Aug. 21, 2008
United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation

Phil Consalvo
Fulda, Germany

     My name is Phil Consalvo. I was a T-5 and specialized in small arms in the 81 Easy Troop at Fulda 1946-47. My first sergeant was Demayo.  I arrived in Le Harve, France then traveled by railroad cars to the repo-depo in Kassel.  I was assigned to 203 AAA Automatic Weapons Battalions (SP).  Later the outfit was deactivated so I went to Wetzlar for Constabulary Training.  Upon completion I was assigned to E-Troop 81st Constabulary Squadron.  I went to Rasdorf to perform Russian Border Patrol. I came back to Kaserne for one week, then transferred to "C" Troop, and was sent to Schluchturn for more Russian Border patrol.  I was involved with many check points and checking DP camps for contraband items. 
I lived my adult life by the 81st Motto.
 T/5 Philip J. Consalvo

Phil Consalvo
1046 Jefferson St.
Follansbee, WV 26037.