United States Constabulary
Nuremberg, Ulm, Bertchesgarden, Germany

Robert W. Stewart
2nd Lieutenant in "Headquarters Company 13th Constabulary 3rd Army Squadron
August 18, 1945 to February 18, 1947

     My father, Lt. Robert W. Stewart, served in the U.S. Constabulary Corps in '46-'47.  His discharging superior officer was Nathaniel E. Borden, Lt Col CAC.    Robert Stewart died in late '47 of an illness.  All of his military records were lost in the fire and we lost our family pictures and records in a flood.  So I have never had much information about him or his military career.   I only have 3 pictures of him.  But our family lore says that he was at Nuremberg, Ulm, Bertchesgarden with the Constabulary Corps.  
     Could you provide any information about him?  Any information at all would be much appreciated. 
Thank you. 

Bob Stewart
Lt. Robert W. Stewart, Ulm-Donau, Jun 1946

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