Fritzlar Military Air Base, Germany 1946-1952

Now known as George-Friedrich-Kaserne by the German Military.
Information posted July 28, 2005

US Constabulary Troopers stationed in Fritzlar, Germany, in 1946-1952 have recently visited the George-Friedrich-Kaserne. With the help of several officers of the German Military at George-Friedrich-Kaserne, once known as the Fritzlar Base, our troopers were able to make this visit. Thomas Schmidt, an Associate member of the US Constabulary Association, from Kassel, Germany, has managed the connections needed for these visits over the past several years. Former Troopers Dick Smith, Ralph Houlihan, Richard Newman, and Phil Sandoval, after their contact with Irene Moore, recently visited the Kaserne.

I, Irene Moore, have had continuous contact with Thomas, asking if he could possibly help open a door for our troopers to visit the base. I also wrote a letter to one of the commanders of the Fritzlar Base explaining that I am the Web Editor of the United States Constabulary Official Home Page under the US Constabulary Association's National Commander Lou Lynn, asking permission for our troopers and their families to be allowed on the grounds for a visit. Thomas then began to arrange this proposal by contacting various people of the base in high ranking positions. Thomas explained who we are and why we wanted to have our troopers visit the base. The German Military have been very helpful in re-uniting our troopers and the old Fritzlar Kaserne. I want to thank those of the George-Friedrich-Kaserne for all their help. I also want to thank Thomas Schmidt for all his help in what he is doing for our members of the US Constabulary Association.

Irene Moore
US Constabulary Web Editor
The main gate of the Kaserne in Fritzlar.
Credits go to Ann Smith, the wife of Richard [Dick] Smith 14th A/C USCON

Dick Smith, Mr. Wilhelm (Guide), Ralph

Former Headquarters Company, 1st Battalion, Barracks

Old Bad Wildungen

Pictures of Fritzlar Kaserne:

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