United States Constabulary

Chapter Four

Classified Subject
Written by Eight Ball

     Ok guys, now comes the touchy subject.  Sitting back at base, after patrol and other duties, comes pass time.  Well okay, so we get a pass and go into the nearest town.  Sure there are Gasthauses and parks and such things but not much for enjoyment. Only movies were back on base, the 16 mm jobs that were so old they must have been watched during WW1.  Then there was the monthly training film telling you what happens if you get a stick in your shoe and then there were the others that covered you know what.  Speaking of you know what, of course there was the so called non fraternization rule.  Oh yea, don't mix with the female population in the area, that’s a no no.  So I ask my self, if there is a nonfratinization rule, why is it when you went to town they gave you a condom at the gate.  And when you returned to base, you went thru the required latrine ritual.  Sorry ladies, that’s a classified subject.  

More to come.

Eight Ball
Posted 6/21/08

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