrote:

Comapany "D" and Hq Company, 2nd Bn 14th A/C Regt at Sweinfurt and Bad Kissingen from January 1949 to September 1952. Would love to hear from anyone who may have been there at that time!

194  Date: 2002-04-06 16:43:12
Isaac L. Oakes ( boakes@centurytel.net / no homepage) wrote:

I thought the site was great. I served in "D" troop 24th Constabulary sqd. at BadHersfeld and Fulda during 1951 and 1952. If anyone has anymore information on "D" troop 24th Constabulary or served during this time feel free to contact.

193  Date: 2002-04-05 14:13:27
Winton L. Fuglie ( wafuglie@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

April 02: Just returned from Outpost #8 reunion in Tucson, AZ. No one there who had been stationed at the Constabulary Hqs, Stuttgart/Vaihingen. But, I did meet people who had been a part of the 97th Signal Bn at Boblingen and the MP Company

192  Date: 2002-04-05 04:24:18
AL Inlow ( constab@internetcds.com / http://www.campwhite.org) wrote:

A lot of work has gone into this WEB site,
Every year it gets more interesting, PRESERVING the Past for the FUTURE: Thanks Irene and every one involved in making this site interesting."AL"

191  Date: 2002-04-05 03:22:16
Don Schafer ( tanker95us@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Former member 2nd AC, Augsburg, Nurnberg, Bayreuth, Amberg. Companies B, HHQ, G. Email address from serving in the smallest numbered tank unit, 95th Tank Plat, 2d BCT, Iceland 55 & 56/ Just found the site and it's really great, Good work.

190  Date: 2002-04-04 17:49:45
Allen Lamp ( alphonso31@neo.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

iam a member of outpost5. Just checking in.

189  Date: 2002-04-03 23:05:28
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello all Troopers in Cyber Space !!
We have a winner ! It`s Trooper Allan Rouse !
Allan is only 78 years young, however he is the
winner of entries in the Constabulary Oldest Age
Contest. There may be some older Troopers out
there not in Cyber Space and if you know of one
please let us know. Meanwhile, sorry Trooper
Max Shuey - your a youngster like me.
Trooper George - 74 years young.

188  Date: 2002-04-03 01:29:20
ed liston ( sonnyvero@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Congratulations on the outstanding web page. I served with 2nd Bn. 6thACR in Landshut 1950-53. Would like to hear from any old comrades.

187  Date: 2002-04-02 03:37:54
janie ( jmicchelli@aol.com / http://www.home.earthlink.net/~okaczmar/dpcampseurope.html) wrote:

Hi Everyone,
What a wonderful group! If any of you have stories or pictures you'd care to share, we'd love to post them at our web-site.
Seems more people are showing an interest in the history of dp camps and you have first-hand knowledge. Thanks so much, janie :-)

186  Date: 2002-03-31 04:49:55
Furmin F Lutter ( flutter01@Juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for old buddies. Like to hear from anyone who served with me 2nd Constabulary.
Lengries 1946.
Fred Lutter

185  Date: 2002-03-31 01:01:45
feank m. herbert ( gmwh@epix.net / no homepage) wrote:

im looking for Angelo Trotto who served with me in G compant 3rd bat. 14th ACR in Coberg in 1949. I am already a life member of the U.S. Constabulary Assn. If anyone was in Coberg at that time and knows of his whereabouts please e-mail me at above address. Thanks!

184  Date: 2002-03-30 20:23:49
Ernie Worth ( ernimoly@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking forward to the next reunion in St. Augustine

183  Date: 2002-03-30 09:21:57
ALEX DEL TERGO ( amd2539@attbi.com / no homepage) wrote:


182  Date: 2002-03-29 10:10:05
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

looks like we got it fixed...thought we had a snafu there for awhile...ok guys,lets hear some more about the good times in germany...

181  Date: 2002-03-29 04:12:27
Garfield C. Geyer ( garfandbarb@nmo.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Strau
bing from April 1949 to June 1950 and in Vilsect from June 1950 until April 1952. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.

180  Date: 2002-03-27 22:34:15
Don Chesnut ( donchesnut@lycos.com / http://unx1.shsu.edu/~ccp_dcc/) wrote:

This page is under construction and will take time to complete

179  Date: 2002-03-26 20:45:53
Marvin Farnsel ( mefarnes@lni.net / no homepage) wrote:

Its great to see more old Circle C Cowboys sign in on the guest book Provided for us, by Irene. We should all use it more. Its a great way to keep in toutch with our past. However I never see any one sign in from the 6th Const. Sqd. Must be some of you out there any one know of Sgt/Major Dennis O`Brian Col. Mckinzie???Or Rember the Little Brown Derby or the Big Brown Derby.
Marvin Farnsel
6th Constabulary Sqd. Hq Troop.
Coburg, Germany 1947

178  Date: 2002-03-25 22:35:13
Milt Berko ( okreb@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Remo Sabetti -- This is Milt Berko. As you know, I too was in C Troop, 72nd Sqdn, 10th Regt. in Ulm & Boeblingen in 1946 & early 1947.
Recently hear from Vic Fujioka in Seattle. It was great hearing from him.

177  Date: 2002-03-25 22:16:57
William G. Vogele ( wvogele@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

1946-1948,D-Troop 35th(Fussen)then moved to Augsburg and became the 42nd Sqd.of the 2nd Regt.Went to bugler's school earlier in Augsburg.Does anyone remember live buglers at that time?

176  Date: 2002-03-25 19:44:45
John Bradshaw ( john@netpath.net / no homepage) wrote:

The net seems to be working and on my first try I found a ole buddie of the 1st Contab Brigade
and I'm sure it will grow.


175  Date: 2002-03-25 07:31:55
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene, at present I´m quiet, but hav´nt forgot you. Just arrived in T-Center, I´m very busy. Nice to see, many new trooper are clicking in your lovely webside.I contact you on easter. In advance happy easterbunnies to all "C" members.

174  Date: 2002-03-25 05:19:23
Remo P Sabetti ( SabettiS@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

any one from the 72nd Sqdn 10th Regt, boblingen and Ulm, early 46, 47. Panzer Barracks also B 1-9-1 Korea, would like to hear from. Keep up the good work Ireane.

173  Date: 2002-03-24 21:12:00
LOUIS A LYNN ( LLynn@mtco.com / no homepage) wrote:

Berlin Germany 1948-52 "C" Troop 16th Sqd (SEP)
Good times and Bad but we saw it through and emerge the winners be proud and stand tall 16th Troopers.

172  Date: 2002-03-24 18:59:46
FRANK B MCGOUGH ( FBMGUNNER@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:



171  Date: 2002-03-24 14:31:54
James L. Blevins ( ProfTuddy@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to the 24th.Cavalery, Hq.Comm.Section, Bad Schallerbach, Austria,1945,46,then changeover to 24th. Constabulary. I an currently spending my winters in Florida, and dont have all my data with me, but would like to keep in touch, and when back in Michigan, abt; May, willhave much more to share with you.
Keeping your page in my "favorite" file,
Was, Tech/5th. grade, James L. Blevins

170  Date: 2002-03-24 04:24:04
CHARLIE HUGHES ( cfhuz@zebra.net / no homepage) wrote:


169  Date: 2002-03-24 02:37:28
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

col.moe: my hat is off to you.what a great career you had.glad you got out in one piece.In it,s day,I believe the constabulary had the best officers and EM,s and people like you are living proof...too bad most of the country is not aware of the high caliber people that served in the constab.and of the great job they did under very trying conditions. good luck and good fortune to you and yours...jj

168  Date: 2002-03-23 21:32:41
Colonel Wayne Moe ( colmoe@cfw.com / no homepage) wrote:

Darmstadt & Bad Hersfeld Joined the 14th Sqdn. in Darmstadt in 1946 as a Captain; commanded E Troop, and D Troop. When the 14th was deactivated in '48, I was transferred to Bad Hersfeld.and I commanded B Troop, 22nd Sqdn.I had B Troop all along the Border from Bad Hersfeld South to Mellrichstadt. I left Germany in 1949, and after serving in the 2nd Inf Div in Korea,I returned to Germany in '57, and served in Hq. 7th Army, and commanded the 3rd Armored Rifle Batallion, 50th Infantry at Wildflecken, Germany.(Back in the Fulda Gap again). I served in Vietnam in70-71, and retired in '73 after more than 32 years on continuous service, and serving in combat in all three wars. Colonel Wayne Moe, 158 Windermere Drive, Waynesboro, VA 22980

167  Date: 2002-03-23 19:29:50
JAMES A. LUCY JR. ( mrja2@earthlink.net / http://startearthlink.net/) wrote:

I was stationed in Munich germany in the 370th
A.I.B. in 1951-1952, I now live in Tampa, FL
I retired June 1972 how do I get my name on the list??

166  Date: 2002-03-23 04:47:36
Carl H. (Kinder) Gray ( chuckg@cswnet.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 2nd Constabulary Brigade from January 1949-September 1951. With Tank Co, 1st Bn and Able Squadron, 1st Bn.

165  Date: 2002-03-23 00:05:09
charlie hughes ( cfhuz@zebra.net / no homepage) wrote:


164  Date: 2002-03-22 20:15:13
CHARLIE F. HUGHES ( cfhuz@zebra.net / no homepage) wrote:


163  Date: 2002-03-22 19:04:30
PRESTON W PERKINS ( prestfamily@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was staioned with the Atrp 74th Con Sqd, 2Con Sqd and Special Police at Landshut Germany.
I was with the Constabulary from 1946 to 1949

162  Date: 2002-03-21 15:55:19
Norb Kries ( norbkries@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

My first experience with your website revealed the name of a buddy that enlisted in the Army together in July, 1948. We were both assigned to the 16th Constabulary, Berlin. I was a member of B Troop and was the Supply Sgt thereof until 1953, having come stateside for 90-day reinlistment leave in '51. I retired from the military in 1968.

161  Date: 2002-03-20 17:54:24
Charles Thompson ( chuckthompsonoutdoors@attbi.com / http://photo.epson.com) wrote:

Photos of Hq. & Hq. Co. 14th Armored Cavalry Regiment while in Fulda, Gelnhausen, Friedberg Germany etc. 1948 to 1952. I was in the supply section.
Type in my E-Mail address after you access
www.photo.epson.com More photos will appear in April 2002.

160  Date: 2002-03-19 18:59:34
Petra Dippold ( saskia268@aol.com / http://www.members.aol.com/saskia268) wrote:

I´m writing into this board, because I need your help.
I´m in search for my father
Sgt. Roy J.Jackson JR and it is very
urgent to me to locate him.
All the Informations I found out, I have listened at my Homepage.
Please visit my Page and help me, if you can. Maybe you remember one of the persons
from the pictures I show at my page.
Thank you for your help and your time you send into my search.
My Homepage: http://www.members.aol.com/saskia268

159  Date: 2002-03-17 22:06:51
DEL BRICCO ( gwendelb@newnorth.net / no homepage) wrote:

Was in Berlin from Nov 1948 to Dec 1951 IN B Troop 16 th Constab. Sep. In 1999 I found four troopers that I server with. How great it was to get back together again. I had the chance to visit with all four. I hope I can find more of them. I am looking foward to going back to Berlin in Aug. I find this web page very interesting Keep up the good work THANKS DEL BRICCO

158  Date: 2002-03-15 20:22:04
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / http://www.excelir.com/raymart) wrote:

HELLO TROOPERS - I never dreamed back there in 1950 while I was marching around in that sharp uniform in Coburg, Germany with the big Circle C Patch and the yellow scarf around my neck that I would see the day, March 11, 2002 that I would hit the 70 year mark. Thank GOD for all those wonderful years and I am so thankful that in 1988 I did what the BIBLE says I had to do to have eternal life. Time is marching on for all of us. Remember BIBLE stands for BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH. Just one little thought, if the BIBLE is wrong then we have nothing to worry about but if it's right and we don't accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, OUCH THE FIRE IS HOT AND ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE IT WILL STAY HOT --FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER------That's a long time. It was 86 here in Dallas yesterday and that was plenty hot for me.

157  Date: 2002-03-14 22:41:24
janie ( jmicchelli@aol.com / http://www.dp-camp-wildflecken.de) wrote:

ooopppsss, more specifically: Looking for stories from anyone who may have information about Camp Wildflecken. We have a picture of an
uprising at our web-page, dated January 1947,the constabulary were called in, anyone have first-hand knowledge of the incident? Thanks - this is a great site......janie :-)

156  Date: 2002-03-14 22:15:58
janie ( jmicchelli@aol.com / http://www.dp-camp-wildflecken.de) wrote:

just found out about this interesting web-site!
am hoping to locate stories or pictures for our
web-site, thanks - janie :-)

155  Date: 2002-03-14 20:41:40
DEL BRICCO ( gwendelb@newnorth.net / no homepage) wrote:


154  Date: 2002-03-14 20:01:32
JOHN ANDERSON ( JOHNANDMARIE911@MSN.COM / no homepage) wrote:


153  Date: 2002-03-14 17:43:12
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

hi marv. there may be quite a few of us left,but many are drooling,stumbling,and can,t remember where they live. i think i will be the last because my wife says that i am too mean to die.

152  Date: 2002-03-14 13:18:22
Marvin Farnsel ( mefarnes@lni.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hit 74 3/728. If there were 32000 of us,how many of us are left, and who will be the last???Any bets? Marv Farnsel 6th Constabulary Sqd. Hq Troop Coburg, Germany 1947

151  Date: 2002-03-14 02:52:12
Allan Rouse ( Rouseag21@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

78 yrs old,born 10/24/23. B trp.,25th Con. Sqd.11th Regt.Staubing, Ger. 1947 and 1948

150  Date: 2002-03-13 19:57:01
Sam Zafran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

There is a deal coming out to register and tape WW2 veterans war stories.This is backed by the Libary of Congress.If interested, go to>>www.digiclubnyc.org/ww2.<<<Lots of interesting material. One org is located in NYC the other in San Francisco.

149  Date: 2002-03-12 22:37:15
Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

76, born 02-02-26

148  Date: 2002-03-12 05:27:06
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

ok george: my birth date is 8/6/27 and i joined the constabulary in mar.46

147  Date: 2002-03-12 04:00:31
Don Decker ( Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

Trooper Don Decker 73years old Troop B 16th Constabulary Sep. Berlin 1948 to 1950

146  Date: 2002-03-11 20:35:17
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings Troopers !
I`m wondering who our oldest Trooper is ! Please
tell us here in the Guest Book if it`s you or
someone you know if you or they do not mind.Just
remember " Old Troopers don`t die they fade away ". Trooper George ( 74 years young )
Troop B, 42nd Sqd.,2nd Regiment
Freising, Wasserburg, Aichach,Germany

145  Date: 2002-03-10 22:40:38
Toni Schindler ( toni.schindler@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Troopers, just came back home from a visit to FULDA, home of the 81st Squadron in 1946. It was amazing to hear people talk about the Constabulary when they were in Fulda and how they stood up for order and security. Comparing to the fact that regular soldiers of today have not even heard of a Troop called "The Constabulary".
I need the new e-mail address of Trooper Marvin
Martin who seems to have changed the provider. If you know of a new address, please let me know. I have lost contact to him.
The homepage of the Constabulary is still getting better and better. Thank you Irene for
your excellent work. Toni

144  Date: 2002-03-10 02:23:48
Delores White ( ladytaurus49@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Sherry Duncans sister. Great Website

143  Date: 2002-03-09 21:14:07
William "Bill" Strub ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Well Done !

142  Date: 2002-03-09 19:16:51
Asa H. Reid ( AsaReid@aol.com / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Irene, just want to write a few more lines to say how much I appreciate your good work and your untiring devotion to this Web-Site.
Also, Jim Whitaker has a Birthday on the
30th of March 02.
Please recognise him as he is one of the ole
US Constabulry Circle-C-Cowboys.
Asa Reid

141  Date: 2002-03-09 13:36:55
Carl Ratliff ( blue10@chartertn.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hi; I am trying to contact jeffi14@home.com
must have changed his e-mail.

140  Date: 2002-03-09 12:38:29
Carl Ratliff ( blue10@chartertn.net / no homepage) wrote:

Degerndorf Germany 1947-1949
(B) co. 66 Constabulary.
Elizabethton tn.
Any young fellows out there that served with me? I would love to hear from you.

139  Date: 2002-03-08 18:13:54
James Whitaker ( mydadjim@juno.com / http://post1tulsa.tripod.com/ring.htm) wrote:


138  Date: 2002-03-08 17:51:31
James Whitaker ( mydadjim@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene, Thanks for all of
the hard work you have done on
the Constabulary Web Site.
All of us old guys
do appreciate it........
Especially me.
Fritzlar 1948-50.
B Co. 1st. Bn. 14th ACR

137  Date: 2002-03-07 22:22:48
Al Sallustio ( roberta@softcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Hello all fellow Troopers. Just want to mention
that my wife Roberta and myself are looking
forward to our OP8 Reunion in Tucson,April 2-
5. Had a meeting with fellow Troopers Eddie
Cordeiro ,Tony Alvarez and their wives a
few weeks ago at the "Cordeiro Ranch" in Los
Banos,CA. At that time,we all mentioned that
we will meet up again in Tucson and it will be
great seeing many more "Troopers" there.
Hoping to see many Troopers from other OP's
in Tucson.
Again I am asking anyone out there if they
know of the following troopers from 35th/42nd
Sqdn's, 1947-48:
Sgt. Bill Rummage...Augsburg
Robert Perez........ "
Fred Polniak........ "
Ray Perkins.........Fussen
George Doris........Fussen
Any other's from "D Troop" 42nd Sqdn.

136  Date: 2002-03-07 02:18:17
Gordon Beld ( no email / no homepage) wrote:

Irene, I tried to send this response by hitting the reply button with your message, but it was rejected by your server or mine. So I'll paste it in here:

Hi Irene,

Nice to hear from you. Your establishing the web page for your Dad was certainly a wonderful thing to do for him. And it's a nice memorial to him now -- one that is greatly appreciated by many others who served in the

Things are fine with me. Nothing more serious right now than some arthritis in the wrists. After two bypass surgeries (1983, 1999) the heart is beating great. Am keeping busy with tutoring immigrants in English three mornings a
week, helping a young refugee from Kosovo (she's a student at the local college of which my wife and I are alumni) with papers for her classes, and doing some writing for the communications office of a nearby university.

I'm just one of many who are grateful for your web site!!!!


135  Date: 2002-03-05 21:10:44
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Phil,
happy to see you are well and on the go, Lala too?. At which outpost can I get a "C" badge to sew on my black jogging siut and overrall?
Take care!
Yes this webside is compared to others very active and lively and well kept.

134  Date: 2002-03-04 18:38:49
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene,


You got another recognition award for the terrific job you have done with the U.S. Constabulary Association web site.

I'm sure Gil is looking down with a big smile for the superb job you have done. He would have been Sooo proud of you, as all of us in the Association are. Great job!!!

Best regards, Phil Sandoval

133  Date: 2002-03-04 13:54:33
A.A.THOMAS ISG. USA. RET. ( sal34436@netscape.net / no homepage) wrote:

This is a new email addy please make the change/// thank you all///Take care and have a good new year Top

132  Date: 2002-03-03 23:10:55
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

for those who might be interested,barnes and noble has a great poster of the constabulary trooper in full dress uniform.the same one you see when entering our website.the smallest onr goes for around $20.

131  Date: 2002-03-03 20:56:24
Harry Culley ( rv260@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:


130  Date: 2002-03-02 23:55:45
Carl Ratliff ( blue10@chartertn.net / no homepage) wrote:

Dedgendorf Germany 47-49
66 Constabulary co.B
any old gray headed F-- left out there would love to hear.
buddies like Jerry Mayo, Richard Messinger,Corp.Peele, Sgt.Hand, Sgt.Stafford Sgt. Metz, Carl Buttner

129  Date: 2002-03-02 20:00:33
Asa H. Reid ( AsaReid@aol.com / http://www.constabulary.com) wrote:

Irene,I am very please to sign the Guest Book. You have brought togather a meaningful and
inspiring Web-Site. Its humbling for me to have
been apart of such an Honorable Constabulary
Unit,a great Group of Men with Pride and
Leadership. This was my Lunching Point to an
enjoyable Career with the U.S. Army.
Thanks for a great Web-Site.
Asa H. Reid

128  Date: 2002-03-02 00:28:25
Homer S.( Woody) Wood ( woodydot@htn.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 25th Constabulary sqd. in 1948 - until it disbanded in 1949 and became the 6th a/c regt. stationed in Straubing,

127  Date: 2002-02-28 02:14:45
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Thank you Sam.


126  Date: 2002-02-23 18:54:34
Petra Dippold ( saskia268@aol.com / http://www.members.aol.com/saskia268) wrote:

I´m writing into this board, because I need your help. I´m in search for my father and it is very
urgent to me to locate him.
All the Informations I found out, I have listened at my Homepage.
Please visit my Page and help me, if you can. Maybe you remember one of the persons
from the pictures I show at my page.
Thank you for your help and your time you send into my search.
My Homepage: www.members.aol.com/saskia268

125  Date: 2002-02-23 17:33:04
James L. Keeley ( jameskeeley@theriver.com / no homepage) wrote:

Nice to know the Constabulary has not been

124  Date: 2002-02-22 18:34:11
sam Zafran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great new additions.Finally got to see A picture
of vehicles with stripes and Circle C. Helps me in embellishing my vehicle collection.Great job Irene. Will be attending the Outpost Reunion in Manhattan Kansas.If anyone need directions to the Outpost 5 And 6 reunion, Email Me Samz

123  Date: 2002-02-18 08:46:54
Thomas Barrows ( classav@mindspring.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am signing in for my father, Col. George H. Barrows, Service # 000 90 0530. I was fortunate enough to receive his records from the NPRC in St. Louis. One entry, 7Aug50 - 23Nov50 indicates he was Exec O, PM Section, Hq US Constabulary EUCOM. From 24Nov50 - 6Dec51, he was Asst PM Field, Hq Seventh Army, EUCOM. After that he was in LaRochelle, France until 10July53. I was born in LaRochelle in '52. I hope that someone might remember him - he died in '64 before I had a chance to get curious about his career (It spanned from the Mexican Border Campaign in 1916, WWI, WWII, Occupied Japan and Europe and Stateside duty before retirement in 1956. I have lots of photos and letters mentioning names and places if anyone is curious. Best wishes to all. This is a great web site. Tom

122  Date: 2002-02-13 15:34:22
Robert Englund ( robert.englund@indsys.ge.com / no homepage) wrote:

Station in Bremerhaven at the USN Advance Base Communication Unit 8 (NGB) from April 55 till April 57 than got transfered to the USN Rhine River Patrol at Schierstein from April 57 to Aug. 57

121  Date: 2002-02-12 15:04:51
DeLou A. Bricco ( gwendelb@newnorth.net / no homepage) wrote:

Time of Service: Nov. 48 thru Dec. 1951
B Troop, 16th Constabulary, Berlin

120  Date: 2002-02-11 03:48:35
Becky (Settle) Guffy ( haystakr@socencom.net / no homepage) wrote:

My father served with the 91st constabulary in 1946. His name is Carl Settle. I'm looking for anyone that might remember him or just like to share some memories of the 91st. Thanks so much! Great site!

119  Date: 2002-02-06 21:49:35
Robert Smith ( smrob@computelnet.com / no homepage) wrote:

After fifty years I find out that many troopers are still around. My dues went out this A.M. and am very glad that I found this web site. Was stationed at Hersfeld when we were disbanded and moved to 7th. Army. Sad day. I was a scout 1st.plt, Hco.,3rd. Batt.,14AC and am still proud of it. Any body that was in H co. at this time would remember me as "DAD". Being only twenty-one, I still was nearly bald.

118  Date: 2002-02-05 05:03:20
John Faulkner ( jpfaulkner@mindspring.com / no homepage) wrote:

Found the pictures of Rothwesten while surfing
the web. I was stationed there 67' 68' with
the 2d Bn 18th Arty. The photos brought back
alot of good memories and at the time the buildings you folks used were still in service.

Again outstanding and many thanks.

117  Date: 2002-02-04 21:40:56
Barry Kozak ( bzrdhd@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My dad, Harry Kozak, was a member of Hq. 37th Constabulary Squadron, cira. 1946-7. I have very little information about his tour of duty because he died in 1972 at the age of 51 when I was 11. In addition, his military records were destroyed during the infamous fire that obliterated many soldiers' records that same year. I would sure like to hear from anyone who knew, and served with, my father.

116  Date: 2002-02-03 22:43:47
AA Thomas ISG.USA.RET. ( sal34436@netscape.net / no homepage) wrote:

2d Addy best to use this one instead of the one posted prior to this one Thanks Top sal34436@netscape.net Have a good NEW YEAR and keep on rolling TOUJOURS PRET

115  Date: 2002-02-02 20:55:19
JOSEPH ORAVITS ( JORAVITS@CS.COM / no homepage) wrote:


114  Date: 2002-01-28 11:46:24
Ulrich Koch ( ulrich.koch@koch-athene.de / http://www.koch-athene.de) wrote:

Dear Sirs,
I found your web side when searching in the internet. I sought indications for the 1st or 14th Constabulary Squadron / Regiment. This squadron / regiment was formed 1946 - the 11th Armored Group also was part of his roots...

It is me about what?

I search at the end of WWII 1945 into Central Germany - see: http://www.koch-athene.de/en.htm (English pages).

At my researches I hit the 11th Armored Group. This 11th Armored Group is proved also at Shelby L. Stanton: Order of Battle in WWII... The last headquarters was in my home town Apolda in Thuringia (The 11th Armored Group was attached with the 6th Armored Division at that time). The tasks of the 11th Armored Group lay in the area of the Military Government - see: Copy of the protocol http://www.koch-athene.de/6th/doc_protocol1.htm

I would like concrete learned to the 11th Armored Group. Researches into the National Archives were without result... The assumption suggests herself in the meantime that the 11th Armored Group (analogous to the 11th cavalry group) out is arisen one thing of the 11th cavalry regiment, however. 1946 the 11th Armored Group became a part of the 1st or 14th Constabulary Squadron/ Regiment (I found this note on a side of Geocities).

Can you help me along? I seek every kind of note which lead me to the 11th Armored Group ... to still living veterans of this unit ... or to the history of the 11th Armored Group, photos of the members, documents etc etc

Do you have an idea where one can further search?

I would estimate every kind of help very much.


Ulrich Koch

113  Date: 2002-01-26 05:28:20
RONALD B. JOHNSON ( OLGARONJ2@MSN.COM / no homepage) wrote:


112  Date: 2002-01-23 05:30:53
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

reached la harve early march 46.saw aposter for the constabulary and signed up.took 40 and 8 to amberg,then duece and a half to sonthofen.assigned to d and g troop in the kaserne.trained to do demonstrations in riot control,house raids,assaults in open fields,military courtesy etc.also placed on special escort for visiting vip,s,and there were many.rose to rank of buck sgt.in a short time.recently got in touch with my old platoon leader,wilfred smith,who related to me that he served in korea and nam and got one star before getting out.he now lives in wash.st.am in touch with several old comrades from d and g and would like to hear from more before we are all gone.this is great,keep up the good work!

111  Date: 2002-01-21 00:24:22
Ivonne Harenburg ( hosts@colonialmanorinn.com / http://www.colonialmanorinn.com) wrote:

I thought it might be very interesting for you all to know that we are proud to be able to offer starting 01st of March 2002 a real "barrier free" handicapped accessible suite in our B&B Colonial Manor Inn in Onancock - Estern Shore of Virginia. Seperate entrance via a very smooth ramp, outside intercom system to call us for assistance, extra high toilet with saftey bars,a special bench in the tub, lowered mirror over sink, special lamps, everything is reachable and usable in the room, lowered hight for spy glas in the entrance door, even hangers in the closet adjusted to the hight that a wheelchair driver can reach his cloths. What do you think? We are open for all comments and ideas to make it better.

110  Date: 2002-01-20 22:45:46
Sam Zafran ( Samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

For all you troopers palling on attending the Outpost 5&6 reunion in June,a word of advice.It you are plannng on driving and your route goes thru Fort Riley Kansas, your going to need Drivers License,Vehicle Registration and Insurance papers to get thru.They have set up Security measures.You may have a slight delay as they will check them and then issue you a temporary pass to proceed thru the checkpoints.Good luck, safe driving and see you there Samz

109  Date: 2002-01-18 23:02:35
David Gettman ( deddygetty1@attbi.com / http://home.attbi.com/~deddygetty1) wrote:

Dad (1Lt. Henry Gettman) was Displaced Persons Officer for Hq., 4th Constabulary Regt., from 1 Jul 46 to 18 Mar 47. Any info would be much appreciated.

108  Date: 2002-01-18 05:42:45
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hey Ray, your comments on the one year extension hit a sensitive nerve. I too like many others got caught in that "Truman" year extension. I was in Friedberg when I got hit with it. I had just been promoted to Staff Sgt. when I was told I wasn't going home.

I was so disgusted that I eventually got busted to Private but was E-5 a year later with a promise to staff if I re-upped. I told them to keep their stripes, I was going home.

I do have happy memories of my time over there though and am glad I found the US Con Assoc to relive those memories.

We're looking forward to attending the OP8 reunion in Tucson next April. Hope to see many of you there...

107  Date: 2002-01-17 02:13:19
Robert E. McKeown ( MCKEOWN1@prodigy.net / no homepage) wrote:

Served in Sonthofen and Lenggreis during March 1946 to September 1946. 2nd Constabulary Sqdn Mechinized Division. Looking for anyone in at the same time and place.

106  Date: 2002-01-15 19:51:59
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,
I found some other trooper webpages and left a message to tell them how great your site is and go to have a look at it.

105  Date: 2002-01-14 17:18:49
Ray Urbanski ( ray2412@myexcel.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just sitting here thinking about when I first got to Coburg in 1950 and how a bunch of guys were already on the train heading home when they were caught in the 1 year extension because the Korean War started. Before they got to the ship they were put on another train heading back to Coburg. I will never forget the First Sgt telling us we better not talk to any of them for a while when the get back because some are fit to be tied. What a feeling that must have been for them. I was 18 at the time and in 1 1/2 months I will hit the 70 year mark. Thank God for all those years, the Circle C Cowboys and the Dallas Cowboys.

104  Date: 2002-01-13 04:00:06
carl ratliff ( blue10@chartertn.net / no homepage) wrote:

looking for any army buddie 1947-49 deggendorf germany 66 constabulary co.b

103  Date: 2002-01-12 21:26:17
Gerald Reese ( azger@compaq.net / no homepage) wrote:

I was a member of 11th Constabulary C Troop 94th SQdn stationed in Wieden {Bavaria] 1946 47deployed on the Czech border. I was the medic also managed the Troopers clubs and bought PX supplies and supervised the German workers when we deployed lost track of old comrades would be great to hear from some of them.

102  Date: 2002-01-09 17:39:37
AA Thomas ISG.USA. Ret ( tomsal@naturecoast.net / no homepage) wrote:

Today wrote a long letter but it went into cyberspace so please be free to drop me a line at ,,,tomsal@naturecoast.net,,, and we can chat.
1946-1952 5th regt and 2d regt see you,, Top

101  Date: 2002-01-08 23:08:04
Henry Trvino ( bandh@kc.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

was with tk co. 3rd bn, 6th a/c
have moved from Bryan,OH to Kansas city,MO

100  Date: 2002-01-08 02:21:22
Sam Zafran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hey guys its getting away from what I said.Thanks for the votes.But it is an M20 not the M8,though I wish it were.But keep on voting,the powers that be, might get the idea and change their minds.BY the way, is there anybody out there that has a manual on the M8 or M20,would like to get one or a copy of it Samz

99  Date: 2002-01-03 15:53:41
David Moore ( dmoo@loc.gov / no homepage) wrote:

I live in Alexandria, VA, and would like to interview former Constabulary for deposit with the Library of Congress' Veterans Oral History Project if you live nearby. To read about this see www.loc.gov/folklife/vets. I interview on own time and expense, but okay to email me at work or call 202-707-5034. As child I remember Charles Underwood, friend of my father and former Constabulary.

98  Date: 2002-01-02 16:09:56
Donald Decker ( Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was with the 16th Constabulary Sep in Berlin and the M 8 gets my vote. Member of Out post 7

97  Date: 2002-01-02 11:37:16
John Ames ( james1@maine.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I think the M-8 represents the U. S. Constabulary more than any other vehicle.


96  Date: 2002-01-02 02:46:28
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Greetings Trooper Sam !
Happy New Year !
I vote for the M-8 Armored Car!
Trooper George

95  Date: 2001-12-31 21:27:24
Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:

the M-20

94  Date: 2001-12-31 17:49:03
George Fitzwater ( fitzh20us@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in the 16th Constabulary Sqdn. (Sep) in Berlin from 1946-1948 and am looking for the following:
Eugene K. Bird
James L. Billingsely
William Hunes, Jr.
Carl McAllister
Joseph L. Siegel
Earl H. Spence
Boyd Robinson
Charlie W. Powers

If anyone knows any of these troopers or know what hapened to them, any information would be appreciated.

93  Date: 2001-12-31 13:37:24
Dan Ortíz ( webmaster@voiceofiron.com / http://voiceofiron.com) wrote:

I am searching for information on the German Military units stationed in north Frankfurt, at the post on Hombürger Lanstraße, which later was called Edwards Kaserne. All I was told was it was a mounted cavalry unit and military hospital. The front gate had a rearing horse statue and there were rings on some buildings to hitch up a horse.

After the US Army took over it was home to the The 143rd Signal Battalion, 3rd Armor Division.

The soldiers and families of the 143rd Signal Battalion, 3AD, invite you to learn our history and share our memories.

The 143rd Signal Battalion was tasked to provide Encrypted Voice and Data communications to the combat and support elements of the 3rd Armor Division, Spearhead.

From WWII to the Persian Gulf War, the Voice of Iron ensured that not only did unit commanders have contact with their battlefield elements; the unit also provided morale boosting contact with families in Europe and Stateside.


92  Date: 2001-12-29 07:34:05
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

Sorry Sam, I vote for the tank...

91  Date: 2001-12-26 21:53:26
Sam Zafran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Read in the latest Lighting Bolt about the Tank being Dedicated at The Fort Riley Musuem in June.Might I make a Suggestion? They have a M20 Armored Car There,I would think an M20 would be more appropriate than A Tank, as most of the Troopers rode in it more than in a Tank.Don't get me wrong, being a tanker and a tank Retreiver as well,(M41 M75 M3 Half track M48 and M24 tank Retriever driver)I was in the M8 and M20 more than I was in a tank, during my Constab Days.I held all four positions in the M8 (Driver, Gunner,Radio operator and Commander.)So what do the rest of you Troopers think?

90  Date: 2001-12-24 13:47:46
Marvin Farnsel ( mefarnes@lni.net / no homepage) wrote:

To All You Old Circle C Cowboys and your Wives



Marvin Farnsel
Hq Troop 6th, Constabulary Sqd.

Coburg, Germany 1947

89  Date: 2001-12-24 06:17:22
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the U S Constabulary members and thank you for making me feel like one of the family.

[your friend and web editor]

88  Date: 2001-12-24 04:05:03
Ivonne Harenburg ( hosts@colonialmanorinn.com / http://www.colonialmanorinn.com) wrote:

I want to take the opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I moved in May '01 from Germany here to the Eastern Shore of Virginia and have still not found any informations on my father: Bill Durnell (1950 in Fritzlar, 51 in Kassel and later in Giessen)

87  Date: 2001-12-24 04:06:59
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

We want to wish our old and new friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Old buddies I served with: Harvey and Pam Harms, Neil & Sue Aikin, Bill & Dita Tevington, John Rude, Van Buren & Ida Swearingen, John Luongo. And my buddy Gil Matherne’s daughter, Irene and Ronnie Moore. And Kurt Matherne also, though I haven’t met him yet but I will...

New friends we met at the OP8 reunion in Las Vegas and the National reunion in Louisville: Our OP 8 Commander Don & Roselyn Purrington, Bob & Gerry & Jan Monasmith, Frank & Helga Stephenson, Ron & Olga Johnson, Jack & Ida Mullen, Dick Reinke & Lois Ebel, Les Snedeker, Bill Strub, Lou Lynn, Frank Termini, Ray Gillaume, Bill Ostrowski and I apologize because I know I left some names out.

I also want to wish a Merry Christmas to Thomas Schmidt from Kassel, Germany who together with Irene helped get us into the base at Fritzlar where the Base Adjutant led us on a tour of the base. And Toni Schindler from Nettetal, Germany who worked in Fulda.

To all our best and warmest wishes for a safe and joyful Holiday season.

Phil (Sandy) and Lala Sandoval

86  Date: 2001-12-21 19:15:19
sam zafran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

E Trp 12th Constab, A troop 12 Constab,A troop 10th Constab,Hq Trp 1st Constab Brigade. Merry Xmas to all out there.37mm Gunner,Radio operator
(Still Dit Happy).Any Trooper out there that remembers the USS Boozer out of 1st Brigade please contact me.Merry Xmas Irene Sam

85  Date: 2001-12-19 04:47:55
Al Sallustio ( roberta@softcom.net / no homepage) wrote:


84  Date: 2001-12-18 22:55:19
John and Diana ( bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Heartfelt wishes to all Troopers, families and associates in this joyous season. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah,and a healthy, happy and safe New Year! We have relocated to Florida, and look forward to meeting members of our new Outpost. We had a wonderful time in Outpost 1, and extend our thanks and best wishes to Ernie Cologne and OP 1 friends. John and Diana Capone

83  Date: 2001-12-16 01:17:44
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

all you "old " Troopers out there in Cyber Space.However your not so old if your into Cyber Space. My wishes also go to your wives,
family,friends and Associate Members.
Trooper George B. Thompson
Troop B, 42nd Sqd., 2nd Regiment, Friesing,
Wasserburg, etc. Infantry trained at Camp
Robinson, Arkansas. Drafted 1945-1947

82  Date: 2001-12-15 07:51:52
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Merry X-mas and a happy new Year and health from Kassel to all "C" members.

T E T! Ass. mb. outp. one

81  Date: 2001-12-14 16:27:36
Ralph Braswell ( falcoaero@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served in Batt B 517 FA bn. 1949-50
The Batt CO was Capt. Griffin.
I remember going to Baumholder to fire the 105's. We slept on straw in a bombed out Bldg and I got the worse case of Infantigo that any grown man ever had.

80  Date: 2001-12-14 15:46:49
Donald Compeau ( CFulda54@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all my friends from.

B Troop l0th Constab Sqd Fritzlar

B Co lst Sqd l4thA/C

Bn & Regt S-3

Don & Erika Compeau

79  Date: 2001-12-14 11:29:12
Toni Schindler Germany ( toni.schindler@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

Wishing all the former Troopers of the US Constabulary the best for the Season and a Happy New Year 2002. (worked for the 81st Squadron in Fulda from 1946 until 1947)
Anybody remember Capt. Jaime or First Sergeant
Shaffer of HQ.Troop ?

78  Date: 2001-12-14 01:57:05
Steve Sulouff ( macmandk@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just found out that my father-in-law was in the U.S. Constabulary service. He arrived in Europe at the very end of the war and saw service through 1946. His name is Raymond T. Paluch and I would very much appreciate any information from anyone who may remember him. Thanks, Steve Sulouff

77  Date: 2001-12-13 04:41:29
mitch taylor ( mctaylor@inreach.com / no homepage) wrote:

Doing research for my Father, Robert L. Taylor 474th AAA AW BN (SP), 74th CON SQDN 1946
Great site, thanks. Contact me if you have any info.

76  Date: 2001-12-11 22:55:56
joseph { Bob } Markward ( rmarkward@stny.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 3rd Division in 1946.The 30th Regiment.

75  Date: 2001-12-09 01:15:47
harvey bowles ( chas66@alltel.net / no homepage) wrote:

harvey bowles 27th. and 28th. constab.sqdn schweinfurt 1946 through 1948 border patrol and
other duties 100 mile force march glad to hear from anyone that was at this location and rembers the long 100 mile march or other memories trooper harvey bowles

74  Date: 2001-12-08 14:52:40
John Ames ( james1@maine.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

I would like to wish you all a very happy holiday season! We have enjoyed seeing many of you at the reunions and wish to see many more at future get togethers.

John & Beth Ames

73  Date: 2001-12-05 16:39:27
T.E. Togo ( thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene,
The letter with * for the book is on the way and comes in one or two weeks.
Yf Thomas

72  Date: 2001-12-03 20:36:19
Layne A. Holley ( gunnerholley@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

My father is Archie Austine Holley, born in 1927. Dad joined the Army in 1945 and was sent to Germany, he stated around 1946. His words, "...they sent me to Bremenhaven, Germany. I was attached to the 22nd Constabulary. We had a yellow "C" on our helmets. We wore yellow scarves and leggings. We guarded and transported German prisoners..."

I would like to know more about the 22nd Constabulary, their unit history, rosters, and possibly photos. Anyone knowing my father please contact me. Thank you,

CWO3 Layne A. Holley USMCR (ret.)

71  Date: 2001-11-24 02:03:25
Frederick D Williams ( Freglo@citlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

Had a great time at the reunion. good to meet up with old!! buddies again.Serving with D trp 16th Constab Sqdrn (SEP) was a highlite for me.With Outpost#8 We are all Great.

70  Date: 2001-11-23 23:12:55
Ed (Raymond) Leavitt ( anachronism@montereybay.com / no homepage) wrote:

1949 - 52, Schweinfurt & Bad Kissingen and had a lot of fun. I was trotted out to fill school rosters and that's about all I did at all well -
Does anybody know what became of then-Lieutenant Robert Berry, CO?

69  Date: 2001-11-23 16:15:04
Raymond L. Gray ( SMSGrouchyGray@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just getting used to a computer. You know how it is with us old folks. Already a Life Member. First time at your site. I like it.

68  Date: 2001-11-21 22:46:17
Al Sallustio ( roberta@softcom.net / no homepage) wrote:

Roberta and myself would like to wish all my
fellow Troopers and their families a Happy
Thanksgiving. We had a great time in Louis-
ville at the reunion. Thankfully we all
arrived home safely just before that despic-
able act of terrorism in NY and Wash. DC.
GOD BLESS AMERICA and all our brave men and
women in our military.

67  Date: 2001-11-21 20:34:51
Remo P Sabetti ( SabettiS@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Great pages here, want to wish all a Happy Thanksgiven. Was in C Troop 72nd Constabulary Sq 10 Regt at Boblingen in June of 46, also in Ulm, on Check Points and Patrols, Later the 1st Recon Co 1st Inf Div in Erlangen.

66  Date: 2001-11-20 02:04:55
Strawcutter, Rosalie ( rosalie@neo.rr.com / http://missrosalie.com) wrote:

I am looking for anyone who knew my dad, Arnold (Butch) Strawcutter during the war. He was a Sargent in the U.S Constabulary and guarded prisoners during the Nuremburg Trials. His military information, medals and such burned up in a fire. I would be interested in finding out what kind of a guy he was back then. Thanks!

65  Date: 2001-11-19 00:19:01
Mike Clarke ( clarke_mg@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just checkin in...like the look of the new guest book!!
Mike Clarke, Outpost 2

64  Date: 2001-11-18 11:00:41
Schindler / Germany ( toni.schindler@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving

Toni and Max Schindler

63  Date: 2001-11-17 22:28:52
Betty Elsea ( bettyel@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving Irene and to all US Constabulary members and their families. My husband really enjoyed the reunion in Louisville.
Charlie Joe Elsea Outpost 3

62  Date: 2001-11-07 22:57:40
George L. Opolka ( geo.opolka@juno.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 9th Army division, 26th F.A., when the Constabulary was formed in Germany. I left in May of 1947 after serving in HQ. I am looking for an Adam Rogozinski who served with me.

61  Date: 2001-11-07 06:54:59
Eaton, Harold L Sfc ( robertl@lvcm.com / no homepage) wrote:

joined troop c lst con sqdn at schweinfurt in october 1948.when converted to 2nd bn 14th a/c served in co e 2nd bn until 1952.

would like to hear from anyone who served during this time.

60  Date: 2001-11-05 13:34:48
Charles Thompson ( thompeqe@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to the U.S.Constabulay 81st Squadron in the spring of 1946 from the 9th Infantry Div. Later I was assigned to the 91st Squadron B Troop which was redesignated the 22nd Squadron. The time in the Consatbulary was the hi-lite of my 22 year army service.

59  Date: 2001-10-31 20:20:05
S/Sgt. Ed. L. Bowley ( edlbee@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

A pleasure to drop a message...Still here at 84 years of age...the USC was a great experience...never forget it..just like to hear from some of my old buddies there..


58  Date: 2001-10-31 16:08:39
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

To subject of Rothwesten: It is possible to visit the museum in the base of Rothwesten. It´s situated in the "Haus Posen". All houses have different names. It ´s real interesting. People like Tenenbaum and Col. Stoker lead the top secret operation in 1948. Nobody else knew about it. The secret service/ CIA surrounded it by elektic fence. People had to stay in therefor about 14 days. More you find under ASA and/ or 601. airforce webside. Somebody wrote a long story about it.

57  Date: 2001-10-31 13:36:51
Arnold Mahlum ( webmaster@almgraph.com / http://www.almgraph.com) wrote:

I am the webmaster of the FS Augsburg Home Page at www.usafsa.org, the FS Berlin Reunion Page at www.usafsb.org, and the 371st ASA Company at www.almgraph.com/371rr. Thanks for attempting to chronicle the kasernes in Germany. The constabulary was in Augsburg after the war and any information you could provide about the units actually stationed there would be of great value to our visitors as well. Thanks.

56  Date: 2001-10-31 11:45:35
Toni Schindler ( toni.schindler@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

The German TV-Station PHOENIX just finished the report on the introduction of the DEUTSCHE MARK in 1948 and it is said that the US Troops in Rothwesten had a most important role to transport and secure the Deutsche Mark to the
Banks and distributing points all over West Germany. As far as I know the Constabulary was in Rothwesten at that time. This tells me, that you guys handled our solid currency that has existed up to now and will be replaced by the EURO, the new European currency and we hope it will last as long as the Deutsche Mark did and longer. The spiritual father of the German Wirtschaftswunder was Gen. Marshal. He had his assistants as the famous German Minister of economy the well remembered Mr. Erhardt. Greetings to all of you who were stationed in Rothwesten.

Take care Toni

55  Date: 2001-10-31 05:17:44
C.Max Shuey ( patnmax2@netzero.net / no homepage) wrote:


54  Date: 2001-10-27 23:17:13
Jeffrey Inglehart ( jeffi14@home.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am writing this on behalf of my father, Stephen G. Inglehart. He was with the 66th Constabulary in Dergendorf in 1946. He went to radio school in Freising that same year. He passed away in August of 1999, while living in retirement in Lady Lakes, FL. with my mother. I took him back to Dergendorf base in 1979 as a Christmas gift - I was a Marine stationed as an Embassy Guard in Vienna. I've never seen so many years wash off a man so quickly as when we found that tiny little base. If anyone remembers him I would love to hear from them.

53  Date: 2001-10-24 03:46:58
Phil Sandoval ( psandoval@mlode.com / no homepage) wrote:

I saw what Toni Schindler wrote about the ones that went to the National Reunion not writing anything on this site and I plead guilty. I have been in contact via direct E-Mail with some of my old friends and some new ones I met in Louisville but I haven't posted anything here.
Sorry about that. It was my 1st National and we had a grand time. I want to thank the organizers of the event as it takes a lot of work to put it together. I especially want to thank Don Purrington, my commander of OP 8 and Bill Tevington (An old buddy. We served together in Hq/Hq Co, 14th ACR).
The visit to Ft. Knox was excellent. Seeing the U.S. Constabulary Memorial was very meaningful for me. It made our service time over there more special because it validated our service to our country.
Unfortunately not many people know about us. I have a Circle "C" decal on my car and many folks here in Twain Harte, California ask me about it and I have been telling them who we were and what we did.
I was a radio operator and a radio repairman when I was there from Jan. '49 to May 52. I was stationed in Fritzlar, Friedberg, Gelnhausen and Fulda and I visited these places last year in Sept. 2000 and I drank some of that good German beer in each town to celebrate my return.
So, Toni, there you have my story. I hope some of you other guys that were in Louisville add to what I have said.
I also want to thank Irene for improving this super web site so that we can tell our stories. I also served with Irene's father, Gil Matherne. It was sad that Gil was not there with us to celebrate but he was there in spirit. He is now in a better place.
God Bless you all.
Phil (Sandy) Sandoval

52  Date: 2001-10-22 13:51:19
Toni Schindler Germany ( toni.schindler@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

Whats the matter, where are all the Troopers
that have attended Louisville Reunion ? Seems
that the horrible attacks of New York and
Washington have cut your lines. Please do
keep on sending your letters.
Take care and God bless you all

51  Date: 2001-10-18 19:31:58
Allen F. Lamp ( alphonso31@neo.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

It is still a great web site. Keep up the good work. Iam a member of outpost 5

50  Date: 2001-10-13 16:38:55
Richard J. Morse ( Condokinder@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

Went to Germany on U.S. Ballou Transport in 1948.Station at Scar Kessern in Munich near Dacho. Radio school in Agusburg and Ansbach then to Bad Hersfeld with 24 Constabulary Squadron,B troop to patrol the Russian border.Left in 1952 for discharg at Fort Devens Ma.

49  Date: 2001-10-13 00:16:25
Phillip Stewart ( phillybeefstew@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

Does anyone know the location of outpost #5 (115 Cav)during occupation, circa 1946?

48  Date: 2001-10-11 21:00:49
Bob Truax ( rctruax@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in hq & hq co ,2nd A/C in
augsburg from 1948 thru 1951,then to nurenberg till
1952,I was the Company Armorer,my wife Cindy and I
really enjoyed the good time we had at Lousiville this year,it was a lot of fun, met Francis Weiss, Tom Flannery & Joe Elsea,we were all in the same Co. also met there wives Therica, Margerettia and Betty.

47  Date: 2001-10-09 15:08:03
Dena Houston ( pokey7157@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Irene, thank you for being so aware, also. I'm glad to have the U.S.Constabulary site to post "honest" questions and findings on. You do your job quite well. THANKS, AGAIN! The pictures of the recent reunion in Kentucky are fantastic!

46  Date: 2001-10-07 03:18:23
Louis A Lynn ( LLynn@bsys.net / no homepage) wrote:

A great web site one that we all can be proud of
and we are always looking for x-troopers and all that are friends of the constabulary sign up . I
was with C TRP 16th Sqd Berlin 1948-52

45  Date: 2001-10-03 00:10:17
Leo E Langlois ( tankcommanderleo@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

Looking for all my buddy"s from Tank co 1st btm 2nd armored calvary

44  Date: 2001-10-02 05:41:37
Charles W. Evans ( cwevans@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to the First Constabulary Regiment, Headquarters and Trucking Company, Kassel, Germany, and other cities 1946 to 1947. Also Assigned to Hq. & Hq. Company 3rd Bn, 2nd A/C, stationed in Augsburg,Germany (and Ansbach, the first unit there after the war) from 1947 til 1952. Was Jeep driver for S-3 until I became the Battalion Radio Repairman. Made many trips to the czech. border alone, to repair radios of a line company. Had radio contact with 7th Army every 15 minutes when NOT interrupted by russians answering our call. As all of you probably remember we spent about 9 months out of every year on field duty for about 4 yrs. The 3rd Bn. won all Military competiion against other units in Germany for several years until they allowed us, the 3rd Bn to play the enemy, and confused the others units participating, with our tactics. Enough said, I believe we were the best. Thanks for listening to a brief summary of the 3rd Bn 2nd A/C.

43  Date: 2001-10-01 19:04:42
DOn C Branford SFC USA Ret ( SargeDCB@netscape.net / no homepage) wrote:

A Troop 22-24th Sqdn.Bad-Hersfeld 1948-1952.WE were
the best in Germany.Our awards speak for it's self.

42  Date: 2001-09-29 17:02:21
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene, thanks for your message, looks real good. You´v got another award on this side! Great.

41  Date: 2001-09-27 01:59:03
sam zafran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Hi irene,Great job so far on the reunion page.Finally got to see what you look like.The M8 shirt looks good,glad you got to wear it Keep up the good work.PRESS ON

40  Date: 2001-09-27 00:58:00
Eugene E Waskiewicz ( Geneski3@earthlink.net / no homepage) wrote:

I belong to outpost#2
You are doing a tremndous job Irene
I was with Sv Co 14th acr

39  Date: 2001-09-26 23:17:14
Allen Smith ( apsmith@home.com / no homepage) wrote:

The website looks like great and I am sure a lot of time and effort put forth! As a constabulary historian for over 20 years and son of a former constabulary trooper, I am well aware of the importance and excitement that this website will provide.. Please keep up the great work!

38  Date: 2001-09-25 04:52:45
Neil & Sue Aikin ( neil_aikin@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Irene, you would make your dad so proud of you. In his passing I will tell you how proud I am of you.
You have brought the US Constabulary into the 21st century.
Neil & Sue

37  Date: 2001-09-25 01:53:03
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / no homepage) wrote:

Ronnie and I had a great time at the National Reunion in Louisville,KY. You guys are the best!!!

36  Date: 2001-09-25 00:12:04
Mike Clarke ( clarke_mg@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Just checking in...Mike Clarke, Outpost 2

35  Date: 2001-09-24 15:20:38
American Veteran Search ( Rich@veteransearch.com / http://www.veteransearch.com) wrote:

If your really serious about Reuniting with a Buddy. We are the Only Veteran Search site on the Internet that actually gets involved with the search for your buddy! We track them down, speak to them and put you on a conference call with them....
American Veteran Search at, www.VETERANSEARCH.com, is a website for locating your Service Buddies. We have several of the Largest Data Bases on the Internet today! Find your Buddies Today! Our Data Bases are updated daily and growing fast. Add your Military Info NOW! This site also has a Guestbook & 144 Searchable Message Boards & many interesting, and useful Veteran Related links for your help & enjoyment...To date we have reunited over 4,200 veterans with their service buddies and are receiving over 1.5 Million Hits each month on our website.
One of them just might be your Buddy!
"If were All here, We will All find each other"...
"Veterans Helping Veterans"......
"We Make Grown Men Cry"......

"Walk in Peace"...Rich & Jack, AVS

34  Date: 2001-09-17 04:41:38
Phillip Stewart ( phillybeefstw@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

My grandfather, Hansel E. Stewart (Johnnie), I believe was a member of the Constabulary in 1946. I believe he was in Germany during his tour of duty. I have some photographs and was able to determine from the helmets that the soldiers pictured are wearing the Constabulary emblems on them. Does anyone remember my grandfather? If anyone knows of him or what unit he was a member of I would like to hear from you.

33  Date: 2001-09-14 21:13:05
John Ames ( james1@maine.rr.com / no homepage) wrote:

Had a great time at the reunion. Met several people from third battalion 2d AC. Still sorting out e-mail addresses and putting them in my address book. Thanks again for the great web page

32  Date: 2001-09-11 17:15:16
T. E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Re: Attack on the USA
Dear Members! As an associatet member of OP 1 I send you from Germany herewith my deep sympathy to the attack on the US and their people. I do hope a lot that no one of your familyfriends were in or close to this desaster. I hope furtheron the president will find the right answer to this crime.
Remaining in thoughts from Germany.

Thomas 11.Sept. 2001

31  Date: 2001-09-10 01:00:36
Don Kjos ( dvkjos@arn.net / no homepage) wrote:

C-troop 68th 2nd Regt.Most time served in Ausgburg
47-48. Member outpost 7. Texas

30  Date: 2001-09-07 23:38:57
HARRY T. STOUT ( indian@preferred.com / no homepage) wrote:

Am glad and proud to be a member of the constabulary. Am life member of outpost 3.Served in A troop 11th sqr.46-47. Hofgiesmar,witzenhousen,Rothwestern,Kassel.Stayed in the res. was called back and sent to Korea in 50,returned to inactive duty in 51.

29  Date: 2001-09-06 19:51:22
T.E. Togo ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Dear Irene, Phil Sandoval wrote me a message. Will come to reunion.

28  Date: 2001-09-04 12:08:14
S/Sgt Edw. L. Bowley ( edlbee@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was assigned to the XVArmyCorps in Bamberg, Germany and when the USConstabulary was organized, they took over the HQCompany of the Corps and made it the HQ for the USConstabulary..barracks, offices, mess the whole nine yards..I was in G2 section, Personnel and Public Relations interim secretaryto General Harmon and left for the states in late 1946..

27  Date: 2001-09-03 23:51:08
Bill Murphy ( MurphyWilliam@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

Was in HQ Constab 47 till 1950 in Hedilberg and Vahingen Wasalso in 3rd Army HQ from 46 til it returned to the states and was transfered to HQ. constab Was a great outfit.Member of out post 4

26  Date: 2001-09-03 14:56:34
D.Bert Reyngoudt ( DSHIRBERT@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

I was in the 66th Squadron in Degerndorf, D troop, fr. approx. Feb. 47 to June 49.

25  Date: 2001-09-01 22:35:05
John and Diana Capone ( bolteditor@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

This is to let everyone know that the deadline for submissions to the October, 2001 issue of the Lightning Bolt is extended to September 15. This is because of the National Reunion in Louisville, KY.

We welcome your submissions and items of interest.

24  Date: 2001-08-31 05:33:32
Toni schindler ( toni.schindler@t-online.de / no homepage) wrote:

well if this is not big success. over 11000 visitors now. congratulations Irene. Prima job. I'm back from hospital
Toni Schindler

23  Date: 2001-08-29 22:36:29
George B. Thompson ( Edelweiss131@Aol.Com / no homepage) wrote:

Commander.Guarded SS Troopers at Dachau.Attended the
Nuremberg Trials.Spent my 19th Birthday in the Munich General Hospital recovering from a accidental
45 Pistol Gunshot wound. My infantry,Constabulary &
Boy Scout Training made a man out of me! I`ll always
be a " Trooper ". I love history & at 74 Years young
know the history of the Constabulary very well and
know that it was formed in October 1945 & was then
called the U.S. Zone Constabulary,& it was partially
operational.Some of our Association Members served in the Constabulary in late 1945. I have complete
documentation of our October 1945 begining. I`ll
never change my case - it`s factual history.
Irene Moore our Web Site Editor is doing a fantastic job telling our history. I`m proud to serve as her " East Coast Reporter " !

22  Date: 2001-08-29 04:20:15
AL INLOW ( constab@internetcds.com / http://www.campwhite.org) wrote:

Its good to be able to check out this CONSTABULARY web page, and see the changes, and what is going on
in the Association. Hope every one keeps up the good work as to be able to police up stories of our past
when we policed up the peaces after WW2. "AL"

21  Date: 2001-08-27 21:55:21
Dick Buttolph ( rdbbyb1@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

91st Constabulary Sqd. at Bad Hersfeld 1947.
I was the first dependent child in the area. Remember all the work that took place in painting the C on the vehicles. My dad, LTCol Loren D. Buttolph was the Squadron CO.

20  Date: 2001-08-26 17:47:15
Sam zafran ( Samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

Conflicting interests prevent me from attending the
national reunion.Anyone going there, find out if there are any members from 1ST Brigade 1950-1951 in the radio section.Particularly, the four 2 1/2 ton trucks, with SCR 399 on them, named in Navy terms IE USS Boozer ETC Thanks Sam

19  Date: 2001-08-25 00:58:26
Mike Clarke ( clarke_mg@msn.com / no homepage) wrote:

If anybody's interested, heres a website that sells military miniatures. They offer two different sets of US Constabulary troopers:
Any questions or problems accessing that site, please feel free to contact me.........
Mike Clarke, USCA, Outpost II (clarke_mg@msn.com)

18  Date: 2001-08-22 02:22:47
Frank Termini ( frankjoan55@ameritech.net / no homepage) wrote:

"A" Troop, 24th Sqdn., Bad Hersfeld, Dec.'48 - Feb.'52. Radio Operator/Border Patrol. Currently a USCA Life Member and Adjutant of Outpost No. 5
Hats off to Irene's great Web Site.

17  Date: 2001-08-21 13:28:23
DON HAMILTON ( DON4182@WEBTV.NET / no homepage) wrote:


16  Date: 2001-08-20 23:39:34
charles casto ( gogrouch@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

served with the 24thin hersfeld germany,1948-1952

15  Date: 2001-08-20 02:28:21
Louis A Lynn ( LLynn@bwsys.net / no homepage) wrote:

"c" Troop 16th Constabulary (SEP) Berlin Germany

14  Date: 2001-08-18 18:47:03
jim miller ( junglejimcav@yahoo.com / no homepage) wrote:

member outpost#8. where are all the sonthofen peoplewho served from mar 46 thru 48 ? tom allotta,get in touch,please.

13  Date: 2001-08-17 19:19:46
Fred Romminger ( FredRomminger@web.de / no homepage) wrote:

Ich suche S.Sgt F.R. Donovan A.S.N.11134724 der 66th Const.Sqdn, US.Army, APO 407A, Degerndorf/Bavarya/Germany - meinen Vater! Wer war von 1945 bis 1948 im Bereich der 66th Const.Sqdn eingesetzt - Obersalzberg - Berchtesgaden - Bad Reichenhall/Hotel Luisenbad - Degerndorf?

12  Date: 2001-08-17 00:28:00
Milton Berko ( OKREB@AOL.COM / no homepage) wrote:

Served in C Troop, 72nd Sq. 10th Regt. 1946-47 in Boeblingen at the Panzer Kaserne and in Ulm. Discharged in 1947 as S/Sgt. Member Outpost 4

11  Date: 2001-08-16 14:04:52
Irene Moore ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Thank you Bill,
I am looking forward to the Nationals in Louisville.
Ronnie and I are counting the days. This is the big one Cajun and I always talked about attending. I am proud to be there, not only for myself as web editor but to represent him, Gilbert Matherne - my Dad. He was a wonderful person and an awesome TROOPER.

10  Date: 2001-08-15 19:58:13
Clyde Hawkins Jr. ( Ginhaw@webtv.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the medical det. of the 2nd Armd Cav.
mostly in Augsburg from Nov.48 till May 1952. Hqs. &
Hqs. Co. 1st Battalion. Patch Kaserne.

9  Date: 2001-08-14 22:35:13
Bill Tevington ( kutev@sunflower.com / no homepage) wrote:

Irene: Keep it up those of us that knew the "Cajun" know that his daughter is "A-l especially with the 14th Constabulary Regiment. See you in Louisville!!

8  Date: 2001-08-13 17:43:54
Donald W. Decker ( Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am member of out post 7

7  Date: 2001-08-13 01:56:40
Remo P Sabetti ( SabettiS@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I am a Life Member of outpost 3, and I served in C Troop 72nd Sqd, 10 Regt in 1946 at Boblingen, and Ulm. Border patrol, and Check Points.

6  Date: 2001-08-12 18:18:03
T. E. Schmidt ( Thomasmgb@gmx.de / no homepage) wrote:

Hello Irene!
I belong to outpost one.

Well, the colour is ok. How many characters are allowed?
the last guestbook was fine, but often the letter failed in taking over all the text.

5  Date: 2001-08-12 14:52:31
Charles Botsford ( cbotsford@aol.com / no homepage) wrote:

I was in HQ&HQ Co, 14th A/C Reg. in 1954/55

4  Date: 2001-08-12 02:27:59
Donald W. Decker ( Rudeck@cs.com / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the 16th Constab.(sep) In Berlin from 11-48 to 12-50. Looking for other members from that time.

3  Date: 2001-08-11 12:02:29
MarvinE. farnsel ( mefarnes@lni.net / no homepage) wrote:

I served with the best. The 6th Constabulary Squdron
Hq. Troop. Coburg Germany 1947.

2  Date: 2001-08-10 21:45:17
sam zafran ( samz84@hotmail.com / no homepage) wrote:

looks good will have to wait and see further entries
12th Constab Sqdn,10th Constab Sqdn, 1st Constab Brigade

1  Date: 2001-08-09 21:27:36
Irene ( irmoore@eatel.net / http://www.usconstabulary.com) wrote:

Welcome to the new Guest book.