Rothwesten, Germany
1st. Con Regt. 10th Sq.
Fritzlar, Germany
14th Regt.

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I am happy to share with you some photos of my Constabulary days in Germany.

Sgt. Carl Lovdahl

When I got to Rothweston in the middle of June, 1946,  things were a little confused.  The 1st. Sgt. asked if anyone could type.  I was the only one that held up his arm.  Anyway, got the job right then to type up passes for the other guys that came in with me.  From then on, I was on a typewriter the whole time I was in the Constabulary.  I was in  office work all the time and was in charge of Personnel for the 11th Squad.  Then the name changed ot the 10th and later to the 12th.  I remember names from payrolls and service records but may not have met them in person.

All my pictures are from the area that I was stationed.  I was with the 1st. Constabulary Regt. 10th Sq. from 15th June, 1946 to May or June of 1947.  Then I was transfered to Fritzlar.  The 1st. became the 14th Regt.  I worked as the orderly room clerk and then transfered into Personnel.  I left Germany in the last part of August 1948.


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