The United States Constabulary


Chapter Six

Canister Shot

By Eightball

     Ok you old timers. What was the most dangerous thing in the Army during our time?? Yep a active duty ROTC Second Lt. with a map. During the early stages of the GAME, there weren't the mine fields, barb wire, the roads were not well marked and the other side had a habit of switching signs, trying to confuse us and get us into there zone so that they could hold us for ransom. Most of the time when it happened, they could be brought off with some cigarettes and rations. Well anyway, Here we were. the second Louie standing up front in his jeep giving us the Forward march sign and heading down the road. Coming to a three way, the Louie looks at the sign and heads right. We are blowing the horn and yelling (Having traveled this way before should have gone straight ahead) trying to stop him. But to no avail. Up the road about a 3 miles, is a small village. The Louie stops and waves at the occupants. We pull up to him and yell at him, to turn around. We spot a guy in a brown uniform heading for a telephone and figure we are going to have company headed back. We get him turned around and behind us and head hellbent for the border. Up on the road ahead is vehicle with two guys in it, trying to wave us down. The car commander yells to the driver "pull up", I stand up in the turret and wave a Canister shot round so that they can see it and pretend to load it in the cannon, then aim it at them.  Knowing that their two rifles can't compete with an Armored Car, they get the hint and move out of the way. Passing by, we threw them a pack of cigarettes and some chewing gum.. So like I say some 2nd Louies are the most dangerous thing in the army.


Posted on 9/26/08

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