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 December 5th, 2000 - April 17th, 2001

Jim Deming
Date: Tue Dec 5 2000
               Irene and family. I am deeply sorry for your loss.Your father was
              loved by many. I had been away and have just learned of the passing of your Dad. I am
              also deeply sorry that we also lost +Leon Van Ogtrop+ in Nov. I am sure that Gil and Van
              have already started another association up there. I hope you continue this task of
              managing this Web Site. It, and you are very special to us all.

Carl Craig
Date: Thu Dec 7,2000
              I am a retired US Army CID Agent, and currently
              assisting a lady in finding any former members of
              Hq Hq & Service Troop, 24th Constabulary Squadron,
              APO 171, from September 1950, through December
              1952. That unit was supposedly in Hersfeld, Germany at the time..

              The service member in question was SFC Elmer W.
              BAILEY, RA 6 944 499, and I am looking at a Certificate that he received with large

COSGROVE* Thomas J. (Tommy)
E Mail: Tomcosgrove@Juno.Com
Date: Sat Dec 9  2000
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I had a prior entry but left no E-mail address/
              Served 11th Constabulary, Service Troop at Weiden ,Germany from 6/46 to 12/46.

 Jack Lewin
Email: evajack@optonli
Date: Fri Dec 22  2000
           I was with the 6th Arm. Cav. Regt stationed in Straubing from 1951
              to July 1952.
Jack  Lewin

Ronald Johnson
Email: johnron@qni.com
Date: Sat Dec 23  2000
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I served in the 24th Constab. Sq. from April '49 to August '52 at Hq.
              and A troops in Hersfeld, then C troop in Schweinfurt and Bad Kissegan.

Irwin Kleinman
Date: Fri Dec 29  2000
               Served in 2nd Armored Cav (USCON)1947 - 1951, in Freising and
              Augsburg. Living quietly in Seattle WA. 

 Sally Fudala
 Date: Sat Dec 30  2000
              I am an associate member. My husband was stationesd at Straubing
              in 1948. Hq Hq Sqd 6th AC. He was a member of the Security Platoon. He died on Dec.
              27 1997.

James C. Humbert
Date: Sat Dec 30  2000
             I served at Constabulary Headquarters in Heidelberg in the Secretary
              General Staff section when Major General Ernest Harmon commanded. He was replaced
              by Major General Withers A. Burress. I was in the Constabulary from 1946 to December
              of 1948. The headquarters was transferred to Vaihingen outside of Stuttgart. in 1948.

 Donald W. Decker
 Date: Sun Dec 31  2000
               I was assigned to Troop B of the 16th Constab Sq. Sep. in Nov.1948.
              We worked the Airlift along with the 16th Inf. We also pulled guard at Spandau Prison
              among other duties.Great outfit. Looking for more buddies.

Remo P Sabetti
Date: Sun Dec 31 23:40:50 2000
              Was in C Trp 72nd Sqd. 10th Cons Regt. Boblingen in 46 We did
              border patrol and check points from Ulm. Was in the Panzer barracks. had a big Polish DP
              camp out side of town. Like to hear from any one that was there, so far no one has
              answered. I was also in Hq co S&R plt. 49 in Fritzlar, But tranferred to 1st Recon Co. 1st
              Inf Div. Oct 49 at Erlangen.

Date: Mon Jan 1 16:52:08 2001
             Notice to all Troopers the article on me is incorrect it will be
              corrected at a later date.
             AA THOMAS

Date: Mon Jan 1 02:45:52 2001
               '47-48 Trooper 16th SQDN.[SEP]-A&HDQ troops

Allan Rouse
Date: Wed Jan 3  2001
              Regensburg and Straubing,Ger. 1947 & 1948 B troop,25th
              Con.Sqd.,11th Regt.

 Dan Schulte
Date: Wed Jan 3  2001
             Served in A/16th Sqdrn (Sep) in Berlin 48-52. Mech, Troop Clerk and
              Supply Sgt. Continued with 6th Inf when 16th Colors were furled.
              This is a fine web page and all who have contributed need
              to be congratulated. It is the comments, memeories and anecdotes which will keep the
              Constab up front and alive. Unfortunately, pour History is not covered in the History Books
              and shortly, we will fade from memory.

Donald Compeau
Date: Thu Jan 4  2001
             Member of the US Constabulary Association.
              Serve at Fritzlar and Fulda

Harvey Bowles

Date: Thu Jan 4  2001
              Stationed in Schweinfurt constabulary and later 1st.cav. from early
              1946 through 1948.When 1st. cav took over WE were taken on a 100 mile force
              march.Was brought through schweinfurt .marching at attention.on the cobble stones good
              thing we were young then.lol anyone rembers this give me an e mail niha@alltel.net. glad
              to hear from someone....trooper Harvey N. Bowles

George Valenzuela
Date: Sat Jan 6  2001
             E Troop 24th Constabulary Battallion
              1948, Linz, Austria
              I would appreciate a short message, post card, etc.
              3179 Porter Lane
              Ventura, CA 93003

william shaphren

Date: Sun Jan 7 03:32:44 2001
   Compliment you on your work. I was with constablary briefly in
   1946...as company armorer for 10th CON in Stuttgart-Moehringen. We had a topnotch 1st
   Sgt. and Captain,of whom I cannot recall the names. Look forward to hearing from you.

Donald Compeau
Date: Sun Jan 7  2001
   Any Constabulary troopers from Fritzlar or Fulda
   Email me at CFulda54@aol.com     Thank You.

 Ivonne A. Harenburg
Date: Mon Jan 8  2001

   Have not been in your guetbook since 6 month and now I had to learn that we have lost a
   very good friend to us all. Irene, I hope someone knows better words for you as I do to
   understand and to accept. I think we all have to be very thankfull that you do not stop the
   great job with this page. Our future is everything what we have done in the past and the
   people we have met. Best regards Ivonne 

Date: Tue Jan 9 11:34:23 2001
           c 373 inf. bn.
           giessen germany
           1948 to 1951

Raymond Iverson
Date: Tue Jan 9 19:21:07 2001
       Served from 1946 - 1947. Former member of Association.Served in14th squadron in Darmstad.

Raymond H. Dunkel

 Date: Thu Jan 11 2001
    Assigned to Company "C", 54th Engineer Battalion (c) located at
   Panzer Kaserne, Boblingen, Germany. Company "C" provided Combat support to the 2nd
   Armored Cavalry Regt.during field exercises.

Ray Urbanski
 Fri Jan 12  2001

                                  Friedberg Tank Company, 3rd Battalion,
                                           14th A/C Reg. 

Paul Caffrey
                                 Date: Sat Jan 13  2001
   I was in the first Constabulary First Brigade Wiesbaden Germany

ed bremser
Date: Mon Jan 15 03:36:55 2001
   charlie co.73rd Ord Maint Bn. Arrived fritzlar, jan 1950, departed giessen apr. 1954. Traveled the
   maint. route, hersfeld, fulda, schweinfurt and all'anybody remember Capt. Jake Bowers?

 Clayton R. Irmen
Date: Tue Jan 16 06:44:31 2001
 Re-assigned from Co.E, 30th Inf, 3rd Div., to Sqd Leader, 1st Sqd,
   1st Plt., "A" Troop, 11th Sqd, 1st Brig., at Kassel, Germany, in 1946. Worked Border
   Crossings along British and Russian Sectors. Bonnhof Master, at Train Stations along both
   sectors. Left Constabulary in May 1947. Served in combat in both ETO., and Korea. Two
   CIB's, one Bronze Star, and Purple Heart. Retired Oct 1964, as CWO/3. NOTHING

 roberta@softcom.net ()
Date: Wed Jan 17 19:18:35 2001
   This past Sept, 36 members,wives & family members of the Assoc.
   again traveled to Germany,
   Austria & Switz. Visited kaserne's where some of
   us were stationed over50yrs ago & other beautiful
   towns. We all had a great time and are ready to go back again in the future.

ekuchta@execpc.com ()
 Elroy T. Kuchta
Date: Sat Jan 20  2001
 Hdqs &&Svc Troop 66th Const SQdn, 2nd Regt, Degerndorf,
   Germany 1946 to 1950. Transferred to
   7827/20 Mil Intel 1948.

Complete E-mail: iron arm 15@aol.com ()

                 Date: Sun Jan 20  2001
  anybody from 81st sq.in fulda dec 46 tojune 47 and the 22sq at hersfeld to feb 48? please get in touch.

toni.schindler@t-online.de ()
 Schindler Toni
Date: Sun Jan 21  2001

   I worked for Hq-troop 81st under Capt. Jaime and First Sergeant Shaffer
   Greetings from Germany

John Oldenburg
Date: Thu Jan 25 2001
 I arrived in Bad Hersfeld about July 1946, I do not remember what
   Company I went to. Later I went to SIS School, worked a while in the SIS section, but did
   not care for it and went to Medical School in Augsburg retured and reported to the
   Medical Section and worked at the Dispensary. I left 1949

Name: Dena Houston
Date: Sun Jan 28 21:25:31 2001
   Hello to all of you brave "24th Constabulary Squadron" members. My
   father was Elmer M.Bailey from Paw Paw, WV. He was another one of you! I have the
   original document or certificate of which he was given this award of "Border Legion". If
   you have more on this particular subject, please email me and let me know. I appreciate
   everyone who has helped me find out more about my Dad.


Edward Monahan
 Date: Sun Jan 28  2001
    Tank Driver,Lt Tank Troop,14Constabulary
   Regt.Kitzigen & Schweinfurt1946-attended
   Constabulary School.Sonhofen germ.

Edelweiss @Aol.Com
   Name: George B.Thomps
   Date: Sun Jan 28 2001
 I served from 1946-47 in
   Troop B,42nd.Sqd.,2nd Reg.

   Name: Chuck Miller
   Date: Mon Jan 29  2001
    I was with the 74th Armored Artillery Batillion in Landshut From Jan
   1950 till Dec 1953. We were Constabulary (Circle C Cowboys ) only a short time before
   we became 7th Army. 

   Name: Dick Whitworth
   Date: Mon Jan 29 2001
    I was in Hq 3rd Army in Heidelberg in 1946 when the Hq US
   Constabulary moved in and 3rd Army rotated back to Atlanta, GA. I was in the AG
   Section Hq Constab for a while and transferred to the Public Safety Office(Military
   Government)In 1948 I transferred to Labor Supervision where we supervised Polish DP
   Guards and later Baltic Engineers until UNRRA resettled them to all parts of the world. I
   returned to the U.S. in 1949.

   Name: Charles F.
   Date: Tue Jan 30 01:23:47 2001
    I was stationed at the Berg Kaserne in Sonthofen, Germany, from
   March 48til March of 52.My unit was the 91stF.A. Battalion, Battery "B"

   Complete E-mail: dhilley@bellsouth.net
   Name: Danny Hilley
                             Date: Wed Jan 31  2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: Member Hq. Co. 2nd Battalion, 14th A/C from Jan 56 to Dec 59
   stationed in Bad Kissingen 

Feb 2001

Complete E-mail: waltpal@prodigy.net
                                  Date: Thu Feb 1 19:57:49 2001

Complete E-mail: charlieclaudia@aol.com
   Name: Wigglesworth
                               Date: Sat Feb 3 17:54:28 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: Am glad that I finally found this web site. My father, Charles
   Tongret, served in the Constabulary in Weiden @1946-1950. I believe he was a member
   of the Association until he passed away in 1993. My mother, Marianne Jung Tongret, was
   one of the first German Nationals to be hired to work with the Constabulary in
   Schweinfurt. She worked in Schweinfurt and Straubing. She has very fond memories of
   the soldiers she worked with. If any one remember 

   Complete E-mail: lcdink@worldnet.att.net
   Name: Louis Dinkins
                              Date: Mon Feb 5 00:10:35 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: My brother was a member of the Unit abt 1946-1948. Jams V
   Dinkins. Don't know what Co. 


   Complete E-mail:
   Name: Wilfred Collins
                               Date: Mon Feb 5 00:22:08 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: Served in Hq & Hq Trp. 3d Constabulary Brigade at Bad Cannstadt
   about Mar 46 to May 47. Drove the messenger jeep between the 3 regts. Was a T/5 at the
   time. Would like to hear from anyone there at that time or was in the 1st Bn 2d AC Regt
   when it moved from Augsberg to Bindlach in 51 or 52. Hope to see you all in Ks this
   Sep.EMail CW2WCOL@aol.com


   Complete E-mail: billabtx@yahoo.com
   Name: Bill Brinson
                             Date: Mon Feb 5 00:40:32 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: Irene, great page. a trooper with BTrp 68th Sqdn.
   from 3-46-7-48. Joined in Boblingen,moved to
   Augusburg,Buedgen,Hanau,Bad Homburg,Mainz/Kastel.
   Also attended the Constabulary school.Sure wish I
   had taken and kept more pictures. Most of the
   stuff I brought back went to family members. Keep
   up the good work.

Complete E-mail: fmadden@tstar.net
   Name: Jerry Madden
                               Date: Tue Feb 6 22:00:12 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: Served in Austria with 24th Sqdrn 4th Cav. all later converted to
   Constabulary...was in D troop the Hdq. troop. Capt. Cash (West Point)was my
   commander at one point. I remember an Eric Earle born in Newfoundland and Bill Parcell?
   of Beverly Hills....1946/47. 


Complete E-mail: mefarnes@lni.net
   Name: Marv Farnsel
                               Date: Thu Feb 8 16:40:32 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: 6th. Constabulary Sqd. Hq troop Coburg, Germany1947. 

Complete E-mail: bstiles@hitter.net
   Name: Bill Stiles
                           Date: Sat Feb 10 02:01:36 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: served with:
   15th con regt hdqs at Seckenheim
   1st con sqn at Knieligen (Karlsrhuhe)
   10th con sqn at Sonthofen
   6th con sqn at Schweinfurt and Straubing
   worked some with translators office, we were call Kartoffelkaefer by the civilians because
   of our helmets
   1946-till the 6th was redisignated 6th Armd Cav in 1950

Complete E-mail: tomsal@hitter.net
   Name: Aime A. Thomas
                                 Date: Sun Feb 11 22:02:46 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: Hi,Irene;
   How are things going now: hope all is going well for you and family,, just wanted to know if
   you still have my packet of my tour of duty and the pics I sent you?
   Will leave now for I am checking out another web site that has a lot of the same pics as
   we do in your web site; as you know I am a part time investergater on frauds in the
   service, you can read a bit about what I did in the book STOLEN VALOR by Lt.
   B.G.Burkett and Glenna Whithley/ I am around page 201- 

   Name: Allan Rouse
                             Date: Mon Feb 12 02:40:24 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: B Tr,25th Con Sq. 11th Regt. Regensburg and Straubing, Germany
   1947 & 1948
E-Mail Address Rouseag21@CS.COM

   Complete E-mail: TCamp45604@aol.com
   Name: Tim Campbell
                              Date: Mon Feb 12 05:56:42 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: I joined the RA in oct 1948 for constabuary becouse i did'nt want to
   go to japan. I took a troopship to germany in june 1949 went through marburg,and was
   assigned to hq & hq co 14th acr 1st bn.bn maint fritzlar air base, we stayed in rooms in the
   hanger,I remember going to tank mech school in eshwege up on the border. I moved to sv
   co in 1950 and later I went to 2nd bn. in swinefort.we moved out of swinefort to bad
   kissingen I rotated back to the states in june 1952 i would like to here from an


Complete E-mail: jhansen@intella.net
   Name: Donald R. Plate
                                Date: Tue Feb 20 18:53:55 2001
   Comment, Co.,Yr: I was a member of the 15th Constabulary Regiment stationed in
   Darmstadt, West Germany from March 1946 to March 1947. I am trying to find
   information about my regiment but so far having no luck. If anyone has information on
   where to look, email me at my daughters address jhansen@intella.net HOPING TO
   Donald R. Plate

              Complete E-mail: edlbee@aol.com
              Name: Ed L. Bowley
                                         Date: Wed Feb 21 13:27:56 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr:
              I was XV Army Corps originally, then transferred to the Constabulary HQ, without
              leaving my desk.
              I will never forget the times I had in Germany with the Constabulary.. 

  Complete E-mail: dave1830@earthlink.com
              Name: David E. Morell
                                          Date: Fri Feb 23 04:19:49 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I was in the 97th Sig, Bn, we carried communication for Constab
              Hq. I was there
              from August 1948 until May 1951. I married
              on of our telephone operators, we just
              pased out 50th anniversary Sept 16, 2000
              I am a member of the 97th Sig Bn. Association
              Tried and True was our motto, still is...
              I was in the Army 12 years, was discharged
              in March 1962, at Fort Bliss, Texas...

Complete E-mail: samz84@hotmail.com
              Name: sam zafran
                                       Date: Sat Feb 24 00:13:33 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: found a guy that make vinal stickons. 10 inch circle "C'
               with bolt united states at top constabulary below
              cost 25 bucks free shipping.thought somebody may be

Complete E-mail: catsears@ivillage.com
              Name: Sue Bonnett
                                        Date: Sat Feb 24 19:38:46 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr:
              Does anyone serving or having any info on Willard Lee Bonnett, get in touch with me? I
              know he
              was in Germany, he took tons of pictures (no names, places though), think he might have
              been around Kassel or Stuttgart but wouldn't be sure
              of anything. His service was in the '40s. thanks again for any help. Have anyone with info

              sue bonnett
              email catsears@ivillage.com 

March 2001

   Complete E-mail: writerutila@aol.com
              Name: William Jackson
                                           Date: Sun Mar 4 04:28:56 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I served as tank driver/tank commander from Feb 1946 to Oct
              1946 with Light Tank Troop 14th Constabulary Rgmt. first in Kitzingen and later at
              Schweinfurt, Germany. Basic training at Fort Riley, Ks Jan 1945 to about May 45.
              Sailed to Philippines, Lingayen area [Manila]Sept. then to Germany Feb. 45 to join
              Constab. I do belong to Constab. association. Would like to hear from anyone who
              might have served in Ger. in Schweinfurt during that period. I remember some last
              names, no first.

Complete E-mail: budshirl2@att.net
              Name: Bud F Keigher
                                         Date: Wed Mar 7 00:43:38 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Looking for some one from the 70th Field Artilery Fussen,
              Germany. US
              Constabulary. 1947 to 1952

Complete E-mail: turse1@yahoo.com
              Name: Vito M. Tursell
                                          Date: Thu Mar 8 15:55:55 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I was transferd to HQ, 2nd Consabulary Brigade in
              Munich from May 1947 to sept. 1948 in the moter
              pool. Would like to here from anyone

Complete E-mail: redfezpp@mindspring.com
              Name: rod van trump
                                        Date: Tue Mar 13 17:36:07 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Was assigned to 53rd Constab Sq, redesignated the
              15th Constab Sq, in Weiden, until transfered to
              Dachau in about May 1950. I'm a card carrier with
              the association, with no time to participate. Good
              luck to those that do.

              Complete E-mail: wfort@twcny.rr.com
              Name: Walt Fort
                                     Date: Sun Mar 11 23:07:02 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Representing the 97th Sig. Bn. I worked several times with the 3rd
              Armored Cavalry in Straubing, Germany. Received an Honorary Member Of The
              Border Legion Certificate for service with them from 57-59.Enjoy this fine Home page.

              Complete E-mail:
              Name: WHITAKER J.C
                                           Date: Sun Mar 11 18:14:07 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr:
              I was in Fritzlar 1948-1949-1950.

              Complete E-mail: psforbesltd@earthlink.net
              Name: Paul Feuer
                                       Date: Thu Mar 8 21:44:55 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I was assigned to the 424th Constabulary in Linz, Austria and
              served there during 1947-48. 

 Complete E-mail: dbirkholz@aol.com
              Name: Don Birkholz
                                         Date: Fri Mar 9 01:39:32 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Stationed in Straubing with 8th Ord.Mar 49 till
              May 52. Quite a bit oftime was TDY'd to the 7th
              Army IG team as small arms inspecter, also on the
              Eucom team.Looking for James Rogers,Paul Whelply
              and Frank Ross.

              Complete E-mail: c.maskolunas@worldnet.att.net
              Name: Chuck & Roswith
                                           Date: Sat Mar 10 21:31:29 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: 13 ARTY Sheridan Kacern HQ BTRY 1963 Augsburg
              11th AMDCAV Mitterhausen Kasern Straubing Germany
              HOW BTRY FO Section 1963-1965
              3rd ARMDCAV HOW BTRY FO Section RECON SGT Kaiserslautern 1965-1966
              FT LEWIS WA $th Infantry 1966 4MO.
              VIETNAM 101st HQ trans to A BTRY 5th BN 27 Field ARTY
              Oct2-1966-0ct1,1967 Med Evac FT Gordon Georgia. Reha Co 1 US Specialized
              Treatment Center

Complete E-mail: MurphyWilliam@msn.com
              Name: Bill Murphy
                                       Date: Sat Mar 31 00:46:33 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I served with Hq Constabulary from 1947 in Heidelberg and moved
              to Vahingen in 1948 and was in HQ til june of 1950.

              Complete E-mail: alphonso31@neo.rr.com
              Name: Allen F.Lamp
                                         Date: Fri Mar 30 20:56:01 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Would like to hear from anyone who served in Co. C 73rd. armd.
              Ord. From 1978 to 1950

              Complete E-mail: Sjeff6924@aol.com
              Name: Neil E Jeffers
                                        Date: Fri Mar 30 20:18:12 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: B company 1St BN, 6TH A/C Regt.
              Straubing Germany
              Served December 1948- June 1952
              Present Member of outpost 2

              Complete E-mail: dweitzel@stratos.net
              Name: dan weitzel
                                       Date: Fri Mar 30 19:39:09 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I was in the 6th cal & 6th constabulary 1945-46
              CO C Erlangen,Coburg and other places.Would like
              to hear from some of the guy's from the 28th or 6th Cal,constabulary . Thank you Dan

              Complete E-mail: Rudeck@cs.com
              Name: Donald W.Decker
                                            Date: Fri Mar 30 16:27:43 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I was with B Troop of the 16th Constab. Sq Sep. in Berlin from
              1948 until 1950. We then became Co. B. 6th Inf. remained with it until 1952.

              Complete E-mail: samz84@hotmail.com
              Name: sam zafran
                                      Date: Fri Mar 30 16:23:49 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: 1st Constab Brigade dit happy trooper.Hey Irene Congrats
              notice the MilitaryCom Award.Great Goings.Am in the
              process of getting your Circle C stickons,They work great
              on each side of my car.C>U>L> Sam

              Complete E-mail: phylance@bellsouth.net
              Name: Lancelotti
                                      Date: Fri Mar 30  2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: T/Sgt C. J. Lancelotti
              97th Constabulary Signal Squadron
              Boeblingen PanzerKassern 1946

                            Complete E-mail: nick@jetlink.net
              Name: Nick Strangio
                                         Date: Sat Mar 31 22:59:32 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I see you have recieved a well deserved honor. Congratulations and
              keep up the good work.

              Complete E-mail: roseyrowe@aol.com

              Name: Lester A. Toy
                                         Date: Sat Mar 31 15:01:08 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I CO. 3RD Battalion Bad Hersfeld Germany 1951 - 1952. Looking
              for Kenneth B. Porter

        April 2001

              Complete E-mail: cirmen@ix.netcom.com
              Name: Clayton Irmen
                                         Date: Sun Apr 1 14:57:40 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Transferred from Co E, 30th Inf, 3rd Div, in Kassel, Germany to
              "A" Troop, 11th Sqd, 1st Brig,
              in the beginning. Patroled border areas between English and Russion Sector, as well as
              Rail Station Custom Searches. Left Germany in May 1947, following my second tour
              oversea's. Retired as CWO3, October 1964, following my 5th time oversea's and two
              war's in combat (ETO & Korea).

      Complete E-mail: alphonso31@neo.rr.com
              Name: Allen F. Lamp
                                         Date: Mon Apr 2 00:50:34 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: This web site sure brought back a lot of memories for me.C.
              Company 73rd. Arm"d Ord. in Fritzlar. From 1948 to 1950. Keep up the good work.

              Complete E-mail: apfiddler@aol.com
              Name: David W Bunting
                                           Date: Sun Apr 1 06:01:15 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Hq Hq co. 3rd. bn. 2nd armored cav, div.
              1948--1952------Augsburg & Amburg
              A great web sight Keep up the good work

           Complete E-mail: cirmen@ix.netcom.com ()
              Name: Clayton Irmen
                                         Date: Sun Apr 1 14:57:40 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Transferred from Co E, 30th Inf, 3rd Div, in Kassel, Germany to
              "A" Troop, 11th Sqd, 1st Brig,
              in the beginning. Patroled border areas between English and Russion Sector, as well as
              Rail Station Custom Searches. Left Germany in May 1947, following my second tour
              oversea's. Retired as CWO3, October 1964, following my 5th time oversea's and two
              war's in combat (ETO & Korea). 

              Complete E-mail: alphonso31@neo.rr.com ()
              Name: Allen F. Lamp
                                         Date: Mon Apr 2 00:50:34 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: This web site sure brought back a lot of memories for me.C.
              Company 73rd. Arm"d Ord. in Fritzlar. From 1948 to 1950. Keep up the good work.


              Complete E-mail: apfiddler@aol.com
              Name: David W Bunting
                                           Date: Sun Apr 1 06:01:15 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Hq Hq co. 3rd. bn. 2nd armored cav, div.
              1948--1952------Augsburg & Amburg
              A great web sight Keep up the good work

              Complete E-mail: RCarpenter.hvc.rr.com
              Name: DICK CARPENTER
                                               Date: Fri Apr 6 19:21:16 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: 16TH CONSTAB[SEP} '47-'48GREAT EXPERIENCE + an
              opportunity for a college education.

Complete E-mail: irmoore@eatel.net
              Name: Irene
                                  Date: Fri Apr 6  2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Don,--My Dad Gilbert Matherne was in Fritzlar from 1947 - 1949. 

Complete E-mail: jhankins@wt.net
              Name: John Hankins
                                        Date: Mon Apr 9 23:35:41 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I've had the pleasure of serving in three different services during my
              military career: US Merchant Marine at age 16-18, the US Army upon return from the
              Pacific following WWII, the USA which eventually took me to Linz and Horsching
              Austria where I served with the 124th Station Hospital initially, and the Med. Det. 4th
              Const. Regt, sometime later. Years later I transfered to the Air Force, got my degree
              and commision, then retired to followign civilian profession as a Hospital Executive, etc.

                    Complete E-mail: laura@hharenburg.de
              Name: I.Harenburg
                                       Date: Mon Apr 9 18:05:00 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Happy Easter to you all. We finally will move beginning of May to
              the US, Eastern Shore of VA, and I'm looking forward with pride in dignity to my father
              to be a future member of the US Constabulary Association).Ivonne Harenburg 

Complete E-mail: bmcphail@vvm.com
              Name: Billy McPhail
                                        Date: Tue Apr 10 06:23:57 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Joined US constab, 14th Regt at Kitzengen in 1947 having been
              transfered from 88th Inf Div in the TRUST Force in Gorizia, Italy. Later transferred to
              Constabulary Flight Detachment, US Constab Hq, stationed at Neu Ostheim
              (Mannheim). We were the Aviation (Air Arm) of the Circle C Cowboys, providing
              every sort of mission requiring the use of light observation airplanes. We moved to
              Ecterdingen Army Airfield in Stutgart with Constab Hqs in '48 and all the married pilots
              with families lived in Es 

              Complete E-mail: mannyg@sap.net ()
              Name: Manny Goldstein
                                           Date: Tue Apr 10 20:51:42 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: You updated site is great Irene.

              I am off to Berlin April 12-29 to visit my daughter and family.

              Report when I get back 

              Complete E-mail: krzykwa@netzero.net ()
              Name: Tina
                                Date: Wed Apr 11 14:43:58 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Hello, Again! I am a grand-daughter of Gilbert Matherne.
              I am looking for Howard G. Knight, he was a M/SGT.
              in 1952. He was in the 1st Inf. Div. Apo.1, New York, NY.
              If anyone has any info Please email me!
              Thanks, Tina

              Complete E-mail: krzykwa@netzero.net
              Name: Tina
                                Date: Wed Apr 11 14:40:07 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Hello, I am a grand-daughter of Gilbert Matherne.
              I am looking for Walter H. Kleeberg, he was a Cpl.
              in 1952 and was stationed in Camp Pickett, Va.
              He was in Hq. Det 330th Ord Bn. If anyone has any
              info. Please email me! Thanks, Tina

Complete E-mail: JcmE7ret@aol.com
              Name: Julian McCalla
                                         Date: Thu Apr 12 16:00:22 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: I served with Headquarters Troop, 16th Constabulary Squadron
              (Separate), APO 742-A, Berlin, Germany from July 1947 to August 1947.

              The word (Separate) in the 16th Squadron's designation was due to the fact that the
              was the ONLY squadron to actively serve in East Germany after World War II had

              The FIRST commander of 16th Squadron (Separate) was, at the time, Lieutenant
              Colonel named Samuel McClure Goodwin, a West Point Academy graduate.
              In October, 1998, BG 

 Complete E-mail: foghorn220@hotmail.com
              Name: craig thweatt
                                        Date: Sun Apr 15 03:10:47 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: Hi you have a great site i was trying to see if i could find any info on
              someone that was in the army around the year of 1956/1957
              his name was Leonard D Brown he was a sargent stationed with the 867th or it might be
              reveresed maybe the 876th C.BTRY at Neckarsulm Germany he went back to the usa
              in april of 1957 he was from paducah ky then if there is anything that you could tell me
              how to find out more on him i would appreiacte it is there somewhere that i could go to
              and see if he is deceas

       Complete E-mail: mmarti77@bellsouth.net
              Name: Marvin Martin
                                        Date: Mon Apr 16 03:55:55 2001

              Complete E-mail: rwilkins@sirinet.net
              Name: Richard E. Wilk
                                          Date: Tue Apr 17 21:34:24 2001
              Comment, Co.,Yr: HQ &HQ Co 2nd Constabulary Regt. Nov 48 to June 53
              Communications Platoon. Radio Operator. Worked for MSgt Soulders, Oberindorfer
              aned Sgt Gillan