United States Constabulary
6th Coburg, Germany

Ralph Judd

     I joined the US Army Nov. 1944.  I left Bavaria Germany on the 10th of Nov. 1945.  I was in the United States Constabulary in Coburg, Germany when the Constabulary first started. I can't remember the town we were in before moving to Coburg but it was there that we scraped paint off the vehicles and repainted them with the Circle  "C" emblems and ect.  At the time I was stationed with the 6th in Coburg, A troop. I was there in 1946 & 1947. The first Sgt. was Sgt. Cassarborn. I remember that the troop was in big trouble for a while because most of the troop got drunk one night and one of my buddies beat up the burgermaster.  We all got hell for that but in the end everything turned out ok.

     Captain Jack was the troop commander. Sgt. John Winaskie, Sgt. Pain was there and Thomas Kelley. We had lots of beer at the Big Brown Derby & the Little Brown Derby. I was very proud of being in the US CONSTABULARY and patrolling the border. The Russians at times like to see how much they could get away with but we kept them where they belonged.

     My discharge from the ARMY was May 1947 with the rank of T/5.
I live in Maine.  

     Have a good day TROOPERS and will catch you later.

Ralph L Judd Jr.
25 Hewey St
Lisbon Falls, Me. 04252

Ralph L. Judd's Photos

Front Gate - Coburg, Germany

  Ralph Judd [ in back on right]

  Ralph Judd [on right]

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