National Reunion 2005
Orlando, FL

Speech by Trooper Jim Deming.                         
Sept. 2005                                                                                      


Fellow Troopers....  We made  the theme of this Eighth Annual Convention.  "REMEMBERING THE 60th YEAR ANNIVERSARY". of the UNITED STATES CONSTABULARY.
 We are rapidly approaching the anniverary day, just a few months from now that this great and very important unit was actually Christened on 10 January 1946.
On that day Major General Ernest N. Harmon. distinguished wartime commander of the 1st and 2d Armored Divisions was appointed Commanding General of the United States Constabulary. By order if Lt.General Lucian K. Truscott. Commanding General Third United States Army.
On 1 July 1946 the United States Constabulary became operational. There are those among us that actually recall the events that took place during that period 10 January, and 1 July 1946. Many are still with us today. 
The Mission of the United States Constabulary was to maintain general Military and Civil Security, to assist in the accomplishment of the objectives of the United States Government in Germany an to control the Boarders of the United States Zone. It was a huge task.
We accomplished our mission on Horseback, Motorcycles, Jeeps. M-8 Armored Cars and even by foot when necessary.
Even though we never reached our assigned strength we never the less did perform our assigned tasks and history tells us we did a damned good job, moral was very high.  As the years dwindled and we slowly passed on our assignments to the German Government, and the German Police.  We slowly returned to combat type units. However our mission still remained until the United States Constabulary was deactivated on 15 December 1952.
So here we are today.  Still remembering and honoring our Fallen Comrades and trying to stay together as long as we can. Each and everyone of us proud of our service and never tire meeting and discussing the things we did back then.
We hope that when you return home, and gather next year 2006 at your Outpost Reunions you will continue to honor the 60th Birthday of this Wonderful Association. 
            By Trooper Jim Deming

The U.S. Constabulary had it's own Air Force in Fritzlar, Germany 1947.
In late 1948 the U S Constabulary played an Air Force team in the first and only "Vittles Bowl Game"
 I  would like to thank Trooper William Tevington for the above information.