United States Constabulary


Chapter Five

Latrine Ritual

by Eightball

Refering to the Latrine Ritual.  It seems that after a period of time the so called Nonfratinization rule was not working.  So the powers that be, decided to drop it.  But let us flashback to the period it was still in force.  Realizing that it was not being observed and the impossible task of enforcing it, fearing that there might be a possible upswing in venereal disease, they conceived this wonderful plan.  A package of condoms was issued at the gate to each trooper as they departed the base.  Upon there return from town they were issued a packet containing a small bar of soap, a wash cloth and a tube of ointment.  (Boy how am going to put this in prospective??).  They entered a special area set up at the gate, there they washed the genital area of there body and then uncapped the ointment tube inserted the end into the opening of there penis and squeezed the tube so that the ointment was released into it orfice.  That was the latrine ritual. Whew I',m glad I got that out of the way.  (Not having used the condum, I faked the procedure)


Posted 9/26/08

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