Sept. 12, 2015


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Irene Moore
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Sept. 12, 2015


Starting Feb., 2015 Yahoo has gone up on its charges.

The Associationís donations of $800.00 has a remaining balance of paid $150.78


I am also holding $100.00, a personal donation for our website from Bobby Jenkins.


We are now looking at the US Constabulary Official Website being paid thru Aug. 2017 if Yahoo does not go up on its charges again by that time.






Old News:

Posted 2010:


Our website is now paid until July of 2018 unless Yahoo goes up on its cost.

 Our DOMAIN NAME "usconstabulary.com" is now paid until May 8, 2018.

As long as we are using Yahoo.com as our web hosting provider, there will be no additional charge
for our Domain Name following 2018 unless in the future Yahoo goes up in cost.



March 2010
Web Page news:
Bobby Jenkins
from OP5 has personally donated $100.00 to help with the funds to keep the United States Constabulary on the internet. Because of his donation, we are covered for 8 more months taking us to July 2018 unless Yahoo.com has an additional increase in monthly fees in the future, then it may not take us quiet to that date.
Thank you Mr. Bobby Jenkins.


March 2010
Web Page News:

$800 dollars was donated August 2009 for the cost of keeping the United States Constabulary Official Web site on the internet. This will be covering the dates from May 2010 through Nov. 2017. The money was donated by all Outposts, each donating a total of $100.00 with the exception of OP2 who donated $200.00.  The money is much needed and greatly appreciated. I would like to thank all Outpost for their generosity.
Yahoo.com has been chosen to be our new web hosting provider and they are charging $6.95 per mo. for the first 5 years and started charging immediately following the transfer of our US Constabulary Web Site files from GeoCities.com [whom closed down on us Oct. of 2009]. Other words, we are paying Yahoo.com for our space on the internet which started Oct. 2009.
Since our web site was paid up through the year of May of 2010, with thanks to Sam Zafran's personal generosity of $83.40, the newly donated money from all Outposts will be applied starting May of 2010. At this date, the 5 years will then only be 4 and 1/2 years left at $6.95 per mo. then Yahoo will have a price increase to $11.95 per mo.
With this in mind and not considering there will be any additional price increase, being said, the Outpost money will then take us to Nov. 2017. If you have any questions you can email me at irmoore@eatel.net.


March 21, 2009

Web Page:

SAM ZAFRAN at maznarfaz@cox.net has generously offered to pay for one year at $6.95 per month for 12 months, a total of $83.40 for the months of
May 4, 2009 - May 4, 2010.

October 23, 2008

Domain Name:
The US Constabulary Association paid to keep our Domain Name, usconstabulary.com active through to the year
May 8, 2018

February 2007
Web Page:
Lonnie Sandy has donated $40.00 for the web editor's PC supplies/misc. and $60.00 for the cost of the upgrade of our web site for one year,
covering the months of:
May 2008 - May 2009.

October 2006
Web Page:
Sam Zafran has generously paid for 10 months, covering the months of
July 2007 to May 2008.

September 2006
Web Page:

OP 8 has been very generous and reimburse Irene Moore for the first year payment on web site,
covering the months of July 2006 to July 2007.

July 5, 2006
I have upgraded the United States Constabulary WEB SITE  to a No AD Site.  It also allows us to have much more MBs allowing my work to be uploaded without an error message stating we have not enough space left to complete the upload and then refusing to let me post the information . Many of you may have wondered why I haven't posted your information and pictures onto the web site.  The reason is I had no space available any longer on the site.  I was having to figure out what was most important to keep on the web site and what could be removed. This was very time consuming.  I didn't like having to remove any of the information already posted.  Everything published on our site is important. I have had problems for the last 2-3 years with uploading onto our free web site with Yahoo Geocities and constantly was working over time in reducing the size of pictures and removing pictures that was used to enhance our site, due to this lack of web space just to be able to upload new  information. I have decided to UPGRADE our web site for a small monthly fee of  $4.95 for as long as we keep the web site and this has greatly reduced the pressure that was on me..Now I can press on!
I think you will like having a NO AD Home page.

Jan. 2006.
I appreciate the cash donations from Trooper Charles Estee, used to keep our web site going. Thank you! Your donations was put to good use in purchasing items for my computer and repairs that has helped me continue to keep our web site updated.
Thank you Sincerely.
Your Web Editor,

OP 7 has opened their own web site in July of 2006. 
It is funded by OP 7. It eventually closed several years later.


Before the date of July 2006 the Official United States Constabulary Website was funded by Ronnie and Irene Moore.


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