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Posted Sept. 26, 2008

Got to reading about Military Stuff, what old timer doesn't. Come across this write up in the Military news. Big Breakthru. The  Research and Development command, has come up with the latest in Ammunition. Ammo is for a 120 mm tank cannon firing a canister round containing 1,150 tungsten pellets. Big hullabaloo, with video and sound.
Hello out there. 1946 to 1952 Vilseck and Grafenwhor. Scenario, tank firing range, M8 Armored Car, fire one, CANISTER ROUND, pellets flying, sound, familiar. Gee, maybe they will come up with a six wheel armored vehicle with a curved bottom to deflect mines, crew behind armor to protect from small arms fire, mounting a small caliber cannon and a coaxial machine gun to move troops around  in????

Publication titled FM 3-07
Posted Nov. 22, 2008

     Got to reading all that stuff from Mil Com, can spend days skimming thru those reports.  So I come across this most amazing publication titled  FM 3-07.  A Military Roadmap from Conflict to Peace.  It basically prescribes both Military, Civilian and Diplomatic procedures to be taken after the conflict is over.  (Mostly details Iraq and Afghanistan.)  So I am skimming thru this pub. and lo and behold I think I HAVE FOUND A CASE OF PLAGIARISM.  Unless my tired old eyes are deceiving me I could swear I was reading parts out of another old manual from long ago.  It didn't have a FM No, it didn't have such a noble title, it didn't have quotes and note numbers, it was read by over 33,000 or more Military and civilian personnel. It was called.........    THE TROOPERS GUIDE.

Harking back to the old days. Read the list, familiar to you? You can add your memories to the list too.
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