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May 25 - Nov. 20. 2001

  Below you will find messages from troopers and guest of the U S  Constabulary.

The National Recruiter

               To Join the "Official" United States Constabulary Ernest A. Cologne for membership at, 3468  Mendon Rd
Cumberland, RI  02864-2135

                                                                                             Date: Tue Nov 20 01:55:12 2001
                  Comment: My dad was a sgt. in the U.S. Constabulary and guarded war criminals at the Nuremburg trials. All of his war pictures, medals and info was lost in a fire. If anyone can give me info on my dad's
                  time in the service, I would greatly appreciate it.

Toni Schindler
                                                                                             Date: Wed Nov 14 11:11:17 2001
                  Comment: . Congratulations to all of you who have been in favor of the
                  US actions in Afghanistan. The first positive result is here now. Kaboul seem to be liberated.
                  Regards to all the Troopers out there where ever you are.
                  Toni Schindler

                  Name: (Homepage)
George Opolka
                                                                                             Date: Wed Nov 7 23:06:36 2001
                  Comment: I was with the 9th Army Division, 26th F.A., when the Constabulary was formed in 1946. Went into HQ at Garmesh-Partenkershen and served until May, 1947. Looking for Adam Rogozinski
                  who served with me.

                  Name: (Homepage)
 Robert Hodges
                                                                                             Date: Tue Oct 9 23:28:04 2001
                  Comment: 24th Constabulary Troop D 1946 to 1947
                  Looking for Murray, Sabatino, Taylor, and Otero.
                  From Wilkes Barre, Pa. area. Please send info. Thanks.

                  Name: (Homepage)
 richard martin
                                                                                             Date: Sat Sep 22 18:01:35 2001
                  Comment: was in d troop (tank company)14th a/c at fulda barracks from 1961 to 1963,made e-3 e-4 e-5 while there would like to hear from all tank company members there during 1961-1963.

                  Name: (Homepage)
 Don Hawkinson
                                                                                             Date: Wed Sep 5 00:13:49 2001
                  Comment: 1947-1948 Hq Hq&Sv Troop 11th Constab Reg
                  1948-1949 C Batt 70th F A Bn Fussen
                  Nice Site The troopers are few and far between
                  that were in the 11th Reg and 70th F A Bn but I will keep looking......

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Tue Aug 7 19:15:22 2001
                  Comment: was a member of 14th a/c regt -svc co=from 1/55 to 10/56. served as motor office and later as acting co commander. (lst Lt)

                  Name: (Homepage)
       Underwood C. H.
                                                                                             Date: Tue Aug 7 19:08:26 2001
                  Comment: We were members of the 517th FA Bn WWII serving in the SW pacific during WWII. We saw action on Bougainville, Northern Solomons and Luzon, PI. We were a 155mm long tom rifle
                  battalion providing key artillery support for the XI and XIV Corps of the U. S. 6th and 8th Armies. Several members of the constabulary have contacted us, thru our 517th FA Bn Assn, as apparently the
                  517th FA Bn was a part of your group. Our next reunion will be in Orlando, FL Oct 6-11, 2001.

                  Name: (Homepage)
Jeremy Dobos
                                                                                             Date: Tue Aug 7 00:29:27 2001
                  Comment: Andrew F. King, contact me for more information on how to find 14th ACR friends or contact Frank Varljen at:


                  Name: (Homepage)
Jeremy Dobos
                                                                                             Date: Tue Aug 7 00:20:26 2001
                  Comment: Attention all 11th Constabulary Regiment Troopers! We're looking for former members of the 11th U.S. Cavalry and 11th Constabulary. If you were a part of the Blackhorse Regiment and
                  would like to ride with us again, please visit our website and join the Blackhorse Association. 1st year membership (normally $15.00)is available for free! Lifetime Membership is available for $25.00.
                  Either way, you come out ahead and can keep in touch with your Regiment. You can find further membership informat

                  Name: (Homepage)
    William Rodgers
                                                                                             Date: Mon Aug 6 22:55:32 2001
                  Comment: USN Rhine River Patrol,Schierstein,GER 1950-1954

                  Name: (Homepage)
Ralph Rice USN
                                                                                             Date: Mon Aug 6 16:34:18 2001
                  Comment: I was assigned to the U.S.Navy Rhine River Patrol in Karlsruhe from 1956-1958 when it shut down.  I known our unit had been attached to the Constabulary and later to the 7TH Army.  I am
                  interested hearing from anyone from the patrol or any Army folks that were familiar with us.  If anyone wants info on the joint Army/Navy ops and the tansportation of troops and equipment,  I will be glad to assist.

                  Name: (Homepage)
James C. Brown
                                                                                             Date: Sun Aug 5 02:57:25 2001
                  Comment: Looking for Constabulary members who were stationed in Bad Hersfeld Germany from 1948-1952.

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Fri Aug 3 22:54:26 2001
                  Comment: I wasn't but my dad was a "Circle C Cowboy" back in the day. His name was Lamoine A. Peterson. He might have gone by Pete. He was a tank commander, went to the olympics pole
                  vaulting, and was "lightning on wheels" from what i understand. He passed away on July 3rd, 1981. He is survived by his wife Donna and his 4 sons, Brent, Brian, Brooke, and Bruce-all of Black River
                  Falls, Wisconsin. Any information about his "Cowboy" days would be greatly appreciated. Signed, Bruce(Pete) Peterson.

                  Name: (Homepage)
Thomas Allota
                                                                                             Date: Thu Aug 2 01:54:06 2001
                  Comment: I am a member of the united States Constabulary Association.  I was located in Germany in jan 1946 - 1947

                  Name: (Homepage)
Sfc DC Branford
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jul 30 20:16:22 2001
                  Comment: A proud member of A Troop 22-24th Constabulary Sqdn.Bad-Hersfeld.1948-1952 We were the best.  Paid up member.  God bless.

                  Name: (Homepage)
       Ray Dussault
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jul 24 21:19:03 2001
                  Comment:   I served in the U.S. Constabulary from June 1950 to March 1953.
                  I was with Service Co. 14th A/C Regt. in Fritzlar, then thru the moves to Fulda.  Anyone that recalls John Burnetter Svc Co. 14th A/C Regt. Commo Platoon with me. He passed away at the age of 68, in Albany NY. Jimmy his Brother resides in Chicago, they were there together. Also we would be interested in Locating Milton McKay who served with us also he was in S-4.   Great Job Irene, and thank you so much.

                  Name: (Homepage)
Harold V. Clark
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jul 23 23:16:54 2001
                  Comment: co c 373 inf, bn.
                  1948 to 1951
                  giessen, germany

                  Name: (Homepage)
Don C Branford
                                                                                             Date: Fri Jul 20 03:33:15 2001
                  Comment: Sfc Ret USA.4 tours Germany.2 tours Korea 1 Nam.
                  Proud member of A Troop 22nd & 24th.Bad-Hersfeld

                  Name: (Homepage)
                Andrew F. King
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jul 19 14:46:06 2001
                  Comment: Looking for I-Company Veterans of the 14th A/C Regt. who served in the United States Constabulary from 1949 -1952
                  Contact: The above Newsletter Editor at 10 Williams Court, Monroe NY 10950

                  Name: (Homepage)
        Dale Rockford
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jul 18 00:19:07 2001
                  Comment: Sorry I goofed. wanted to say I hope to meet y'll
                  in Louisville,Ky at the Reunion. Hope I will find
                  somebody who served with me in 16th Constab and the
                  Horse Platoon.

                  Name: (Homepage)
       Carl Dunn
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jul 17 16:29:58 2001
                  Comment: Am a member of US Constabulary Association.
                  Great site, Irene.
                  I was in Army from Jun 1948 to Sep 1954. I completed my 20 years after serving in Iowa
                  National Guard from Sep 1954 to Feb 1968.
                  In Dec 1949 I arrived in Germany and was assigned
                  to Hq Btry 517th FA Bn in Wetzlar. The unit moved
                  to Budingen in Mar 1951 and I remained with the
                  unit until Oct 1952 when I was transferred to the
                  597th Armd FA Bn in Hanau. At the distance of 50
                  years, my most vivid

                  Name: (Homepage)
          Walter Elkins
                                                                                             Date: Sun Jul 15 14:23:44 2001
                  Comment: I am trying to locate anyone who was with the US Forces in AUSTRIA. We are trying to collect/present more information and photos from the 4th Constabulary Regiment and subordinate units that served in Austria from 1946 to 1949.

               Name: (Homepage)
   Schafer, Donald
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jul 14 03:11:07 2001
                  Comment: 2d Armd Cav. Augsburg, Grafenwohr, Bayreeuth, Nurnberg, etc. Seventh Army NCO Acaemy.CC Co's B, G, Hqs & Ser.1948-1953

                  Name: dvkjos@ (Homepage)
      Don Kjos
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jul 9 00:05:42 2001
                  Comment: c-TROOP 68TH AUGSBURG 47-48 MEMBER OUTPOST 7 IN
                  DON KJOS 212 NO HAZELWOOD SPEARMAN TEXAS 79081

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Sun Jul 8 17:14:47 2001
                  Comment: Served in 2nd Const. Reg't, Service Troop,Freising 46-47 Excellent site!need all the info we can garner..US Constab. sorely neglected in the history books and WWII info publications.

                  Name: (Homepage)
 R. Thomassie
                                                                                             Date: Sun Jul 8 15:39:44 2001
                  Comment: This is a great tribute to the men of the U.S. Constabulary. I think you have donated a great deal of love and feeling toward the people that did the work for the freedoms that we have in this
                  world. There is more to be said but I want you to know that I love you mom! your son, Richie

                  Name: (Homepage)
  D.A Rockford
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jul 7 23:28:25 2001
                  Comment: Great site! Was "D" Troop 16th Constab, later transfered to Horse Platoon in Berlin.Did Horseshow with all the 4 Nations.
                  Troopers remember all the Parades we in TELEFUNKEN.
                  Still had a good time. Hope to see you all at the Reunion in St.Louis.
                  Once a Trooper always a Trooper.

                  Name: (Homepage)
             Gil Jones
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jul 7 18:49:56 2001
                  Comment: I am in the process of building a web site that focuses on the experiences of those of us who performed law enforcement related duties in Occupied Berlin during the period 1945 - 1994. I
                  would like very much to hear from former members of the 16th Squadron [Berlin] or other troopers who would like to comment on the police role of the Constabulary.

                  Gil Jones [Berlin, 1960-63 and 1973-76]

                  Name: (Homepage)
       Thomas  Masters
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jul 7 03:21:06 2001
                  Comment: E &CTroops 4th.Sqdn.4th.Cavalry Regt.47&48
            Salzburg, Austria

                  Name: (Homepage)
         Leo E Langlois
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jul 7 00:19:17 2001
                  Comment: Hello to all the troupers out there. get in touch with me on the co 1st battalion 2nd armord calvary

                  Name: (Homepage)
 walter palmer
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jul 5 20:11:17 2001
                  Comment: battalion radio chief
                  qs co 3rd battalion 6th a.c.

                  served at deggendorf and regensburg.discharged
                  as staff sgt 1952.

                  Name: (Homepage)
       Jim Deming
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jul 4 19:15:56 2001
                  Comment: Hi to one and all. I visit this web site quite often, because I love it and think it is the greatest. Our USCon. had some great reunions this year. The best is yet to come. We will be having a
                  National Reunion in Louisville, KY Sep 6-9th. We would love to see and meet you all at this National Reunion. Jim Deming Trooper 46 = 49. Hq 14th Regt. A Troop 53d Sqd. Hq 70th FA Bn.

                  Name: (Homepage)
       Ralph J. Reich
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jul 3 16:46:17 2001
                  Comment: Served from April 1947 to Dec. 1952-Provisional Company 3rd Constabulary regiment April, May '47...D Troop 37 Constab Squadron June, July '47.....C Troop 68 Constab Squadron
                  ...Later Tank Co 3rd Battalion 2nd Armored Cavalry July '47 to Dec '52
                  Retired 1 Oct '66 as Major
                  If you served with me, drop me a line.

                  Name: (Homepage)
 Don Kjos
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jul 3 03:18:38 2001
                  Comment: Served 1947 & 1948 . Last served at Augsburg in
                  48' With C- Troop 68'th Squdron. Spent time in
                  Budingen before going to Augsburg.Am member of
                  outpost (7) in Texas.Would enjoy hearing from
                  guy's from the 68'th
                  Don Kjos 212 No Hazelwood Spearman Tezas 79081

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jul 2 01:48:53 2001
                  Comment: GREATEST OUTFIT IN 28 YEARS SERVICE
                  CO C 54THENGR 1948-1952.
                  LOVE TO HEAR FROM OTHERS

                  Name: (Homepage)
 Don C Branford
                                                                                             Date: Sun Jul 1 20:42:44 2001
                  Comment: Was in A Troop 22-24th Constabulary Sqdn,Bad-Hersfeld.1948-1952.We were the best.Our awards say so!paid up for this year.Don C Branford Sfc Ret USA.

                  Name: (Homepage)
               John Ebbinghaus
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jun 30 16:03:38 2001
                  Comment: Member of the 11th Airborne Recon. Platoon under Gen. Joe Swing, 1945-46 in Sapporo, Japan

                  Name: (Homepage)
      W. J. Hansmeier
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jun 30 04:10:46 2001
                  Comment: Served with the 16th Constab. (Sep) in Berlin from July 1946 to 1951.
                  Was in both E-troop and when we sent the tanks to the zone served in B- troop.

                  Great work Irene, the site is fun to thumb through

                  Name: (Homepage)
                  Country: Betty Elsea
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jun 28 19:14:34 2001
                  Comment: We attended OutPost 3 reunion in Aberdeen, Maryland the beginning of June. My husband really enjoyed it. His Name is Charlie Joe Elsea and served from 1948 until 1952.
                  He was in Augsburg and other places in Germany. He was in Hq and Hq 2nd ACR.

                  Name: (Homepage)
    Galen H. Smith
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jun 28 18:45:16 2001
                  Comment: Sv Trp, 5th Constabulary Regiment Headquarters
                  March 1946-March 1947 S/Sgt Admin. NCO
                  Served with Capt. Blair Minthorn and Major James Cutter and later Medal of Honor winner Lt. Fredrick Henry. Also, T/Sgt Don Stolts and S/Sgt William Wimer.

                  Name: (Homepage)
             Phil Harpine
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jun 28 18:36:43 2001
                  Comment: A troop 2nd Squadron, Augsburg 1946-48
                  I am trying to locate the Commo Sgt.

                  Name: (Homepage)
         Mike Clarke
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jun 28 16:03:23 2001
                  Comment: Just checkin in to say Hi...Greate site! Am happy to have supplied my mother's name and address as a terrific source for the War Bride documentary. She was a uniformed civilian employee of
                  the US Constabulary, HQ 1st Brigade, Wiesbaden, 1945-49...and married a Constabulary Trooper, my father, Gilbert W. Clarke.
                  Great Good Luck and Good Health to everybody...!!
                  Mike Clarke, Outpost 2, USCA

                  Name: (Homepage)
        Neal Baker
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jun 28 07:06:02 2001
                  Comment: Like the new web site. Was in the 16th Const.Sq (sep) 1946 to 1949
                  H&S Troop

                  Name: (Homepage)
    john capone
                                                                                             Date: Thu Jun 28 01:15:46 2001
                  Comment: I served at the US Constabulary School from March of 46 to Sept of 47 as an instructor in unarmed defense and physcial instruction. I am trying to locate the rest of my fellow instructors as
                  T/S Michael Mancini Amsterdam, NY; M.Sgt. George Abe Pullman, Washington; S/Sgt. Frank Broce Huntington, W. VA.; S/Sgt. William Hines San Marcos, Texas; S/Sgt William Duty Artrit, VA; PFC
                  Monroe Tillery W. Point, GA; CPL. Philipp N. Arboleda Honolulu, Hawaii; T/4 Billy Ross Delvalle Texas

                  Name: (Homepage)
            Elmer Oppie
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jun 27 19:50:42 2001
                  Comment: Served in B Troop 74th Constabulary Squadron
                  April to November 1946.Joseph Pelland was a good buddy.

                  Name: (Homepage)
      Elmer Oppie
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jun 27 19:23:28 2001
                  Comment: I served in B Troop 74th Constabulary Squadron
                  April to November 1946.

                  Name: (Homepage)
            Patti Sanborn
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jun 27 13:42:12 2001
                  Comment: my dad served in this unit Bill Vasel.

                  Name: (Homepage)
        Bob Oakes
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jun 27 01:08:56 2001
                  Comment: My father Isaac Oakes served in the constabulary and continues to be active in the following of the constabulary.

                  Name: (Homepage)
          Robert Schmohr
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jun 26 23:37:45 2001
                  Comment: Hq & Hq troop at Fussen in 1946.

                  Name: (Homepage)
      Irwin Kleinman
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jun 26 22:06:12 2001
                  Comment: YOU HAVE DONE A REAL TERRIFIC JOB.

                  Name: (Homepage)
              Harry T.Stout
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jun 26 19:25:05 2001
                  Comment: would like to hear from anyone that served in A Troop 11 sqd. 46-47

                  Name: (Homepage)
                  Country: Bill Vasel
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jun 26 00:15:42 2001
                  Comment: 517 AFA from 1-10-50 to 12-18-52

                  Name: (Homepage)
   Don C Branford
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jun 25 18:53:36 2001
                  Comment: I served with the 22nd and 24th from 1948-1952.A Troop.Bad-Hersfeld.A troop was the best.We had the awards to back it up!

                  Name: (Homepage)
Ralph Braswell
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jun 23 17:23:46 2001
                  Comment: Served in the 517th FA Bn at Wetzlar 1949-50

                  Name: (Homepage)
  : jim miller
                                                                                             Date: Sun Jun 17 23:55:23 2001
                  Comment: where all all he troopers that served at the school in sonthofen?kaplan,j.a.miller
                  copley,parish,dolley,mcfarland,rhew,boudreau,allotta,millar,hodges,talbot,fessenden,pero,christanson,mason,mueller.come on guys.communiquate!

                  Name: (Homepage)
              F. D Williams
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jun 13 21:20:35 2001
                  Comment: Congratulations on a great site
                  "D"trp 16th Constab Sqdrn (SEP)

                  Name: (Homepage)
         F. D Williams
                                                                                             Date: Wed Jun 13 21:19:20 2001
                  Comment: Congratulations on a great site

                  Name: (Homepage)
         Frank M Herbert
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jun 12 03:19:53 2001
                  Comment: 3rd Battalion 14th ACR
                  Co. G 1948 - 1952

                  Name: (Homepage)
       Vito Tursellino
                                                                                             Date: Tue Jun 5 23:49:16 2001
                  Comment: I transfered from 3rd Army Headquarters in Hidelberg,Grrmany to HQ 2nd Constabulary Brigade
                  Munich Barrexts at the SARR KARERNE from March
                  1947 To SEPT> 1948. I am trying to locate a patch
                  and anyone recognise the outfit let me know.Thanks

                  Name: (Homepage)
       John Parmenter
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jun 4 21:31:54 2001
                  Comment: The other day I was fortunate to meet a member of the U.S. Constabulary Association, Robert J. Whitehead. We enjoyed swapping Berlin stories -- he from the Constabulary; me from the Big
                  Red One. The Constabulary was a fine organization!

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jun 4 04:05:43 2001
                  Comment: TK.CO.2ND BN. 2ND A/C REGT AUGSBURG AND BAMBERG FEB.50 DEC.52

                  Name: (Homepage)
      Sandy Sayyeau
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jun 4 03:05:45 2001
                  Comment: I had the pleasure of meeting Manny Goldstein and the honor of embroiderying his hat for him for his June 4th reunion. I had never heard of the Constabulary and am glad to have been
                  enlightened. Very nice website. As with all Veterans, hats off to you all & Thank You.

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Mon Jun 4 00:50:11 2001
                  Comment: 74thCONSTABULARY AUGSBURG 1946 1947
                  2nd CONSTABULARY SQUARDON AUGSBURG 1947 1948
                  SPECIAL POLICE LANDSHUT 1948

                  Name: (Homepage)
     M. Goldstein
                                                                                             Date: Sat Jun 2 20:05:53 2001
                  Comment: Hi, I am going to the June 4 Outpost 2 reunion. I got my shirt, but you were out of caps.
                  Lucky me i found someone right in my town to make one for me in a couple of hours. Her name is Sandy Sayyeau. her web site is Check her out if you need
                  something done.
                  Thanks Sandy; Doc

                  Name: (Homepage)
           Al Sallustio
                                                                                             Date: Wed May 30 22:46:15 2001
                  Comment: Hi Irene,just updating my imput. Had a great time
                  in Las Vegas at our OP8 Reunion.Does anyone know
                  the following Troopers; Sgt.Bill Rummage,George
                  Doris,Robert Perez,Paul Welch,we were all with the 35th & 42nd Sqdns, in Fussen @ Augsburg 46-48
                  Looking forward to the National Reunion in Sept.

                  Name: (Homepage)
         Wayne Morgan
                                                                                             Date: Tue May 29 00:32:43 2001
                  Comment: A Trp, 81st. T/5 Radio Operator. Bad Mergentheim and Fulda. 1946.

                  Name: (Homepage)
              john capone
                                                                                             Date: Mon May 28 23:21:08 2001
                  Comment: I probably met most of you guys at one time or another. I was the phys. ed. and judo instructor at the US Constabulary School in Sonthoffen, Germany, from 1946-1948. I'm so happy to find
                  this site. Please email me, I will keep in touch. I plan to join this association.

                  Name: (Homepage)
    Marvin Farnsel
                                                                                             Date: Mon May 28 12:54:31 2001
                  Comment: 6th Sqd Hq Troop Coburg, Germany 1947
                  Are there any of you Old Circle C Cowboys out there who remember the Big Brown Derby and the
                  Little Brown Derby??

                  Name: (Homepage)
         John Mizusawa
                                                                                             Date: Mon May 28 05:40:07 2001
                  Comment: My dad served in the 22nd Constabulary Forces does anyone have any information about this unit?

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Sun May 27 19:07:20 2001
                  Comment: Straubing Germany 11th ARMD CAV 1963-1964 changed Colors 11th ARMD CAV left for Nam was Transfered to 3rd ARMD CAV Brave Rifels Located in Kiserslautern Germany
                  Looking for Medic and Harry Robin and Speedy (nick name) Gonzales Who were Whitness's with me when wounded supporting The Engineers on Pontoon Bridge South Of Tuy Hoa Vietnam Thanks I
                  have just become a member of your Group.

                  Name: (Homepage)
                                                                                             Date: Sun May 27 18:47:56 2001
                  Comment: Straubing Germany 11th ARMD CAV 1963-1964 changed Colors 11th ARMD CAV left for Nam was Transfered to 3rd ARMD CAV Brave Rifels Located in Kiserslautern Germany
                  Looking for Medic and Harry Robin and Speedy (nick name) Gonzales Who were with me when wounded supporting The Engineers on Pontoon Bridge South Of Tuy Hoa Vietnam Thanks I have just
                  become a member of your Group.

       : Jim Miller
                                                                                             Date: Fri May 25 23:39:46 2001
                  Comment: D and G Troop,Sonthofen kaserne Mar.1946/48.would like to hear from anyone that served there during that time.Larry Kaplan,Jim A Miller,Lt.Joe Taylor,Joe Wanner,Mousy Burrel,John
                  Nichols,Sgt.Talbot,Lt.W K Smith,Tom Allotta.

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