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Anthony J. Testolin

Born: March 21st, 1921 Dodge City County
Died: July 2nd, 2008 Sun Prairie, WI

United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation 1946 - 1948
 Policing the U.S. Occupation Zone

U.S. Constabulary Hq.
Stuttgart, Germany

Korean War
Operations Sergeant
1950 - 1951
1st Cavalry Division.

Awarded the Bronze Star
Anthony Testolin was employed with the State of Wisconsin for over 30 years, first with the Wisconsin State Patrol and his last duty was as a Field Sergeant. He then worked with the Wisconsin Emergency Management Agency where he was the Bureau Director responsible for all disaster preparedness planning and response actions until his retirement in 1989. He was an alumnus of the 9 month Police Administration course at Northwestern University, attended various management courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and Federal Colleges at Battle Creek, MI and Emmetsburg, MD. Tony was instrumental in assisting in reorganizing the Wisconsin Bureau of Civil Defense after the 1965 Mississippi River flood, which was a nuclear war planning agency into becoming an all disaster response agency. He took part in the state™s emergency response in every Wisconsin disaster or incident from 1965-1989 which included the 1965 Mississippi flood, 1976 ice storm, 1977 Wisconsin drought, 1977 Wisconsin State Employee™s Strike, 1978 Kickapoo River flood, 1979 truckers strike, 1980™s spear fishing disturbances and 1984 Barneveld tornado. Mr. Testolin along with many state, county and local officials lobbied congress to help form FEMA in 1978. It went from a number of federal agencies to one coordinated federal disaster response agency. From 1990-2002, he served as a FEMA reservist being called to assist at various disaster declarations as they occurred throughout the U.S.A.
Also during this time period, he was a tour manager and guide for Holiday Vacations of Eau Claire escorting groups on trips in the continental U.S.A., Alaska, and Western Europe.
Survivors include his wife of 56 years, Marlayne of Sun Prairie, children and grandchildren.
We thank Richard Whitworth for sharing the above information.

Henry (Hank) Foreman

Born: Chicago, IL 10/22/27
Died: Rancho Cucamonga, CA 02/28/08
U.S. Army Constabulary
2nd Armored Cavalry
Served in Bavaria, Germany 1946-47

Henry enlisted in the Army immediately after high school graduation in February, 1946.  He graduated from Constabulary School at Sonthofen.  He was stationed at Lenggries in the Bavarian Alps, 1946-47.

Neil H. Aikin
United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation
Rothwesten - Constabulary training
- Feb. 1947
- 14th Constabulary Squadron -July 1947
Fritzlar - 14th A/C Reg. U. S. Constabulary - Dec. 1947-1949

Korea - 1950 - 1952
April 1, 1951 awarded the Bronze Star for Valor and Purple Heart.
B. Aug., 28, 1929 Lakewood, OH.
D. Nov., 12, 2007 Las Angeles, CA.


  Virgil Beard
D.- Feb., 1, 1993
United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation
Germany 1946

Hqs TP 10th Constabulary Regt.
March to October 1946 when he was discharged.

Enlisted in the Army in Jan. 1945.
185th Chemical Processing Co.
Manila, Aug. to Oct. 1945

Enlisted in the Army Jan. 1955 until he discharged as Sergeant.
Served in the National Guard of TX
Company H 143D Infantry - Discharged Jan. 1958
His wife, 4 daughter and 2 sons mostly all in TX.

Don Compeau 
D.- March 20, 2004
United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation

Fritzlar, Germany 
 June l948.
B troop 1st Sqdn. 
Radio School (CW) at Fritzlar
It was located in a small building by the gym and air field. 
Don stayed at Fritzlar until he move to
Fulda B Trp. 1st 14th ACR
and stayed there until 1954. 
He was a member of the 
United States Constabulary Association - OP-4 


Sgt./ Maj. John Hollern [Ret.]
D-Jan. 18, 2004

I-Company, 3rd. Bn
14th Armored Cavalry 
U.S. Constabulary
Army of Occupation

Written by 
Andy King [Former National Historian]

John was also a Combat Viet Nam Veteran.  He will be sorely missed by his buddies in I-Company.  He was a giant of a man, the epitome of a soldier and loved by all who served and knew him.

SFC Joseph (Joe) Babineau with his wife Annaliese
United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation
Fritzlar, Gemany
Hq/Hq Co. - 14th ACR
Left Germany in 1950

Born: Dec. 11, 1923
Died: Sept. 12, 2003

Written by
 He was my Sgt. when I worked with him in the Radio Repair Shop in Fritzlar.  I was at his wedding to Annaliese when they got married in Bad Wildungen in 1950.

He was not a member of the US Constabulary Association but he was a member of Hq/Hq Co. - 14th ACR
He was originally from New Hampshire.

He served 20 years in the Army in both WW2 and Korea and retired as a 1st Sgt. He also worked for a bank in Boston for 21 years and retired from there as an Assistant Vice President in 1985.
He moved to Florida in 1986.

He served with  {Gil} Gilbert Matherne, {Denny} SSgt Dionisio Barela, {Robby} Harry Robbins,
{Bob} SSg Robert Bauer, {Wally} SSgt Wallace Smith, all of whom have gone on before us to Fiddler's Green.



      Toni Schindler was born April 4, 1930 and died February 8, 2002. As a 
      young boy he was employed by the 81st Constabulary Sqd. as a German 
      Interpreter and some other work. He stayed in touch with some troopers 
      here in the USA and joined Outpost 2 of our Constabulary Association. 

      Toni encouraged Irene Moore, our Web Site Editor, to start the  Con - 
      stabulary Web Site and he corresponded with many of us troopers and 
      our wives in English  and/or German. 

      Turner Publishing Company donated two it`s books " The United States 
      Constabulary - A History " and I sent one each to Toni & Associate 
      Member Hans-Jurgen Schmidt who presented them to German Army 
      Museums in Germany. 

      Associate Member Toni  Schindler was a great member and active sup - 
      porter of our association and of the United States of America.  He is 
      survived by his three children Max, Anne and Beate 

      We remember Toni Schindler as a real fine " Trooper " of the United 
      States Constabulary 1945 - 1952 in Germany. He is an " Honorary 
      Member ' 

Submitted by : Trooper George B. Thompson 
Historian - Outpost & 
Ellen Eggert Thompson 



James Carmon Brown 
      U.S. Constabulary
Army of Occupation

      A Troop 
      Stationed in Bad Hersfeld, Germany
 December 1948 - May 1951. 
      Birthdate: January 19, 1930 
      Died: March 3, 1996 

B. 5-25-1924     D. 11-26-2000

He was born and raised in

French Settlement, La.
Gilbert J. Matherne

United States Constabulary
Army of Occupation

Constabulary Training
Headquarters and Service Co.
1st Constabulary Regiment
Rothwesten, Germany

Radio and Signal Instructor
Headquarters Troop
  14th A/C Reg. U. S. Constabulary
Fritzlar, Germany

US Navy 

Brisbane, Australia

My father learned he had lung cancer in May of 1999.  This was 5 months following his membership with the US Constabulary Assoc.  He made his first OP 7 reunion in March of 1999.  My husband and I went with him to Little Rock, Arkansas.  He had been having trouble with a cold and cough which became worse in April.  His blood pressure dropped and we took him to the EM Room. They said he needed to see a heart specialist because he was having so much trouble breathing. Everything they did for him didn't help.  They sent him to the lung specialist and learned it was lung cancer. My father took every treatment and followed every instruction the doctors gave to him. He fought this battle for 6 months.  He never let his guard down and always gave his family a positive out look on this illness.  He never gave into it.  He became very weak and the last month of his life he spent it in the hospital. He received his U.S. Constabulary Belt Buckle that I bought for him only a week before he died.  He smiled when he held on to it.  The members of the US Constabulary Association were his friends. I want to thank them all for their kindness.
My father was a wonderful man and trooper.

Written by his daughter, Irene Moore

Wallace D. Smith

Radio and Signal Instructor

     Headquarters and Service Co.
     1st Constabulary Regiment
      Rothwesten, Germany

       Headquarters Troop
     14th Armored Cavalry-U.S. Constabulary
      Fritzlar, Germany

           Last duty station :Colorado.
            Lived in Barstow, CA.  for 5 yr. after retiring.
       Retired from the  US Army in 1966 after 20 years.

           Died December of 1990 
in Reno, NV  Veterans Hospital & is buried at military cemetery in Reno.

SSgt Dionisio [Denny] Barela
Radio and Signal Instructor

 Headquarters and Service Co.
 1st Constabulary Regiment
 US Army
 [Rothwesten 1946-1947]

14th Armored Cavalry Regiment
[U.S. Constabulary]
Fritzlar 1947-1952
U.S. Army

 2 tours in Italy
 Fulda [1963]
 Ft. Lewis [Tacoma] twice
 Vietnam 1965

 Died Dec. 1994
 Lakewood, WA.

George Maxlow
Headquarters and Service Co.
1st Constabulary Regiment
U.S. Army
Rothwesten, Germany
Fritzlar 1947-49
George also served in the Army in W.W.II
Died in 1986


SSgt Harry Robbins
Commo Section

Rothwesten - 1946-1947
Headquarters and Service Co.
 1st Constabulary Regiment
 U.S. Army

Radio Chief of Hq/Hq Co.
14th Armored Cavalry Regiment
U.S. Army

U.S. Army
Died _____

  Samuel McClure Goodwin
[Lieutenant Colonel.]
Hqs. Troop, 16th Constabulary Squadron
 (Separate), APO 742-A
Sam Goodwin was born in New York City on 3 December 1916. 
After completing one year of junior college at New Mexico Military Institute 
(NMMI) he was selected for appointment to the United States Military Academy 
(USMA) at West Point, NY. He graduated the USMA as a Second Lieutenant of 
Cavalry on 11 June 1940. His subsequent 30 years military career included 
wartime service in Europe during World War II and in Korea.  Among his 
assignments were platoon leader, squadron commander and group commander.
General Goodwin retired from active military service in August 1970.

He, as a lieutenant colonel was 
the FIRST 16th Constabulary Squadron (Separate) commander in Berlin, Germany 
and when he died at his Crossed Sabers Ranch in Cerrillos, NM,  October of 1998. 
He held the rank of Brigidare  General (BG).
U.S.  Army
Berlin, Germany

[A note from Mrs Goodwin to the Web Editor]
. My husband, BG Samuel McC. Goodwin, was responsible for creating and
commanding the 16th Constabulary (Separate) in Berlin in 1946 at the
conclusion of World War II.  He was a lieutenant colonel at the time, having
spent the war years with the 6th Cavalry Squadron/Group which he ended up
commanding at the end of the war.  The term "Separate" associated with the
16th Constabulary was not so much related to the physical distance of the
unit from the other Constabulary units stationed in the area of West Germany
as it was to the fact that both logistically and in terms of command
responsibility the 16th was independent of the regular chain of command.

Sam served with the 16th for over a year and considered it one of the finest
periods of his Army career.  It was both heartening and extremely humbling
to find how many men who had been teenagers at that time serving under his
command, and who had never seen nor heard from him in the intervening more
than fifty years, rallied 'round when they heard of his imminent death and
showed him with cards, letters and telephone cards.  I have made many new
friends through those communiqués.

I have explored Irene Moore's web site for her father "Dad's Constabulary Days" and am deeply impressed not
only with the professionalism of the presentation but with the impetus which
must have inspired it.  I doubt you could have made your father more proud.

My very best wishes to you and all your family.  And thank you for your
kindness in communicating with me.

Very sincerely,


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